Thugs of Hindustan Logo Poster out

The logo poster of Thugs of Hindustan is out. The film starring Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan will release on Diwali 2018.

Aamir Khan has revealed that he will start shooting for the film in March next year. Produced by Yash Raj Films, the film will be helmed by Vijay Krishna Acharya. Both Vijay and Aamir worked together on Dhoom 3.

The film will arrive in two years but it is already creating a lot of buzz. The last outing of Aamir and Vijay Dhoom 3 smashed all kind of records.

Check out the first look logo poster and tell us if you like it.

22 comments on “Thugs of Hindustan Logo Poster out”

      1. Once it breaks all the records then the next excuse would be only Salman, SRK, Dhoom and Yash raj films can get opening Aamir can't.

  1. Another ATG from Aamir Khan - The only Megastar of Bollywood. Salman and SRK are struggling to go post 250 cro on Diwali but This time Aamir will smash records on Diwali

    1. Aamir will show how to collect in Diwali, and what 250 Cr they are yet to surpass 200 Cr. Don't go by producer figure check BOI. Because as per producer figure HNY collected 44 Cr on first day and I don't understand from where they get these numbers that too in 2014 when the rates were lower as well as the screen count was less.

      Because of this fake number it looks like no one able to break it but in reality PRDP broke it first and now Dangal broke PRDP's record.

  2. Aamir-Amitabh-Diwali-Commerical this combination will get it to all-time opening day, all time single day and all time-first weekend records....after that can't say anything despite being an Aamir fan as WOM comes into play..
    First Day - 48-52 cr
    Weeknd-125 cr(3-day)
    If negative WOM-230 Cr
    If mixed WOM- 270 cr
    if good WOM- 330 cr
    if extraordinary wom- 400 cr

  3. You are more fast than indicine which is quite popular site..one thing i want 2 say that if u work hard like this only and keep working them in very short te you will get more no of visitors from other site..and one suggestion to you that plz design a new theme of ur website so that it looks catchy..if possible...only suggestion nothing else..best of luck

    1. Many users have requested to change the theme. Hopefully, we will do it next year. Also thank you for your kind words. It means a lot to us.

  4. This and TZH are same genre films. If this beats TZH in opening then I will accept that Amir is number 1. Till then he is number 3 for me.

  5. This movie will flop for sure as tashan and dhoom 3 's horrible director vijay krishna acharya is directing it...he along with sajid khan and sanjay gupta are the worst directors of bollywood...take care aamir and big b!!!

  6. where aamir is actor there aamir is all in all....you know or not which flim aamir is acting there director is just doll........you must remember that aamir is not only best actor in bollywood but also successful director and producer.........tare zamin pars director was aamir so u think that what i say....thugs of hindostan will break daangal record bcz one person has ability record the aamir khan movie whose name is mr,perfectionist aamir khan.........and he is the king of kinggsssssss

  7. TOH will destroy box office........
    Another ATbb/ATHG is coming on Diwali 2018...........
    still no one crosses 200cr on diwali by the trade figure but TOH will destory boxoffce........

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