Thugs Of Hindostan Trailer

Action. Adventure. Drama. Get ready to watch it all on the big screen! The much awaited Thugs of Hindostan trailer is pout now.

Synopsis: Thugs of Hindostan is one of Indian cinema’s biggest films which releases in theatres worldwide this Diwali. YRF has pulled off an incredible casting coup by bringing together two of the biggest legends of Indian cinema, Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan on screen for the first time. Directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya, The film also stars Katrina Kaif and Fatima Sana Shaikh.

YRF’s mega action adventure, Thugs of Hindostan, is set to release on November 8, 2018 a national holiday.

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  1. Excellent !!!
    But some where its looks like Dilip Kumar and Manoj Kumars Classic Movie "KRANTI"

      1. U know Pirates of the Carribean was not the first sea movie to be made. Several other movies films based on ocean/sea adventures were made earlier. Does that mean Pirates of the carribean was a rip off of those movies.

        Action adventure is a GENRE and one has to wait to watch Thugs before calling it even inspired from Pirates, let alone a copy. Genre with sea as the backdrop is what the similarity is , atleast for the moment!

        1. It will not be a complete copy of Pirates of Carribean. The story will be different with patriotic touch. But the similarities in the treatment can’t be missed. It is not just sea as the back drop that has similarity.

          Aamir as the street smart guy reminded many of Johnny Depp.

          Amitabh’s role reminded of Hector Barbossa.

          Expected a lot more from an Aamir-Amitabh movie. Trailer was under-whelming. May be the movie won’t be that way.

    1. The trailer definitely gives a feel of an event film!

      The content has to match up though. Aamir assures content while the director isn't known for solid stories yet.

  2. The future is highly visible slipper shots for morons who think this serial will beat baahubali 2,amir bigger than prabhas??in South this serial won't beat baahubali parking collections atleast n in 1st phase world wide 150cr,2nd phase 50cr lifetime at Max because of other south, Hollywood biggies

  3. What an extraordinary trailer ! Aamir is good but Amit Ji is just mesmerizing. What an amazing trailer ! Box office will definitely be on fire this Diwali. Let’s make it 500 guys !

    1. Hollywood film ki amir be copy ki h shame on amir dekho koimoi ki web per aur amir khud keh chuka h similarities h

  4. Looks like a large-scale blockbuster for Aamir Khan and Big B ! The story seems interesting and most of VFX are impressive. A winner for sure !

  5. 9th November when the First day collections are out it will be at least 55 Crore but somehow I feel it will Cross 60 Crores as this is for mass action and class acting.

  6. WOW bachchan sir is bachchan( hum agneepath shahenshah coolie)of old every frame he is in is awesome Aamir Khan is charming and funny I can’t tell you the box office fate of this film but the trailer is MINDBLOWINGLY AWESOME

  7. This will be aamir's 6 th record opener which is highest among the actors in his generation , he will equal salman khan who has also 6 record openers, but the difference is that all aamir's record openers are solo while for salman Karan arjun was multistarrer.Now not only Aamir will have the most number of record lifetime but also most number of record openers beating all his competitors. But will it become atg counting only bollywood beating dangal. It's an interesting situation, if it does so then no one can ever say Aamir needs Xmas to give atg. With dangal he proved that he does not need rajkumar hirani or doom brand to give atg, now it's time to prove that he doesn't even need Xmas.

  8. The more I watch this trailer the more I get how much right they got with each of the cast. It looks grand and epic and the Superfit , energetic and charismatic Aamir Khan takes you into this grand and epic joy ride. Diwali Pay box-office explode karay ga.

  9. Epic trailer☺️☺️??

    Bahubali 2 Hindi will be history after 25 november

    Everything seems so wonderful....the vfx n story.

    Story is looking much more different and appealing den pirates of the Caribbean.

  10. Such bol Raha hoon ye movie bahubali2 ka record break karegi aur wo bhi easily!

    First day-58cr

    Take a screen shot!

    400cr toh confirm hai!

    Back to back 4 ATBB/ATHG

    Kuch bhi karlo kuch bhi ye movie box office ko hila ke rakh degi!

    Note:There will be a big surprise for sure!

    Aamir The Global Megastar!

    1. Easily???parshya aunty slipper shots for u?this serial won't beat atleast parking collections of baahubali,take screen shot

    2. 21m views in 1day
      50cr in 1day
      200cr in 1st weekend
      Sallu fans 1st week main 200 cr kar k star samjty hai lalu ko
      Ab pata chaly ga jab aamir action masala ke sath aya hai

  11. Aamir n commercial film is a deadly combination!

    Once again Aamir will prove why people called him a perkectiinist!

    Wait n watch!

    Till then compare it with POC!

    1. Ya... really deadly combination for distributors??don't know how many distributors who buy this serial will die

  12. If TOH releases around 5000 screens then it will give huge opening and weekend!

    This Diwali all records will be history!

  13. Except amitabh n aamir's acting nothing is new here and bad vfx ,no emotion only masala mixture ,it will be average story but box office will be big due to big AA only

  14. Dil se kahu to trailer average h and sirf amitabh sir great lage ab to I think ki ZERO will destroy TOH......

  15. I cannot wait to see this film. Its box office returns will be phenomenon, if the movie is anything like the trailer.

  16. I think Amir khan is adopted son of amitab with secret mission.
    Overall trail good to very good not extraordinary...
    Better than teaser of 2.0

  17. Aamir Khan ki har film par raita failana
    Salman fans ki aadat hai
    Or film realese ke baad mun chupate firte hain

  18. Trailer looks promising.... I am just worried of direction of vicky who has slow pace of working - all depends on amir khan - how he must have controlled director --

    He is Mr. Perfectionist - so hope he will not repeat mistake of Dhoom 3...same team.

    Movie will have 50 cr+ opening if opened after diwali pooja...

  19. First Trailer is not so impressive. It seems that this time it would be difficult for Amir Khan. Although it will open huge but later on i dont think it will break any record.

  20. As expected from the initial looks.. very very avg trailer with only Amitabh showing promise.. tingu looks like overacting again after secret flopstar.. rest are just ok..
    i lined the start of the trailer.. was nice.. baad main bore hogaya

  21. 1983-Amitabh and Dilip Kumar
    2018-Aamir Khan and Amitabh

    It happens once in previous century and it happens once in this century when two biggest star and best actor of their generations come in a movie ....

    1. It already happened 18-17 years ago when 2 biggest actor appeared in a film.
      2000- Mohabbatein - Amitabh and SRK
      2001-K3G- Amitabh and SRK

  22. Jo Duniya ko namumkin lage wahi mauka hota hai record banane ka.Fans hai hum Aamir Ke humpe kiska zor.

  23. @aamir_khan with @yrf

    Fanaa – All time opener + Blockbuster

    Dhoom3 – All time opener + ATBB +ATG

    Now it’s time for #ThugsOfHindostan

  24. VFX looks like cartoon amir looks good but zaira waseem steal the show amitabh as usual outstanding

  25. Trailer looked good but Amitabh and fatima nailed it. Aamir too much resemblance of Johny [email protected] katrina kaif completely ruined it! Isnt it embarrassing a newcomer like fatima gettin a proper meaty role while someone in the industry for 15years plus gettin item roles!!!

  26. Tsunami on the way...???Thugs of Hindosthan will shatter existing records of Bollywood...Starcast,Script n Direction will live up to the hype n expectations...Can't wait to witness this megablockbuster when it hits the Silver screens this Diwali...Wishing the team of Thugs of Hindosthan all the very best this Diwali !!! ?

  27. Too many trolls I mean dean ambrose loved race 3 trailer but doesn’t like the best trailer Bollywood has ever produced typical fan jealousy tbh baahubali 1&2 vfx were shoddy but still didn’t complain ( part 1 when going up the mountain jumping on the branch part 2 the song on the flying ship plus the final battle scene but it all depends on budget plus I’ve seen all poc films to know it isn’t a copy. Today at work this guy comes to me and say’s trailers a copy of POC I said mamu have you seen POC he said no lekin sabhi kehte hain I said I’ve got all 5 POC films on dvd I’ll give you them and tell me which one it copied I mean to destroy a film kuch bhi Bollywood haters

  28. As an Aamir fan, I am not convinced by the trailer. His acting also seems over the top in places. Why did he choose to work with this director again? Seems to be a masala movie, I prefer Aamir in more offbeat entertainers rather than Doom and TOH.

    On another note, why this comparison with Baahubali? When was the last time South Indian audiences supported a dubbed Hindi movie on a blockbuster scale? Never did they do that. First preference is given to their own movies. So that comparison is unfair.

  29. Sufisaab have u watched seriously Poc ? Simply u can ear the music of this trailor and POC bgm ,many similarities but u have to depend ur star well continue it ,but people will reject it if this movie has fully copied

    1. Chandra Prasad watch cutthroat island watch pirates of penzance watch treasure island they all have that jolly pirate music bhai so serious spoilers ahead pirates1. Johnny depp kills barbosa pirates 2 the kraggon eats Johnny depp pirates 3 Ken watannabe is the pirate traitor and Orlando bloom becomes the new captain of the Flying Dutchman pirates 4 barbosa kills blackbeard pirates 5 barbosa dies saving his daughter Orlando bloom is free from his curse and looks like Davy Jones might be back so I have seen pirates of the Caribbean loads of times and my favourite scene is in pirates 2 when sparrow norrington and will are fighting on that wheel I have seen pirates loads of times

  30. No doubt action and character inspired by Hollywood biggies...but in these type of movies. Character and action scenes are limited.so no problem.. but disappointing thing is VFX.looks like animated ..

  31. 1.1 Million likes. TOH is going to destroy all the records. Weekend will be 200 Crores at least.(4days)

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