Toilet Ek Prem Katha 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection: According to the official figures, TEPK has grossed 19 cr in its second weekend. The numbers are higher than Rustom and in the same range as Airlift.

The film dropped on its second Friday but there was huge growth on Saturday and Sunday. There was also strong competition from Hollywood release Annabelle Creation and a Bollywood film Bareilly Ki Barfi. So the collections of TEPK were affected a bit.

Akshay Kumar starrer now stands at 115 crores after 10 days. The expectations were higher during the first week as it had chances to become a major grosser. However, it has trended just like most of Akshay's recent films. It is looking to finish in the range of 135-140 crores which will make it highest grosser for Akshay Kumar thanks to the tax-free status.

Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

29 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 2nd Weekend Box Office Collection”

  1. Today collection 8.85 cr. Please correct the collection Bollywood arena and saturday collection 6.75 cr.

    1. @bollyarena I really trust u. Please publish correct figures . Box office India ne bhi 8.75cr bataya hai. Ab usse kam to ho nahi skt actual figures.
      Sat = 6.75cr
      Sun = 8.75-9cr
      Please correct it.

    1. I always trust bollyarena . Bcoz I know that they are not biased like indicine. Par pata nahi kyu 2 din se daal mein kuch kaala lag raha hai. Pehle yeh collection kam bata rahe hai. Aur tax free status ko bina baat k thanks kr rahe hai . Tax free se hardly 40-50 lakhs ka farak pada hoga.
      Actual collection till sunday are :- 115.6cr
      And bollyarena shoul correct it.

  2. Yesterday some ppl not preferring boi collection and they all request to add taran adarsh figur.
    Today taran adarsh figur less than boi figur what a joke now bollyarena which one you consider

  3. As I commented last article of bollyarena.
    Taran adarsh making some round figur.
    Friday 4cr boi 3.75.
    Saturday 6.75 box-office 6.25
    Sunday 8.25 box india 8.75
    Taran adarsh round figur 19cr weekend.
    Now fan confused either they prefer BOI figur or Taran adarsh figur.
    If fan go BOI figur total collection less.
    As per taran adash sunday collection less.

  4. 2nd Monday Will Around 3 Cr 2nd Tue 2.70 Cr 2nd Wed 2.50 Cr 2nd Thur 2.20 Cr 2nd Week End 125+ Cr

  5. @bollyarena kya tax free tax free laga rakha hai kaha hai tax free I am from Lucknow there are no tax free status in Lucknow so please correct your knowledge ticket price same like jhms on single screen and multiplex also

    1. @ Billy critics
      Tax free not for audience.. it's tax free for owner..
      If tax free for audience then what benefit owner will get ??

  6. And once again the official figures are higher than the trade figures. When it is Salman, SRK or Hrithik everyone is screaming but for Akshay it's alright ???

    1. Once again high..have you gone nuts Sunday collections are lower than boi..now don't say I am talking about lyftym..you idiot

    2. @CLEMK
      That's the advantage of bhakt.. u also become bhakt.. no one will question u if u say collection as 10 crore even if it is 5 crore as per trade.

      See now srk is learning bhakti.. he is praising sushma swaraj for film fair awards in GOA..
      He also started doing desh bhakti with BJP..
      Support bjp else he will be called as Pakistani ..
      This is what Akshay learned very soon

  7. Total 2nd weekend collection 115.5
    Monday 3.05
    Tuesday 2.80
    Wednesday 2.50
    Thursday 2.20
    Friday 2.0
    Saturday 2.5
    Sunday 3.0
    Monday to Saturday 10
    Total 26.25
    Now total 115.05+26.25=141.30 saalo calculation tumko hi ata kya sirf

  8. Saturday Taran adarsh collection more than BOI.
    Sunday Taran adarsh collection less than BOI.
    Fan confused even bollyarena.
    Either go for boxofficeindia collection 18+cr 2nd weekend or Taran adarsh weekend 19cr.
    Taran adash till 2nd weekend 115cr.+
    Boi 112+cr.
    Select any one.

  9. Ek ek cror aur lacs k liye fight karr rahe hai sob iss film ko Rowdy Rathore aur Raes ka record break karne k liye.
    It has everything still fighting for 1cr and lacs to break Rowdy Rathore and Raes collection.

  10. Judwaa2 trailer very good
    now varun can deliver back to back two super hit within one year .
    BNKD super hit
    Now judwaa will super hit.
    It will do 130cr to 140cr.
    Breaks some record.

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