Tiger Zinda Hai shows cancelled in Rajasthan

Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai has landed in trouble in Jaipur with protesters vandalising theatres over an old clip of the actor making an alleged casteist remark.

The morning shows of Tiger Zinda Hai had to be stopped in some cinema halls across Rajasthan after members of the Valmiki community raised slogans, tore and burnt posters of the film.

In the clip which resurfaced on social media, the actor, had reportedly used the word "Bhangi" while discussing his dancing skills. This irked several people and also resulted in protests in Jaipur, where the film's posters were torn and theaters were vandalized to stop the screening of the movie, according to a report in ANI.

The protests started from Ajmer and soon spread to Jaipur and Kota, leading to the cancellation of the morning shows in several cinema halls. The police remanded several people in custody. The President of the Action Committee of the community recently lodged a police complaint against the actor, demanding a strict action against him.

34 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai shows cancelled in Rajasthan”

  1. What the hell is going on? .....
    Holligans are increasing day by day.......Not good for country in future......Related to any topic....

    1. But Mai to Rajasthan se hoon ..pura hall housefull tha or protest to nahi hua .
      Anyways tiger achaa movie tha ..and Rajasthan me booking bhi bhut achaa hai ..

  2. Only morning shows at a few screens got affected. Afternoon shows were running well in Rajasthan.
    No vandalism inside cinema, so this time no excuses from Sallu Fans regarding collection.
    Kal se Parshya dikhna nahi chaiye iss site pe.

    1. Sharam kar jhoot mat bolo story ke dam per itna uchalna acchi bat n yad n adita chopra ne kia kaha tha amir story ke bina kuch n film story ke dumn per hit hoti h amir ka koi kamal n q bhool jate ho

    2. @Aamir The global Megastar
      10000rs ka shows cancel hua hai aur aab BOI aur sallu fans bolenge kam se kam 5cr ka nuksan hua
      nahi toh bahubali2 ka bhi record tut jata...

      sallu fans yane excuses ki dukan hai..
      tum logose kuch nahi honewala...

      1. @Parshya i think u r gone mad coz of Salman's stardom when did aamir's film collected 37 crs... ?

        You have written that...

        If TZG crosses 37-39 u have to accept that Aamir and salman stardom is same

        Seriously... ? ? ? ? ?
        How will Salman be equal to Aamir if it collects so... ?

        Except D3 which collected due to brand and franchise name any film which crossed 29?? ? ? ? ? ? and u r saying 39 will make salman equal to aamir... ? i can't stop laughing at u and ur logiccs... ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

        You're such a fool i can't even describe..... Even srk is much ahead of aamir in opening and stardom....

        1. Ragnarok

          True i.also cannot stop.laufing

          Lallu parashya said before few days if tza break non holiday records of dhoom than Salman is ahead now saying 40 Cr

          Abe lallu garashya go boi check all opening record of first day, opening weekend first week already belong to Salman

          Don't know which kind of lallu is parashya

    1. Wow wht a topic to burn these psters of tzh..these ppl just get angry with anything..

  3. Ye sale in logo ko or koi dhanda nhi he kya jab dekho Kisi movie ko target karte rahte he sahi hi Kaha tha Amir Khan ne iss desh me intolorance he jab tak ase hud dangai log he desh me.... Same on this people

  4. What the fuck is wrong with this ignorant people man.

    There is law if anything happens to complain, you can't just go out and burn or smash things.

  5. This is horrible really... These hooligans claim to be 'desh-bhakts' & can do only disgrace to others... at least for this movie Sallu had no controversy so far, & these useless fellows are still creating mishaps...

  6. Ye log apne hi India ka nam badnam karte hai fake people . And one is amir fan ko baata du ke jalo ghamandi hi sahi kam se kam India chord ka baga tu nahi tere Amir ki tarha .

  7. thank god
    sallu fans ko ek aur excuses mil gaya garmi ka tho pahle tha hi aab protest ka

    poor sallu fans ..excuses dene me mahir..

    1. More than us, u were giving excuses for PK as niche film... ?
      Dangal as niche... ? ? ? ? ?
      And secret superstar as non aamir film... ? ? ? ur excuses were funny but this excuse is genuine as Rajasthan is a mass circuit...

  8. ye bahot galat hua sallu fans ko excusee jo mil gaya
    Dangal LT break nahi kar saka kyunki Protest hua tha kam se kam
    50cr ka nuksan hua hai

    yar excuses bhi na galat time pe ate hai sab thik chal raha tha..
    aab ye log puri life PK ka picha karenge

  9. Actually, these goons and cheap people need free promotion hence protested against a video which were some 10 years old... Seriously i didn't even know this sena but many people got to know them ? ? ? ? ? BJP ki sarkar hai, kuchh bhi ho sakta hai yaha... ? ? ? ? ?

    1. Agar in gundo ko promotion chahiye to ye log bade SuperStar ko target karte hain.... Salman and SRK inke baap jaise ban gaye hain jab bhi famous hona hai baap ko yaad kar lete hain

      1. Totally agree with you, Film Stars and their Films are very easy target......But if we blame someone for this then its our own Film Industry, because they are not united and political parties are taking advantage of this......The day when whole Film Industry Unit, no one can dare to mess with them.....

  10. TZH had just 59.67%occupancy till noon shows behind Bahubal2 and Golamaal again

    ? ? ?
    Maza agaya

    I konw aab manipulation start

  11. Parshya, but screen count of TZH is very higher than GA .so it will definitely beat GA by good margin .

    1. @Prashant
      Sallu could not beat Ajay then
      Teri kyun jal rahi hai
      Muze malum hai screen jyada hai
      Par kya fayda kam screen me Ajay ne beat kiya sallu ko
      Hats off to Ajay stardom
      Tu apne srk ki fikar kar sallu ki chamchagiri mat kar

  12. As expected no updates from Bollyarena site, TZH is 2017 Biggest Movie and they are not giving proper updates, which shows they don't like Salman......I remember at the time of PRDP they use to give report every hour in their life update article.....But now they are just another Salman Hater.......

  13. Rajasthan is the place where Ajay Devgan is the biggest superstar. It contributed a lot to success of hit movies like baadshaho, action jackson and drishyam

  14. As I thought Bollyarena is not interested in given any updates, I also request them to update Critics article but nothing......

    So I am updating that article, according the info which I got:
    Positive: 14
    Neutral: 2
    Negative: 2

    Taran Adarsh: 4.5 Stars
    Komal Nahata: 4.5 Stars
    IBTimes India: 4.5 Stars
    Bollywood Hungama: 4.5 Stars
    Addatoday: 4.5 Stars
    Joginder Tuteja: 4 Stars
    Koimoi: 4 Stars
    Bollywood Life: 4 Stars
    ANI: 4 Stars
    Masala.com: 4 Stars
    Pinkvilla: 3.75 Stars
    Times Of India: 3.5 Stars
    Zee News: 3.5 Stars
    Deccan Chronicles: 3 Stars

    Hindustan Times: 2.5 Stars
    Indian Express: 2.5 Stars

    NDTV: 2 Stars
    Rediff: 1.5 Stars

    Look at the number of Positive Reviews......Also Audience WOM is Positive....Now just wait for Box Office Records....

  15. Aamir is the only actor that can deliver big openings with off/beat films dhoom3 is the only mainstream film he’s made since ghajini the rest have been off/beat including 3 idiots people are getting ahead of themselves declaring sallu prabhas akshay and ajay ahead of him but in reality he’s head and shoulders ahead of these lot ( let’s not forget other actors in extended cameos there haven’t achieved nothing)

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