Theatres planning to ban films starring Pakistani actors

After IMPPA (Indian Motion Pictures Producers Association) passed a resolution to boycott Pakistani artists from working in Indian films, members of the Cinema Owners Exhibitors Association of India (COEAI) are now planning to ban all films that star actors from Pakistan. A decision will be taken in this regard on Friday, October 7.

Confirming the same, Nitin Datar, President of COEAI, said, "The members will be meeting on Friday and we'll decide on the matter. But one thing is for certain - the decision will be taken keeping the wishes and the sentiment of the public. We won't go against them."

Raees and Ae Dil Hai Mushkil

On being reminded of a similar ban imposed by IMPPA last week, Datar said, "Yes, I support the IMPPA ban. They are looking at the bigger picture and taking steps for the future."

Considering IMPPA has exempted completed projects like 'Ae Dil Hai Mushkil' and 'Raees' from the ban, will COEAI take a similar stand, if the boycott is decided upon? Datar remained noncommittal about it as he stated, "I can't talk about specifics but many factors have to be taken into consideration. See, many exhibitors have already signed the deal with the distributors. So if we decide on a ban, they may even face legal charges from distributors. We need to figure this out."

9 comments on “Theatres planning to ban films starring Pakistani actors”

  1. Ban Adhm and Raees simple. We started this together let there not be confusion along the line. Consider nothing just BAN if not some projects having Paki actors will claim they are rounding up and expect the same exemption!

  2. Adult fantasy infidelity expert director Kjogay is never bigger than India. Neither his success or money is 1% as valuable as those young Soldiers who died as legends.

  3. yes no one is bigger than. our soldiers sacrifice
    and indians
    don't ban the film release it
    let the film badly flop
    audience are already stop watching srk film
    fan is disaster both in theatres and TV
    if salman will support Pakistani than he will have to ready for loosing audience

  4. In Pakistan our film can ban they why should we release Pakistani actor involved film . Vande Mataram .

    1. Well,then ban the magical 3 khan and shut down bollywood as BW is nothing without 3 Khan.!!!??

  5. banning Indian movies starring Pakistani actors is not a solution. it will cause more loss to India than Pakistan. first of all, the situation and relations of India and Pakistan were different when these movies were shot.
    Pakistani artists have been paid already for these movies (e.g. Raees and ADHM). They have got money for their work. they are in profit.
    But now, whose loss will be in banning these movies? ofcourse our Indian Directors and Producers will bear this loss.
    So, I think in future, we should make sure that there should not be any Pakistani artists in our movies. But for now, these movies should not be banned.
    Jai Hind... Vande Mataram...

  6. Pakistan ke Actors ko Ban krne se nuqsan India ka he hoga kiun ke Pakistani Actors ko ban krne se kya WO Indian soldiers wapis a jayege LOC pr firing se Pakistan ke 2 soldiers ki bhi death hui hai magar iske bawajud Pakistan ki awaam ne Indian films ka boycott nahi kia

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