Tiger Zinda Hai Day Wise Box Office Collection

Tiger Zinda Hai Day Wise Box Office Collection: Salman Khan starrer has entered into the 6th week and has continued its excellent run at the box office. The film grossed 0.65 crores on 6th Friday which was a national holiday.

It did face some drops on last Thursday but the jump was pretty good yesterday. The film has still some legs left and it will be interesting to see if it can beat PK which is currently second highest grosser of all time.

Take a look at Tiger Zinda Hai day wise collection.

Day 134.10
Day 235.30
Day 345.53
Day 436.54
Day 521.60
Day 617.55
Day 715.42
Day 811.56
Day 914.92
Day 1022.23
Day 1118.04
Day 127.83
Day 135.84
Day 145.09
Day 153.72
Day 165.62
Day 178.27
Day 182.72
Day 192.56
Day 202.30
Day 212.12
Day 221.46
Day 232.12
Day 243.27
Day 251.36
Day 261.02
Day 270.88
Day 280.78
Day 290.79
Day 301.20
Day 311.84
Day 320.70
Day 330.60
Day 340.45
Day 350.23
Day 360.65
Day 370.48
Day 380.66
Day 390.21
Day 400.21
Day 410.23
Day 420.19
Day 430.15
Day 440.18
Day 450.27
Day 460.08
Day 470.07
Day 480.07
Day 490.07
Total339.08 cr

29 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Day Wise Box Office Collection”

  1. Thanks bollyarena for giving TZH collection,,,,, it will 100% break PK record.......

    1. Missing all my friends of bollyarena,, plz come and comments here bros,,,,bollyarena is back,,,,,sunny bro and jhakaas bro and also parshya aunty ,,devgan,,,temperature,, roric,,prashant abhishek,,,2.0,,, etc were are u all......

  2. If tzh beats the net collections of pk then salman will have 1 film in the top3 net grossers and Aamir will also have.1. According to Boi.com pks collection is 337.72 crore net and it looks like tzh will beat that unless some miraculous drop happens
    The top 3 net grossers would be 1. Bahubali 2. Dangal 3. Tzh. So salman and Aamir both would have only 1 film in top3 grossers. Though tzh will not beat the gross of pk. But toh will come and it should put tzh out of top3. Then everything will depend on bharat and whether salman will have any film in top3 when the decade ends. If he can manage to have 1 film then he will become the only star to have atleast 1 film in top3 grossers in 3 different decades. He already has the most hgotd with mpk and hahk and it would be difficult for Aamir to beat bahubali so salman will lead Aamir in hgotd by 2-1 lead. In atbb he can also catch Aamir in future but in all time grossers Aamir will remain way ahead of anybody and he will remembered for many years because of that.

    1. Even if tzh beats pk in India ..
      If you see the worldwide collection
      Then tzh is far behind
      Worldwide gross of pk is 801 crores
      And tzh's worldwide gross is 556 crores and will finish with 560 crores .

  3. How much is the actuall collection of PK ?
    According to Taran chacha 340.80cr
    BOI - 338.5cr

  4. Didn't expected tzh to come this close to pk. Good job by sallu by bringing those family audience to a action movie .

  5. thanxx bollyarena for telling TZH collections...
    I hope it will break pk record..
    very good salman khan
    back 2 back 300cr since 3 years continuously...
    no one like you
    aap hi sbse bde actor h isme koi doubt nhi h ab...
    aapme sbse zyada star power hai...
    love u lot!!

  6. Plz bollyarena tell us that what was happened to ur site,,,we were missing u very badly..... Plz reply dear I am following u from 2015,,,,u know that...

    1. Plz parshya aunty don't get in coma hame pta h aapko bhaut bada sadma laga h,,,,TZH will 100% break PK record which is 337.40crs...

    2. Tu to 260cr hi bol Raha tha.overseas main bhi 20m cross ho Gaya tu waha bhi bol Raha tha ki 20m tak nahi pahuch payegi.worldwide Dhoom 3 Ko bhi pachad diya.aamir to giyo

  7. Sallu fans aise uchal rahe hai jaise China ka Dangal collection break kiya ho...

    ? ?

    Lallu fans 4 sal purana record todne ki koshis jari hai...

    Bechare... Kya din agaya hai bhagvan?

    TZH ne PK break bhi kiya toh bhi 3 no.pe rahega...

    Phir bhi lallu fans aise bol rahe hai jaise sallu no1 pe hai...

    ? ?

    Bahot hi bakwas fan base hai...

    1. Are amir fan ke sardar, itni routine si script ke bavzood usne itni badi block buster movie banai. This can only be done by Salman. Sallu ne dangal banai hoti to collection ka hisab hi nahi hota. 600 crs Club khul jata.

  8. Really missing a @bollyarena friend to whom I said a final goodbye. Some decisions you make which become difficult to live with .....

  9. SS(Aamirs Cameo)
    750cr ww expected

    Sallu films collection

    Fusslight-207cr ww
    BZH-560cr ww
    Total -767cr ww

    SS(Cameo)=Fusslight + BZH

    ? ? ? ?

    Dangal ww =BB ww+Saultan ww +PRDP ww+Kick ww+Jai ho w

    ? ? ?

    1. Foreign collections especially china are not credible at all. SS India me tubrlight Se bhi kam hai to bolo wo full time amir ki movie nahi.

  10. Mai salman ka fan ban jaunga aur Aamir ka bhi rahoonga.

    agar. . addatoday,bollyarena,koimoi,bollywoodhungama site pe TZH PK ko cross karti hai toh chahe wo 0.10cr se bhi kyun na ho

    PK-339.5.... Mark this figure
    TZH will have to beat this fig.

    @Sunny @dean yaad rakhna


    1. Parshya. Fake BOI is aamir hater and pro Salman paid site. So they are giving lower figures for PK and lying shamelessly. And giving hiked manipulated figures for billi zinda hai. Real PK collections is more than 340 cr. And these jealous idiots are showing low figures. Any ways it will never cross 340 cr.

      1. Are tuja kya amir se paise milenge sare hit ke paise woh mazese khayega tu kyu dimag kha raha hai tuje kya fayda hai

  11. fake figure.all is being done to be able to break pk record.as soon it will break the record they will remove the film from theatres

    1. BMS shows 3.5 lakhs bms booked thumb up. Dangal had 2.40 lacs. So if at all any collections are faked then it must be dangal and not tzh

  12. Parsha tere jaise fan ki jarurat nahi ko ...salman ki fan following loyal hai fake nahi teri tarah jo collection dekh he banti hai our pk to gaya

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