There should be no comparisons between Dangal and Baahubali 2: Aamir Khan

Superstar Aamir Khan has said that his films Dangal should not be compared to the recently released Baahubali 2, as both are good films which are making the country proud.

“I am very happy the film is being appreciated so much in China and across the world. But I don’t think there should be any comparisons. I have not seen Baahubali 2 yet but it’s a very successful film and have heard so many good things about it.”

Congratulating Rajamouli and his entire team, Aamir said, “I feel there shouldn’t be a comparison between the two. Both are good films in their own rights, both are Indian films which are making the country proud.

“I am proud of Baahubali as well and as an Indian fan I would really appreciate the fact that the film is doing so well all over the world.”

The actor was speaking at the premiere of Sachin: A Billion Dreams, here last night.

30 comments on “There should be no comparisons between Dangal and Baahubali 2: Aamir Khan”

  1. par dangal success China me kuch south Indians ko digest naahi ho raha hai isiliye twitter face book me rumors faila rahe hai ki dangal collection fake hai

      1. hamne bahubali 2 baar theatre me dekha south wale kitne baar dangal ko dekhe hai ek baar bhi nahi na jab ki China wale jahan NRI nahi hai waha k log pasand kar rahe hai par south Indian wale acha Bollywood film ko nahi karte

  2. par dangal success China me kuch south Indians ko digest naahi ho raha hai isiliye twitter face book me faila rahe hai ki dangal collection fake hai

  3. Dangal India Gross 511 crore + Overseas Gross 1025 crore = 1536 crore total gross income
    Bahubali 2 India Gross 1253 crore + Overseas Gross 277 crore = 1530 crore total gross income

    So Dangal Surpass Bahubali 2 .... Yahoo ...
    And I think Bahubali 2 breaks Dangal Record after the run of Bahubali 2's second phase ...

    1. @don ...

      but bb1 7crore hi life time kma ski . so 2nd phase me koi khas fark nhi pdne wala h .

  4. Both are good films.we should feel proud.Both films are India's biggest hits.Both have given some messages to film industry:
    1)Both films didn't promoted too much.There trailer & brand have spoke bout movie.
    2)BB2 have shown that a big film don't need holiday period to bring audiences to theatre.
    3)Dangal have shown that a simple film but high on content & performances can be a universal success.
    4) Both films have shown the potential of Indian film.We will see soon 3000 grosser if world accept Indian cinema

  5. Yes Aamir sir, U r right...

    Kaha Dangal aur kaha bb2....no comparison....

    #Dangal is classical movie while bb2 is a masala movie.

  6. couldn't agree with Aamir more.....!!!

    China collections of Dangal and India collections of Bahubali 2 are just INSANE and UNTHINKABLE making us all cinema lovers proud....

  7. Bahubali is deeply hurt by dangal performance then katappa bahubali ko lori sonarahahe ""lorii sonay o maiya kaha ,koun natayega dangal rukhe kaha "

  8. Now, as per wikipedia, dangal is the highest grossing Indian movie ever !

    Search for "highest grossing Indian films".
    It has updated as 1743 crores for dangal !

    Hats off to Aamir Khan...
    What an achievement !

  9. Talking of some facts here

    Footfalls for Dangal: 6 Cr approx (3.7 Cr India + 2 Cr China + ~0.3 Cr RoW)
    Footfalls for Bahubali 2: 10 Cr approx in India only

    India Distributor Share
    Dangal: 200+ Cr
    Bahubali 2: 600+ Cr

    Overseas numbers only benefit the local distributors & not the producers. They only get the selling price of the Print & unlike India, there is no profit sharing mechanism. Only with those countries with whom India has a free trade agreement can the profit sharing be worked out. So the only one to benefit from the success of Dangal in China is the Chinese distributor. Aamir Khan cannot take even a penny from there. He can hope for a higher selling Price for his next film.

    Also, all the bollywood producers expecting to cash in big on China are in for a rude shock. China allows only 34 Foreign language films (including Hollywood) a year to be released in China. So the window is already very narrow. If they expect to make any headway in Chinese market then they are fooling themselves. To his credit, the only one who can better Dangal's performance in China is Aamir Khan himself. He is a master story teller & most likely, his next film can fetch a price in upwards of $50 million in China something that other Bollywood directors can only dream of.

    However, Bahubali overall is the most profitable film ever made in Indian cinema. It has showcased the potential of the domestic boxoffice. When films with superstars are struggling to cross 100 Cr w/o holidays, Bahubali did 125 Cr on Day 1 itself & that too without any established Superstars. But, more than anything, it established that a good story, a gripping screenplay, majestic presentation, & cultural connect transcends the language barrier

  10. Dangal ka daily ka 60,000+ show chal raha hai aur footfall 6,50,000 hai .MATLAB 11 people per show.ye kaisa cinema hall hai China me kya room me dikhaya ja raha hai kya.Kuch to hai

    1. @raj_kumar

      ydi sare show full rhte to , 400crore per day nhi bnte....

      or abhi per day 20 crore bn rhe h....

      or ye avrage h....

      thodi to akkal lga...?

  11. He is making fool out of everyone,how come he says its a gud movie and says he din get time to watch,the way film gave jitters to him he must ve watched it 1000 times, natanki hai Aamir he knows that his record wud be broken when bb2 releases in China so he is playing safe...

    1. @sanjay

      mhabharat k sanjay....

      bhai .....aamir movies bhot km dekhta h....or esi faaltu vfx movie to bilkul nhi.....

      or BB1 ne china me 7crore kmaye the.........or BB2 sirf....jyada se jyada

      25 crore hi kma payegi.....koi b chinease intrested nhi h...BB2 me

  12. as an indian film.. what is more important is indian collections.. worldwide is mere manipulations.. not tht indian collections r not.. somebody like rakesh roshan.. srk.. hav mastered it in domestic circuit..
    but bahubali racing away to 500cr is simply gigantic.. whereas dangal collections wer 370..

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