Thugs Of Hindostan 2nd Day Box Office Collection

Thugs Of Hindostan has witnessed a huge fall on the second day. As per the estimates, the film collected approx 27-28 crores on Friday. The drop from the opening day is approx 45% which is very high for a film like this.

The fall was expected as the film was coming after a big holiday where it collected more than 50 crores. However the drop is more than ideally it should have been. It means that the word of mouth has come into play from the second day itself. It is a holiday season otherwise the drop could have been higher.

It means that the film could face a major fall on Monday. Thugs Of Hindostan is going to underperform at the box office. Right now the best target should be to cross 200 crore. However with the current trend, even this seems tough.

  • Day 1: 52.25
  • Day 2: 28.0
  • Total: 80.25 cr


83 comments on “Thugs Of Hindostan 2nd Day Box Office Collection”

    1. Hahahaha,,, parshya aunty,,,, tera prediction 545crs,,,,,,kaha h tuu??? 2 saal me ek baar aya aur India ke audiences KO THUG diya amir ne,,,,,,hahahaha,,,,,,ab kya excuse dega tu?????

    2. Soch parshya aunty agar akshay ki tarah amir bhi saal me 3-4 ata to kya hota,,,,SS me amir ka cameo tha aur TOH me kya tha?????? Zero aur 2.0 ,,TOH KO dho denge

    3. Hands up to bobby who had predicted this way before! He did say it wont work and got ridiculed for it!

    4. Kia hua bollyarena ko amir ko Tum star kehte the ab to us ki film ki box office n update n de Rahe aur Na koi dosri news upload Kar Rahe ho amir ki baj gaye h is like disaster film toh 2 year 1 film high star cast high ticket price national holiday good actor phir bhi ab Sab amir fan and dosri ko sharam karna chahye

  1. Thugs Of Hindostan is Aamir Khan's first flop in 13 years. His last flop was Mangal Pandey in 2005.

      1. Talash was a super hit , it was made on a low budget of 35cr and it collected 95cr at BO

  2. this year SANJU will remain HGOTY.
    first solo eid release race 3 and now diwali solo release TOH..its the end of Khan's..

  3. From 2016 onwards content is king. Khans can only get first 3 days pull we saw this with race3 tubelight, jhms, fan 40+ crore first 3 days then ended 65 crore,now thugs.Even younger star without content will result in befikre, tamasha, etc.
    Content is king, Indian audience r becoming smarter.

  4. 5000 screen no competition ...Diwali period...fir bhi fusssss..aamir ka haath kaat dena chaiya dusri baar bakwas movie diwali pa dena ka liya..pahle secret superstar ab thug...diwali bekar kat di

  5. thugs of Hindustan trailer view 86million 2.0 trailer view just 23 million 2.0 ka kiya ho ga

    1. Dont go on trailer views... Always SRK movie trailer views are more than others but that doesn't transform to box-office..There r many people who watch trailers on tv n watch movie...on social media many crazy fans will watch on repeat mode which is one more disadvantage

  6. 52.25
    127 4-day

    65cr more after that (Race3 added 65cr after it's 3-day weekend while PRDP added 85cr after it's 4-day weekend) as the hiked ticket prices will get much lower, for 127 + 65 = 192cr total

  7. Trade figure 63 Cr .. as i predicted it will end up at 122 Cr LT (Baahubali 2 day 1 nett) lol

  8. Bollywood arena..make an article on KGF hindi trailer which is releasing on 21st December

    1. Are u alive after disaster Race 3. Get lost u moronn everybody is waiting for biggest film Zero. No one care 2 Rs film KGF.

      1. Hahahha..... Srk fans still alive after several back to back dibacles for decade now. Srk ke liye Salman ek support system hai..... Aur usiko tum gali de rahe ho. Srk is no competition to Salman and amir. Even after debacle of TOH....we know amir will bounce back. Amir and salman r fighting neck to neck. Srk jokers fans stay away.

        1. Salman woh Support system hai jo Eid par kharab par jaata hai. Tubelight, Race 3 and now Bharat will end this system once and for all

  9. Comment:Aa re abe aa re parshya idhar abe hai dum to aa nanga kar ke bhejunga...tum kya janoge be junoon stardom kya hota hai... idhar aa sirf itni gaaliya maarunga confuse ho jayega konsi gaali khau..

      1. :D..
        Yeah wahi log the jo race3 ke downfalls se khush the :p. Every dog has his day..dont forget.

  10. High tickets price diwali weekend Holidays save film from disaster but movie itself disaster worse and no words for such a low performance.
    Content is the only King.

  11. According to Boi it won't cross the weekend of tiger zinda hai which had non holiday weekend and toh holiday weekend. The 2 days collection is 78 crore, so it needs another 37 crore to beat that which is not possible now. I think Saturday would be around 30 crore net and the weekend would be 108 crore net. As the ticket prices are insanely hiked I think the weekend footfalls would be lower than race3.

    I always thought aamir Is way bigger than salman because of his multiplex pull but I am sorry to say this film's collection has failed to justify my thought. Aamir's holiday weekend release is set to have lower weekend than salman's non holiday weekend and that too with hiked ticket prices.
    This film proves that luck and perception about stardom about any star can change any Friday. According to me these are the top 5 stars currently according to initial pull.
    1. Ranbir and salman 2. Aamir 3. Srk 4. Ajay dev gun
    According to me salman and Ranbir is equal because Ranbir 's drama genre film sanju opened bigger than salman franchise action film tiger zinda hai. But salman is more consistent in initial than him. Future will decide who has bigger initial draw between salman and Ranbir.
    These are my honest opinion without favoring anyone. With release of big films like zero and bharat the order can change.

    1. Are bhai negetive review b dekh ,

      Or first day collection b dekh le....

      TZH ko positive review mile the , or ooski b ticket price jyada thi ,

      Or aamir ko log high ticket price me b dekhna chahte h???

      1. Tubelight flop race3 semi hit h race 3 budget 150 tha box office n 175 crore toh 250 ka budget box office....fan 90 se 100 budget box office 85 crore jhms 70 se 80 box 65 c Dekho koimoi srk Good actor amir bhi but Salman low acting phir bhi truth

    2. Ranbhirs film had sanjus story and indias best director. His next film will show how big he is as a star. At the moment, as aamir only put it, salman shakes a belt and flips his goggles, public go crazzy and dance on floor.Now that is stardom, that is megastardom tag and that is the biggest superstar India has ever seen!

    3. @honest man oye bacche ranbir kahan se aa gya even varun is bigger star than him but yeah acting wise i appreciate ranbir but still he is not capable of pulling crowd...checkout his previous films beside sanju..sanju worked coz of sanju’s story nd rajkumar hirani

  12. Yesterday Aamir fans were trying to pay Box office India. That's why their early estimate was 32-34 crore. But I am happy BOI keep his credibility and gives actual collection in the morning. Shame on Aamir fans !!

  13. Zero could beat Race3, R2.0 (Hindi) and Thugs to become the biggest Hindi film of the year. After Fan and JHMS who guessed SRK could win 2018...

  14. Where is prashaya medam...kanha ho ....wese tho mai is site ko bohot din se follow kr rha hu....par pelli baar comment kr rha hu.

  15. Mitroooooooo, kal muje Pappu ki phone ayiiii aur bataya " Modi ji modi ji thugs of hindostan deklo " maine chalo pappu bol raha hai dekh lete hai . Maine film delhi mein dekhne gaya mitroooo, interval mein pappu ko phone kiya aur khub gaali diiiii mitroooo. Kabhi zindagi mein tingu khan ki movie mat dekha karo mitroo
    Haaaaa ye Prasyaaa naam me ek praani dehli zoo se bhag gayi hai . Usse thoda bach ke rahiyo mitroo.
    Next film 2.0 aur KGF ( hero pata nahi kaun hai) lekin trailer bohut badiya hai mitrooo. Dekh lena zaroor. Namaste mitroo jai shri Ram.....

  16. Parshyaaaaaaaa disappeared again..check out his original name in appnadda..you will realise his pseudo name parshyaaaaaa only is good :D

    1. Hahaha..some khurrrrrana is his name. Poor fellow ..thr also he tries to convince peopl tingu is the biggest superstar..LOL

  17. I watched this film because of sufisaab review on this sight I always like to read comments on this sight but don’t add comments this is my first comment I thought mela was better than thugs every actor has a shani aamir’s Shani( Yash raj films Fanaa average dhoom3 below average thugs rubbish) salman’s shani ( Sohail Khan) srk’s Shani( working with newcomer directors only chak de was good) Ajay Devgn ( kumar mangat) akshay kumar is safe so far that’s good. But thugs was okay but when you take the budget into consideration it’s awful 200+ for that is unacceptable heard aamir doesn’t charge a penny for his film only when the film is in profit aamir Khan gets paid well at least adi chopra got aamir Khan to work free

  18. TOH has to collect minimum 225 crores to match Salman. Race 3 Rs 175 crs and Amitabh factor hype 50 crores. It's now who is better at collection in bad contents. Let's see who will fetch the best. Though I feel toh may face difficulty in collecting even 175 crores

    1. Race 3 me kitne acter the gochu

      Tubelite bhul gya...110 crore???

      Merigold to 1 crore b nhi kar paayi thi....

      1. Abey andu vandu pandu..
        U r comparing bobby deol and amitab? : D
        Race3 was pre id..thugs got the best release date..still aftr 3 days..neck to neck..it will hav the biggest fall in monday..where only u and parshyaaaaaaaa along wt the peopl u forced to watch will b seen in theatres :D
        Sanju released which took away race3 collections..otherwise it would have added another 10crs thr.

      2. Wait for 3rd consecutive Eid flop of Salman

        After that ppl will stop celebrating Eid knowing Salman movie is going to release on that event

  19. Ye kya 5000 screens biggest budget movie of Bollywood biggest superstar of this era according to his dumb fan Lekin fir b lashe bicha di distributors ki hhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    Utter flop star ki utter flop movie

  20. Thugs Of Hindostan took another hit on Saturday with collections in the 22.5-23 crore nett range. The drop is in the region of 15-20% and it has taken its three day total to 100 crore nett plus. The three day weekend is in the same range as Race 3 but that film had first day falling on pre Eid.

    The film is just about the first day where it smashed almost very record in the book but since then the downfall has been rapid. It reminds one of the 1996 film Trimurti which also did the same but went down fast. The film may well show a further drop on Sunday.

    The film has not only had a ditto 3 day weekend as Race 3 across India but the collection break up is almost ditto which is sheer coincidence. If we look at the three main chains of PVR, Inox and Cinepolis and this is were bulk of the high ends are. Race 3 grossed 34.80 crore nett in these chains in 3 days and Thugs of Hindostan has done 34.25 crore apprx from the same three chains.

    Another coincidence is the single screen business of the two is same over the first three days. Thugs Of Hindustan is 29.50 crore nett apprx and Race 3 was 29.05 crore nett. The edge here is that Thugs of Hindustan got the big holiday on day one when single screens are mad and the second day also where again single screens remain at high levels. Race 3 was pre eid so missed out on single screen business on day one at many places otherwise it would have been better in single screens despite Thugs Of Hindustan having the better date.

    The all India business of the two is same give or take a few lakhs and the break up of multiplexes to single screens is also the same.

  21. Agr toh k ticket prices hiked nhi hote to 3 din mai 100cr nhi kar pata tingu khan..Lol stardom of tingu khan..parshya china mai buzz bana jab tak kya pata waha tingu logo ko tingu ki movie pasand aajaye

  22. Thugs of hindostan ne audience koi hi thug liya .. all aamir fans mubarak ho blockbuster toh.. let's compare ab race 3 to toh... Race 3 only salman khan movie or toh Amitabh bachan power + Aamir khan power jo 2 saal baad movie lekar aata hai .. race 3 masala movie 150cr budget item songs pre eid release negative reviews toh se bhi jyada fir bhi 2nd day or 3rd day collection badha that's called stardom 1st day 29cr tha 2nd day 38cr 3rd day 39cr almost 106 cr 3 days ... Toh 1st day 52cr 2nd day 28cr 3rd day 22cr almost 102 cr 3days wo bhi diwali par .. jab ki diwali par srk or salman ki ghatiya movie hny or prdp bhi negative reviews k sath 200cr kr liya tha .. stardom se collection decrease ho gya aamir ka 2nd or 3rd day... Ghante ka aamir or ghante ka uska stardom

  23. #TOHFakeDay1Figure
    34 yr experienced bauna couldn't beat 16 yr star #prabhas now bauna lifetime is lower than prabhas 1st day of #Baahubali2 ..slipper shots for baunians who said baahubali record will b broken by bauna
    #16GloriousYearsOfPrabhas prabhas biggerthan bauna

  24. expectation are very high from an Aamir khan movie thats whu TOH failed. bcz this movie has everything except story. no one can save movie. this movie is even below than below average.

  25. expectation are very high from an Aamir khan movie thats whu TOH failed. bcz this movie has everything except story. no one can save such type of movie. this movie is even below than below average.

  26. actually vijay krishna acahariya ne Amitabh aur Aamir ko thug liya. sahi may thug ye victor huwa. baqi es movie ka thugs of hinduastan rakhne ki mujhe kuch nahi dekh rahi.

  27. actually vijay krishna acahariya ne Amitabh aur Aamir ko thug liya. sahi may thug ye victor huwa. baqi es movie ka thugs of hinduastan naam rakhne ki mujhe koi waja nahi dekh rahi.

  28. 81.5 2 days + 23.5 day 3 = 105 3-day
    105 3 day + 21 day 4 = 126 4-day

    126 4-day + 59 rest of the run = 185 total ... This is the maximum it can do.

    175-180 lifetime is more realistic.

    Another Mangal Panday ... high grossing flop.

    Lagaan and Rang De Basanti were intelligent takes on imperialism. Mangal Pandey and Thugs were the opposite.

  29. Hahahah, maine pehle bhi kaha thaa Aamir Khan bina Christmas aur bina content k kuchh bhi nahi hai, par aamir k fans ko ghamand ho gaya thaa aur wo log aamir ko salman se bada star samajhne laga thaa.
    Shukr manao k weekend mein ek Saturday aur sunday extra mil raha hai, 5 day weekend k wajah se thug ki thodi zyada kamayi ho jayegi, pehle din ki kamayi sirf is liye zyada hui k ek diwali ka next day hai jo ki business k liye best hai aur phirr sabko laga thaa k aamir content k sath aya hoga isi liye bookings bhi achchi thi par 2nd day pe aukat pata chal gayi, ab samajh agaya hoga k bina content aur Christmas k aamir kuchh bhi nahi, ab thoda aamir k fans ki aukat samajh agayi hogi.

  30. TOH dropped by 25 % on Sunday too. As per BOI Sunday collection will be 17 cr only. Hahahaha..... Race 3 jaisa he Haal ho gaya.... Hahahaha... Monday it will crash badly and collection will go down below 10 cr.... My pridiction is 7-8 cr on Monday.

  31. Sunday is shockingly lower at 16 crs.....God knows what will happen on regular working days. Let's leave it yar....amir ka insult Karna achcha nahi lagta.....but amir keep immatured fans ko jamin pe lana jaruri tha. They don't understand the concept called "superstardom". Salman though I don't like his acting is only true superstar. Race chhodo.... TZH me Salman ki jagah amir hota to pata chalta.?

  32. So this year debacles of Race 3 and Thugs prove that Indian audience is becoming smarter. They will watch movies of small budget and not so big stars if content is there and will outright reject big movies if content is not good. Success of Sonu ke Titu ki sweety, Raazi, Andhaadhun, Badhai Ho proves that. So now all the 3 superstar khans have to choose the right movies.

  33. Where are Aamir fans spcly parshya 545 cr 145cr kr le wo bhi kaafi hai.. diwali par back to back flop...1st ss and now toh.. aamir fans will say ss was just a cameo agar heroes , hello salman ki movies hoti hai flop hone k baad to ss bhi aamir ki film hai.. lol aamir fans .. rip toh.. itne shakti inhe dena daata ki amir ki bhakti kam ho na ...Ha ha ha


  35. Megastar Aamir khan 2 saal baad movie or 200cr bhi nHi aaaaaaaaa thhhuuuuu..
    Laashe bicha di laashe all over the world... Biggest disaster of bollywood wo bhi diwali par...Rip toh

  36. Film got sabotaged from the trailers onwards on social media by fans of rival actors biased trade analysts it was a free for all no matter how bad a film is if it opens at 50cr + will still go on to make 200+ nett domestically it was barrage of hate and jealousy by spiteful media on tv’s and social media I would go on to say it was engineered then haters making fake aamir fan accounts and then spreading hate when people that avoided this film finally watch it on torrent or tv will realise they missed a really good movie I’ve watched it four times and enjoy it the same then people talk about manipulating figures both tiger movies were manipulated to show higher figures fan did less then 80cr and jab tak hai jaan didn’t even touch 100cr’s in reality but do I go round sayin salman and yrf or srk and yrf manipulated figures no it’s just yrf that manipulated figures aamir hasn’t even tweeted the figures so there. I’ve still got more to say and will say it when this sight is up and running

    1. You gone mad after thugs of hindostan become disaster. According to BOI, FAN 84 crore and JTHJ 102 crore. Acha excuse de rahe hain Aamir fans. Shahrukh aur Salman ne milkar Thugs ko disaster kar diya.

  37. Arre yaar Bolly arena ...post average review of 2.0 ....
    please post an article of box office also

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