Thor Ragnarok and Ittefaq 2nd Friday Box Office Collection

Thor Ragnarok has held very well on its second Friday. The film grossed approx 2 crore which has taken the total to 42.37 crore. It topped at the box office beating all new and holdover releases.

  • Day 1: 7.77
  • Day 2: 9.43
  • Day 3: 10.46
  • Day 4: 4.10
  • Day 5: 3.20
  • Day 6: 2.87
  • Day 7: 2.54
  • Day 8: 2.0
  • Total: 42.37 cr

Ittefaq dropped on second Friday with collections of around 0.75 cr. The film has a chance of touching 30 crores mark in its lifetime run.

  • Day 1: 4.05
  • Day 2: 5.50
  • Day 3: 6.50
  • Day 4: 2.25
  • Day 5: 2.0
  • Day 6: 1.75
  • Day 7: 1.60
  • Day 8: 0.75
  • Total: 24.40 cr

32 comments on “Thor Ragnarok and Ittefaq 2nd Friday Box Office Collection”

    1. @Zuber shah

      Sallu fans Ghamand karna chod do..
      SK,SRK and Aamir sabka stardom same hai
      content accha raha toh tino koi bhi record tod
      sakte hai par sallu fans ko lagta hai sirf sallu hi
      aisa kar sakta hai

      tum log aise bologe toh hum kaise manenge
      sallu abhi bhi PK chase kar raha hai uska kya?

      hamesha content accha hua toh ye hoga wo hoga
      par kuch nahi hota sallu fans se aur kisne roka hai content
      wali movie karne ko.Ghajini,D3 mein kaunsa content tha?
      par ye do movie ATHG bani.sallu ne kabhi aisa kar dikha hai?

      wanted Ghajini ke baad aai thi blockbuster ka remake thi
      phir bhi 60cr hi bana payi.tino khans masala film karenge toh
      aram se 100cr kar sakte hai ussme koi badi baat nahi.

      isliya kehta hoon sallu ko sabse bada star bolna chod do
      sab khan barabar hai varna fan war chalta rahega
      aur hum Aamir fans sallu fans ki kehke lenge
      kyunki hamara star sallu se aage hai kisi bhi department mein

      chahe wo weekend ho,lifetime ho,2weeek buisness ho
      toh mein ye kehna chaahta hoon tum log ghamand chod do.
      varna Aamir fans tumko tumhari aukat hamesha dikhate rahenge.

      1. @Parshya for ur information... BajBhaijaan had more footfalls than PK... Due to extended holidays and hiked ticket rates it collected more than BajBhaijaan.... To itna udo mat.... BajBhaijaan on Christmas would have done 350+ crs.... BTW, according to ur (haters) logic, u say his all films are crap... And his crap collects so much then what will happen if he comes with PK type film....
        Anyway if u r saying that Salman and Aamir can do impossible on Box Office with Good content plz don't talk about SRK... He is nowhere near Salman and Aamir even his good content film failed to reach 100crs(Fan).... Whereas crap of Salman touched 200 & 300. One more thing.... ? according to srk fans his every film is great in content but after debacle their excuses start... ? for ex - Dilwale failed to earn 150 coz it was clashed against a film.... ? but the same film which clashed against Dilwale went on to collect 180 crs with much smaller cast and buzz... HOW??? ? ? ? If BajMast can collect 180 why didn't so called kings dilwale... . ? ? ?.....

        1. Abe..fan. niche genre ki movie thi

          Tubelight ka kya hua ? 4400 screens me 3 week free run me eid me 114cr ..fan non holiday 3500 screens or jungle week se Takkar me 84cr Kia ..ab bata kon achaa perform Kia ..Salman Srk ke aas pass bhi nahi hai

  1. Maine thor dekha
    uska pass ek hammer tha woh hammer kaha se milaga,kiss company ki hai muje chahiye
    flipkart pe milega ka

  2. I was laughing all the way in Thor pure masala action film. I thought tiger trailer was boss but a lot of my friends in U.K. where I live are saying there going to avoid tiger as it’s against Muslims I said it’s against extremist but they said they portraying all Muslims as extremists I’m a big fan of bhai and I hope he doesn’t go down the same route as sunny deol all it took was gaddar and Indian (one was the greatest blockbuster of hindi cinema and one was a super hit) and it effectively ended his career Anil Kapoor wasn’t the same after pukar (even a super film like nayak was below average) I hope Bharat isn’t about indu pak or anti-Islam let’s have a united India

    1. Salman who is a Muslim would never want to hurt their perception...its just a movie yaar.
      Virtually most Special Agent movies be it Agent Vinod to even a patriotic Airlift ....its always the same am sure if they are well exposed like our Indian brothers in India and around the globe,they will be more interested with the Entertainment aspect of TZH rather than paying attention to those void perceptions.

    2. @SufiSaab (SRK fans) I'm muslim too but i never felt like it's against Islam... It's just against Terrorism, The makers Ali Abbas, Salman n Katrina all are Muslim so they will never do such film which affects religious sentiments.... Actually u r an srk fan who is trying to spread negativity against TZH.... Being an extremist and a Terrorist is a total different thing.... So don't worry your words will never affect anyone

      1. Ragnarok I’ve watched every single salman movie from Maine pyar kiya to tubelight all salman movies I watched I’ve watched within the first 3 days

  3. AAMIR KHAN:- Like ROHIT a good boy,Less hundred but big one & 4,5 diehard fans

    ŠÄĹMÄŇ BHAI:-Like KING KOHLI a bad boy, many hundreds but not so big & Most diehard fans

    SHAHRUKH KHAN:-Like DHONI, good days gone just draging his career...destroying himself & some diehard fans

    rest i don' care

    1. Dhoni & SRK??? Lol!!!!!! Kohli is still nothing as a captain without Dhoni's cool head... & Aamir is Mr. Dependable.. He is like Dravid according to having trust & also like Sachin with those almost unbeatable records..

  4. Super salman let’s be real aamir dosen’t need fans he just needs an audience which he gets what happens when sallu fans dessert him like they did sunny the only people that watch srk films are srkians but they are a loyal fan base where was salman khan’s fan base pre dabbang you don’t call them fans you call them action junkies like when tubelight released sab kat liye there will dessert sallu once another action hero comes along

      1. Ragnarok only srk fans watched JHMS hence 15cr opening (that’s why srk gets strong opening) I’m a 90’s fan so if salman aamir srk akshay ajay Bobby made a film I’d watch them movies within the first weekend

  5. TZH trailer plus point

    *Most liked trailer
    *full of action
    *sallu and katrina chemistry
    *Abbas zafar(300cr director)
    *more screen count,Highest TP
    *xmas holidays

    Now plz dont give d excuses.
    hai dum toh Dangal ka record break karo

    such mein Parshya hamesha ke liye sallu ka fan ban jayega.
    hum Aamir fans jo bolte hai kar dikhate hai sallu fans jaisi hava
    mein batein nahi karte.

    traile ke time woow what a triler, weekend mein sab record break,
    aur baad mein content nahi tha

    content accha hua toh sallu srk Aamir koi bhi record tod sakte hai

    mere liye sk srk Aamir tino barabar hai par sallu fans ye manane ke
    liye taiyar nahi toh mein tum logonko tumhari aukat hamesha dikhate

    1. Aur rahi baat hawa mein baat karne ki to hum itne bhi brainless nahi hain jo Secret SuperStar jaisi film se 200 crs India mein aur 1000 crs Worldwide mein expect kare wo bhi Clash mein.. ? ? ?

    2. Abey besharam parshya.... You are expecting TZH type film to break content film hahahah., you called urself brainy and intelligent people LMAO... ? ? ? you call salman fans illiterate but here u r the biggest illiterate, nonsensical, illogical person now it's confirmed that u Aamir fans have zero brain.... ? ? ? BTW according to ur (haters) logic ali abbas was a flop director and his film never touched 75 crs but due to the presence of Salman, Sultan collected 300 crs and now u r calling him 300 crs director... ? ? ? ? ? u haters are totally illogical... BTW thank u kam se kam TZH k baare mein achchi bateein kehne k liye.. ? ? ?

  6. sallu fans lagalo bet

    TZH will break only opening and weekend record
    that too coz of hype,sequel,masala

    family weeknd mein ayegi par baad mein na sallu fans
    na neutral fans.

    muze toh dar lag raha hai ye movie 180cr pe na simat jaye.

    phir bhi mera prediction

    TZH-260cr ...without watching movie.

    1. Parshya tere prediction se Hume kya Karna hh...sabse pehle TZH to khud hi dekhne jayega,,,,,aur tujhe pata h ki dangal ka record BB2 ka baad koi film Tod sakti h to wo salman sir ki hi ho sakti h.....

      Amir sir( like rohit dharma less hundreds but big scores...)
      Salman sir( virat kohli,,,century pe century,,,, but searching for highest score)

      Srk sir( dhoni ,,old days are gone ,,,playing behind his shadow,,,)

    2. 350-380 crore even on an average content... it is my final prediction as I see the buzz among people here in Delhi. The songs are yet to come but I watched a leaked song "Swag Se Karenge Sabka Swagat" on twitter which has been removed later. That song will be a chart-buster.

  7. You are right such films collect only on opening weekend and week like most commercials... Only content films work beyond opening week, Anyway at least u r expecting 260 crs from a salman film but we never expect 200 crs from an aamir films but due to Xmas, extended holidays, hiked ticket rates and finally good content it collects good collection.... With out these think even srk's worst will be better than aamir's film... ? ? ? Commercial + Hype + Sequel but u call ETT a crap film then why are u calling it a hyped film coz sequel of a flop film never works... ? but still u r expecting 260 that's very huge... None has done so much i mean a sequel of flop never done so huge... But u r expecting much coz of only Salman... ? ? ? You know salman can do better with such type of film like Aamir does with content film (without content and xmas he has aukat of Talash).... ? ? ?

    1. Talaash ne distributor ki lashe nahi bichai thi ? ?

      Talaash -semi hit non holiday 1500 screen dull period

      U can ask any one.

      1. LMAO... If u ask any distributor he will say Salman is way better than aamir... ? coz he gives them one movie per year but aamir 1 movie per two year coz he doesn't get Christmas.... Didn't come in 2015 coz of Dilwale was on xmas and will not come in 2017 coz of TZH is on Christmas...? he won't come in 2019 too coz Christmas will have a salman film too...

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