Tiger Zinda Hai becomes 6th Highest Grosser of All Time

Salman Khan's Tiger Zinda Hai has collected 232 crores in 9 days. The film has become the 6th highest grosser of all time beating films like Kick and Chennai Express.

TZH is on its way to enter into the 300 crores club. Thus it will be able to beat Dhoom 3 and Sultan and can finish close to Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Salman Khan will then have three films in the top 5 highest grossers of all time.

Tiger Zinda Hai3392017
Bajrangi Bhaijaan3212015
Dhoom 32762013
Chennai Express2072013
Golmaal Again2052017

39 comments on “Tiger Zinda Hai becomes 6th Highest Grosser of All Time”

  1. picture abhi baaki h mere dost it will cross pk 100% sure about it. Just want it to cross dangal lets wait and hope for the best?it will cross pk by the end of third week or may be by fourth sat

    1. Sunday Ko Christmas or New year tha dangal time
      Tiger time Monday Ko Christmas or New year hai
      Feel the difference

      1. Best movie of all time :-3 idiots
        Best comedy movie:- phir Hera Pheri
        Best suspense movie:- kahaani/short movie gutthi
        Best thriller movie:- baby
        Best action:-tzh
        Best horror movie: raaj
        Best biography:- bhaag milkha bhaag
        Best vfx:-Bahubali series
        Hit like if u agree otherwise tells ur opinion

      2. Dangal ke sath koi Hollywood south ki film release n hui dangal best story thi yad n tiger ban in pk kawuait protest in india madya paresh utter pardesh ragastan more

    2. Its a huge 22cr on second sunday..advance for second monday looking in the lines of sunday..so expect a 20-22crs raking its total to around 275crs beating dhoom3...well on its way to to topple sultan, BB and PK...
      It depends on how tzh will survive third weekend...it will defo get close!!?
      Hoping for a 400cr!!

    1. 2017 only 2 movies jo 150cr + Kia domestic me or 300cr + Kia worldwide

      2018 Me ye SB movie 150cr + krega
      Dutt biopic (but chances are very low )
      Race 3
      Thugs of Hindustan
      2.0 (chances are low )
      7 movies hai usme se 5 to chala hi jaega

      300cr worldwide
      2.0 (hindi me chances low )
      Bas or koi nahi ..not race 3

      1. Srk K liye 150cr Cross 300cr Cross karne k equal Hai wo nahi Pahuch payega aur Akki k 150cr Impossible

      2. Comment:ha ha sapne dekh

        300cr club
        1. Rece 3
        2. thugs - (50% chance) movie ach6i hui to jayega nahito 200 ke vitar simat jayega bcoz amir ki movie star power ke wajhase Nahi chalti director or writer ki wajhase chalti hai olog movie ach6i banai to chalegi Nahi to dub jayegi.

        200cr club

        1.. dwarf
        2.. thugs ( 40% chance )

        150cr club

        1. padmavati
        2. thugs ( 50% chance )

        100cr club

        1.. gold

        under 100 cr club

        1. 2.0 ( Hindi )
        ( ahanpar katappa ne bahoobali ko kuin Mara a point Nahi hai na )

        1. Imran ha ha ha. Keep your bullshit prediction to yourself. Even a small kid knows aamir but no one knows local star salman. Even in worst case thugs of hindostan will cross 400 cr and you are blabbering about 300 cr 50%? What is all this? Salman ki movies star power pe nahi content aur genre se charli hai. Same for srk. Aamir ki movies sirf uske naam se charli hai. Aamir is biggest brand in india.
          400 cr club
          Only TOH

          300 cr club

          200 cr club
          2.0 hindi version

          150 cr club
          Dutt biopic

          100 cr club
          Race 3-50% chance (eid and multistarcast will save it otherwise Salman doesn't have any star power to cross 100 cr without festival's and masala content)
          Total dhamaal

          Under 100 cr club
          Race 3 (50% chance if failed compared to previous race)

    2. Best movie of all time :-3 idiots
      Best comedy movie:- phir Hera Pheri
      Best suspense movie:- kahaani/short movie gutthi
      Best thriller movie:- baby
      Best action:-tzh
      Best horror movie: raaj
      Best biography:- bhaag milkha bhaag
      The list is of till date
      Hit if u liked otherwise tell me the changes

  2. Hmmmm....It won't be declared a blockbuster because of the budget it seems...............Hope it goes higher

    1. Grapes are sour. No matter how hard you gawaar Compunder try you will not be able to degrade dangal. Majority of Indians love aamir and few jobless haters like you can't even touch his stardom by .001%. PK is out of reach. Forget about dangal. If dangal collections are fake then all salmaj and srk movies collections are fake and none of Salman or sharuk movie has crossed 100 cr if dangal collection are fake.

      1. How can a movie earn 32 crores and 35 crs on its 10 day when TP is low.....more than its opening...maana WOM is super positive...par.....unless there is some ghotala going .......It's always seem Fishy ......

        Kabhi suna hai......In Aamir movies the Producer fig. and trade fig. are same but there is increase of money in all the trade websites together with producer fig.....

        Also Dhoom 3 was ATB at 265 cr hindi.....Having a budget of more than 150 crs.....Just because it crossed many teritorries collections?...

        Don't You think PK collecting more than BB ......But footfalls much lower..Don't give me execuses like multiplex and SS ticket price......

        Chalo maana....Multiplexes ke footfalls count ho sakte hain... Par SS and B/C centres ke bhi?......How it is possible?....Black tickets and many more...

        Just putting my points......

      2. How do you know Aamir movies collections are true?....Just because these fake trade websites shows it......He is genius in filmmaking and may be in ghotala also?.......

    2. It sure beat dangal..Agar sallu k sapny main release hui hoti
      Sory sory yaar actually sallu sapny main b amir ko beat nahi kar sakta

  3. 2018 prediction!
    300cr movie,,,,toh ,,,,,,,race3
    200cr pamdavati,,,,dotto biopic.....0.2

  4. @Sky ha ha ha. You nailed it bro. Esp that sentence ” HAHK 3 cr times watched by BOI admins in their office. ” that was just epic fitting kick ass reply to all gawaar bhojouri sallu fans. ??????????????

  5. No matter how much it collects one thing is clear. Salman ke liye ATHG dena mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai. ROFL. Since 1995.....???????

  6. Which film will cross 300crs?.....It depends upon its script,appeal and public.....

    Ho sakta hai....koi na kare......
    Race 3/TOH/Padmavati/2.0 are some films ...in 200crs ......But 300crs is not easy?......

  7. Salman srk se rote huye bhayya ye record toot ta kyun nahi hai
    srk :toote ga kaise hamare abba jaan jo banaya hai

    1. Tutega kaise......fake figure jo hai. Check the trending post on net at post Dangal release

  8. Lt still under 280 likh liyo.... Bas only Hit masala + crishtmash+ high ticket price +++ Lallus stardom......lashe beech gayi....... Distributor...... Finished.

  9. @bollyarena..u guys have slowed down updating regularly...keep up the pace or all will slowly migrate to a better site.

  10. 1/1/2017 Till Monday 268
    1/2/2017 Tuesday 7
    1/3/2017 Wednesday 6.5
    1/4/2017 Thursday 6
    1/5/2017 Friday 7
    1/6/2017 Saturday 8
    1/7/2017 Sunday 10
    1/8/2017 Monday 3.5
    1/9/2017 Tuesday 3.5
    1/10/2017 Wednesday 3.2
    1/11/2017 Thursday 3.2
    1/12/2017 Friday 3.5
    1/13/2017 Saturday 4.5
    1/14/2017 Sunday 6
    1/15/2017 Monday 2
    1/16/2017 Tuesday 1.7
    1/17/2017 Wednesday 1.6
    1/18/2017 Thursday 1.6
    1/19/2017 Friday 1.7
    1/20/2017 Saturday 2
    1/21/2017 Sunday 4
    1/22/2017 Monday 1
    1/23/2017 Tuesday 1
    1/24/2017 Wednesday 1
    1/25/2017 Thursday 1
    Total 358.5

  11. It's not I hate Aamir or I m huge salman fan just I want to say is that every single actor Should be supported by us if he is talented as they are showing up as India not as salman and Amir or akshay ajay anyone else what if aamir fans watch salman movie once without not going to see as they are aamir fan and same with salman fans and ajay fans akshay fans everyone the collection of movies will go higher and it's good for our Indian cinema just my thought as it is also true that aamir had made records and given us so many blockbusters and too many movies that you can watch 100 times same with salman when they are not rivals why we are here for fan war man just hit dislike if u want because I m here for this last time as I seen fighting our here no body is seeing what's the loss so thanks for reading the comment

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