Thugs Of Hindostan New Posters

On the occasion of Dussehra today, the makers of Thugs Of Hindostan have released a new poster of the film. The adventurous saga is going to release during Diwali this year.

Aamir Khan shared the poster on Twitter and wrote, "Diwali pe milenge. Love, a."

Amitabh Bachchan also poster in on Twitter and said," The biggest adventure is about to begin."

Earlier the makers have also revealed a new poster from the film.

The movie is directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya who last directed Dhoom 3 fame and is being produced by Yash Raj films.

12 comments on “Thugs Of Hindostan New Posters”

    1. @jeet gawaar what have you achieved in your life???? Do you earn more money than aamir??? Who are you by the way???? I am sure you won't make 1% of money of what aamir makes in an hour in your whole life. You must be a 30+ years old frustrated moron who has still not graduated and not able to find any job. Feel pity on you poor fellow. Get a life first.

  1. it is a copy of pirates of creeabian so it will no run long time in Hollywood and Chinese cinemas so it will not to continue series blockbuster of all time
    1st 10days business 270cr
    lifetime 310cr blockbuster
    in only Indian cinemas

    1. Burn more and more you jealous moron. Nothing will happen. It will be all time blockbuster and become first 500 cr+ Bollywood film. And it's not a copy you gawaar. It is original script and far better than overrated shitty pirates franchise.

  2. Horrible posters..the vibe isnt good floating around..so u will c a disaster in the making..

    1. @Prince (vivek oberoy's flop movie) I can understand your frustration. Cry more and more. This is not your non actor's movie that it will flop. Race 3 ke sadme se Abhi tak baahar nahi aaya. Wait for zero and Bharat. They will sink in front of TOH. I know you are highly insecure as this movie is releasing on new year holiday and your so called wannabe megastar won't have even one so called opening day record and aamir will show the real place of both sharuk and salman as aamir is coming on national holiday after almost a decade so you will burn more and more in jealousy. Not only will this movie become all time blockbuster and first 400 cr+ Bollywood film but also the first Bollywood movie to get 50 cr+ opening. And I am talking about Bollywood only so don't bring the baahubali 2 here. I know baahubali 2 did 100 cr+ on first day with all languages included. But the fact is Aamir is biggest star of India and baahubali 2 was not a star driven film. It was the genre, content and everything that made it a historic success. But Aamir's movies earn huge just with his name alone. Other khans always follow him.

      1. Haha..aur jokes sunao.
        Look at the buzz. Diwali will give it a good start..later you will see the results. Worst is aamirs acting which is on decline. Amitabh might just save the film.

        1. @Jeet being a fan of worst actor in bollywood i.e. salman you better not talk about acting otherwise i will make you cry by showing salman's aukaat. we all know how pathetic your salman has acted in race 3 and many other shit movies of him. amitabh will save this film? then why amitabh couldnt save baabul and god tussi great ho where he acted alongside non actor salman? salman will remain only non actor to give flops even costarring bib b unlike aamir and srk who will have blockbuster/all time blockbuster and 100% success ratio along with bib b in any film. so get a life and you better stop joking. aamir can act much better than anyone and his acting is definitely good in TOH. get lost and get a life.

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