Thugs of Hindostan is classic story and a grand period film: Zeeshan Ayub

Actor Mohammed Zeeshan Ayub will be seen in the Aamir Khan and Amitabh Bachchan starrer Thugs of Hindostan. In a recent interview, the actor talked about the action adventure film.

“Thugs of Hindostan is a classic story well said. It is a grand period film. I have tried something completely different in it. I am having absolute fun shooting it. Thugs of Hindostan is not a conventional glossy film, though it is very commercial. It has a story to tell, it has complexes and plotpoints like a good classic and still they are trying new things which makes the project interesting, Zeeshan tells PTI.

Zeeshan has now worked with all three Khans in Raees, Tubelight and Thugs of Hindostan. The actor says they all have distinct style. “Aamir tends to analyse a scene completely in depth. He is a perfectionist in that sense. He will be on it till it isn’t right.

“On the other hand, there is Salman Khan, who is opposite. He doesn’t read a scene more than twice. He will say the lines once and then make them his own. He will go for the shoot and he keeps it very raw. So there are chances it might not work or magic might happen too. He is that good.” On Shah Rukh, Zeeshan says, he is a “typical theatre actor doing films.” “He will rehearse a scene may be 10 times, will ask you what you’re doing, bring in changes accordingly. Then suddenly when you are doing it, he will be the first person to change it and you are allowed to change too.”

Thugs of Hindostan will release on Diwali 2018.

49 comments on “Thugs of Hindostan is classic story and a grand period film: Zeeshan Ayub”

  1. 2018 is best year
    Srk dwarf Christmas
    Salman race 3 Eid
    Aamir TOH diwali
    Akshay robot 2 republic (aise ye rajnikant ka movie hai )

    Bhut achaa Takkar hoga ..let me Tell you one thing agar dwarf achaa hua to srk ek ek record tor dega 100%

    My prediction
    If wom is excellent
    Race 3 - 300cr
    TOH - 315cr
    Dwarf - 400cr

    If wom is good
    Race 3 250cr
    TOH 250cr
    Dwarf 320cr

    If wom is average
    Race 3 180cr
    TOHA - 150cr
    Dwarf 200cr

    If wom is mixed to negative
    Race 3 160cr
    Toh 130cr
    Dwarf 175cr

    If wom is negative
    Race 3 120cr
    TOH 90cr
    Dwarf 125cr

    Dwarf is liye zyada hai bhut kyuki Christmas release hai

    1. i cant agree with u. Box office unpredictble. Christmas par toh tees mar khan, dabang2, don2 ne record kyu nahi tode.
      bb2 ne non holiday par 500 cr kar liya. Bb1 did 440cr on non holiday. Xmas is not a big festival in india.

    2. Mtlb kuch bhi predict kroge
      Abhi tak 250 hua nhi
      400 ki baat tum srkians ke muh se shobha nhi deti...
      First tell srk to cross 250
      But uski present Situation ko dekhe lag raha hai 150 krle wahi bahut hai
      Wrna next jhms to pkaa hai
      Aur sallu ka to is Christmas le hi aukaat pta lg jaayegi
      Bahut xmas2 bolts hain...

    3. Dud u r dreaming first let srk to cross 250 cr then talk about 400cr let him to give a clean hit he has not giving a cleant hit since 2008 except chennai express

      1. @blacktash dude shah rukh khan didn't hit 150cr he went from 100 straight to 200cr when you guys were all saying Shah Rukh Khan is finished I don't know what Anand L Rai movie will do but never underestimate anyone!

    4. @swamiji

      Are pagle Aamir ki non commercial film 400cr tak ja sakti hai to sochle Comercial film TOH kaha jayegi.

      Aur srk sallu ki to content film bhi ghanta abhi tak PK nahi break Kar payi to ye log khak challenge karenge Aur wo bhi TOH ko.

      I repeat no one can beat TOH in 2018
      Weather it is in India, overseas or WW.


      I can bet. ?

      1. @Parshya
        India-750cr gross
        Overseas-250cr gross


        In any case it will bahubali2 WW again.

        I know u will not agree me but wait n watch.

        My prediction for Dangal was also accurate.

        I predicted that Dangal would beat bb2 in WW n that happened.

        Aamir - The global megastar ?

    5. Silly SRK fan...
      Still thinks Srk's movie will collect more than Salman n Aamir movies....

      Nowadays Srk is struggling to cross 100 crore

    6. Dhoom 3 director doesn't make good movie and he's the director for this movie as well let's see what he does with this.

      1. Director shit doesn't matter. When we have Bollywood' Baap Biggest Crowd puller of India and worldwide AAMIR KHAN THE BRAND then directors don't matter. It will still be biggest blockbuster of 2018 and you will cry. Even if he is bad still victor is far better than Ali Abbas Zafar so shut up kindly.

        1. Oh yeah fantastic excuse, vijay or other superstars from Tamil are released in hindi with blockbuster status huh?! You guys don't give a shit about them, but you know TOH can never be a bahubali!

        2. Biggest crowd puller send me some links to show how many crowds does he pull, or let me guess you don't even know what a crowd puller means,

          A crowd puller would be if I throw AAMIR into a arena and say AAMIR is coming and everyone comes running just to see AAMIR, without any critics saying i give this arena 5 out of 5!

          The greatest movies with highest budgets and out of the world box office collections are given by actors in Hollywood who are the smallest crowd pullers over there, the same is being followed in Bollywood now, for example it would be stupid to say prabhas pulls a bigger crowd than rajnikanth!

          According to haters shah rukh has bought all the media around the world, he housefull books his own stadiums and arena around the world, he's bought every single award and honours he's got around the world, if BBC calls him the biggest crowd puller in the world then he's bought BBC! ????????

          No celebrity or media person or polls or a huge newspaper/channel has ever called AAMIR Khan the biggest movie star in the world, but his few fans made it up themselves wow,

          No one has ever said he's the biggest crowd puller in the world, but his few fans are like he's the biggest crowd puller!

          Where do you get all this information from, I can send you dozens and dozens of link from all around the world that have called shah rukh Khan the biggest thing ever happening to Indian films but no!

          Tum is chota se gola main behtke, apne chota se shehar main, apna chota se gali, ghar aur dimaag main paka fit karliya ke AAMIR is the biggest crowd puller in the world!

          BTW I'm serious send me a link, by which I can be convinced that AAMIR Khan is the biggest crowd puller in the world or just say you are guessing it and made it up! :)

          1. Why don't you gawaar buy a burnol as you seem to be very frustrated. I have never seen anyone calling srk biggest crowd puller in the word except for his few gawaar fans and his own PR team. Get a life. We all still remember what happened to Jab Dadaji met sejal. ROFL. Aamir is biggest crowd puller and that's the fact no one can change it. He is the most loved and respected superstar. Period. Who even cares about few jerks like you who don't even have a life? What are your achievements you gawaar bhikhari? What aamir has achieved neither you nor your 2 rs flop star will ever achieve. Get a life.

      2. top director kabir khan tubelight bana sakta toh victor top movie nahi bana sakta kya. Watch making of main koon hun. Aamir take part in every section of film.
        AAMIR ne kaha hai ki iss saal voh victor ko bahot pareshan karne wala hai. Ab koi tension nahi hai hme.
        VICTOR will Rocks!!!!!!!! His last movie was ATBB.

    7. Ok ok !!
      If all three movie turns out to be classics then.

      TOH- MONSTER sky will be the limit
      Race 3 & Dwarf- JUST FORGET IT ?????It is impossible for them.
      I repeat it is impossible for sk nd srk to make a classics .
      My prediction
      Race 3- 200 range(similar in d range of prdp to kick)
      Dwarf- 100-150 maxxx.
      TOH- INSANE (450+.... May be 600 &700 we cant deny that.)

      1. Aamir doesn't have a single movie in his career that can match the classic DDLJ that is considered sholay of our time, till date he hasn't beaten the success of HAHK! HAHK is still a higher grosser than every Aamir Khan movie in India!

        1. as EMPIRE MAGAZINE there is tie between sholay and lagaan classic movie of india.
          3 idiot is bigger classic than ddlj and hahk . Ask people around world about 3 idiots . U see real classic ww
          dangal creating milestone worldwide. It is the SHOLAY of overseas

    8. Everyone interested in doing period films and war films now, Aamir and Ajay are both followers of Bahubali its true!

      Aamir wants to copy Bahubali 2 so he can get highest grosser back in India! Let's see what happens!

      1. Feel sorry for this type of people. Before release of bahubali 3 thugs of hindostan announced. They were not sure whether bahubali vl earn this much or not.

        Get well soon

        1. NO son! TOH was suppose to be a movie set in old times, it wasn't suppose to be this huge, but after the success of Bahubali 2 Aamir had asked the director and script writer to re evaluate the story and make it an epic movie with a bigger budget, so I'm expecting this movie budget to be about 150-200cr min!

          I'm expecting huge from this movie though, it has to cross 400cr to match Aamir Khan box office power!

          1. This Psycho patient @Bakri and Varun UK fanbase is retard who is making up anything in his tiny dirty mind that comes and barks bullshit. Just ignore him. Ha ha ha, TOH was always a grand movie and he is Making up all these crap that it's after baahubali2. He needs to visit a doctor ASAP. Get a life frustrated creature.

      2. Hey bro.. Aamir chose to do Thugs much before bahubali-2's release.. & of course Aamir doesn't have to COPY any successful film to get his own success.. he always has his own success mantras.. (be it Rangeela, Sarfarosh, Lagaan, Dil Chahta Hai, Rang De Basanti, Taare Zameen Par, 3idiots, PK aur Dangal)... All of these films on paper looked not very convincing during release, at least not at all formulaic..

      3. @srkandvarunfan TOH is first offered to hritik in 2016 and aamir get this in Nov-dec 2016. Lagta hai aamir durr darshi. Usko pata chal gaya bb2 record tode gi. Wah kya bat hai!!!
        By that way SRK made RAONE after krish which become blockbuster.

        1. Not krrish but robot SRK is not ashamed of accepting the truth like your AAMIR who runs around trying to be the fake perfectionist, trying to be nice in public, making people feel sorry for him call SRK SALMAN bigger stars than him, then he says I don't have no stardom ?

          I've seen the making main kaun hoon, it's all a game deliberately been shown to show what an perfectionist AAMIR KHAN is, I know people will fall for it, I know TOH will be the highest grosser of the year and most likely it will touch 400cr but why be fake and show people fake side of him, like shah rukh Khan said in an interview that I can easily sit down all serous start getting involved in every part of the movie, tell the director shut up listen to me, tell everyone I'm a very serious actor or like myself up in a room for 10 days and say leave me alone I'm rehearsing but it's fake, even Akshay Kumar said actors are lying if they say i took so long to prepare for my role unless its physical like Dangal, Akshay himself has said a good actor can fit himself into a role In a sec!

          The truth is AAMIR takes 2 years for a role that shah rukh. Hrithik or Akshay can master with a minute, I'm not including physical stuff like what he did in Dangal that was pure legendary stuff to go fat and then fit, no actor in Bollywood would do that!

          I've tried my best trying to like him, he's a legend when it comes to scripts and movies, but his personal life is all fake, he's trying to become what he is not!

          1. fake aamir lol!!!! Just for a 30 sec scene he put on weight. He fake!!!! Grow up srk blind fan.
            ask any site ask any trade analysts aamir have no stardom. They will say idiot to u. Without stardom a bollywood actor cant take to 2000cr ww gross.
            in an intervie srk said aamir and salmaan bigger than me
            salmaan sridevi bigger than me
            AAMIR HAVE No ego problem like srk.

          2. GET a life bakri fan. DDLJ is shalay of our times. Ha ha ha ha ha. LMaO. Most laughable joke of the millennium. 3 idiots is all time classic even better than sholay and it's far better than DDLj which is just a romantic crap. Srk doesn't have any classic in his career. Aamir has many such as 3 idiots, Dangal which are Baap of HAHK and DDLJ. Dangal' worldwide success is much bigger than HAHK so just think 100 times before say anything and stay in your limit you oxymoron.

  2. story aamir ne choose ki hai. Classic toh hogi. I have read two chapter of novel it is awesome. But it is not fully based on novel.

  3. Hope toh beats Bahubali 2 but impossible if toh dubbed tamil n telugu most south indians do not like bollywood actors they watch only local actors but I hope it will beat hindi collection

    1. Oh yeah fantastic excuse, vijay or other superstars from Tamil are released in hindi with blockbuster status huh?! You guys don't give a shit about them, but you know TOH can never be a bahubali!

      And it's not fair for TOH to be compared to bahubali, it just needs to beat its own record that's it!

  4. 2018 ki Diwali sabse badri Diwali hogi bollywood ke nzriye se
    Aur hum sb ke liye
    All the best
    To whole team of "TOH"...??

  5. Now i am happy it is sure shot flop... lol

    Period film... every film wont n cant be Bahubali2

    1. Don't worry TZH and race 2 will be Baap of all flops and disasters and they will break marigold's record for sure.

  6. ab dekh lena..
    2018 year toh aamir ka hi rahega,ye baat likh ke leee loooo...
    400 crore minimum inida..
    worldwide 2500 crore
    depend on promotion and chine collection..
    1000 crore pakka
    hindi version ka highst record banega ab...

  7. Aamir means ISI mark of Bollywood

    Log daude chale ayenge.
    All peoples r waiting for next Diwali dhamaka.

    Then we will see d power of Aamir n Diwali.

    Diwali is biggest period for Bollywood but wasted by sallu n srk.

    Now wait for Megastar Aamir.
    Each n every record will be history except bb2 record in India.

    That record will also history if d South Indian people support TOH.

    Aamir ka record sallu srk ke liye break karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai re.

    1. Bro they will not support south people watches only local actors even when hollywood movies dubbed tamil and telugu do not do good business so I dont think south will support any bollywood movie

  8. BOLLYARENA: How Could u Dare to Dellete Comments of Someone Like Me, who come and Visit more than Ateast 10 Times Every Last Hour of Day and Nights to your Bollyarena SITE, and Never Ever Said any Negative Things to your Site, it.s Staff and Journalism Proffessional Reporting What Ever u Bosting or Reportin, Tell Me Why u Delleted The Comments Which I Write to your Custamer Apove Commenter SAMI Who I Consider Said Negative and Wrong Prediction About Aamir Khan's Upcoming Action Adventure Movie Thugs of Hindustan Which He Comments Accodance His Logic That I Responded to my Logic ?

  9. Wellguys if u ll r done wid Ur predictions then wait for a surprise there is a dark horse which might surpass everyone any guess ????????

  10. Nope it's Sanju Baba's biopic.....sure is a dark horse if proper marketing is done will create waves...

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