Tiger Zinda Hai Day 6 Box Office Collection Update

Tiger Zinda Hai Day 6 Box Office Collection: TZH has continued its phenomenal run on Wednesday also as it was steady as per early trends. There are only some drops if we compare the occupancy levels to yesterday. Take a look at Tiger Zinda Hai collection update for Wednesday.

In the morning shows, the overall occupancy was up to 25-30%. There are 5-10% drops as compared to Tuesday. The film is holding well in North India and mass circuits. While the rest of India is just facing normal drops after a record breaking extended weekend.

Tiger Zinda Hai Day 6 Box Office Collection

Tiger Zinda Hai is going to be driven by mass circuits and single screens audience. However, there is a festive advantage as schools and colleges will remain closed for few more days. Another big national holiday of the new year is coming up and these factors will help it in multiplexes too.

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The trend of the film is looking solid post the first weekend. As of now, Tiger Zinda Hai collection is ahead of last Christmas release Dangal. Though Aamir starrer remained over 20 crores for the whole first week and set an all time record in the second weekend. This will be a tough nut to crack as Dangal had exceptional word of mouth.





Tiger Zinda Hai 6th Day Box Office Collection Early Trends:

The early trends are suggesting that Tiger Zinda Hai 6th day collection will again go over 15 crores. This will be a good hold considering the first extended weekend.

Tiger Zinda Hai has collected over 171 crore in the first five days. Another Salman Khan starrer Sultan crossed 200 crores in the first week and TZH has chances to do the same. Also, share with us what are your thoughts on Tiger Zinda Hai day 6 box office collection update in the comments section.

52 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Day 6 Box Office Collection Update”


    1. Comment: 2nd week pe pata chalega tujhe Fri - 15cr , sat - 20-25cr , sun - 25-32cr & Mon - 20-26cr ----- 80-90cr just 4days wait & watch

      1. FRI - 9 CR, SAT - 12 CR,SUN - 15CR, MON- 12 CR MAX 70 CR OVERALL IN 2ND WEEK.

        1. Oye cartoon daredevil..Seema you are another profile name of Parshya aunty.. duffer.. Tuesday collection after record breaking 4 days is still over 21 crores at 21.5 .. BOI confirmed. So that tells us it is exceptionally trending and being liked by all. Keep your mouth shut else come in front with your real name.. Parshya aunty ;) ;) folks.. ignore this idiot I would suggest after my right slap

        2. Comment:tu apna prediction apne pass rakh bcoz tera prediction dekhkar tujhe comedian lagraha .
          first 5day - 173.7cr
          wed - 20cr+
          thr - 18-20cr
          Fri - 16-19cr
          sat - 22 -26cr
          sun - 26- 34cr ( sun )
          Mon - 20-24cr ( new year )

          ab tu ROK me dikha

    2. very well said... that is salman khan power... no story.. but just mere screen presence gives a solid punch weekends.. weekdays is the story which pushes the movie to greater Heights.. still
      Tuesday = 20.5...wowww
      Wednesday = 18..approx

      fantastic collections without story.. isnt @daredevil????? :D.. pandu saala

    3. LOL....Just 2 days before these haters where saying that TZH will fall after 1st weekend, and now they are saying that it will fall after 1st week.....After 1st week they will say that it fall after 2nd weekend.....Haters Kabhi nahi sudhrenge.....Keep Barking

    4. You are really some piece of work. Stop playing God. Only He and He alone knows the outcome not some mortal. We are please with collections so try not to degrade or pull down the team because if you do you will be judged

  2. Wednesday 17 crore
    Thursdays 14 crore
    Plus 171
    Total 202 cr
    2ND week 80_90 cr
    Rest 40
    TOTAL 330 CR candy

  3. Comment:today 18-20cr aagaya king chaa gaya king .

    2 movies cross 200cr mark just 7 days uff power hai bossssssss

    1. Sultan took 9 days as it gt extnded weeknd so it's same wit dangl n pk as dey didn't gt xms holiday factr n extnded weeknd.n den tubelight failed miserably wit ol factors.n it was gd movie bt stl flopped wit huge loss as budgt was 110 cr.n nw tzh gt xms holiday in monday factr vch boost its frst 4 day collectn n released in 600 more screens dangl in ind n demntztn was dere wit dangl so dangl is ahead.dangl ka frst week 190 cr h n pk ka 188 cr ..agr tzh less screens m demntztn m aati trye facts no hatred against salmn .movie ka frst week 180 cr hota ..n sultan was bfr demntztn.so aamir is at par wit strdam of salmn .nly thng is dat aamir dnt showoff wit huge bekr publicty lyk salmn does evrywr..bt stl witout anything aamir brks records in strtng .dis is called real strdam.n agr salmn m strdam hota toh use bol tubelight ko blockbuster krne ko.lol.pr aamir ne choti secret suprstr cameo wali movoe ko bht kam screrns m bhi n budgt bhi low tha phr bhi 185 cr ww krli n aftr china Japan russia huge demnd it vl b 350 cr + ww minimum.n it clashed wit biggst golmaal franchise n dis is ahead of ga ww collctn.dis is called strdam.salmn 20 cr ww m atal jata eg hero wit sooraj saawariya n mny mr.n salmn always does masala typ movies n jise holidays m acha opening milta h .tl salmn to do dangl typ movies wit hrdwrk he vl fall dwn eg .dangl slapped sultan badly.lol.n den see salmn in hatke movies opening.eg tubelight in holiday Eid day bt stl v less.witout clash n huge screens.salmn strdam is nly in masala movies vch ny1 cn pulloff...nly true facts..n aamir chahe toh us typ ki movie bnakr recrd ka maa ki aakh kr de..pr he always exprmnt n nw he is cmng wit diff thugs .n he reqstd srk fr rakes biopic bt srk tld dat he cnt do it lyk aamir.so nw aamir is thinking of doing it again n den he vl cm wit evry movie baap wit 8 franchise of mhbhrta fr next 10 yrs vch vl release in eid n xms..n den in between he is findng diff scripts ol over india to produce direct n act wit his vfx n disturbing co.n pk 2 .3 idts sequel n mny mr sequels ..finger crossed to see scg exciting line ups.he vl defntly raise stndrds ww..bye bye .no debate ?

  4. Haters no manipulation Karna hai Karo par ye film 300cr se zada business karegi.
    Salman first actor banega jo 300cr 3 times paar karega.
    Salman 3.....300cr.
    Amir 2 ......300cr.
    Sharuk 0.....300cr.
    Akshay not possible to go 300cr.

    1. Cz aamir does less movies..n dangl 400 cr krti pr demntztn xms Sunday pr gya tha .bt stl 389 cr .well done.n lgta h salmn ka sultan 300.5 cr Kia pr 290 hi kia hoga.lol.janbhujhkr bara dia..?

  5. Salman within 3 years given 2 300cr film and soon within 3years 3 movie 300cr.
    Power of Salman.
    Amir within 5 year given 2 300cr.
    Soon he will also join with TOH.
    Sharuk pata nahi.
    Akshay to 200cr karle ur big achievement hoga.150cr b consider big achievement for akshay.

  6. manupulation on figures going on.imposible for tzh collected 200cr yesterday.with big drop and ticket price reduce.i maintainless than 150 cr yesterday

    1. Tiger Zinda Hai 45cr (Day 3)
    2. Dangal 41cr (D3)
    3. PRDP 39cr (D1)
    4. Bajrangi Bhaijaan 38.5cr (D3)
    5. PK 38.3cr (D3)
    6. Sultan 38.2cr (D5)
    7. Sultan 37cr (D2)
    8. Sultan 36.6cr (D4)
    9. Sultan 36.59cr (D1)
    10. TZH 36.50cr (D4)

    SALMAN: 8
    Aamir: 2

    Salman Rule This List like a Sultan.....

  8. Very good collection..
    Tuesday collection official nahi hai..
    Wait for official collection

    My prediction-260cr

    1. Parshya aunty (Sunil Khurana) .. Tuesday official collection is 21.5 crores .. exceptional trending even after record breaking 4 days..

    2. Thanks for the compliment (even if sarcasm). hope it earns 260 (ur predicted lifetime business) by next monday. ?

  9. 350+ hogi take screenshots guys
    today 18+ sure 205 week ke bad 2 week ke baad 310+ lifetime 350+✌️✌️✌️
    wo v average movie jis din exceptional movie hue to 450+✌️ ye h pawor bhai ka jo koi aur nahi kar sakta srk aur aamir ka aukaat hm sab dekh chuke h ki wo average movie ko 100 v na le jaye???
    even tublight jo bollywood ki sabse bekaar film h usne v 120+ kie aur srk ka fan jhms dj dekh chuke kya hua aur aamir ne v ss me dikha di apni aukaat aur wait kar lo bhai sab pata chl jaiga kon kitna bada superstar h jst wt n wtch
    tiger rocks haters shocks??✌️✌️?

    1. If aamir would have done tubelight then it would do minimum 200 cr. If salnan would have done secret superstar then it will not do even 20 cr. Salman ki aukaat. LoL. Tubelight solo release thi. Salman ko bolo golmaal aur welcome Jaisi comedy movie franchise se clash kare. Tab aukaat saamne aayegi.

  10. BOLLYARENA ISKO BHI UPDATE KAR DO, SS KA TO BATA DIYA KE CHINA MAIN RELEASE HO RAHI HAI, PER ISKA KOI UPDATE NAHI DIYA. pls don't do like this. kissi ka favor aur kissi ko ignore mat karo.

    Baahubali 2: The Conclusion, which brought cheer to the Indian box office this year, will hit the screens in Japan on December 29 and subsequently in Russia in January.

  11. @parshaya…

    if you are talking about lifetime collections..so why not Sairat…shame on you…MARATHI or HINDI
    than accept Ghajini not the first Hindi 100cr Movie as this is remake not original HINDI….

    if you go by hindi…than BB2 511>Dangal…accept it….

  12. till now 172
    i predict 17cr min today and 14 cr thursday so it will cross 203 cr in first week itself
    second extended weekend including new year holiday it will easily do 80 cr and weekdays i.e tue to thursday 15-20 cr
    third week 35-40 cr
    fourth week 20-25 cr
    lifetime 360- 375 cr
    dangal lifetime record may be surpassed or will fell short by few cr same like ett and 3 idiots

  13. @Parshya....Bhai ne Crismatas slot me ghuss ke mara....Amir ko...now you say he will destroy next diwali PRDP opening record wit TOH....shame on you pehle hi below 29cr opening dene wale aisi batein karte accha nahi lagta...baccha hai abhi Amir opening ke mamale...SRK/SALLU/AJAY all are 30+ opener...SUPER STAR...
    below 30cr...SUPER STAR har gali me milege...

    ....what happened this Diwali...SS thrash by so called crap director GA tushar kapoor thrash you this diwali...

    means Amir is nothing in Chrismas bhai already thrash him...Diwali already Raped by AJAY and Rohit Secret Superstar and EID all knows MELA disaster ka baap..

  14. Amir khan Myth kab todga Opening day collection...no never..
    kab banyega...longest runing movie...failed in 90s...SRK DDLJ and Sallu HAHK...longest running movies..record...
    highet footfall...Sallu and SRk....since 90...
    life timec collections...Sairat is way bigger than Dangal..
    and if you want to go by HINDI than BB2 is baap of all....

    thats show Amir was Amir is and Amir willl never achieve this kind of hysteria of records...he is good in retakes and boycotting filmfare and parties....good achievments....Retaketionist...

  15. Salman ka stardom bachane k leye har site par collections badha kar bataya jaraha hai lekin phir bhi aamir se haar jaega kyunki baap baap hota hai

  16. Lol again yrf playing big on figure

    Trade has giving 21.5 Cr for Tuesday and bollyarena giving only 17 Cr

    Kya mazak Bana rakha hai collection ka

    1. Kabul gawae auto fan base ..ye Wednesday ka prediction bata rha 17cr ..not Tuesday ka Collection .11 likes bhi hai ..Salman illiterate fan base

  17. Tiger Zinda Hai had a fantastic Tuesday as it collected over 21 crore nett with collections around the 21.50 crore nett mark. Its an excellent hold from Friday which was 34 crore nett making the drop just 37% and this is Tuesday not Monday. Even from a national holiday yesterday the drop is just 41%. This is great trending especially for an action film which are front loaded. The total so far is close to 173 crore nett and the week should be going above 200 crore nett to around 205 crore nett or maybe more. The Friday figure fgure will tell where the film can go and it seems like emerging the biggest hit for the Hindi film industry of the year but it will be Friday that will confirm this.

    22 is a fantastic collection!!!... we are surely on course for 400crs as of now..
    If we have a 75crs 2nd weekend,
    thn 400cr is sure..
    anything more.. will head for 450crs..!
    less thn 75crs..then 350crs..
    less thn 350crs..will be a shame considering heroic start!!

    Roarrrrr the Tiger!!

  18. Akshay Kumar ki 1st day collections kya hoti Hai Bhai. Fan Ka aur jhms Ka 1st day collections Kitna tha shayad 20cr k karib hi tha na Isse to Achha hi Hai na 5th day Ka collection

  19. Pahle bolte the BOI ko hi trust karenge aur ab bolre official figure ane do.
    Kyun ki inko ummeed hai producer figure less than BOI figur what a biased ppl.
    But from now not 100% sure producer try to reduce figure to escape from to pay huge gst tax and also Salman share profite.
    If producer honest there shows actual business .
    Yrf hope u ppl shows actual figur.
    Guys especially Amir khan fan yrf also do same trick to show less box office business than actuall for the film TOH beware.

  20. 350cr shame.
    Now days movie struggle to get 200cr even 150cr figure u saying 350cr shame.
    Do t expect all movie will do 300+.
    If TZH go above 300cr is also great achievement.
    After Amir khan no one near to Salman khan.

  21. Today 18cr,,,,Thursday 16cr,,,,
    1st week 207cr!
    2nd week =95cr,,,,
    3rd week,,,40cr,,,
    Lifetime 350cr+

  22. @bollyarena boi 173(5days) collection bata rha h y yrs 171
    usually boi kam batata h tumari site se.....salman ki movie h na kam bataoge tm

  23. TZH collections are not manupulated. Thery r very much logical. Manupulations happened in Dangal collections. There were reports on this at that time. Also, just to artificailly overshadow Bahubali2, they released Dangal in china and shown collection increased from 700 to 2000 crs. They clearly flurting around the figures. One can understand China collection may by 50 to 60% of India collection but could not be 3 times of Indias collection. V all have to accept Bahubali is THE greatest film of Indian film Industry and Salman is THE greatest superstar of Indian film industry. Bahubali will be know by its contents and Salman will be know for making crap movies all time blockbuster by mere his presence.

    1. There is nothing to take proud of doing crap movies. Salman should be criticized instead of falsely praised for doing crap moviesm get a life moron. Salman is no saint. Don't be so jealous of dangal. Dangal is best and baap of all movies. Aamir's stardom is way bigger than Salman. TZH collections are not logical at all. They are 100% fake. Get a life.

  24. Sachchi baate hamesha kadvi hoti hai.....accept the reality though u may find it difficult to digest.

  25. Good hold to be honest. Honestly speaking it will cross 300 might well finish 310. That’s the realistic collections. Can’t wait for thugs of Hindustan. It might well challenge Bahubali if content is good. Let’s hope for the best !

  26. Wednesday -18 crore approx
    Thursday-16 crore approx
    1 week total-205 crore
    Record 1st movie 200 crore in just one week
    Friday -14crore approx
    Saturday -18 crore approx
    Sunday -25 crore approx
    Monday-20 crore approx (New year)
    Tuesday -14 crore approx
    Wednesday-12 crore approx
    Thursday-10 crore approx
    2nd week total -318 crore record breaking
    Only salu bhai
    And rest -100 crore approx
    1st bollywood movie -400 crore

  27. jalnevale jalte rahenge but salman khan bap haii bollywood accepet karlo jalne valo..

  28. Salman bhai jarur 2 week mein hni dangal ka record of 380cr ko tod degi.Bhai toh saab ka bhai hee.Bahubaali 2 oo ekk imaginary story hai humara bhaika toh true story hai.Urr bahubali toh suspense rakha tha lekin humara bhai bina suspense rakh kara saab ka record dord dega

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