Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer - Salman Khan

A sequel to the record-breaking blockbuster Ek Tha Tiger, Tiger Zinda Hai continues the story of two super spies Tiger and Zoya eight years later. Shot across various international locations with sleek production values, this mega espionage drama promises thrills, romance and tons of entertainment.

Tiger Zinda Hai will release on 22 December 2017. Watch the trailer below and tell us if you like it.

140 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Trailer - Salman Khan”

    1. Wowwwwww..
      Phantom returns
      This Christmas
      Sallu fans dum ho to bhagna nhi tubelight ke time jaise bhaage the..
      India net-200 due to Christmas
      Tiger shikari on the way
      Run run all black bucks...

      1. @bimari first of all phantom directed by kabir khan..and TZH director is sultan director Ali Abbas...you duffer fool....

        1. Wow!!! what a trailer!! Mind blowing
          I was expecting it to b 1st 400 cr movie from Bollywood but
          Now I change my prediction Baahubali 2 will be a history now after this movie
          I don't quote numbers coz it will b unprecedented
          Srk became history by the start of this decade n now Aamir will b history
          Only one ruler Salman Khan

      1. Collection of airlift,baby,vinod<<<tzh..its not just the movie its about the superstar salman..aur agar christmas ne koi bacha sakti hai koi movie then aamir ka sabhi movie flop hota pichle 10 saal me as ge gave 5 atbb in christmas aur don 2 or tmk bhi atbb hota..christmas helps only if the film is good..will give watch to tzh very good trailer

    2. Honestly horse stunt ke alava sab bakwas h. Bus vo hi dhasu h. 260 cr my prediction. Padmavati ke sath clash hota to 140 cr last tha. Personally i love salman.

  1. Ek dialogue tha ..tiger se achaa shikaar koi nahi kar skta hahaha sahi bhi hai ..Salman worst actor crimnal

    1. 1st day 40cr
      Lifetime 400cr +

      Prediction -
      Thugs of Hindustan 200cr
      Dwarf 180cr
      Temper 110cr
      Padman 50cr
      Super 30 50cr
      2.0 120cr
      Gold 130cr
      Race 3 350

      Ab SB Ko bataega Salman kya hai ..Srk Aamir Akshay fans or sb sin bhikhari 2018 me dekhna Kon kya hai hahaha

    2. Salman is much better actor then Deshdrohi Chakki, and atleast he won't use reference to get National award like our Chakki Chamar.....

      And Bollyarena pass my comment if you allow Criminal words for Salman then you should allow my comment too.....

    3. @anil-makki

      frustated toilet fan...dnt worry ur toilet kumar's ek pret katha wil be flushd in 4 days

    4. Everybody has it's past
      wo present me kya he ye dekho
      "A man with golden heart"
      bollywood me kisi actor ka aukat he itna .
      Ki logo ki help kare.sirf bol-wachanse kuch ni hota.Jigra chahiye Jigra
      Again everybody has it's past

    5. 'Everybody has it's past'
      is comment ka "modiji" se koi sambandh nahi he.
      What he is doing in present is important.

    6. Bhai half se yada India criminal case main hai or tu phir bi India main ho kio chal bahg yeha se apne star se tu kuch hota nahi or bat doshre actors ki karte hu

  2. Don't want to comment on numbers, but after looking at this trailer one thing is sure that it will cross 40cr on 1st day which is Normal Day.....Just Wait For It....

  3. Salman Khan worst actor .. Christmas release bacha lega. Lifetime 250cr ..or vaise v hard core action movie India me chalti hai ..

  4. Padmavati se clash hota to tiger mar jaata ...Padmavati 200cr tzh 180cr ..but fir v padmvatai HGOTY hoga

  5. Sweet and Sour......

    Expected more, trailer was long ,Katrina seems totally lost.


    Movie will work due to Salmam Star power as simple as that... Collection wise yes its gonna have the Highest opening weekend for sure after that WOM will play its game from monday.

    Ett trailer was much better but if accepted TZH will definitely breaks many records!

    1. Dekhte h 2.0 kitna business kerti but bahubali 2 ka record n tor sakti tiger zinda hai bhi bahubali 2 ka record n tor satki bet laga lo relly.q keh bahubali ka content good tha india kelye aur tzh good real story ho sakti h

  6. Background music?....Best of the year so far simply Majestic. Salman Entry was damn good too?.

  7. The way in this movie they show Indian and Pakistani Spy are working together to bring peace is remarkable.....One more Brilliant effort by Salman Khan after Bajrangi Bhaijaaan to bring peace between 2 Nations.....Hatts Off To You Salman Sir....

  8. A roaring guaranteed Blockbuster written over it........I am feeling Fast 5 series vibe and Argo but with larger actions......

    Ali Abbas Zaffar has smartly hidden the roles of other actors which is good which will be in Tiger's team .......Because all film elements cannot be presented into trailer ...it must be watched in theaters only....

    Excellent trailer.....???????

  9. Grand start....superb majestic salman intro,thrilling moments,poor dialog delivery of kat,powerful villain heavy dose of action.... 9/10


  10. When other fan base start saying that "I wish my star will do this type of movie" then understand that Trailer is the One Of BEST Trailer of All Time.......I am seeing so many tweets where fans wishing same for their stars.....Bravo TZH

  11. show the stardom kya hota hai to Amir eka dukka fans...opening in the range of 50cr....which Amir ke garib fans never think off to get this opening....

  12. ye kya dekh rah hu mai.....Amir ke fans ki lashe bich gayi...bechara ekka dukka fans the wo bhi Tiger ne chir haran kar liya....LOL

    1. Yar fane war chor do aur good film ko sport karo chahye actor koi bhi h film m humanity honi chahye jai ho ki tarah koi na koi lesson hona chahye

  13. You Tube is literary got Hang, from last 2 hrs the views are the same while Likes are keep increasing......Can anyone tell me what's the view count.....

  14. I already watched it more than 10 times
    and I can say tht it's just bombbuster man
    What a trailer yr superior than what I expected
    #TZH Rip Box office

  15. Ye chahe hit ho jaye lekin pichli film ki tarha ye bhi bakwas hogi kuch khas nhi boring story christmas new year ki waja se chal jayegi..

  16. So many actors have not even revealed yet like Paresh Rawal, Nawaab Shah etc which is good.....

  17. ACCORDING TO ME......Trailer was at its best with great action sequences and a very good background music and with a message of peacE in with bhai looking so charming.
    MY RATINGS 4.5/5.

  18. All anti salman laundes have gone into hiding.. this is a cracker of a trailer.. sure enough to wipe off tubelight debacle!!!!!

  19. Earlier SLB preponed his movie Padmavati from Christmas date that's called Super Stardom of Salman Khan......Now Hollywood Movie "The Greatest Showman" starring Hugh Jackman is also Postpond its release date 1 weak ahead from Christmas date in India, because of Salman's TZH that's called Mega Stardom......

    But few Idiots still dream that Padmavati will crash TZH in BO.....LOL

    1. Is there actually any buzz for padmavati? I mean the buzz is quite low also i think theres some ego split between Ranveer and Deepika hope its rumours cos i really love them as couples. About Padmavaati beating TZH...nah no chance! It can aim to beat GA but that too may seem quite tough but lets see.

  20. This is the biggest trailer i ever saw from a sallu movie . After so many so called action movies He finally looks and feels like a action hero. Overall accept from the backdrop that it is base in iraq the trailer was really awesome

    1. I think Kick trailer seems the most grande amongst all...though i personally take BB to be my best...talking about Style and Swag...yup TZH is up there!!

      1. Nah in kick he look like a joker in this one he showed some real swag and machismo ?

    1. Bawlaa hogaya kya ? TZH is coming this Christmas and Race 3 is scheduled for Eid 2018 release inke beech mein becharay kingu ki ek bhi movie release nahi hogi !!!!!!!!! :P

  21. Now Salman phobia started.
    Haters suffering from TZH phobia.
    Baap of all trailers.
    Salman fans ignore haters enjoy trailer everyone one praising trailer except some stupid haters they burn to hate.
    Jalo haters jalo....blockbuster all the way...

  22. shikar to sab karte hai lekin tiger ( ha sach me salman ) se behtar koi nahi karta....
    blackbuck.... ☝️
    ohhh ohhh line is pe hi likhi thi criminel

  23. trailer toh tubelight ka v accha lekin kya hua eid pe distaster

    iska v yahi haal hoga christams pe flop tiger murda hai

  24. Blockbuster on the to destroy all box office records what a fantastic trailer

  25. Nice trailer... Ek tha tiger was a good movie..hope this one can match the previous one

  26. One word trailer is all time blockbuster...salman haters ne bhi film ka trailer 10 baar dekha hoga aur like kiya hoga but fir bhi yaha aake kutte ki tarah bhok rahe hai..kya kare bhai ka stardome hi aisa hai ki haters ko bhi sochne pe majboor kar deta hai..areeee where is parshya...gayab...400cr shure shot lifetime and 250cr in overseas in first phase release...ww ..800-1000crs...take screenshot haters....

  27. Honestly Trailer is not bad but will not break BB record.
    This is like phantom and Baby.

    background music remind Dhoom3

    1. Ek tha Tiger with thinner plot line( According to u) .....190 crs ...in 2012
      Tiger Zinda hai....Content will click as trailer is enough.,....290-330crs......If excellent 400 crs or more possible....Kaas Bollywood ka budget Hollywood ki tarah hota.......

      Have you watched Mad Max Fury Road???......A complete action film could also be excellent....

      Kisi aur ki tarraki se jalna insaan ki phitrat hoti hai.....Par itna yeh toh pagalpan hai.

      Agar yahi Aamir Sahaab ki movie hoti toh tu kahata.....Will earn 2000crs WW.....

    1. Din raat Dangal Dangal karta rahta hai......Areeee Aamir khud bhi us movie ko nahi tod payega......Got 8.8 Rating at IMDB......Ab kya 9.5 plus wali movie laayega????Woh bhi tu Dhoom 3 ke director se ummid rakta hai????

      However on Serious note... I had watched All Aamir movies......Watched RDB, 3 Idiots and Dangal more than 20 times already......He is a genius film maker......

      1. @MK
        Thanks for watching Aamirs movies
        arey bhai maine kya galat bola
        har bar sallu fans bolte hai iss bar PK,Dangal gaya
        par akhir mein khuch nahi hota isliye maine vaisa kaha

  28. Now this is called comeback after 1 small failure (even though 120cr is still a dream for some stars, I think everyone understand to whom I pointing here), he is back with another Blockbuster/ATBB.....

  29. Parshya Tu bilkul tension na le agar wakai teko movie dekhne ka shok hai too tu bus is film ka trailer ek baar dilse dekhle apni pasand ko side rakh ke tujeh pata lag jayega ke kya hone wala hai .......it will be ..........fill in the blank as you choice to fill..

    1. By the Way....It is released this year only and had an IMDB rating of 8.5.....

      Kahaan se pata kiye Babu?????

  30. Dangal film khusti film ki thodi resemble thi.
    To kya dangal ka class kushti film jaisa hai.
    Baby ki resemble airlift ki resemble blow blow blow .....haters an kitna apne apko tadsali doge.....trailer blockbuster hai.....
    Easily breaks dangal record.
    Jo padmavati ki batt karre slb saujanam lenga to b Salman ki film se nahi jitega iss decade me.
    Padmavati is nothing infront of tzh.

    Haters akshay fans jalre kyun ki woh 150cr nahi karr para.
    Sharuk fans jalre kyunki ek bi clean hit nahi after CE.
    Amir fan tension me hai kahi dangal ka record break na ho jae.

    1. Don't worry man about Aamir fans. We always knew that even if other can break his record, he has enough caliber to get it back. Srk broken 3i with CE but Aamir get even bigger with D3. Salman came close with BB and then Aamir gone a step ahead from Pk & BB with Dangal. So even if TZH breaks Dangal record, we know that Aamir has TOH to get it back. And Dangal 2000cr ww is like a dream to break for bollywood films at the moment.
      So chill. I am wishing good luck to Salman and his fans being an Aamir fan.

  31. one word - Outstanding.
    The backdrop, Salman's intro, those ETT bgm is giving goosebumps. The trailer summarise all the things. Story,action,swagger,bgm,Mass hero has everything in the trailer. The patriotic angle also work great. Salman has shown that no one can match his aura in slick stylish thriller in bollywood. I think what ETT failed to do, TZH will do. I.e. making Salman's most memorable character this decade by surpassing Chulbul pandey. Only concern was the backdrop of terrorism, as these kind of movies had limited appeal.
    I am expecting Highest weekend of bollywood both domestic and overseas surpassing Dangal and dhoom 3 respectively and first week record of Sultan also will surpassed. Than content will decide how long it can go.
    All and all a great treat for Salman fans.
    Ali Abbas jafar you rocked big time.
    If we compare ETT teaser than the impact of TZH is less, but if talking about ETT trailer than its way better.

    1. Nice Comment Bro, only one thing I want to add that beside Chulbul pandey, his Pawan character from BB is also one of the Memorable Character in this Decade.....

      1. No bro. Nothing has bigger than Salman's chulbul pandey but the dabangg 2 has definitely work against that character. Pawan is great if we thing as content but their movie overshadowed the character unlike Chulbul. Also as tiger is repeated in sequal so it become much memorable than pawan. Frankly speaking I am against Dabangg 3 idea, but if they have substance than they can make it more memorable again.

  32. Wow what a trailer .... 50 cr , 170 cr , 240 cr , 500 cr records will shatter .

    Tiger -- 500 cr
    2.0 -- 400 cr

    Salman gives 300 cr twice in a year . Akki gives 100cr 4 times in a year . And China tingu comes and give one 300 cr in 2 years . Hahahaha china tingu chotu star . If salman and akki comes in 2 years then they give 700 cr and 600 cr respectively.

    Sallu/Akki >>>>>>>> AD >>>>> Ranveer/VD >>>> Tingu >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Haklu SRK/Rajpal Yadav.

        1. Add all of their blockbusters ajay sir akki ranveer varun.......not even half of SRK?...add highest 3,footfall of those actors ....not even 1/3 of combined top 3 highest footfalls of SRK...

          Between you should go and replace Dr Gulati....his been missed??

          1. Bro...2.0 can even earn above 1000 worldwide but do us a favour either put 2.0(hindi version) in bracket cos its officially a Telugu movie.

            1. This is the stardom of SRK from past 3 years ( after CE) . My ratings are perfect .

        2. Joke of the year ????
          Srk jhms 60 cr , fan - 85 cr
          This is true Stardom
          This is not 90s to make audience fools
          By spreading hands???

          1. Entertainment baby Singh is bling brothers kya 100cr +kamaya tha kya gawaar ...SB 70cr se neeche kamaya aaak thuu or ye SB 2 saal pehle ka ho movie hai

            Happy new year 205cr in2014 3600 screens or prdp 210cr 4300 screens or ye log happy new year Ko underperformed bol rhe

  33. Sallu fans Tubelight ka trailer dekh kar bol rahe the 400cr aur 120cr bhi nahi hua

    aab bol rahe hai 500cr...

    pahle BB ko cross karo baad me badi badi baate karna

    1. @parshya Aamir fan after secret superstar trailer- sureshot 100cr in India and 300cr WW aur kya Hua wo to sab jaante hi Hai aur ab wo sochte hai ki ye movie china main release hogi China main aisi flop movie Koi nahi dekhega aur release bhi nahi hogi China main

  34. Mark my words

    This movie can never break Dangal record...
    This movie will take a huge opening but due to lack of content and bhai's "exceptional " acting it won't go past 300 crores....

    1. Same thing u guys said bout baahubali 2 but dangal got squashed and now it will be flown in water by Tiger wise SEcret superstar Ka Kay hua Lucy pta hai

  35. If TZH failed to beat 3 years old HNY opening day collection of 40.02 crore with more screens and hiked prices then it is confirmed SRK is biggest crowd puller .no excuses this time.

    1. Stop acting like fool. HNY first day record already broken by PRDP in 2015. And tzh is releasing on non holiday, target is to cross Dhoom 3 non holiday record of 2013 of 34.5cr (all version) and Bahubali 2 (Hindi) of 41cr. And i don't think after this trailer Salman won't beat that on non holiday. Salman stardom along with sequal factor will work big time. And srk is not biggest in stardom, he is one of the along with Aamir & Salman. you guys please accept and move on otherwise will keep trolling like this again and again. Don't try to create unnecessary negativity for SRK. Be happy to seeing others success dude.

  36. Bilkul hi bakwas trailer....sure flop movie.....bs Christmas hi thoda bcha legi warna to fuselight ki trh hi fuse hoti....fir b sure flop....by sallu yani lallu star......

  37. The roar of Tiger has bought goosebumps
    Bhai + Patriotism +Hollywood style action and on top Film is against ISIS 400 + crore definitely and

  38. Amazing Trailer... lots of fight scenes, action, catchy dialogue in the trailer itself... good for kids and young generation and a gift for Salman fans.
    But I hope that the TZH would have more substance than as shown in trailer. 'Ek Tha Tiger' ke time bhi trailer kaafi amazing that lekin jab movie dekhi toh pata chala ki trailer mein hi movie ka saara content tha. 'Ek Tha Tiger' was a little slow for an action movie.
    If TZH has learnt from the drawbacks of 'Ek Tha Tiger' then sky will be a limit. For me all records are in danger but I would like to play safe and my prediction are 325-350 crore and it has strong chances to go further.

  39. Basically salman is Ajit Doval's man who is in rescue mission of Indian nurses n Katrina as usual fakes her acting carrier like Pakis as they we r peace loving people.. ??

  40. Basically salman is Ajit Doval's man who is in rescue mission of Indian nurses n Katrina as usual fakes her acting carrier like Pakis as they say we are peace loving people.. ???

  41. @Parshya Aunty; in which you live please tell me, the Malayalam movie (Take Off) which you are talking about is released in this year in March and TZH shooting was started last year, then how it is copy of that movie.......Also it is based on True incident so any one can make movie on it.......Use your Brain Aunty ji.....OOPS sorry I think with age you lost your memory (I guess it is an old age symptom).....By the way how old are you Aunty ji 80+ I guess.....

    This is called Height Of Stupidity.....Blind Haters, atleast come up with some good excuses yaar.......LOL

  42. I have 2 questions:
    1st at 2.07 there is Kid with Salman......is he is kid of Salman and Kat
    2nd at 2.24 (very small chance to see) Kat is lying in Salman hands and her eyes were closed and Salman is crying (kind of).....Does it means Zoya is dead in this Part......

    Well I think for answer we have to watch this movie......

  43. Outstanding trailer breaking all record because no one hunt like tiger love u salman

  44. i will give it 3/5. scale and look is excellent , the start of the trailer is fantastic. but something is missing. may be salman's entry can be better . or may be katrina kaif is not presented in a gorgeous way.

    opening day will be around 30-35 crore. i will post my final prediction after seeing the response it gets in you tube. by the way the film's trailer has already crossed 5 million views in just 7 hours. so i think it should cross atleast 10 million views on day 1 and is definetly on track to beat the 15 million views of padmavati on day1. if that happens my prediction will be 35-40 crore. let's hope it beats padmavati.

  45. A roaring Tiger ....
    A soaring Trailer ......

    And result will be a Box office hammering movie !!!!!!!!!!


  46. @honest man, your prediction is wrong. The sequal factor always been a great plus. If it was fresh movie from Salman still it can easily cross 30-35cr on day on non holiday but being a sequal it easily scores above 40 as i think.

    @hrithik, are you same person who posted comment with this user id on indicine, if yes than welcome dude.

  47. well most definitely trailer of Ek Tha Tiger was better and more promising.
    Hope the film turn out to be a worth sequel!!

  48. Opening and weekend records will be shattered, rest depends on the content. Only negative from the trailer is too much of action and violence which may not help bring all family audience. I am expecting it to break PK collections, if content clicks then will beat Dangal (India collections) as well !!!!!!! All the best Bhai jaan.

  49. Honestly mind blowing trailer...
    but miss romantic and comedy scene...

    But I thought makers will be release 2nd trailer before movie release.....!!!!

  50. Ali Abaas Zafar:- ETT was romantic but this is the story of a mission. U'll see #SalmanKhan - Katrina Kaif as agents.....

    Its clear that there is not much Romantic angle in this movie, like ETT had.....Its pure SPY THRILLER Movie.....

  51. When did I call HNY opening day is highest ? According to bollyarena figures ,
    HNY opening day is 40.02 little behind
    PRDP - 40.35.
    So I am not telling anything wrong.

    1. @Prashant Bhai PRDP is ahead not HNY.....Which means Salman already broke Srk record....So this time Salman has break his own record.....But PRDP was holiday release while TZH is releasing on Normal Working Day.....But still there is huge possibility that it will break PRDP record......

  52. To know how much Haters can be stupid, just read below;
    #Salman use same kind of Machine Gun as Arnold and Sylvester used, so its a Rambo copy....
    #Movie based on same true incident, then its a Malayalam copy (which released 6 months after TZH shooting start)....
    #Movie based on Rescue Mission so it is Airlift copy.....
    #Salman entry is on Snowboard so its a XXX copy.....
    #Movie has death define stunt so it is Lara Croft copy.....

    Bhai atleast 1st decide from which movie it is copy then comment......Now what can I say to these Blind Haters.......Height Of Stupidity......

    Becharo ki jal ke Khak ho gayi hai......HaHaHa

  53. TZH is breaking the Internet like never before....
    And Only 21k Dislikes
    That too in just 9Hrs.....

    Means it will cross 11M (min) Views and 400K (min) Likes within 1 Day.....SUPERB

  54. Earlier Padmavati Preponed, then Hollywood "The Greatest Showman" of Hugh Jackman Postponed.....And now the is news that Dwayne Johnson's (The Rock) starrer Jumanji is also Postponed from 20th Dec to 29th Dec because of Salman's TZH......Man if this is not Mega-Stardom then I don't know what should I call this......

    Hatts Off To Salman Bhai.......A True Example Of "Stardom".....Incredible...

  55. I think this movie has a chance of becoming Salman highest WW grosser. It is definitley not going to break Dangal aur Bahubali 2 record.

  56. @sky if it opens 40 crore plus then blockbuster verdict is guranteed on day 1 even without content. but 40 crore plus on working day is tough. a film has to open around a bumper 70% occupancy and then hold it throughout the day. only dhoom 3 and bahubali the conclusion has done it this decade. let's see if this film can carry that kind of hype till it's release.
    by the way tzh has finished at 3rd spot on day 1 you tube views after padmavati and golmaal again. i think the response on you tube could have been better.

  57. the trailer is very very bad it looks like B grade americain movie in 90 , the evil role is so cartoonish ( it's like comedy) , Ali zafar didn't bother himself to do some reaserch about isis clothes or behavior, also the touch of Kabir khan in EKT ( comedy and romance ) is missed

  58. wow.. 16m hits in one day on YouTube.. beats padmavati record!!!! TZH on its way to beat bahubali2!!!!

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