Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Monday Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Monday Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar starrer is now reaching close to the end of its box office run. The numbers are steady but at lower levels now. As per the trade figures, Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Monday collection is 0.60 cr.

The drops are considerable in the third week as it will be lower than Rustom and Airlift. Though that was evident from the second week when it dropped more than expectations. Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 18 days is 129.90 crore.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Monday Box Office Collection

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Now it looks like that TEPK will fall short of Rowdy Rathore and Raees which is the highest Bollywood grosser of 2017. There will be a big release Baadshaho next week which means that TEPK will not collect much after the third week. It is yet another those films which have come close to becoming Akshay Kumar's highest grosser but have fallen short of that by a small margin.

Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

49 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Haters tell SRK always works with big directors.so are Manish Sharma , Rahul dholakia and Imtiaz ali are big directors ?everyone accepts that Farah khan is a crap director.Lets see SRK and Farah's collaboration -
    1. Main hoon Na - Hit, Record opener on non holiday
    2.OSO - Blockbuster (In clash)
    3. Happy New year - Super Hit , Record opener
    Akshay with Farah Khan -
    Tees maar Khan - Semi Hit on Christmas
    So, it is confirmed SRK is not dependent on big directors.He has given everything like record opener, hit , Super hit, blockbuster with a crap director.
    So before barking everyone should do proper research.

    1. srk ka din khatam.... ab starpower se movie nahi chalta movie chalta hai sirf 3 cheese ke liye entertainment entertainment & entertainment our TEPK main entertainment hain...

      1. TEPK is a great movie and deserves all the collections, but a movie only collects on star power,

        Hindi medium was much better than TEPK but it collected less than half of TEPK why?! Because Akshay Kumar is a much bigger star than irfan Khan!

        Raees and TEPK can be compared as both had decent review although TEPK had better, raees with clash against a movie with a huge star and better reviews for kaabil,

        Akshay Kumar can give the greatest movie ever and he will still not collect more than 130-140! Because that's his audience, and it doesn't get bigger than this for him!

        SRK ka din Khatam?! Yet according to BOI he has enjoyed stardom more than any actor in Bollywood ever, he just needs to get back to him normal directors these new directors are his fans so they just interested in working with him!

        1. Abe lallu when it comes to stardom no other actor can come close to late Rajesh khanna and Shree Amitabh Bachchan. After that it's aamir and salman. Srk is nowhere in the picture when stardom is concerned. He is just an overrated media hyped star. Next time think before saying anything. Stay in your limit.

          1. Mr. AK Fan From USA?! Hahahaha where do you live in America? How much did toilet collect in USA?

            Do you know who opened box office for Indian movies over there?

            Dil Se first Indian movie to enter top 10 in USA!

            You handle TRUMP! Don't worry about SRK!

            Your president comes over to India, I didn't hear him say "hum hai seede saade Akshay Akshay"!

            He said "bade bade deshon main choti choti" why?! Go ask him!

              1. @julios hahaha

                These people never understand the difference! Akshay Kumar is an absolute great actor and by all means is a superstar with a huge fan base so why compare him to anyone else!

                Greatest A List comedian superstar of today's time is Akshay Kumar!

                King of Box Office is Akshay Kumar of today!

                His growth has not stopped even after 2.5 decades, he is just growing with every movie!

                The only superstar in India who gives multiple super hits every year!

    2. Big directors work with big Stars... That is why big directors are not working with Srk...

      Srk need to "BIG" to get big directors...

      1. He has a line of big directors, hahahaha a man who rejected rajkumar hirani 3 times and hirani is still dying to work with him, he was never interested in Aamir, he had always wanted shah rukh Khan for his movies!

        He gets dozens of scripts every year and that too from huge production houses and directors but he has to choose only one!

    3. JHMS screens 3500 and high price.
      TEPK screen 2950 and low price.
      JHMS life time collection 62cr and flop.
      TEPK 130cr* still running.
      Fan non holiday flop. Srk done hit and super hit in festival season not in non holiday.

  2. Its only a matter of time. If not with TEPK then definitely with either one of 2.0, Padman, Gold, Battle of Sargarhi etc. He has a splendid pipeline & people are beginning to trust him for his choice of movies.

      1. Akshay Kumar more charge than rajinikanth. So pls don't spard hummers. Srk do movie with rajini sir but rajini can't do with srk.

  3. Ish Movie ke actual collection dikha raha jo bohat acha baat hai. Raees 10 cr manipulate kiya tha actual 128 tha boi me. Agar toilet bhi 10cr manipulate kata to life time 145cr hota. Ab life time 135 cr hoga sure. Very good

    1. Bollyarena kya likh raha hai yeh. Acc to them Tepk will fall short of Rowdy R. Tepk has collected 129.9 till mow and RR total collection is 131cr . By end of this week tepk will beat RR . So how can bolkuarena write this.

  4. Fai fail it has everything still fail to collect 135cr.
    Ppl saying it has made on budget of 18cr agree what abou akshay fees .
    18cr +akshay fess =total budget.
    Can akshay worked free for this film .
    Some ppl even dreamed this film will do 150cr 200cr.
    Reality is holiday and few partial holiday saved this film.
    Tubelight fail
    Jhms fail both bad wom film but it has good wom.
    Akshay congrats for clean hit.
    Sorry again u fail 150cr.

      1. No no it's different utsav rajput, you can't come after a movie that has been totally rejected by the audience, JHMS was a crap movie which was a washout, but TEPK had extremely strong WOM, everyone was liking the movie so it should've done min 150cr but now it will fall short of Raees which was in clash with Another huge movie!

  5. Salman also given with new director blockbuster film.
    Dabangg...new director anubhav sinha
    New heroin sonakshi.
    Debuts director.
    Still dabangg blockbuster.
    Even sharuk amir also given hit with debuts director(new director)so nothing great for TEPK.
    Shahid kapur given blockbuster with new director imtiyaz ali jab we met.

  6. Akshay in his best phase with excellent WOM, holidays, tax free and solo release unable to beat SRK's Raees in his bad phase, with clash and controversy over pakistani artists... I admit JHMS is a disaster but it would have been one with any actor. Still don't compare SRK with other actors except the other two Khans.

    1. Haa srkians compare massy commercial film with non commercial film why don't you compare fan with tepk , jhms with tepk by the way tepk 18 days collection according to boi Is 127.6 cr it will beat raees this week whose actual collection is 128.7 cr and tepk small film limited appeal only 2900 screens raees 3400 screens commercial massy movie chart buster songs highly promoted so not compare your actor with Akki

      1. Utsav rajput you wings are growing these days, let's just finish at this the day Akshay Kumar breaks chennai express record or even break SRK 15-20 years old record overseas than come here!

        Your star is still stuck in 3-4millio. And your comparing with someone who's disaster collects 10 million lol,

        So tell your star to beat his highest grosser and then talk bye!!!!!!

  7. You guys can only compare Khan 's recent underperformers and flops like JHMS, FAN, Talaash , Jai ho, Tubelight etc.Why u not compare with their biggest hits like Sultan , Chennai Express , PK, Dangal ? Bajrangi , dangal are very tough to beat.Atleast let Akshsy break Chennai express .

  8. Jab we met hit not blockbuster agree but TEPK also not blockbuster.
    Both have new director.
    Dabangg blockbuster with new director,new heroin,new producer.
    Akshay fan accept the fact it fail to make good collection(150cr).
    Don't give excuses.
    M accepting TEPK good film and also hit/super hit waiting for BOI verdict I don't believe other Bollywood site verdict.
    Dabangg blockbuster other Bollywood site dabangg all time blockbuster.
    Waiting for boi verdict.
    Tubelight fail agree
    Jhms fail agree
    Fan fail agree.
    Raes semi hit agree but it is with clash.
    Overall akshay given two clean hit very good.
    TEPK miss good chance.

  9. TMK record opener ? What a joke .
    Dabangg - 14.55 crore
    TMK - 12.68 crore
    Only akki fans can tell how TMK is record opener with less collections than dabangg.

    1. Din dekho tumlog
      Jo haal Himesh Reshammiya ka hua
      Jo haal honey Singh ka hua use v Bura hoga SRK gay ka

  10. @To all akki haters and khan fans who talking against akki not all khan fans
    What you guys saying , akki can not compare with khans
    Lol do you guys have any shame after comparing 1 single actor with 3 khans?
    Compare akki with one by one khan
    First two decades, akki did better than salman
    Akki did better than Aamir until 2007
    And this decade, he is doing better than srk.
    Akki is releasing multiple movies and multiple movies means his fans has many choices and they can skip at least one movie in year and if actor has responsibilities to release 4-5 movies in year then it's very difficult to get good scripts because in Bollywood, there are few good scripts. Even superstar hrithik is not finding one script from long time and salman wanted to release his movie on eid 2017 and in hurry, he signed fusslight and we all know the result.
    Aamir signed dangal in 2014 and he did not find wonderful script in 2015 and in 2016 and thanks to hrithik, he rejected TOH and Aamir got movie in 2017.
    When salman was releasing 3 movies per year, we all know, what type of movies and after end of day, he lost clash from rakhi sawat. So, akki haters, Do you guys have any shame after barking against akki who is delivering hits in every 3-4 months.
    Fusslight did 120 crore
    Without eid- 90crore because buzz is on another level during salman movie on eid and it was supposed to thrashed dangal into pieces lol what I am saying ??? what this is truth
    Just imagine, tubelight is salman 2nd movie in year and it could had collected only 75 crore
    And just imagine tubelight is salman 4th movie in year and in the month of February and then I can say by full confidence that marigold record in danger
    And srk fans, who is barking against akki that he failed to beat raees
    Idiots I am also srk fan but raees failed very badly and raees is very very big movie than TEPk
    @jullious every time you compare Bareilly ki barfi and under burka with akki and say akki is low budget and even anshumaan can give hit with low budget then why this small movies get biggest release date like TEPk?
    And why srk changed date? This proves he is superstar
    And now those are saying, when he will cross 150 and he can not collect 150 with holiday release
    So, idiots TEPk was never supposed to collect 200 crore or not even 150 crore even after positive response to trailer.
    Before release, even bollyarena was predicted around 110 crore and indicine was predicting 95 crore because its limited appeal movie not commercial movie and even akki fans were predicting around 125 crore before release except one user @tepk200.
    So, haters tell me the name of any one khan who has three hits in one single year after 2000? Even ajay sir has three hits in one single year
    And akki will cross 200 crore with 2.0 and i think that's enough, I will tell you guys another day.

  11. Don't worry Akki fans if TEPK did not cross 150 crore.

    TEPK collected more than Akshay's AUKAT now.

    1. Ek film to hit ho nhi rhi SRK se ku aa jate be muh uthake beshrm ki trh mtlb chutiya Gaye ho pura na gay ke liye

    2. Srk ki aukat 60 tak ki hi hai.. Wese toilet 120 to kab ka kar chuki hai to aukat ki bat mat karo bhai tum log.

  12. Sunke gajab wali feeling aayegi
    SRK ka Aamir se comparison nhi hota
    Salman ka Aamir se comparison nhi hota
    SRK ka Salman se comparisonnhi hota
    Lekin in tino ka comparison Akshay se jrur hota h

    1. Abe lallu aamir se comparison hoga bhi Krause? Bachcho Ka comparison Baap so ho bhi nahi salts. Since aamir is the Baap of Bollywood how can srk and salman be compared to such a big megastar like aamir khan. Aamir is ruling Bollywood like a boss so obviously small actors like these can't be compared to such a giant megastar. Stay in your limit idiot.

  13. Comparison.....Akshay ka Khans se.....hahahah....what a joke.....Jis din Akshay SRK ki flop movie Dilwaale ka worldwide collection cross kar lega...372cr....us din comparison hoga.......Abhi philhaal Varun Ranbir Ranveer se compete kar le....bahut badi baat h

    1. Yes jis din SRK ek sal me 3 se Jada superhit de dega na wo v tin tin bar tb hm v SRK Ko akki se Jada samjh lenge

  14. No one compares akshay with khans.
    1999 Salman given hum sath sath hai blockbuster
    Biwi no1 super hit
    Hum dil de chukesanam hit in a single year.
    Salman given two blockbuster in a single year
    Salman given one 300cr and one 200cr in a single year.
    Still we r not comparing khans with akshay Salman just example.
    Khans rule Bollywood.
    One or two flop doesn't matter.
    Ppl love to watch khan films.
    Ppl spend huge money to purchase khans film ticket.
    After khan only sunny deal did all time blockbuster twice.
    Akshay only have two or max three blockbuster.
    Not a single all time blockbuster.
    No comparison with khans.

    1. @AKRHow no one compare?
      Wtf are you?
      HDDCS was ajay and salman movie and both were a- list actors
      I watched hum Sath sath hai few days ago where salman had small roles as compared to other actor
      And prdp was hit because of Diwali and salman-suraj Jodi
      Only akki is delivering multiple hits
      Even srk failed many times to give multiple hits and I don't know about aamir
      But akki has always been in top 3 from 90s if we compare with 3 khans.
      So, don't bark here and if you want to know anything then don't hesitate to ask
      Karan Singh will be there

  15. No one can come close to the stardom of megastar aamir khan. Period. Akshay can't be compared to any khans epescially Aamir who is light years ahead of every one in Bollywood and no one is even a mile close to his stardom.

  16. @ karan singh 2007 which is considered to be the best year of akshay kumar none of his films opened better than salman's partner. apart from hey baby the other films of akshay kumar that year opened lower than salman's disaster salaam-e-ishq. these are true facts. so when you are performing that way even in your best year then there is no point talking about the other years.
    akshay's biggest problem is that his films don't open at the boxoffice. if salman has done 4 films in a year then all the films may not open huge or done huge lifetime which is expected from salman but atleast 1 or 2 films among them would have opened huge. that's where akshay kumar is failing. his fans are not skipping his 1 or 2 films but they are skipping all his films in the opening day and then it's all about word of mouth. ok tell me which film of akshay last opened big at the boxoffice? i think it would be rowdy rathore way back in 2012 . so the fact is for the last 5 years none of aksahy kumar films have opened big.
    the truth is akshay kumar himself has become the weakness for his films. because his films fail to open even with great word of mouth the lifetime remains below 150 crore. why will a successful franchise film housefull3 opened only at 15 crore net? it was a masala film, a big commercial potboiler , akshay was coming after airlift then why the opening was low. the fact is akshay don't have the following to make a film open big. his films depends on word of mouth.
    i am sorry to say but if your films open around 12-13 crore net everytime then even with word of mouth like bajrangi bhaijaan you will fail to cross 150 crore net.

  17. @Karan Singh
    Hum sath sath hai salman small role what a joke.
    karan sing you suffering Akshay phobia take care bro i dont have to compare each and every film of actor.
    Bro only for u i agree akshay kumar is great actor he given world biggest hit in bollywood onle one super star akshay kumar every year akshay giving all time blockbuster.
    akshay kumar only lead actor all are supporting actor what else you need bro enjoy life yaar.
    take care and Request please Dont reply me .
    you want abuse khan critisize khans gali de khans ko biggest flop actor bol khans ko mujhe kuch problem nahi par mera id ka naam mat le tere comment me.

  18. Lol @AKT yup
    I will never reply to you
    But don't say anything about akki if you don't have knowledge
    And go and watch hum sath sath hain
    Even you can ask from @honest man

  19. @utsave
    Akki my foot and you don't go personal.
    Don't reply.
    Its my opinion who are you to me not to say about akshay.
    M not abusing u personally.

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