Thugs Of Hindostan Reviews by Critics

Thugs of Hindostan Reviews by Critics: The much awaited Diwali release starring Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan has received negative reviews from critics. The average rating is 1.93 so far while the more reviews are awaited.
  • Positive: 0
  • Neutral: 3
  • Negative: 6
  • Avg Rating: 1.93/5

Taran Adarsh

Rating: 2/5

On the whole, THUGS OF HINDOSTAN has some engrossing moments in the first half, that's about it. The post-interval portions are an absolute downer. The plot is formulaic, while the screenplay is riddled with cinematic liberties. At the box-office, TOH is bound to have a huge weekend thanks to the festive period coupled with tremendous hype and the impressive names involved. But once the initial euphoria settles down, it'll be difficult for the film to sustain. This one is a golden opportunity lost, a KING-SIZED DISAPPOINTMENT!


Rating: 2/5

All said and done, Thugs Of Hindostan is no Race 3 or Veer but it’s an awe-inspiring disappointment. At this stage of his career, Aamir Khan should be extra cautious of not slipping towards the projects and act in the movies he’s known for. Thugs Of Hindostanwill do nothing but steal your ticket money giving nothing memorable in this barter.

Indian Express

Rating: 1/5

Not only do you end up picking up on past films, scenes and references, you are left struggling with staleness and boredom.The only one having a blast is Aamir Khan, in his curly mop coloured a carrot shade, a glint-in-the-eye Awadhi thug. And while he’s around, it’s bearable. Just about. The rest of it is a non-stop combo of eye-roll-and-eye-glaze.


Rating: 2.5/5

It is a pity that after spending so much on VFX, gimmickry and virgin locales of Malta, no one thought it appropriate to fit the whole thing in with more emotion and entertainment. If you like films that are high on style and low on substance watch TOH. After all, you may not get another opportunity to watch Amitabh and Aamir in an adventure of this scale.


Rating: 2.5/5

On the forefront, Thugs tries too hard to make you feel patriotic, but on the background, it is a story of good over evil. In one of the scenes, Azaad tells Firangi that there is one moment in everyone’s life where they can choose the right over wrong and guess that is what keeps the storyline moving. Nonetheless, the movie does leave you with a few good moments but that's about it. Don’t go expecting magic, for you will feel ‘thugged’ yourself!


Rating: 2.5/5

Glitzily mounted but caught between solemnity and fluffiness, Thugs of Hindostan might entertain large swathes of the audience, but it is ultimately too tacky and unconvincing to lay legitimate claims to being India's answer to Pirates of the Caribbean. It isn't even a poor copy.

Bollywood Life

Rating: 2/5

Thugs should have been shorter, sharper and made use of the talent it signed up. Instead Vijay Krishna Acharya ends up being the jack of all trades but the master of none. His attempt to excel in every technical department but pay zero attention to the writing, is a major cause of worry. Thugs of Hindostan will thug you of your peace of mind and sanity. Avoidable.

Hindostan Times

Rating: 1/5

It takes a lot to make pirates boring. Without a doubt, Thugs Of Hindostan is a whole lot of movie — the biggest budget Yash Raj production of all time, the first film to star both Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan — and yet this giant period epic turns out to be feeble, formulaic and entirely forgettable. Directed by Dhoom 3’s Vijay Krishna Acharya, here is a film so dull and unoriginal that it can only inspire the shrugs of Hindustan.

Rajeev Masand

Rating: N/A

Gonna need some drugs to get over the Thugs.

64 comments on “Thugs Of Hindostan Reviews by Critics”

  1. Ab lashe bhichengi distributors ki amir khan pakka lashe bichaega.
    friday semi crash monday full crash.......bad film of bollywood.

    Amir khan Fan k hosh udd jaenge bhagna mat Amir khan k fans .....crash dekh karr dum hai to...
    Lashe bichenge distributors k pagal hojaenge distributors.....Bhago mat amir fan....



    1. well havent seen the film but the reviews look disappointing!

      Aamir would now feel the pinch of doing just one film in 2 years.....its all good when you do a Dangal in 2 years.....but it seems that he has gone wrong with TOH! Anyway Aamir is human too!

      Srk hs been having a not so good time of late, and now Salan and Aamir too arent going to have a great 2018. Here's hoping that Zero, Bharat and whatever Aamir does next brings the Khans back in the game.....time may be running out!

    2. Parshya aunty tune bhaut maze liye the aur salman aur srk ke fans ho khub bura kehta tha aur tera prediction first day 53crs aur lifetime 545crs tha ,,,ab ye film 300crs bhi cross nhi kar payegi samjha,,,, soch agar amir,akshay ki tarah saal me 3-4 filme kare to 50crs bhi cross nhi kar payega....iss film se 1000 times better badhai ho,andhadhun,stree,parmanu aur hichki h samjha......

    3. Parshya aunty tune WW 3000crs aur India me 545crs kaha tha,,,me padh padh ke hasi ke maare pagal ho raha hu,,,,tu pichle 2 saal se bhok raha tha ki TOH ye karega wo karega,,,hahahaha,,, 2.0 aur zero ,,TOH ko zameen me gaaad denge aunty????

    4. Race 3 got 2.23 review.. TOH 1.9..
      Aamir with commercial movie always disaster..
      Mela, Talash good examples..
      He is not a Star.. At the end it’s content which defines a movie success..
      Aamir took 2 yrs to complete the movie.. really what took so long to make crap movie..

    5. Now you can compare Race 3 to TOH!!!

      Lets see if it crosses race 3 collection india net!!

      Reviews are extremely bad
      Both huge movies
      Huge starcast
      Bug budgets
      Huge Holiday Releases

  2. After Race_3 and Thugs of Hindustan now all eyes are waiting for Robot 2.0 & ZERO, Like for ZERO & deslike for Robot 2.0

    1. For khiladi kumar Always first 2point0. And than zero.

      Btw i never ever thought TOH ki aesi halat hogi. Just hope amir ki ijjat reh jay or 300cr ho jaye.

  3. 260-300 budget..
    1st day 40-47
    2nd day 30
    3rd day 28
    4th day 30 weekend
    Arround 130
    1st monday 15
    1st week 150-160
    Lifetime 180-190

  4. Dhoom 3 ko b negetive review mile the....but atbb hui thi

    Ye b ATBB hogi....

    Or negetive review srk paid critics hi de rhe h....taran aadarsh jo Ra-one ko 4.5 star deta h , or srk salman ki movie ko avrage 4 star........oos hizde bikaoo aadmi k review ka kya mtlb h ??

    Ye log race 3 ko b 2-3 k bich review diye the........but aamir ne enko pese nhi khilaaye esliye negetive review de rhe h?????

    Jabki public to 4-5 star bta rhi h....

  5. PARSHYA AUNTY, this is called KARMA. Poori zindagi yaad rakhna. Doosre stars ke upar negativity felate felate tera star ( once in 2 years ) hi fail hogaya ?

  6. Star power will give you the openning, but you need good content and mixed to positive WOM to achieve super hit/blockbuster status, which has been the trend for last couple of years. I am still confused what led Amir Khan to work with such a bad director Victor, infront of him even Sajid Khan is SLB!

  7. Ab amir fan ko sochna chahye Keh har film story wali good NB content wali Karta h ab Kia hua everything zero h ab in ko dangal yad aye hi as yad aye h ye h stardom amit j kittens amir star cast high high budget kinda lose Hoga itna Salman ki race 3 tubelight ka bhi n h you flop h ho sakta semi hit h



  9. Comment:Aaja aaja parshya sirf aa tu ab itni galiya khayega sirf aa tu idhar worlds biggest superstar?? abe tu sirf aa idhar msg dal

  10. Where r u parshya aunty woohhooooo main toh especially tumhe rote huye dekhne aaya hun iss page pe where r you parshya..kya movie thi parshya hats off btw people were comparing this picture with dhoom3 great achievement btw race 3 ko proper takkar di aamir nd dono flop..btw i'm not srk fan but zero kaa atleast trailer yoh accha yhaa maza aaya aaj dekhne mein movie toh boring naa hassi aayi naa kuch haaan but rona aaya mujhe?
    ..ek hi cheez acchi thi movie mein aamir nd kat especially kat?

  11. Guys parshya aunty yeh page chhod k bhaag chuki hai good bye messages chhodo sab parshya k liye ??

    1. Bobby bhi good h.sab review low the Salman ne 1. Story wali film ki bb all time blockbuster bani tzh blockbuster h pashaya aunty Kia hua aur dosri amir fan Salman ko blame Karta the Salman low content wali film ko super hit blockbuster banaye h only mega star with low acting phir bhi Sab per heavy h

  12. actually Amir never been star puller ....he is depend on script....he cannot make AVG movie to hit

    like SRK HNY negetive movie bcme superhit....Sallu PRDP...negetive moive...bcame Super hit...now Amir time lets make this movie atleast Hit...he already failed with Talaash...

    one thing is sure nobody goes to watch Amir he is good actor but not star...

    secondly Amir was never gives hit/blockbuster....its Direcetor ...Raju hirani to script....on top of that SRK was in bad phase..tu sab ko laga Amir is top...BAAP BAAP hota hai Beta beta...

    1. @Dr. Jhangir,

      Aamir baap hai aur SRK ka koi baap hi nahi hai kuynki SRK bastard hai...... Dangal was not made by Raju Hirani you idiot..... First do home work before writing any thing stupid..... Break the record of Dangal which is impossible job for SRK to do in this life..... No one can dethrone Aamir bhai.

  13. AMITABH with Rajinikanta....GIRAFTAR...Blockbuster. back in 80's
    Amitabh with SRK....MOhabbatein...Blockbuster
    Amitabh with Sallu....Baghbaan...Blockbuster
    Amitabh with Akshay...Khaki....Superhit to blockbuster.
    Amitabh with AMIR LEGEND....disaster of hindostan....

    Parshaya Aunty kaha hu....

    1. jhangir bhai sorry to say baghbaan avg thi..TOH bhi avg hi jayegi itni bakwas bhi nahi hai if first half dekhna ho toh if thodi neend naa aa rahi ho toh 2nd half dekh lena btw kya suspense thaa TOH kaa..koi baccha bhi bata dega ki end mein aamir kiski side lega khair idk aamir ne victor k saath dobara kaam hi kyun kiya btw i’m waiting dhoom 4 kab aayegi aur kab vajay direct krega nd flop hogi as dhoom 3 ko aamir ne bacha liya thaa isko bhi bacha lega 250 cr kama hi legi for sure but parshya aunty ki shaqal dekhni hai badi prediction kar rahi thi 545 cr ki uff 250 bhi mushkil hai nd pehle 5 din chalegi nd around 150 cross kar jayegi aur parshya aunty khush ho jayegi but lifetym collection dekh k parshya bolegi ki yeh movie amitabh ki thi aamir kaa cameo thaa??

    2. Amitabh with Sallu needs some correction:
      Baghban - Hit (slow starter but held up well)
      Babul - Flop
      God Tussi.... - Flop

    1. @Arjit haan bhai tune khud hi accept kar liya ki movie bas ek weekend tak hi chalegi..??

    1. Bhai secret superstar mein aamir kaa cameo thaa nd TOH mein bhi amitabh sir lead mein the aamir kaa isme bhi cameo hi thaa?

    2. SS was flop..... Are you on weed? If SS was flop then all SRK and SK movies are flop.

    3. Secret superstar was average in India and Blockbuster in China.

      It got humangous profit also due to China and it was excellent movie.

      I accept TOH is crap though coming from Aamir fan.

  14. Parshyaaaaaaaa....karma boy karma..bohut hi fkngg cheezzz hai..yaaaad rakna :D
    Salman was, is and wil always remain the biggest superstar India has ever had..samjaa??

    1. Simple..... Break Dangal's record and dethrone Aamir bhai..... Till then keep quiet..... Aamir bhai rules Indian film industry

  15. Parshya aunty aaja aaja aaja,,,,545crs lifetime hahahaha,, hahahaha, hahahaha,, hahahaha,,,, jaldi aaaja aaaja,,,,???

  16. Sad news guys parshya aunty theatre mein hi gir gyi unhe TOH dekh k pata nahi kya ho gya 0hir ussey hospital le jaaya gaya wahan parshya aunty ne glti se review dekh liye ab toh parshya aunty ki condition critical hai please pray for her nd learn a meaningful lesson that never troll other actors as they put their best effort in each of their films sometime it does not come off well..btw i'm not trolling the movie but yeah parshya aunty aap nahi bachogi

  17. I thought amir was good takkar for Salman....lets see if this is true..... Whether toh crosses 170 odd crs

  18. Aagaya sab SRK and Salman ke fans.Beta dono ka last movie super flop tha. Aamir ka flop movie bhi record kar raha hain. Kuch to sharam kar bolne se pehele.

  19. Those idiots who are trolling aamir see even with such negativity toh will cross 50 crores that's insane I m an akki fan and those who doubt 2.0 they will get answer on 29 November but that's for another day but despite negative reviews 50 crores shows how aamir is far ahead of his contemporaries hats off by the way I saw toh it's not a good movie not by any stretch of imagination but not a bad movie too like these paid critics are presenting it's average 1 time watch movie amitabh for me was biggest takeaway what energy even at 76 he did his actions played his role with perfection fatima was ok katrina was a waste and last but not the least about aamir well he has done much better movies so we can expect better movies but again he still did a nice job in some of the scenes could have been a lot better still not good not bad still I would say toh is wrecking havoc even after negativity and is 1000 times better than crap race 3 and shitty jhms

    1. Diwali is biggest holiday. TOH released on holiday , Race 3 released pre eid and working day. Aamir is no where close to Salman in stardom. Even he has accepted this.
      Salman’s avg n below avg or so called media created flop movies have done all more than 100 cr with low profile directors, zero support cast where as Aamir failed there..
      Race 3 is much better than TOH.

    2. oye abhijeet hawa mein mat udd bhai sabko pata hai movie bakwas hai like race 3 thi atleast salman fans ne accept toh kiya thaa btw race 3 ne bhi sunday ko 40+ cr ki collection ki thi then monday ko kya hua thaa uska?same TOH k saath hoga nd movie 50 cr toh karegi hi as kahan ticket 200 mein milti hai aur TOH ki 400 mein mil rahi hai so actual collection khud hi dekhle 25cr only nd idiot koi aamir ko troll nahi kr raha yahan bas sab parshya ki le rahe hai nd first day pe itna collection toh banta hai as aamir ki 2 saal baad koi movie aayi hai nd zero k tym bhi yahi hoga but agar woh movie acchi huyi toh definitely acchi chalegi but TOH ko avg or hit kaa tag milega cheers..

    3. 1st day kon sa word of mouth kaam karta hai. Same day HNY aur PRDP v record opener thi. To Aamir ne kya ukhaad Liya

    4. Superstar is the one whose entry in the movie is welcome by audience with whistles and claps. One whose movies normally run despite poor contents
      Rajesh khanna, Amitabh and now Salman r such phenomenons. Rest all r content driven successful stars. Though I really like amir for many of his mind blowing stuff like 3 idiot…. Tare zamin par etc. Salman is poor in acting skills, content selection and some of other critical departments of movie making. But fact is he is superstar.

  20. SS - 62 crore LT hahahahaha
    TOH- 118 crore LT Hahahaha

    Worlds biggest Gobar star kaun ?? Chotuuuuu

    Parshya anty theatre mein pregnant ho gayiiii
    Hahahaha ....

  21. Saw TOH today I thought it was victors best film to date I disagree with these critic reviews stars didn’t give interview to any critic during promotion of the film hence they pulling the film down with biased reviews and paid audience reactions I thought it was a brilliant film and I will be watching it again tomorrow. 4/5

  22. Comment: Parshya saale itni galiya khayega tu sirf aa idhar ladka hai ya ladki wo bhi nahi malum tu kon hai....marks my words this film is going to create history 400 crore 500 crore kehta tha..ab???? fatun chindya

  23. @arjun to bhale hi parshya ko troll Kate lekin yaha pe tere bhut se Yaar Yani sallu fans bhut pehle se Aamir ke khilaf negative Bolte Hain dangal ke time bhi unhone bhut Kiya tha tabse Aamir fans bole Hain ni to no Bolte or rahi bat toh ki to main khud keh rha hu ki film average hai magar 50 crores kam ni hai Bhai chahe ticket prices hike ho ya na ho screens 5000 ho ya 6000 tum log Aamir ke achievement ko kam bata rahe ho to sallu ko kho ae me 5000 screens karde 50 crores wo bhi achievement Hoga tab tak zyada uchlo mat parshya ki ad me Aamir ko troll Karne wale duplicate bande

  24. @abhijeet listen meri saari comments padhle pehle maine kahin likha ki aamir ki acting bakwas thi?aamir ki wajah se movie flop hogi?nahi naa main simply parshya ki baja raha hun bcoz bahut ucchal raha tha rahi thi whatever..koi badi baat nahi hai 50 cr kamaana happy new year yaad hai naa?bakwas movie thi bug phir bumper opening mili thi..khudko aamir k fans bolte ho toh bata aamir ki TOH k baad kaunsi movie aayegi?next 2 movies k title hi bata de bhai..ek baat aur movie avg nahi bakwas hai atleast main decent toh bol raha thaa but sacchai toh yahi hai only aamir fans can enjoy this movie race3 bhi bakwas yeh bhi bakwas..atleast accept krle ki movie nahi chali toh nahi chali simple..duplicate ab tu mujhe batayega duplicate jo salman ko giraane k liye kabhi ranveer kabhi ranbir etc etc kaa sahara lete ho btw dhoom 3 toh bach gyi thi flop hone se but yeh avg hi jayegi

  25. Arjun m koo Aamir fan Nahi hi be main akkian hi comments Dekh mere rahi bat Aamir ki upcoming movies ki to usne koi movie sign ni ki tujhe bhi malum hai or rahi bat toh ki to work Tera view ye Mera view or Haan tune pehle mujhe tag Kiya tha Maine tujhe directly Bola bhi ni tha tune shuru Kiya hawa me mat udd nne khatm Kiya Mera jawab sirf in logo ko h ji directly air ko troll Kar rahe to jab tum jar hi nick Raha to beech me kyu Aya khud Dekh Tera nam bhi ni liya kisika ni liya Maine phir beech me mat a main unko hi bolunga Jo bevajah Aamir ko degrade karenge or last bat mujhe kisiko age badhje degrade karneka shauk no hai m to mahino bad Aya hu Kal jab tak samne se trolling ni Hoti m Kabhi shuru ni karta get this in your head buddy

  26. @abhijeet well main toh i think 6 months k baad aaya thaa kal iss page pe aaya thaa woh bhi bas parshya ko troll krne k liye infact if tum meri first comment padhoge toh usme movies k positive point bhi likhe the but i don't like parshya simple is that uski maarne mein maza aata hai sorry if tumhe bura laga ho as i'm trolling aamir or anyother actor but mujhe prob hai parshya jaisi trollers se hopefully samajh aa gya hoga tumko but where is parshya aunty?

  27. No Bhai I don't have any problem simply I m saying I didn't pointed you out but you misunderstood but don't mind it happens bro I don't take these things seriously

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