Tiger Zinda Hai new poster

The countdown has begun for the biggest release of the year. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starrer Tiger Zinda Hai is going to release this Friday.

The initial buzz of the film is huge and is picking up with each passing day. The advance booking of the film has begun today and has received an excellent response so far. More reports and articles will be updated tomorrow.

A new action-packed poster from the film is out. The film will have death-defying action sequences which will be a treat to watch on the big screen. Check it out.

70 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai new poster”

  1. Difference between srk and Salman :
    Salman ka jab career khatam pe tha to usne kaayar ki tarah south ki blockbuster movie ka remake krna start kar Dia or apna career bachaya or 2010 se Abhi tak same category ki movie kar rha .or ek taraf Srk hai Srk ka so called bad phase hai fir v Srk ne south ki blockbuster movie ke remake Ko reject Kia or so called bad phase me bhi risk le ke kuch Naya kar rha jaise ki fan dwarf or ab astranout ..

      1. Fan me Naya nahi tha ? Autofan base for a reason ..HNY dilwale jhms agar Naya nahi tha to fan dwarf or astranout to Naya hai na ..3 Naya to hai na

        Sultan Bajrangi bhaijaan me character to kuch alag tha nahi utna ..sultan me chalo tha

        Kam se kam Salman ki tarah kaayar ki tarah south ki blockbuster action mass movie kr ke apna career to nahi na laaya track pe

        2010-2017 me Salman ne 10 movie me 7 movie me to action mass movie hi Kia hai jo India me bhut chalta hai or SRK Vikram vedha reamke reject Kia

        Or Salma apnale character me kuch alag nahi Kia

        1. Abhi tujhe kya lgta hai south ki movies kaa remake krke koi bhi hit ho jaata hai?srk ko bol ek movie toh hit dede as ab toh fukrey jaisi movies beat kr rahi hai uski movies ki collection nd sach ko accept krna seekho ki srk kaa bad phase chal raha hai obvious hai sabki life mein aata hai bad phase..ab parshya aunty ko lgta hai TOH record tod degi but ussey yeh nahi pata TOH diwali pe release ho rahi hai christmas pe nahi nd sabko pata hai aamir ki movies christmas pe hi chalti hai btw parshya ne toh excuse bhi ready rakha hai if TOH flop ho gyi toh..aamir kaa cameo thaa nd all blah blah bewakoof fan...aur ek king jaise fan jo khud bhojpuri language bolte hai aur salman ko bhojpuri actor bolte hai chal uska wajood toh hai but tera kya wajood hai king my foot..


      2. And one more thing Srk ka real bad phase 2015 se start hua hai ..fir v dekho 2016me fan 2018 me dwarf 2019 me astranout jab ki Srk Ko PTA hai uska career Abhi red zone me hai fir v new role kr rha risk le rha ..not like Salman ki blockbuster ki action mass movie ka reamke kr Lia or track pe aa gaya

      3. Hahaha this idiot calling Bajrangi bhaijaan sultan ki kuch new tha hahaha abe movie alag Hoga baki se but Salman Apne role me kya Naya Kia ? 2010-2017 tak 90% movie to action mass movie Kia hai Salman ..ready sultan bajragi bhaijaan tubelight bas ye Charo Ko chor ke baki SB ek category ka movie ..

        Srk bad phase 2015 se start hua fir v 2016 me fan Kia .2018 me dwarf play krega 2019 me astranout ..Vikram vedha ka remake Srk Ko offer hua Lekin reject Kia kyuki Srk Salman ki tarah kaayar nahi ki apne bas phase me south ki blockbuster action mass movie kr ke apna career track pe laae

    1. Abhi maan liya salman sir ne south ka Sahara liya lekin srk ka JTHJ,,,raone,,CE,,HNY,,fan,,dilwale,,,JHMS ye sab kya tha ,,kya ghatia logic h tumhara Bhai,,,, ye saari filmi bhi kitni ghatia h tumhe pta hoga,,,,samjhe,,,,

      1. Maine bad phase kaha ..Srk ka bad phase 2015 se start hua hai ..2015 ke Baad se dekh ..or yaha baat ghatiya movie ka nahi ho rha ..kuch Naya krne ka ho rha risk le ke ..fan dwarf astranout ye SB example hai

    2. TZH movie says there will be peace but by watching its trailer where is peace?
      only destruction!!!


  2. My best prediction
    Is movie ki average reviews milegi
    1st day 32cr
    Weekend 104cr
    Week me 170cr
    Lifetime 210cr semi hit

    Bharat disaster dabang 3 flop ..

  3. Fun facts : salman 2000-2009 tk 31 movies me bas 5 hits Dia or vo bhi 5 hits multistarrer movie tha ..mtlb khud ke dum pe ek hit v nahi hahahaha or fir 2010 se south ki blockbuster mass action movie ki reamke kar kar ke kaayar ki tarah apna career bachaya ..Rakhi Sawant se clash haara hai

    90s me back 2 back 10 flops Dia hai ..Srk 1992 me aaya or Naya Naya tha fir v 1992-1999 me 5 blockbuster ..or Salman 1988 se hai fir v 1990-1999me bas 3 blockbuster ..hahahaha

    1. Saagar srk ne JTHJ,,,raone,,HNY,,CE,,fan,,dilwale,,JHMS,,me kya kiya tha bolo,,,,aur ye south 2 kya laga rakha h agar dam h to srk KO bol do wo bhi south ki remake kare kisne mana kiya h...kyu faltu ke bahane bane ho tum log....aur ha saagar kya India ki audience bewakuf h aur tum hi sahi ho....agar audience film pasand kar rahi h tabhi to abhi south remake ka trend chal raha h Bollywood me samjhe.....example: rowdy rathore,,,singham,,,gajini ye filme kya thi...

      1. Wanted 2010 me aai thi mtlb dusre decade me ..Lekin yaha baat 200-2009 ki ho hi

        And Dean Ambrose Srk Salman ki tarah nahi jo remake movie kre vo bhi south ka or apna career track pe laae

    2. Sagar main history bataun ab ek family ne nalayak paida kiya thaa jiska naam sagar thaa phir life mein aagey chal k woh apni aukaat bhool gya aur bht joote khaaye usne phir frustrate hoke salman pe research karne laga then phir logon se abuse hone laga phir kisi din ek bande ne usko itna toda ki sagar comment krna bhool gya? @sagar

    1. Aamir toh woh bhi nahi karte......Pls respect each other.....????

      A humble request to all you users......Agar nahi dekhni hai ..toh mat dekho...par negativity mat spread karo....Pls.....????

    2. Parshya aunty meri last prediction ka screen shot le lo....

      If WOM is positive-

      1st day: 42cr+
      1st weekend: 125cr+
      1st week: 225cr+
      Lifetime: 390cr+...
      Verdict: ATBB

      If WOM is mixed-
      1st day:42cr+
      1st weekend: 120cr+
      1st week:200cr+
      Lifetime: 310cr+
      Verdict: blockbuster

      If negative
      1st day:42cr
      1st weekend: 110cr+
      1st week:175cr+
      Lifetime: 230cr+

      Verdict: hit

      1. @dean
        Arey bhai aise toh tera prediction sahi niklega...

        koi ek figure bata opening,weekend aur life time ki

        My prediction

        1. @parshya bro tumhari first day collection bhut shi predict ki h,,,
          Bt weekend Aur lifetime thodi jyada h,,,,,my prediction weekend AGR wom positive hua to 105-107cr and lifetime 180-190cr maximum,,,,,,
          @parshya bro ye amir nhi h Jo iski movie ka wom positive hoga,,,Aur collection nhi girega,,,,only 4days me bundle ho jayegi,,,,,,

    3. Jaise tere mein kuch nahi hai parshya aunty bs bolti rehti ho blah blah blah?? @parshya aunty

  4. I thought I had seen this poster already??
    Is it new or you guys are still uploading?
    Anyways, good to hear the response!

    1. @temperature I am also having a feeling that I have seen this poster earlier . Notice Katrina's position with him in hand . Earlier posters were also same . No creativity at all. This is very bad as posters also play a vital role now a days.

      1. Agreed with you @Housefull. They should've done maybe one posters without guns or another scene like a love song poster or a poster showing more characters that are part of the TZH team. Though maybe its their strategy since they(stakeholders/producers, creativity unit etc) are the final decision makers.

    2. @Temprature bro your comments always neutrals rhte hai,,,,u always right bro,,,,I like it,,,,,Maine kbhi b tumko galat comments krte nhi dekha,,,, na hi negativity spread krte dekha aur na hi bina bat k kisi ko troll u r a genius,,,, thanks bro,,,,

  5. COPY

    KUCH NA HOGA....


    1. @Thugs Returns

      Theres no dispute about Aamir Khan overall perception we have, great actor, records creator etc. Why I think its unfair on Salman is because I believe the more movies an actor has put in his whole and done should also be kept in view. As an actor let's say you do above 70 movies, work tirelessly for each movies irrespective of the verdicts I think it very important to also observe those factors.
      Aamir sir does movie selectively, very cautious too, his case is very different compared to those that have done lots of movies for decades. They have flops too disasters too but their demand is always high, producers still queue up to ask for their signature.. Meaning public wants to see more of their movies irrespective of their previous verdict.
      There are some superstars that did over 9 movies in a particular years of their careers, some 6 some 4 some 3. I think its high time we put all those into consideration but never the less Aamir Deserves his praises but don't downgrade others too... Be it anyone. If you visit Boi list of Hits and Successful actors rankings forget you have a Non khan Superstar that tops that list his either 1st or 2nd in success movies, hit movies and total collection in crores. You have another that that is on 3rd and 4th but still The 3 Khans are rated higher than them no doubt's. We can troll its normal but certain sensitive issues I think is more broader than how we think its. Every actor fans in this site will always have his or her reasons to make their idol feel distinctive so its not a matter of just 1 fan base.

      1. Arena you didn't post this one??!! The second part!!

        In conclusion, different parameters are used in detecting who is front and who is back, some look up at Success or hit counts, some number of centuries, double, triple, some consistency etc. Overall no dispute on Salman Aamir dominance @box office but one should also consider the number of movies each star has done, Last 5 Full Fledged movies of Aamir stops at 2009 Idiots(counting out Dhobi gt and SS since many say they are not full fledged Aamir roles) Akki stops at 2016, Salman stops at 2015. Hrithik 2012...
        That's why based on the gap durations its unfair to overlook Salman or others who in between those gaps did twice or thrice the number of movies Aamir sir did. That's just my opinion..

  6. It all depends on Director's mindset and approach.....If movie is excellent then it will earn....

    Ek baat toh jarur hai...Bahubali 2 ka record koi Bollywood star nahi tor payaga...Because itni nafrat towards each other......Bahubali 2 earned 500 crs because there was no hatred among fans and everyone praised it......

    But ....Bollywood Stars ke fans...What to say.....?????

    Agar chahte ho ki koi movie future mein BB2 ka record tore....toh pls stop this bullshit hatred.....

  7. MK....
    wah bhai kya baat kaha tumne....
    Ekdam sahi baat
    BB2 sirf audience k love k wajeh se chali...

  8. Amir altime blockbaster machine!

    Salman.....blockbaster machine!

    Akki hit machine,,,,,

    Srk,,,,,flop machine,,,,,king of flop

    1. 2010-2017 me Salman ne 2 flop Dia ..veer and tubelight ..1 semi hit dia ..Srk me bhi bas 2 flops Dia fan and jhms or 2 semi hit or ye shameless salman fans troll kr rhe Srk Ko

      2010 se pehle Salman ne flops ki dukaan khol Rakha tha uska kya

  9. last time kerala main aaya tha.. Cyclone..
    Ab TiGerrrrrrrrrr leke aayega!!
    Roarrrrr the Tiger!

  10. kya bakwaas comments maar rahe hai anti salman log.. zero logic.. especially SRK fans.. they are down and out.. lol
    Aamir fans atleast have rights to talk although they speak nonsense.. its still manageable..
    Akki fans pls stay away.. u guys r not even eligible to talk abt the biggest star the country has ever seen.. but we all love akki..
    Rest.. lesser i speak the better

  11. i think the advance booking is huge only in hydrebad. and hydrebad is not a very big centre for collections.
    u need to be huge in delhi and mumbai. those two centres matters the most. delhi in some centres like pacific, delite, liberty is very good. but the other theatres are low. while in mumbai only bandra is excellent. 2, 3 other cinemas are good. but overall it's low.
    yes today it is just tuesday and sales will increase in next 2 days. but i can say it safely that sultan advance booking response was much better than this. so now it's clear sultan's 36.54 crore will not be crossed by tzh forget about baahubali. the opening will definetly remain below 35 crore. infact even a 30 crore opening can not be guranteed looking at the advances now. but yes if the film can pick up from today and grows further on wednesday and thursday it can cross 30 crore net.
    but it will not become a record opener and will not cross 35 crore also.
    yes another bad news for salman fans. calender shows next year eid will fall on saturday. so race 3 will also not be a record opener and may not cross 25 crore net on day1.

    1. We will see on its opening day.....Just wait for Thursday Evening.....

      Till then be Happy.....????

      1. i always say the reality. anyone can go and visit bookmyshow mumbai, they will find everything green and tickets easily available, record breaking openers or close record openers don't have advance like that. my judgement can be wrong but let's see when the final advance report comes. let's hope i am wrong and it beats sultan in advance and opening.

  12. Honest man, you was also very sure that JHMS will beat Tubelight opening .but it fell well short . So anything can happen .many persons also depends on spot booking.

  13. @Temprature bro your comments always neutrals rhte hai,,,,u always right bro,,,,I like it,,,,,Maine kbhi b tumko galat comments krte nhi dekha,,,, na hi negativity spread krte dekha aur na hi bina bat k kisi ko troll u r a genius,,,, thanks bro,,,,

  14. 3 din baad ? ko dikhana hi hoga ki uski jagah ? mein hoti hai ?? par nahi
    Yeh media aur salman fans bahut uchchal rahe hain ki tzh bahubali 2 ka record todegi
    Aaj tuesday hai aur jab maine tzh ki booking dekhi to har show mein sirf 2 lines hi bhari hui hai
    Jab bahubali 2 friday ko release hone wali thi to jab maine tuesday ko bookings dekhi to tzh ki jitni seats khaali hain bahubali 2 ki utni hi seats bhari hui thi

  15. @prashant abhishek yes at the time of jhms i was proved wrong. if this time i am also proved wrong then it will be proved that bookmyshow is not showing correct data and then i will never judge advance of films by bookmyshow, rather i will wait for boxofficeindia.com or other trade sites for correct information.

    but advance gives a perfect idea for opening. for example tubelight and raees advance booking sales were similar with tubelight edging slightly. tb was 12.5 crore while raees 12 crore. even if you look at their opening day numbers they were also same.

  16. flop king ka,,,,salman ka.cinta mat kr,,,,salman ka pass 2,,, 300cr he,,,leking flop king ka pass 1,,,,clean 200cr nehi he,,,ha ha,

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