Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer Soundtrack

Yash Raj Films is opting for a unique promotional strategy for Tiger Zinda Hai. They have released the official trailer soundtrack of the film which is a first in Bollywood. The background score has been composed by Julius Packiam.

Intriguing. Intense. High-octane. A tune that will give you goosebumps. Here's the official soundtrack of 'Tiger Zinda Hai' Trailer.

49 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer Soundtrack”

    1. Superb,,,,all record are in danger accept bahuballi2 Indian box office collection of 510cr.....ye record koi bhi nhi Tod payega...parshya me manta hu ki salman sir ki film TZH dangal ya P.K ka record na Tod PAYE to kya amir sir ki koi film BB2 ka record Tod payegi ,,,kabhi nhi ,,ab tum China ka collection mat Lana,,,,,ek baat sun le prabhas ki BB2 ne dangal ka record Tod diya iska matlb ye nhi ki BB2 dangal ya P.K se achi film thi.....yehi mere kehne ka matlb h ki collection se film achi h ya buri ye pata nhi chalta...

      1. Aur yadi collection hi sab kuch hota to prabhas amir sir se bada actor hota lekin wo amir sir ka 10% bhi nhi h...

        1. Aur ek baat parshya tum salman sir KO bhul jao aur ek baat batao kya tumhe lagta h ki future me amir sir ki koi bhi film BB2 ka Indian box office ka collection Tod payegi...mujhe nhi lagta 510cr bhaut hota h,,,,me amir sir ,,,salman sir ,,srk sir,,,akshay sir,,Ajay sir sabka fan hu....sirf film achi honi chahiye

          1. @dean Ambrose
            Arey bhai TZH bhi tod sakti hai bahubali2 ka record kuch bhi namumkin nahi

            muze toh aisa lag raha hai TOH bahubali2(Hindi) ka record tod degi aur ww jaroor tutegi.

            Aab Aamir ke pass China hai...
            bahubali2 10 salo mein ek ata hai.

            Bahubali2 ka india stardom means Aamir ka china stardom.

    2. sallu fans muzse bahot darne lage hai kahi dusri Tubelight na ban jaye

      koi bhi sallu fan ho sirf Parshya Parshya karta hai
      aur mere comment search karta hai.


      1. Prashya aise mat comment karo ye site bhi salman ka fan isilie jab last time tubelight ki sahi criticism ki thi to tumhe block kar diya tha.

  1. Dangal me agar sushant bhi hota tu 300cr karti....MS dhoni 100cr....kaha hai Amir ka stardom....

    PK most controversial movie in recent time which favors the movie thats why it collected 300cr. otherwise OMG is much much better movie than PK...

      1. Abe akal ke Dushman tubelight to 400cr krne vala tha ..eid me 4400 screens me 3 week free run me 114cr

        Tubelight agar jhms ki jagah 4 August Ko aata next week tepk or 3100 screens to tubelight bhi 60-70cr me lurak jaata ...Salman Raees me rehta to 120cr

    1. Accha toh @Jahangir sushant aese dedicate karte??kaun deta??pk was average movie..bt aamir ka performace best tha..you stupids should be kicked out from here..who could do pk??aur saals tere star ko kaun rokh rahi hai acche film karne pe??saale chutiya shut up..tere srk toh 2 nd most popular hai toh fir kiyu ek hit film nahi de pa raha hai last 3 years pe??
      Aamir is a brand..dangal jaise non commercial film ko sirf aamir ke liye possible hai atbb karna..actually you better go to tkss..when it opens as dr gulati will not be there

    2. @Dr JK

      How many digit was Raabta Opening day?

      If you Add the actual 2 most controversial movies of recent time Udta punjb + Adhm
      Does it give Half the lifetime of PK?

      On Sushant still with due respect...if you add the Total Worldwide of Sushant last movie Raabta and the domestic Day 1 opening day of PK....any difference??

      If you can answer the all 3 above questions then i think you dont have to go far to Find Aamir Khan Stardom.

      Every actor works their socks off to entertain the audiences and in reward what do they get? Negativity from Fans like you and you call yourself a SRK fan???

      Is there any harm celebrating every actors achievment irrespective of which Fan group he or she belongs too? I know many of us sometimes just tease the other parties who started but its easy to differentiate from Teasers and Real life hatred from comments like some people we know. Have fun but yaar some jokes are just to expensive!!

    3. It is Blockbuster written all over....
      A massive Blockbuster all the way....
      All the best 4 TZH from an Akkian...

      1. I think Padmavati will give competition to TZH but it will be TZH which will be at top 1 for sure....

  2. laashe bichegi lasshe ticket ke liye...likh ke le lo....2000cr domestics......TIGER IS ROARING due to TUBELIGHT...unting Amir ke garib fans....

    1. Bhai controversy to Raees me b bhot thi , my name is khan me b bhot thi???

      Dangal me sushant hota , to hindi medium se jyada nhi hota ...

      Log Tiger jese character ko chod , buddhe ,unkonwn MAHAVEER SINGH fogat ko nhi dekhne jate....

      Esme aamir ki jagah Lultan Salman hota.....to fusslite ka b aadha hota????

      @dr srk hota....log dekhne hi nhi jate....kyoki us mariyal ko kon takle Mahaveer singh k rup me dekhta...???...

    2. @compouder
      agar lashe hi bichegi 22 dec ko toh mera sabse nivedan hai kripaya aap TZH movie dekhne mat jao
      varna aapki lash milegi kyunki TZH movie dekhte dekhte aap khud ko na goli maar de

  3. either SRK or SK ki moive Number 1 honi chaye...bcz Amir doesnt respect Kapil sharma to small tv actors.....hey this double face say staymev jayte....

    1. @dr

      Kapil kha chota h , tera srk har movie me bhikh mangne jata h???

      Or aamir uske show me nhi jata , esliye dis respect ho gyi ?

      Uske pas dusre b bhot kam h , or vh srk ki tarah bhikh nhi mangta .

      Vh to apne chaprasi ka b bhut dhyan rakhta h

    2. @Compounder
      Aamir ko jaroorat nahi TV show mein aake movie ka promotion karne ki
      Aamir khud ek brand aur megastar hai

      promotion ki toh jaroorat small and local star ko hoti hai jaise srk n sk
      dono movie release ke pahle ek bhi tv show nahi chodte.

      Aamir Youtube pe trailer release karta hai baas phir bhi log
      theatre me chale ate hai....
      ise kahte hai megastardom tumhare stars ke baas ki baat nahi.

      dono milke bhi Aamir ko hara nahi sakte ...hahaha


      Dangal ww = Bahubablu2 ww + Sultan ww....hahahahaha
      Dangal ww=BB ww + sultan ww + PRDP ww + kick ww + Tubelight ww


      1. Dangal m koi actor bhi hota to foln blockbuster banti is m amir ka kia kamal h yad yonod chopra n kia kaha tha story ka kamal h amir ka n box office per q bhool jate h

        1. @Fake
          sallu ki film chali toh sallu ka stardom aur
          Aamir ki film chali toh content

          wow what a logic!!


  4. 2 words Majestic!!......Classy!!! Audiences in the cinema hall will groove this sound track!

    My goosebumps started exactly at 1 mins O seconds....and the last 6 seconds of Shivaay ending score was nostalgic!!!

    Kudos Salman and team TZH!!

  5. Mixture of

    Orignal ETT soundscore + Glorified Soundscore of Dhoom 3 + End nodes of Shivaay = ....?Blockbuster Tiger Franchise Official Sound Effect???.

    Loved it.....Playstore Ring tone next!!

  6. Tiger will be A Huge Franchise Brand and if 50% accepted Ett 3 will be on the makers mind. Would really Farhan to work on Don 3 i believe that will be massive too.

  7. Bollyarena pls post....Kunal Khemu and Tushaar kapoor Golmaal Again records Gujarat Circuit highest ever grosser(34cr) beating Aamir Sir Pk @33 cr.

  8. it required a trailer of this magnitude especially after the bad memories of tubelight to bring the brand salman back on track.. loved each and every frame!!!

  9. Within 2 days almost 600k likes.
    Great................power of Salman........
    Soon will go more than 900k likes may read 1000k likes.........

  10. Its a mixture of many films sound track specially Dhoom3 and Shivaay.

    sallu fans kab sudhrenge copy ka maal hi pasand ata hai inko.

    aur sapne toh bahot bade bade dekhte hai..
    bol rahe hai 45cr ki opening ...hahaha

    aur wo bhi non holiday,sallu fans ne 40cr ki opening
    di hai aur wo bhi biggest diwali holiday ko
    Aur TZH releasing on working day..hahaha

    aab tak ki sallus highest on working day 27cr BB hai
    kuch bhi matlab kuch bhi....

    opening day-32cr (working day,masala,sequel)

    1. TOH is also a copy of Pirates Of The Caribbean, another movie of Aamir which is copy from other movies....Aamir or uske fans kab sudhrenge, always copy......LOL

  11. sallu fans Nawazuddin uski film 22 dec ko release kar raha hai

    aur sallu fans bolte hai sallu se sab darte hai..

    idhar navazuddin bhi clash karne ke liye ready hai

    agar kisime bhi dum ho toh TOH ke sath clash karke dekhe

    sallu fans sallu se koi nahi darta aur eid 2018 ko bhi clash hoga
    agar TZH 250cr cross nahi kiya toh

    1. Yes Parshya Aunty you are right Nawaz movie is clashing with Salman's movie, now it will crush TZH, and now TZH will not even earn 100cr.....
      I am happy that if not SLB then atleast Nawaz Bhai has listen our Old Parshya Aunty's last wish.....Yaah Aunty its a party time for you.....Now don't say Salman won't clash with others....

  12. Loved it completely, I am very happy that just like Hollywood have MI and Bond Tune, we have our own 1st SPY Tune....And It is going to give tough competition to MI and Bond Soundtrack....

  13. I seriously don't understand why people cannot appreciate others hardwork......Now look at these haters in 2.30 min soundtrack they start finding similarity with other movies, I mean what's the problem if you find 2-3 Tune similar to other movies, Bhai 95% of soundtrack is taken from ETT Theme, what if 2-3 tune sound similar to other movies music, is it really important to pin out those similarities......I am asking them why they cannot enjoy music, why comparing it with others, If similarity is more then 50% then you can say......Here our Bollywood people is doing so much, so atleast praise their work yaar, rather then picking small mistakes all the time......

    1. @S.G
      bro tu small copy ki baat kar raha hai idhar toh sab copy paste hai "TAKE OFF"ka

      sallu fans copy paste dekhte raho aur enjoy karo..
      kabhi toh original kiya karo aur dekho

      varna bhai apko ullu banata rahega aur tum log ullu bante rahenge.


  14. TZH is breaking all records in Youtube, it already crossed 600K likes and 22M+ Views in just 2 days, also crossed 70K comments......And it is trending on No.1 Spot on Youtube from last 2 Days.....Amazing

  15. Now Salman has 2 Mindblowing Soundtracks, 1st Sultan Track and 2nd Tiger Track.....The only Actor who have 2 such a Huge Soundtracks......Superb

  16. Haters ko manna padega Bhai, log kitne Bewakoof ho sakte hai, I just saw today.....Those who are saying that it is similar to Shivaay music I challenge them to tell me where is the similarity.....And for Dhoom there is 1-2 sec music (1 Beat for specific) at 1:00 min (in trailer) which sounds similar, but let tell you that this tune have been used many times before also in many Hollywood movies, and judging someone work on 1-2 sec similarity is nothing but Stupidity and Hatred.....

    So Blind haters keep hating because you cannot even dent 0.001%......But you can try....

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