Tiger Zinda Hai Music Album out now

The full music album of Tiger Zinda Hai is out now. There are five original and one reprised song in the album which is composed by Vishal Dadlani.

Songs that will amp up your energy levels. Songs that will give you all the love feels. Songs that will stir your soul. Turn it up & listen to 'Tiger Zinda Hai' - Audio Jukebox.

Song: Swag Se Swagat
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Neha Bhasin
Music: Vishal and Shekhar, Julius Packiam (Tiger Theme)
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Dil Diyan Gallan
Singer: Atif Aslam
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Zinda Hai
Singer: Sukhwinder Singh (Rap lyrics & Singer: Raftaar)
Music: Vishal and Shekhar, Julius Packiam (Tiger Theme)
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Daata Tu
Singer: Shreya Ghoshal
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Tera Noor
Singer: Jyoti Nooran
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Song: Dil Diyan Gallan (Unplugged)
Singer: Neha Bhasin
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

52 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Music Album out now”

    1. Ye movie jo sirf or sirf Christmas or masala action hai movie is liye kamaegi ..
      My prediction 235cr
      1st day 35cr
      1st weekend 105cr
      1st week 175cr
      2nd week 35cr
      3rd week 15cr
      Remaining days 10cr
      Lifetime 235cr ..superhit

      Race 3 Bharat flop

    2. One more Blockbuster Poster Featuring Akki in Padman is out……
      Its TERRIFIC…..

      @Bollyarena plz post it.....
      Why r u so neutral towards AKKIS Padman????
      Earlier too u missed a Poster....

      1. Yeh movie hai ya gaano ki dukan
        Action movie mai 6 gaane ?????
        Only gallan was gud song all other bakwas
        My lifetime prediction 160-180
        Verdict flop due to high budget

        1. Who has set forth the rules an action movie should not have six songs. Bollywood has produced so many movies with actions and too many songs. when your fav Aamir produced action movie Dhoom 3 and that movie had also too many songs then why did not you bark loudly. Now you are just showing your hatred toward a particulars actor choosing lame excuses. And don't forget you have admitted to leave this site the moment this movie cross 210 crores
          be read y

        2. After Tera Intezaar, Arbaaz Khan is back with another potential blockbuster, Nirdosh. Why no trailer of Nirdosh on @bollayarena?

      2. Some stupid fans say TEPK is a masala movie , pity on IQ of such Jealous souls.....

        1. It is nothing less than astonishing to see a commercial film with an offbeat subject to demonstrate such solid hold on a weekday [although it was a partial holiday of Janmashtami too].

          Akshay Kumar says, “I never make a social film with lot of commercial material;

          Toilet: Ek Prem Katha’s Trailer Is A Mix Of Entertainment & Social Values
          Koi moi.

          TEPK.. A Comedy drama.

          TEPK... Drama

          TEPK... Comedy drama

          My comment... On Furkey 2 2nd day ?

          @arena I think you should not forget that @TEPK and @Son of Sardar which wre Big Mainstream movies(masala, commercial or comedy etc)

          Mainstream movie( Masala, Commercial or Comedy).
          Meaning call it Masala or Commercial or Comedy).. i never said it was Masala that's why I indicated "OR" "OR"!!

          IQ is not what cautiously right, you judge IQ by how others out of hatred and ignorance try not to understand your point!!

          1. Talking about Jealous souls... I would have just silently ignored TEPK... And say @arena you said big masala movies or comedies don't do 40% growth.. But SOS with clash and 25% lesser screens did 55% growth on day 2. Knowing SoS fits in both masala and Comedy genre... But am not envious, TEPK needed a special mention that's why I included it... If not wouldv just carried praise for SOS only!!

            1. I don't know what your problem is? Is it that you really don't read comments well? Or you think everyone is like you who wants to be the only one to carry the glory?? If even mentioning Akki name(deep in me for a good course) is a problem for you then or other Akkians... To avoid unnecessary accusation always seems I just stop mentioning his name regarding anything... Now am keeping to my words... I won't mention his name again in anything. Others who feel I purposely ignored him, am sure will now understand henceforth.

              1. @Temp
                If u really like Akshay then u would not have deliberately avoided Akki Gold Article n prevoius Akki articles instead praised him.......

                Stop trying to be a neutral fan to gain praise from fellow users n bravely accept what u r.........

                1. I know 2.0 @ 2000 cr influenced ur mind so much so that u never leave no stone unturned to taunt Akki one way or the other, directly or indirectly....

                  Eventhough he stopped trolling Ajay for good but u leave no chance to taunt Akki

  1. JHMS and Tubelight disappointed. Padmavati also postponed. Bad year for the industry. All eyes on TZH now to end the year with style.

    The industry needs TZH to be a blockbuster now. Not saying it as a SRKian ...... saying it from whole industry perspective.

    1. Salman Kahn is really a coward. ..jab fanny khan clash ho rha tha race 3 se to Salman ne Chalaki se anil Kapoor Ko race 3 me le lia 3din pehle taki fanny khan or race 3 me clash na ho ..kyuki fanny khan me bhi anil Kapoor hai ..ab vo apna hi movie clash to krega nahi .shame on Salman ..aukaatless actor

      1. @sagar

        Do you really believe Fanny Khan would've clashed with Race 3. For me it was a publicity stunt to get attention. SRK is a much bigger star than Anil but wasn't Salman team relaxed with the ongoing clash that was to be with Raees? Did he tell Rases to shift or they decided on their own to shift date? Am not saying Salman should own Eid completely but frankly speaking, with or without Anil sir, Fanny would've definitely shifted their dates. Am might be wrong but I this is what I feel.
        Just like how Bobby was later announced to feature in Race 3, that's how Anil too was later announced.. Meaning team Race 3 were still finding suitable characters and availability of their schedules... And again ask Anil sir has been a franchise member of Race 3 with a distinctive character, why won't he choose to follow a much more grandeur franchise film of his??

        1. Temperature shut up ..fanny khan small budget movie hai ..race 3 vaise v bekaar Hoga ..or fanny khan 40-50cr bhi kama lia to hit krta smjhaaa

          1. What's the budget of Fanny khan?
            Trailer or Teaser has been out?
            Are you are myopic Fortuneteller?
            Who are you to say this movie is worthless the other is valuable??
            Stop being a Jealous lad... Or running away from Sultan, and avoiding a same day clash with another movie this year... Have turned you to be a burning fan?
            No point showing your anger on me trust me its you at the end of the day that will feel more stupid!! Allow others peacefully so that your own time nobody will pounce back @You.
            Free tip.. Take it or leave it.

      2. Thoda sensible comment karo aaisa comment karke tum bahut bada bebkup lag rahe ho.

  2. By year end I am expecting 2 blockbusters:

    1. TZH - highest grosser of the year (my expectations 240 - 260 cr).

    2. Golmaal Again - already declared a blockbuster

  3. Average song like all salman film,,,,,,,
    Sure flop movie hogi,,,,
    My prediction.....
    1st day- 24 to 26cr,,,
    1st weekend- 85-88 cr
    Christmas day- 22 cr
    1st week- 130- 135 cr
    And lifetime collection-160-165cr
    And vedict- flop,,,,,

  4. 'Tera Noor' and 'Dil Diyaan Gallan' are fine bit rest are just average. I was expecting 'Zinda Hai' song to match up with the level of 'Sultan's Title Track' but it turned out as a average song.
    Anyway, for me it's 3/5 album.
    PS- all songs of TZH are still better than crap songs of Secret Superstar.

    1. @Aamir Khan chamche your ID name, profile picture and every comment of yours regarding India's biggest megastar Aamir Khan proves how much aamir exists in your life. You are burning in jealousy with so much pain and constantly thinking only about aamir and wasting your life. Well that happens. After all you know very well that your 2 rs useless stardomless flop favorite star can never come close to Aamir in stardom and fan following so it happens. Get well soon and grow up.

  5. All Songs are situational except Swag se Swagat which comes in the end during credit roll.....

    There is only one Romantic Song, which is important because both Salman and Kat were shown as married in this movie.....Daata Tu and Tera Noor are go with the story......

    In an interview Salman said, that in TZH songs he did not do lip singing, which we can see.....If I am not wrong it happen first time that actor or actress are not doing lip singing in movie....I may be wrong.....

  6. TZH Videos are breaking records on Youtube.....

    After Trailer now Swag Se Swagat also crossed 1M Likes on Youtube and become 1st Bollywood Movie Song which cross 1M likes.....It is also crossed 90M views in just 21 days which is fastest for Bollywood songs (if I am not wrong)......

      1. What's funny? @Parshya

        RBNDJ did extremely good and was a very good movie!

  7. The plot is similar to "Take Off" and Very less buzz
    will TZH break d record of Tubelight in terms of distributors losses?

    Lets see on 22 dec

  8. Sultan’s Bulleya song alone > whole sound-track of TZH

    What a song Bulleya was .....

  9. Pershya
    Yes! Billi Murda Hai can easily break the record of tubelight in term of distributors loss....

  10. Dese 2 - @parshya n @Mr. Perfect r cheapos. De dont kno how to enjoy discussion. Ur bad comments wont make a difference to d film but it surely says a lot bout ur cheap thot process. Grow up guys n act matured

  11. @ legend amir khan- d so said non actor is ruling d industry wid just his persona. Dats says it all for d superstar.

    1. Yes indeed he is ruling indian cinema with highest number of flops and disasters and all the clash defeats, and most of the hits only on big festivals and solo release and masala genre. Without those factors you get hai ho and tubelight and marigold. ROFL.

  12. swag se swagat is the best. soon the song will cross 100 million views in you tube before the film releases. i think no salman song has done it before. yes they has crossed 100 million views in lifetime but not before film release. so you can say it's the best salman khan dance song in the last few yearsand can compete with dhinka chika and munni badnam.

    dil diya gallan is also great. it gives you feeling of calmness and the song gives you the feeling of winter and xmas time.

    tiger zinda hain song is a disspointment.

    other songs are situational.

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