Tiger Zinda Hai completes 50 days at the box office

Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai has completed 50 successful days at the Indian box office. The film has grossed approx 339.07 crores after seven weeks.

Currently, it is the third highest grosser of all time after Dangal and PK. The film is in touching distance of PK record but it will be a touch and go situation. Aamir Khan starrer collected 340.80 crores back in 2014.

Check out Tiger Zinda Hai day wise collection below.

Day 134.10
Day 235.30
Day 345.53
Day 436.54
Day 521.60
Day 617.55
Day 715.42
Day 811.56
Day 914.92
Day 1022.23
Day 1118.04
Day 127.83
Day 135.84
Day 145.09
Day 153.72
Day 165.62
Day 178.27
Day 182.72
Day 192.56
Day 202.30
Day 212.12
Day 221.46
Day 232.12
Day 243.27
Day 251.36
Day 261.02
Day 270.88
Day 280.78
Day 290.79
Day 301.20
Day 311.84
Day 320.70
Day 330.60
Day 340.45
Day 350.23
Day 360.65
Day 370.48
Day 380.66
Day 390.21
Day 400.21
Day 410.23
Day 420.19
Day 430.15
Day 440.18
Day 450.27
Day 460.08
Day 470.07
Day 480.07
Day 490.07
Total339.08 cr

27 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai completes 50 days at the box office”

    1. BOI Sallu k liye kuch bhi kar sakta hai.. Just imagine Veer budget 63cr, bo collection 38cr, footfalls 74lakh.. still it's "below average" (actual verdict should be "disaster/ flop") !!!! According to BOI, Tubelight is also "below average" (haven't recovered budget), Jai Ho "Semi hit" (just recovered the budget).. See, I'm not Sallu-hater, but haven't seen such a reputed site to be biased about a particular star!

      1. Just imagine SRK's ye Lamhe hai judai k collects 0.35cr in lifetime while budget is 6cr nothing from digital rights as well because it's never came on TV as well but why it's called flop instead of disaster.

      2. How about this if for example ajay devgan badshaho-80 crore-lifetime collection 79 crore and still classed as average-dalmatian tube light budget95-crore lifetime collection-121-crore and still a flop-so who is setting the Standards,last 4-movies 3 are over 3-crore plus and 4th-121-crore,anybody else set that standard,talk is cheap-next time get your facts straight my little Indian friend,before you go on social media,facts are facts,it will never change,4-superstars amir khan,salman khan srk and akki,who are doing brilliant bo-collections.

  1. @ bollywood arena. It has already croseed pk in terms of net collections though in gross it is less. If you want to follow producer figure then follow it for every film, then also say that prdp has crossed 200 crore net.you can't have different rules for different films. And your boxoffice data is filled with wrong information. You have given producer figures for ce day 1 but Boi figure for lifetime. Change those things.

  2. Actually it already crossed PK collection......

    PK collections are highly doubtable and questionable collection.....There are 5 different figures of PK in different sites, which let you think that it is genuine or not.....
    337.7cr: Trade (BOI)
    338.8cr: According to some Bollywood sites
    339.5cr: According to Koimoi and some other Critics and Sites
    340cr : According to Wikipedia
    340.4cr: Again According to some sites
    340.8cr: According to some site and critics

    So as you can see there are different collections of PK which are floating on internet, while for TZH there is only one figure which is same in Both Trade and Producer......So it already beat PK collection according to many sites and Trade.......TZH will finish its lifetime around 340cr, so it may not beat that 340.8cr figure of PK......But since the PK collection are manipulated and highly confusing, so benefit of doubt should be given to TZH......

    Anywise for some people, Trade and sites it crossed PK collection, while for some it does not cross it.....But it does not matter because TZH is an out an out Action movie, and such trend for an Action movie is already a Huge Achievement......So Enjoy This Success Guys....

    1. Hypocrite who are you to call PK collections fake and manipulative??? In that case all your Salman movies collections are fake and I highly doubt is his movies cross 300 cr. I even doubt if BB and sultan crossed 300 cr. Salman is no.1 manipulation king. He made that flop PRDP cross 200 cr while in reality it did hardly 190 cr. And for TZH there was excessive manipulations after 5th week. The collections dropped but despite padmaavat it's collections remained steady and even shown growth on weekdays. That itself shows the doubt of the films collections. The fact is it has failed to beat PK record and if PK collections are fake then TZH collections are double fake.

      1. @Dj;
        We are Hypocrite, What a Joke......TZH Trade, Producer figure and in all Bollywood site collection are same, but still Stupid Aamir fans are calling it fake collection, and we are Hypocrite....LOL

        And Dumbo I said that PK collection is Doubtable & Questionable because there are 6 different collections of PK in different sites......Stupid Aamir fans....

        1. Lol. Only aamir fans are dumb.but only Salman fans are gyani, intellectual and saint who never lie always make sense and always honest. LOL. Tell me how can a movie which was dropped after 2nd week and was not trending as well as PK and despite being an average movie all of a sudden start showing miracle in 5th and 6th week and collections remain steady even after a big release like Padmaavat??????? Have an answer? If not then shut up. Stupid Salman fans better get a life. And at least think before you say something. Pk official collections are 340.84 cr and if you believe TZH collections are true then also accept that PK collected 340.84 crore and don't be hypocrite. We believe TZH collected whatever number but then so has PK collected 340.84 crore.

  3. well the fact is TZH showed great trend for an action genre film which will take some time to overcome this record for anybody. TOH had an outside chance.. but since these aamir fans started lots of ungli on salman films.. i doubt salman fans will watch his films & that will be a BIG problem fr aamir as aamir die hard fans are only handful and good neutral fans... but tht will only ensure his film goes past 100crs..aamir films need salman fans for staggering collections..
    But these dumb aamir fans arrogance are eye covered with this fact.. lol

    1. @prince Jr

      "TOH had an outside chance.. but since these aamir fans started lots of ungli on salman films.. i doubt salman fans will watch his films & that will be a BIG problem fr aamir as aamir die hard fans are only handful and good neutral fans… but tht will only ensure his film goes past 100crs..aamir films need salman fans for staggering collections..
      But these dumb aamir fans arrogance are eye covered with this fact"


      Bugaaa. I couldn't stop laughing at these dumbo illiterate Salman fans' illiterate comment. Riskha waale if Aamir die fans are handful then your Salman doesn't have a single fan. And what a joke?? Aamir needs loser recordless star Salman fans support???? Then why in 2000s decade when your star was giving back to back flops and disasters aamir films consistently became super hits, blockbusters and All time blockbusters???? When aamir opened 100 cr and 200 cr club why your star's movie wasn't able to cross even 10 cr life time????? Remember those days??? It's we aamir fans who started supporting Salman and saved his career and due to lack of aamir movies every year we had no other option except for watching Salman movies so majority of aamir fans have supported salnan and that's why he has been able to give these kind of hits. Still aamir fans are not that fool to watch his films more than aamir so salamn movies fail to become ATHG. Now wait and watch what we will do with race 3, bharat and kick 2. Once we aamir fans skipped tubelight see how big flop it became. We did the same for jai ho. Now see how big flops these movies become. And skip TOH. In fact I encourage or threaten you all Salman fans that don't watch aamir movie. It wont make even an iota of difference. Because aamir is baap of Salman and tiny minority fanbase of Salman skipping aamir movie won't make any difference to its collections. If content and entertainment is up to mark then TOH will cross 450 cr minimum in india even if lallu fans skip it. Thats my challange. And if content is bad then also it will do minimum 350 cr. Aamir's fan following in China alone is more than Salman's fan following worldwide. So don't talk rubbish. In die hard fan following aamir is unbeatable. Your 2 rs star salman needs Aamir's support for BB in China. And aamir is promoting and helping that beggar. May be Aamir's die hard fans will watch BB in China but remember Salman has 0 fan following in china. And in india and rest of the overseas also aamir is far bigger than Salman in terms of die hard fan following.

      1. wow man..ur jokes are fantastic!!!!
        U shud be in circus :D :D
        loser.. y r u going back to 2000s?
        Talk abt present!
        Secret superstar bhool gaya? u knw y it didnt even cross 75crs? thnks to u amir fans.. now wait for TOH crash... u tabhi raaste pe aayega.. till thn keep barking

      2. Don't you think it's the content in the movie that counts for?no-doubt amir and salman are superstars-both brilliant in there own rights,for a movie to earn big bucks at the bo,theres got to be star power and content,

  4. PK official collections are 337.7 crores and hat was already crossed by TZH during 6th week .. even its footfalls were 3.5 crores vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan footfalls of 3.54 crores yet in a matter of few months between their release dates, PK collections were reported as 20 crores higher than BB.. and it doesn't stop there .. even the manipulated figures are not consistent as they go from 338 to 339.5 to 340 to 340.4 .. laughable .. how could anyone believe it's collections ..
    So let's go official as per BOI..
    PK 337.7 net
    TZH 339.1 net ?????

    1. If PK collection is fake then TZH collections are double fake. Jealous Salman couldn't stand the fact that aamir is light years ahead of him and he failed to match him even after 4 years so he did excessive manipulations. Shameless manipulative actor ke fans stay within your limit. PK collected 340.84 crore and TZH failed to beat it whether you agree or not it won't change the fact. Truth is always bitter. So better swallow it down or go to hell.

      1. Dude,just chill alright.You have no real right to insult Sallu cause you dont really stand where he does.I too love Aamir more than Sallu but that doesn’t make me disrespect thw Bollywood Bhaijaan.Stay in your limits dude cause your attitude may just cause a negetive impact on many die hard Aamir fans.You might just keep it till the box office India collections arguement but dont even try to insult the celeb cause you are nothing in front of these Legends alright!!!

        1. @Ashy thanks Mr. Teacher for teaching me my limits but no thanks. I don't bash any actor unless his fans bash Aamir. In this article salman fans instigated so I replied them back. That's all. Give your advise to them first and tell them to respect other stars and then come and teach me.

        2. Yes I don't stand where he does i.e. supreme court. ?????. Becauae i dont have any hit and run case. ??????

  5. Forget it.There is no point in talking to hopeless people like you.Whatever controversies happened with Salman,who the hell are you to interfere in it and use it as an example for turning down Salman fans.You have no rights to make fun of his controversies cause who knows what stupid things you yourself might have done in life.

  6. Fans like you only dont know where the actor stands and so you comment on such pages cause you are to scared to say such things on the face.I pity on people like you who just dont realize when to shut up

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