There was never a low phase in my career: Ajay Devgn

Actor Ajay Devgn is set for his multistarrer film Baadshaho. Talking about working with contemporaries, he says there was never any insecurity in his generation but that does not seem to be the case with the young stars today.

Filmmaker Rohit Shetty reportedly said his 'Ram Lakhan' remake fell through, because the male actors were insecure about working together. When Ajay was asked about it, he said.

"I don't know why that's happening. You have to ask them (young actors not doing two-hero film). But I think they are taking their career and work too seriously. You can stand in a frame with someone and shine. Why fear it? When you shine with somebody, you reach greater heights."

Ajay says the major difference between actors today and his generation is that they never took their work as seriously as the young stars do.

"We never took our work seriously at all. Honestly speaking, for the first 15-20 years of our life, we didn't. I was very lucky that I never had to struggle. But I did work hard. As the industry kept evolving, the audience kept changing, our mindset (towards work) also kept changing."

Ajay Devgn also said that he has not really faced a bad phase. "There was a point when I was doing too much work. So, I cut down on my work. That's how the whole process started and it became a system with everybody, doing one film at a time."

"I was pushed into acting any which way. My first film started when I didn't want to do it in a way. It was a superhit and there was no looking back after that, no struggle. When I look back... In 26 years, I think there must have been one or two years where I didn't have a hit, otherwise if one didn't work, the other did. There was never a low phase."

Baadshaho is scheduled to release this Friday.

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    1. Sahi kaha bro, Ye kalwa bahot bakwas karta hai, Iski Badsaho bahot buri tarha pitengi tab iska commitment dekhna

      Sach me bahot hi zyda overconfidence actor hai ye , ye kalwa bahot bakwas films diwale par lake diwali ka maza kharb karta hai.

      1. Kalwa?! Indians always see skin colour first! How dare you say that about him!

        As far as I know kalwa means black or something dark! If yes your a moron!

        If you look so good why are you not in the movie business @sumit so don't say nothing about a mans colour, race gender or what country they belong to!

      2. Yes ,his name is there in panama papers and includes Pakistan artists and yet claims to be desh bakt

  1. All lies!
    Itna Jhoot
    ek film ka system to Aamir ni hi ejaad kya hai.
    From 1995 till now except 1999, 2001, 2006

  2. @ srk & varun dhawan fan

    Yesterday you said in an article "Kajol owes all her career to Karan Johar!


    Karan johar owes his career to srk and kajol. Before karan had directed any movie kajol already had atbb with ddlj. What karan had at the time of kuch kuch hota hai? Babaji ka thullu

    Fact is karan used superhit jori of srk/kjal (of ddlj) to get known in industry. Srk aur kajol ko hatao to karan kai paas hai kia? Student of year and ADHM. Both below avg films.

    Karan is nothing without srk. Zabardasti ka legend na banao overrate kar kai by saying he made kajols career

    1. Okay let's take Karan Johar out of this and all the movies he gave her!

      Kuch kuch hota hai
      My name is khan

      Karan Johar polished her and showed her on the big screen, most of her overseas audience belongs to karan Johar!

      Even with ADHM with clash he still ranbir kapoor who's all recent movies have been disaster yet with Karan Johar he was able to beat Ajay devgn domestic overseas and worldwide!

      Kajol is a huge actress and one of the best of last decade but she owes a lot to Karan Johar, but she chose her husband instead of a freind who's been with her from day 1!

      Fair enough who cares! :)

      1. Polished kajol ? Have you see ddlj and her simran role? Kuch idea hai Simran ka character kitna superhit ho chuka tha already. Have you seen gupt? One of her best performances were in gupt, another her hit film. Pyar kiya to darna kia, superhit with salman. Ishq, superhit. Karan arjun, baazigar.

        All these films before kkhh released. Every one knew who kajol was. Kkhh sai pehlay hi woh ek known aur hit actress thi. Thats y i say karan benefitted more from her (and srk) than kajol benefitted from karan. In fact it were srk and kajol who polished karan who was a beginner/new-comer as director when he delivered kuch kuch hota hai

        Ab waise aap kuch line par ho. First you said kajol owes all her career to karan. Now saying she owes a lot to karan. Already a change in statement which is good.

        Jahan tak ADHM ki baat hai aisi filmein buhat banti hain bollywood mein. 100 cr grosser hai india mein aur 2016 ki top 5 grossers mein bhi nahin hai. Koi itna bara achievement nahin hai kai adhm ki basis pai us ko legend manein. No one will remember karan for adhm. He will be remembered for kkhh, kkkg, mnik and thats why i say he owes his success/fame to srk-kajol pair.

        If kajol owes her success (partly) to karan then karan owes his success to kajol (partly) also. almost his entire success is due to jori of srk-kajol.

        Agar kajol nai apne friend (karan) ka saath na dai kar theek nahin kia to karan nai bhi apne friend (kajol) kai saath relationship kharab kia us kai husband ki movie kai saath clash karke. You are expecting kajol to respect her friendship with karan. y are you not expecting from karan to respect his friendship with kajol and withdraw his movie from clash. That would have been great move to show his friendship.

        Yeh one-sided view hai jo aap present kar rahe ho. Saari expectations kajol sai rakhna kai woh friendship kai lye sacrifices dai, mein nahin agree karta is biased view sai. Mein nai apna poora view dai dia hai, aur mujhe kuch add nahin karna. Last comment from me on this matter.

  3. Given 18 disaster highest by any actor
    Lowest grossing film this decade too pur ka superhero 3.6 cr only lost clash with huge margin in domestic box office all time record
    Tmk vs too pur ka superhero
    Tks 3.6 cr
    Tmk 65 cr
    Tmk has collected 25 times more than Tks
    But but I have never seen low phase a lier actor

  4. Aaj bhi ajay jab chahe apni film Diwali par release karta hai. Biggies sai bhi clash karta hai. Samajh nahin ata log us ki Diwali slot par film release karne sai jaltay kyun hein?

    Festival slots kai rights kia sirf khans nai khareed rakhe hein. Jis star ki (bhale khans haun ya akki/hrithik/ajay) marzi hai woh jab chahe film release kare.

    Himmat hai to pass kar
    Warna bardasht kar

  5. what ajay said is true.. actually srk's.. akshays .. ajay.. hrithik.. ranbhir.. ranveer.. etc.. their careers go unnoticed really.. hits and flops dont mean anything to them...
    But if a salman or aamir delivers a flop.. media.. anti fans.. go berzerk bashing them.. that's because they are that huge.. bigger than what u can imagine..

    1. Tera Dimaag teek hai!

      It's shah Rukh Khan who always bashed for giving a flop Aamir and Salman have been giving them for year people are used to them giving flop! But people expect highly critically acclaimed movies from srk which he is unable to give today!

      Although Aamir and Salman are big today so if they gave a flop they would be bashed but if Aamir gave a flop today he would be torn to pieces by the media because his collections have been so high in this decade!

      1. even when aamir gave a flop in talaash.. nobody really bashed him.. but with 120cr flop tubelight.. everyone did!!..

  6. Himmatwala 50cr in 2000screens jhms 60cr 3500screens hahahahah now who is global star...himmatwala all reviews were 0-1 means extremely negative jhms reviews were 2-3 means mixed our ha himmatwala 4 saal pehlay release huwa tha.. srk fans alwas barkin no hit in the last 3 years srk ki wajah say saray distributers kangal hogaya..

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