Tiger Zinda Hai First Look Poster

The first look poster of Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai is finally out. On Wednesday morning, Salman shared the poster of the highly anticipated film on Twitter.

He wrote alongside, "Diwali Gift.... pasand aaya? Ab Christmas pe milna... #tigerzindahai". The tagline of the poster reads, "No One Hunts Like A Wounded Tiger." Check it out.

Directed by Ali Abbas Zafar, Tiger Zinda Hai also stars Katrina Kaif in the lead role. The film is all set to release on December 22.

62 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai First Look Poster”

  1. Damn Excited.....Loved Sultan and will love this film also.......I hope it to be better than first part and most bollywood action masalas......

  2. 2.0 @ 2000cr you idiot tune kaha hrithik Ajay srk manipulation krta hai to ek Baar apne akshay ko dekh Singh is bling brothers entertainment baby etc ye sb ke trade figure or producer figure me 15cr ka difference hai ..movie 80cr tak kamaya usme bhi 15cr ka difference
    Chennai express HNY ke trade or producer figure me 20cr ka difference hai to same hi Kick or prdp ke trade or producer figure me bhi 20cr ka difference hai ..ye sb ka kya ..you idiot zaroori nahi ki trade figure or producer figure same ho ...Haan agar trade or producer figure me bhut zyada ka difference ho tb manipulate kehla skta ...koi manipulate kyu krega ? Jitna zyada collection utna hi tax Dena rehta hai smjhaa

    Or srk agar manipulate krta to fan 84cr ko vo 100cr kyu nahi phucha Dia ? Dilwale trade fig 141cr producer figure 148cr ..to 2cr manipulate kr ke 150cr kyu nahi phucha Dia srk ye bata ? 2cr manipulate krne me to kuch nahi ?

    Jhms ka trade figure 64cr producer 66cr .srk manipulation krta to izzat bachane ke liye 80cr tak phucha skta tha producer figure

    1. Jhms trade fig 62 hai 64 nahi boi pe dekh ke tere hisab se 20 cr manipulation nahi hota hai????

  3. ??
    Sallu fans daro mat ?
    Maine tum logoko troll karna chod diya hai. ?

    Tiger had injured at d time of Tubelight now wounded tiger will hunt his fans.

    Choon choon ke marna tumhare fans ko jinhone Tubelight flop karadi.

    1. You deserve this. Now i see how bad you are. No one trolling aamir since so many days but tumhari kyu jali hai..

  4. Massy, Classy, Slicky, deadly, mindblowing, suspense, thrilling, intriguing...
    Just cant wait...

    #TigerZindaHai #TZH #Dec22

  5. Most likely TZH will beat All Bollywood films of 2017 within 1st week.padmavati could be an exception.only Padmavati can challenge TZH for highest Bollywood grosser of 2017.

  6. Good poster.

    Not interested in watching this movie as of now. Anyways it should be a big hit (top contender for highest grosser of the year) and a treat for Salman fans seeing their star in this action packed role.

  7. Blockbuster written all over it.
    And makkhi fans I won't spare any of you.I can't take it anymore.Your favourite star is not just a Deshdrohi but also a terrorist like Kasab.
    He cheated on his wife and indulged in such cheap acts with his wife during a ramp.
    He is the cheapest person in Bollywood.
    He will suffer for every single sin of his.I will ruin every future movie of his.
    I asked you people to apologise to me but now onwards I will spread negativity for every movie of Akki.
    Canadian Deshdrohi gawar terrorist joker kumar

    1. @ blacksmith devgann
      If Ss beat g4 in terms of collection then ajay and his fans willnt be able to see their faces in public becoz ajay is defeated by a small girl,,
      Even Akki defeated taare zameen par though both r blockbuster
      But kya ajay aur uske 2 ruppee fans apni izzat bacha paayegenge ????

  8. Its a simple poster, no wow factor!!

    All d best sallu fans.

    Abaki bar Bajrangi Bhaijan/PK/Dangal/Bahubali2 par!! ?

    1. agar good story hui to par warna blockbuster to ho gi story honi chahye dangal ki tarah ya bahubali ki tarah q keh bahubali 1 ko to bajrangi bhaijan ne pechhe chor dia tha bahubali2 ke time sespence tha is liye itna business kia

    2. Dangal,Bahubali 2 seems 2 me a bit impossible...Everything will depend on content n WOM of Public...That,s it...By the way many many congratulations 2 Aamir Khan,the greatest megastar after Shri Amitabh Bacchan for dishing out yet another incredible movie in the form of Secret Superstar...Go n enjoy it...It will be worthwhile...TC bro...?

  9. Nice.. 1st look is interesting... Ek tha tiger had a good story.. hope this one will live up to the expectation.. anyway, would have been better if Kabir Khan owns the direction of this one also!

  10. Salman is looking angrily at the Chinkara before killing it. Our Diwali gift is Golmal Again not this poster. We dont want any other gift. Ajay sir will bring tsunami this diwali. Golmal Again will be ATBB

    #KING KHAN rocks # Chinkara shocked

    1. Welcome to bollyarena @sss. Oh yeah baby golmal 4 will rock this diwali ??‍♀️ ??? I deferred my plan of dying so that i can watch golmal 4. Previously my last wish was to see raees. Now my last wish is to see golmal 4

      1. 200 cr guaranteed for golmal again on this diwali. Let us all unite in making it atbb

          1. Yoooohoooo great to see sss and navin as bhai bhai. Never thought it will happen. We all will watch golmaal again as there is no chuma chaati in it. Golmaal again will be blockbuster hit ? After golmal again we will also watch Tzh and dwarf movie together

            1. That is the spirit my friends. A big hug ? to u @navin also.

              Jale chahe dushman zamana humara
              Salamat rahe dostana humara

              Let us all form a group and watch Golmaal Again together FDFS and secrer superstar SDFS. We will ensure gomaal again is blockbuster and secret superstar a superhit.

              1. Done boysss. I am also in. I used to be Ajay hater. Now I am his biggest fan. FDFS the whole gang will go and watch Golmaal Again together

              2. Thank you guys for showing support to Ajay sirs movie. Highly indebted & feeling emotional seeing so much love ? I will also watch SRK sirs Dwarf film together with you guys in cinema FDFS

              3. I guess I am the only Ajay hater fan of Indicine left to join this group. I have always secretly admired Ajay and i am his biggest fan i will admit that today ? guys count in me also in your group for FDFS of Golmal Again.

                The tag line of Golmal Again is so true. This Diwali only magic and no logic because of all us haters uniting here cannot be reasoned by logic. Only magic can bring us together.

            2. loved the chumma-chati reference. Are you talking about JTHJ. Lol.
              Anyways great to see alall you guys here as we don't know when will indicine back.

              1. @sky Not just chumma chaati in JTHJ and JHMS there was also letum laati and passionate jumping around in Maya Memsaab, mother of all. Overall if we talk about chumma chaati then Aamir is the grand daddy of them all even Emran Hashmi is a kid in front of him. Only our Bhai is a family man and still a virgin. Let us all leave this now. This all is behind us now. We are now all here for Golmal Again only.

      2. @javed in indicine u said u are going to dye soon , LOL...Raees was super hit ww so you change the plan?

        1. @ dr jhangir, I said at Indicine that watching Raees was my last wish. If you remember Raees got postponed so many times that i had to indefinitely postpone the plan of dying also

          1. you live life longer dua karoga.....mai just mazak kiya...welcome bro..

            waiting for dwarf and Aditya next.....if rumours are true

  11. First look is good but not excellent or say nothing in front of Padmavati posters. The sneak peek photos from the sets of TZH were better than this poster.
    However, Sultan's poster was average but the trailer was brilliant. Waiting for the upcoming trailer in November.

  12. WOHOO!!! the poster for the the years all time grosser is finally here... start ki baazi bhi KHAN ke gaya " SRK - RAEES" ab end ki bhi baazi EK KHAN hi le jaayega..

  13. For me TZH,TUBELIGHT,PADMAVATI were among CONTENDERS for highest grosser But TUBELIGHT was rejected.Other 2 movies are yet to release.They Both can be 200 grosser s But cannot be highest grosser if we consider Bahubali2.

  14. Ye log to tubelight K poster ko bhi woow waaaow kr rhe the. Bewkuf. Public bore ho gai hai. We want something new. Jo tumse na ho paega. Ghar ja. Padmawatii waat lga degi. Sirf content chalega or chalna chaheye. Bahot jhel liya india ne.

  15. Dear parshya mai salman ka fan hu but mai amir, Akshay,srk etc in sab ko hate nai karta hu but tum sirf sab actors ko troll karte ho amir ko chhod ke..mana ki tum amir ke fan ho but dusre actors ki bhi izzat karo yaar..amir sir bhi khud nahi chahenge ki tum unke alawa sab ko troll karte firo..har star ke pas apna apna stardome hai yaar is ka mutlab ye nai ki tum sab ko troll karte firo..tum jitni amir amir ki rutt lagate hona mere dost to ek baat yaad rakho jab bhi tumhe amir se Milne ka mauka mila na tu us waqt Amir sir tumhe unki chaukht pr bhi pair nahi rkhne denge kyu ki amir sir ko tujh jaise ghatiya fan ki koi zroorat nai hai..to agli baar kisi bhi actor ko troll karne se pahele meri iss baat par gaor karna dear..

  16. Wow!!!! This diwali gift is better than all sweets

    Yeh hai Jalwa

    let's Race with tiger this Xmas

  17. No one hunts like a wounded tiger it means.....craptina is a dead(may be) tiger hunts the killers,full on powerful action
    hope katrina is dead dont want to c tis boring actress in 3rd part TIGER LAAPATA HAI

  18. Tiger is wounded at B0 becoz of tubelite
    now the hunt begins

    note the point:tubelite had srkay's cameo

  19. Suddenly all indicine users reached here.
    Welcome @ javed @ sss
    And also Salman fans like anand , ultron

    1. Love you Prashanth. Missed you ?? no more fights from now. Salman-SRK are bhai-bhai and so are we. Every one is here to celebrate Diwali and blockbuster Golmaal again ??

      1. all indicine users are here except XZONE...i miss him....i hope he will show some day.

          1. i wish i could join but i stay far from india....
            even i i wish @indicine user KAALI to come and join here....

    2. So many indicine users are here today. Great to see you guys.
      Even i am going for Golmaal again FDFS.

  20. Good Poster.
    Well suited to Salman typical style.
    Rest depend on script and action thriller.
    All the very best to Salman and his fans also.
    May the film do very well at the box office and turn to be a real gift for Salman's fans of new year and they celebrate new year with the success of the movie.

  21. Hm..nothing really to boast about but it is a good poster..v hav seen such looks of salman in the past..
    Waiting to see sonething different!!

  22. is bar to tufan machega . ya raha hai big daddy of bollywood. hindi version me bahubali 2 ka record to gaya.

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