Toilet Ek Prem Katha 16th Day Box Office Collection

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 16th Day Box Office Collection: Akshay Kumar starrer has been making very good money at the domestic box office. After a successful run in the first week, Toilet Ek Prem Katha collection witnessed a drop at the box office in week two, but still managed to collect a steady figure in the third weekend.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 3rd Saturday collection will be around 1.50 crore. The growth from Friday is less if we compare it to first and second week. Though it was coming after a holiday so the big jump is missing. Also, there are new releases and even holdover films have maintained a good pace.

Toilet Ek Prem Katha 16th Day Box Office Collection

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Toilet Ek Prem Katha box office collection in 16 days will be 126.90 crore. The film will beat Airlift and Rustom lifetime collection today to become the second highest grosser for Akshay Kumar. But to beat Rowdy Rathore seems a touch and go situation. Though it will not be able to cross gross business of RR and Raees.


Day 113.10
Day 217.10
Day 321.25
Day 412.0
Day 520.0
Day 66.50
Day 76.10
Day 84.0
Day 96.25
Day 108.25
Day 112.60
Day 122.50
Day 132.25
Day 142.0
Day 151.0
Day 161.50
Day 172.0
Day 180.60
Day 190.55
Day 200.75
Day 210.50
4th Week2.20
Total133.60 cr

Also, tell us what are your thoughts on Toilet Ek Prem Katha 16th day box office collection (3rd Saturday) in the comments section.

65 comments on “Toilet Ek Prem Katha 16th Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Tai Tai fish...
      Cnt even cross RR..what else Akshay need, to cross 150 + ..
      Ayushman's Barali ki barfi movie and Lipstic under my burkha are also hit...
      So is the star power of Akshay..
      Independence day holiday.. good script..best WOM partial holiday, solo release, no big competition for 3-4 weeks.. still cnt touch 150 +..
      With above all parameters even fardeen khan will give hit and superhit..

      1. What do you mean by no big competition annabele is a brand in india bkd critics review is also positive and tepk is not a universal appeal movie and what about jhms also has open weeks chart buster songs a grade actress still disaster shut your mouth

        1. Achanak se Annabelle brand hogaya..hahahaha...Abe tu aur baaki ke akki ke.fans open weeks ke Naam pe jashn mana rahe the.....

      2. What do you mean by star power.. Akshay is giving 100 cr movies even when he is releasing 3-4 movies every year.. That's very tough. See what happemed with shahrukh, for past some tym he started doing more movies and see the fate of JTHJ. Moreover, only fools watch a movie for star power. And if you really talk about star power, i think currently only Salman possess that, and his movie also grossed only 121 cr. So please understamd it takes more than star power to make h movie work, and also a lot of luck.

  1. According to producer friday 1 according to trade 1.15
    But the movie will Finish arround 130-132
    Raees collections is arround 134 it will be a touch and go situation depends all on monday, have to collect minimum 60-70 L

    1. @Jas
      Producer figure are less then trade figure..
      For TEPK all trade is also supporting.. while in khan movies they will always show collection of trade as less than producer..
      After all Still TEPK cnt reach 150+ CRORE.

    2. Raees collection is 128.77 cr according to boi
      Tepk 16 days total collection according to boi Is 124.61 cr Tepk will beat raees collection this monday

      1. Utsav rajput, if it does beat Raees that's good but don't make figures up!

        Everyone knows Raees wasn't in that range of collections it much more!

        TEPK as to cross 135cr min if it's looking to be the highest grosser of the year!

        Worldwide only TZH has a chance!

  2. It's very disappointing to see again despite of 96 Cr in first week it's not able beat rr and raees

    Hope it's beat akki need to get big grosser

    1. @bakwas
      Its very disappointing to see fusslight debacle that too on biggest festival eid

      1. Abe lallu garashya leave about tuboght

        Sachin was also out in low score does not mean he is failure and look at with big negative mouth it's did 120 Cr if tingu was in tube light it would not done even 50 Cr

        Tingu a Christmas star

        Wait for tza will troll you naagin dance ? when you

    2. It will definitely beat raees not sure about RR raees collection 128.77 cr according to boi
      Tepk 16 days total collection according to boi Is 124.61 cr Tepk will beat raees this monday

      1. Real figures are 139cr

        Know let me tell what you did, you looked for a website which shows the lowest figures on Raees collections so that you could say Akshay Kumar beat Shah Rukh Khan Raees!

        Sorry son better luck next time!

        The official figures for Raees were 139cr!
        And over 290cr worldwide!

        Good luck beating that with this!

        1. Read figure of raees is 139 cr what a joke who believe in red chilli calculator original figure of raees is 128.77 cr and ww 272 cr
          Redchilli calculator manipulation ???

  3. sunday 2.25cr 3rd weekend: 129.15
    week days: 0.75+0.65+0.6+0.5= 2.5cr
    3rd week total = 131.65
    remaining weeks = 2cr
    Life time 133.65-134cr same as rowdy rathore
    I had predicted 137.5cr so 3.5 crores less than my prediction

    1. Babumoshai bandookbaaz made in a very strict budget of 5crores have already collected more than 4.25 crores in 2 days. The movie is already a hit.

      Trade is comparing it's collections with gentleman which is made of a budget of 50 crores and has collected only around 9 crores still now.

      Content is the king now

      1. lol actually Babumoshai budget is 14 Cr and it collected 2.5 Cr for two days

        another flop for overactor nawaz.(after srk)

      2. Not only content but the industry is scared to shell out money unlike south industry who are not scared to make big budget movies on high scales!

        If Shah Rukh Khan made movies on a budget of 50cr all his movies will be hits at the box office!

        But the Khans need to make big budget movies because that is what is expected of them!

      1. Utsav rajput you have gone mad hahahaha hahahah

        Why are you believing boi them people don't know nothing!

        I hope Aamir Khan brings rentrack for the entire industry so not one can lie!

        You hold your horses, it will be

        1. Raees
        2. TEPK

        Until TZH then


        Golmaal will def beat TEPK!

  4. Raees collects 139cr trade figure producer figar 145cr No touch Toilet 133cr lifetime

  5. Dangal is earth shattering in Hong kong.Saturday is double of friday.Shows wld be increasing.WOM is like China/Taiwan only as expected.1M$ should be done in 1 week.It’s not a 3-4 week market but rather 20-25 weeks market plus released on only 46 screens and 1.3cr collns on saturday is nothing short of a miracle.Highest Indian grosser 3I there wld be beaten by a margin.2.95cr in only 3 days.Report this Arena and updated WW collns of Dangal.


  6. Bollyarena what have u done dear,,why can't we see the all like and dislikes.... Plz correct it.. So boring

  7. @Bollyarena
    Make an article on highest paid actors in bollywood.

    Also the profit share of Aamir Khan in Dangal.

  8. As I predicted it will not touch 140cr business.
    Third Sunday will be 1.75cr to 2cr.
    Remaining 2cr.
    131cr + rest 2cr 133 to 134cr.
    It has everything still fail blockbuster.
    Ppl dreaming 200cr.
    Holiday saved and it has more partial holiday than other big still fail.

  9. i think it will cross raees's 128.77 crore net at end of third week or may be in 4th week, still there is no 100% gurantee that it will become highest grossing bollywood film of 2017.
    i think it will not cross the footfalls of jai ho which was not a edx release, it's really shameful for akshay.

  10. Just wait for bahubali 2 to release in china on 17 september
    By the way bahubali 1 did not collected 7 crores it collected 50 crores chinese government appoints 3 distributers for foreign movies where the first distributer gets 50% second distributer gets 50% from first distributer and third distributer gets 50% it means only 12.5% of money film gets in its country and rest remain in china
    Bahubali 1 grossed 50 crores in china from which 7.54 crore comes to india and rest 42.46 crores remain in china
    Bahubali 1 grossed 110 crores from overseas from which 50 crores is from china and 60 crores from other countries
    If bahubali 1 was flop in china then it was disaster in overseas except china and bahubali 2 is highest grossing movie in overseas except china with 59 million $ it will break the record of wolf warrior 2 to become highest grossing movie in china
    Bahubali 2 needs to collect 5275 crores in china to collect 7000 crores
    Wolf warrior 2 collected 5140 crores in china
    Bahubali 2 is better movie than wolf warrior 2 in story,vfx,emotions and all aspects and wolf warrior 1 was not even under 50 highest grossing movies in china

  11. Raees with clash 128 crore ....and tepk no clash then also max 130 crore....
    Then also people compare both of them

  12. Still also raees worldwide is more than all other movies released this year in bollywood

  13. Highest grossing movie in china is wolf warrior 2 which collected 5140 crores in china bahubali 2 will beat wolf warrior 2 and collect 5275 crores in china so that it collect 7000 crores worldwide
    Wold warrior 2 budget is 200 crores while bahubali 2 budget is 250 crores it means bahubali 2 has better vfx and war scenes than wolf warrior 2
    Wolf warrior 2 imdb is 6.9 while bahubali 2 is above 9
    Bahubali 2 is better movie than wolf warrior 2 in terms of story,vfx,emotions and all aspects
    Dangal collected huge in china
    If wolf warrior 2 can collect above 5000 crores in china then why not bahubali 2
    After Dangal there are huge expectations from bahubali 2

  14. From past few years his film is either releasing on non - holiday like fan (released in april) or releases with a clash like raees vs kaabil, dilwale vs bajirao mastani, also there is a need for a good script which can be breakthrough for him.
    The similar phase came in the year 2005-2006 where his films Paheli,Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna didnt do well, but he came with an band with Chak de, Om shanti Om etc.

    SRK's career cannot be over even if he given 10 more flop movies, u remeber Salman's low days when he was not even in top 10 but he bounced back to top 3 these are SRK's low days where he is still in top 3 and he will bounce back stronger then ever this time.

    The 3 khans are bigger than the movies they do per se. They are not defined by the films they do but the films are defined by them. Even the 10 flops in a row can't write them off.

    1. Exactly, and kank was an athg overseas beating k3g!

      A bad movie cannot be run by any star, superstar or megastar in India!

  15. BOI .

    Raes 128+cr semi hit.
    Tubelight 115cr below average.
    TEPK 131 to 132cr hit/super hit wait for boi verdict.

    Real Winner Raes with clash.
    Real hit /super hit TEPK without clash and a pure holiday and few partial holiday.
    Salman khan film is also not flop boi.
    Below average tubelight.
    Overall as per BOI race is still on between Raes and TEPK for HGOY.
    As per producer TEPK difficult to cross Raes business.
    producer Raes HGOY till August.
    Trade boi TEPk will be HGOY.

  16. Tepk aur Raees mein koi bhi jeetay

    Aakhir mein to golmaal 4 nai dono ko hi beat karna hai.

    Top 2 grossers of the year will be

    1. TZH
    2. Golmaal 4

    3rd position kai lye larte raho (padmavati vs tepk vs raees)

  17. Raes is real winner till augest.
    With class only single holiday raes is earned 128.77 cr boi.
    TEPK solo release one big holiday few partial holiday.still struggling to beat raes.
    Mano ya na mano morally raes is real winner.
    The only advantage got TEPK is TUBELIGHT and JHMS fail so TEPK look great in front of these two film .
    Agar TUBELIGHT aur JHMS flop na hote to TEPK ko koe puch kar b nahi dekhta.
    Moral winner with clash RAES.
    dislike jitna karna hai karo jitna bhokna hai bhoko par raes real winner.

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