Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection in 4 Days

Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection in 4 Days: Salman Khan starrer has a record-breaking hold on Monday as the film grossed 36.54 crores. It has taken the four days total to 151 crore making it the fastest film to cross the 150 cr mark.

Monday was a Christmas holiday which has given a big boost to the film's collection. However, unlike Dangal, the film faced drops in the night shows. Christmas period has mainly witnessed Aamir Khan's films and they tend to have an exceptional word of mouth. This helps the film to maintain a steady pace on weekdays with family audience coming in big numbers.

The word of mouth for Tiger Zinda Hai is positive but it is no Dangal. The trend on Tuesday will be crucial in deciding the lifetime total of the film.

Day 134.10
Day 235.30
Day 345.53
Day 436.54
Day 521.60
Day 617.55
Day 715.42
Day 811.56
Day 914.92
Day 1022.23
Day 1118.04
Day 127.83
Day 135.84
Day 145.09
Day 153.72
Day 165.62
Day 178.27
Day 182.72
Day 192.56
Day 202.30
Day 212.12
Day 221.46
Day 232.12
Day 243.27
Day 251.36
Day 261.02
Day 270.88
Day 280.78
Day 290.79
Day 301.20
Day 311.84
Day 320.70
Day 330.60
Day 340.45
Day 350.23
Day 360.65
Day 370.48
Day 380.66
Day 390.21
Day 400.21
Day 410.23
Day 420.19
Day 430.15
Day 440.18
Day 450.27
Day 460.08
Day 470.07
Day 480.07
Day 490.07
Total339.08 cr

TZH has a decent start on Tuesday but it will need to show growth for the rest of the day to register a good day at the box office. Check out the updates here => Tiger Zinda Hai Day 5 Box Office Collection Update 

39 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai Box Office Collection in 4 Days”

  1. Bhut naa insaafi hai ye yaar ..hamare Akshay ka highest grosser Ko 4 din me beat kar Dia Salman ne - Akshay fans

    Akshay ke highest grosser Ko
    Salman ne 4 din me cross Kia
    Srk ne 4 din me.cross Kia
    Aamir ne 4 din me cross Kia
    Hritik ne 6 din me cross Kia
    Ajay ne 6 din me cross Kia

    Akshay is king of Bollywood

    1. Dadudh dadudh Naam se ek aadmi hai yaha usne kaha kal ki Salman ne overseas doors open Kia Bollywood ke liye hahahahaha ..ab mujhe pata nahi ki ye serious me bola ki sarcasm tha ..Srk ne overseas market open Kia Bollywood ke liye bacha bacha Ko pata hai

      Abe Salman fans accept kyu nahi krte ..overseas me Salman Abhi bhi SRK Aamir se bhut bhut peeche hai ..2014tak hritik se bhi peeche tha ..check it

      1. Bhai...Hum aapke hain kaun! opened doors for Bollywood in Overseas market way back in 1994. Agreed SRK and Aamir excelled over there later on.

        1. Hahahaha hum aapke hai kaun $3.4M in 1994 .
          Ddlj $4.5M in 1995
          Hum aapke hai kaun ke bad Salman ka kya ho Gaya $1M cross nahi ke paata tha 90s me ..

          1. Sorry ddlj $4.8M ..hum aapke hai kaun $3.4M ..ddlj 1995..HAHk 1994

            HAHk ke Baad Salman Khan kya ho Gaya to ? Uske Baad se 90s me $2M bhi touch nahi hua ..2008 tak $5M bhi touch nahi hua hahaha

        2. So what? Rohit sharma has 264 runs record which is still highest in any single ODI match. So does it make him bigger than sachin and virat? Becauase there is something called consistency which sachin and kohli has. Similarly Salman opened overseas markets but who has given maximum blockbusters and ATHG in overseas? So think before saying anything rubbish.

      2. Piche hai hum manye hai per doors salman ne hi open kiya tha back to 1994 with hum apke hai kaun u can google it chote

        1. Abe to hahk ke baad kya ho gaya ? 1995-2002 tak fir salman @1M bhi touch nahi kia ..srk 2002 me $7M kia ..salman 2009 tak $5M touch nahi kia

    1. Take screenshot
      India nett 275cr
      India gross 350cr
      Overseas $18M
      Worldwide 470cr

      Christmas hai 4700 screens hai India me action masala hai blockbuster sequel hai positive reviews hai Christmas hai 3 week free run hai to 350cr India me or overseas me $25M kam se kam krna chahiye tha ..oh sorry bhool Gaya Mai Salman ka India ke bahar aukaat kaha hahaha

    2. Chu saale 3 4 less than expected nahi bahubali se kam h utna bollywood ko to kaafi piche choda hai

  2. Jo Salman auto fan base bol rhe fan Ko 3din ne cross Kia jhms ko 2din ne ..to us hisab se tubelight Ko bhi 3 din me cross Kia .mtlb Salman khud Ko hara ke khud se Jeet Gaya ? .Aisa useless cheez me pata nahi log comparison kyu krte hai ..abe bhut cheez vary krna hai ..screens clash movie content etc etc

  3. Batao Akshay Apne lifetime me 150cr nahi Dia or Salman ne 4 din me de Dia 150cr ..1st movie jo 4 din me.cross Kia
    Ab baat ye hai ki kya 200cr krega 1st week ?
    Like for yes dislike for no

  4. Best performance of 2017 according to me are :
    Srk for Raees
    Hritik for kaabil
    Akshay for jolly llb 2
    Emraan for baadshaho
    Rajkumar Rao for baraiely ki barfi
    Irfan for hindi medium

    Like for Srk Akshay Rajkumar
    Dislike for Emraan hritik Irfan
    Voting starts now

    1. Christmas monday Ko tha is liye ..dangal me Christmas Sunday Ko hi tha ..agar tiger ke vaqt Christmas Sunday Ko rehta to Sunday collection 42cr hots or Monday 20cr ..mtlb 4 din me 132cr

  5. Ho gyi char din ki chandni,,,,,,
    Ab chalu andheri rat,,,,,,,,downfall start,,,,,,aaj to seedhe 15-16 cr me as jayega,,,,,,,,BTW billi zinda hai,,,,,

  6. Haters crying downfall started even Baahubali 2 had fall on weekdays
    As far as dongal is concerned it's out of picture coz this film is already 2 days ahead of it week 1 205-215
    Week 2 85-95
    Week 3 40-45
    Week 4 20-25
    Week 4 10-12
    Lifetime 370-400
    Even amir questioned Dangal collection which had a tax free status and paid word of mouth
    Rest 8-10

    1. I am not a hater bro. But fact is fact that Monday collection is less than expected. Expectation was 39-41 cr & collection is 36.5 cr.

  7. Today film is running average of 41% compare Friday avg 65%.
    Less than 24% from friday.
    Ticket prices same as weekend means possible to collect more than 23cr.
    Ticket price reduced means it will definitely collect more than 17cr.
    My prediction and from my source film will pass Tuesday test with the collection of 17.5 to 18cr.
    Final Tuesday collection is 17.5cr.
    Mark it.

  8. After gst no one producer manipulate collection is good sign.
    Now trade and producer figure almost same after GST.
    If producer give wrong manipulated huge collection they have to pay huge tax.
    Whatever TZH getting collection is genuine and accurate.
    From now even any of the top actor film did atleast 300cr to 350cr is a great victory .
    Gst effect for audience also hurt for upcoming big film.

  9. Very very disappointed by seeing Xmas collection coz this was d situation for Dangal

    monday working day still Dangal 42.45cr

    tuesday working day and

    Note:Tzh have HS+HTP+masala+sequel+GSt

  10. After gst.
    No vimal calculator.
    No redchill calculator.
    No roshan calculator.
    No Chopra calculator.
    Finally no manipulation to impress audience.

  11. Weekdays from Tuesday to Thursday average fall from Tuesday will be 8% means .
    Tuesday 17
    Wednesday 15
    Thursday 14.+-2cr.
    Means 151+17.5+15.3+13.5=197cr.
    Take all calculation film first week will be 197 to 198cr.

  12. Scenario 2 without reduced price in weekdays.
    Tue 20cr.
    Wen 18.5cr.
    Thur 17.5
    Week1 TZH no reduced in ticket =207 to 209cr.

  13. Great collection by TZH so far.. anyway it was expected with the 4-day extended weekend & with such a huge screen-count.. now the crucial Tuesday will set everything.. & there is another 4-day weekend to come in the next week with 31st & new year.. + it's overall a holiday season with no clash (as AAMIR-films in X-mas UTILIZE these things exceptionally over the years).. so TZH needs to be that level to challenge atleast BB or PK collection.. so aj se TZH ka asli exam suru huya!

  14. I request p.m modi Salman next release race k time one week holiday ka elan kar de shayad tab Salman aamir ka record todega

  15. People watched dangal for content , sports drama , director, good story and not for budda Amir . Dangal collections are not becoz of Amir’s stardom. But TZH, Sultan BB purely becoz of Salman’s stardom hence proved Salman is way bigger star than Amir .

    1. Kyu itna baseless bina logic ki baat karti ho! Then 'Tubelight' ke time Salman ka 'stardom' kaha gaya??!!!!!

    2. Abe gawaar BB and sultan both had content and that's why they worked not just because of Salman stardom.

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