The only thing that matters is the script: Salman Khan

In last few years Salman Khan has taken a break from masala films and is keen to do more content oriented films. In a recent interview with DNA, Salman discusses the idea of starting up his production house and how he wants to take SKF forward.

“People have loved me crazily and made me who I am. It’s just to give it back. That’s what I want to do. Also, when you have your own home productions, you can take your own decisions. Now that Bajrangi Bhaijaan has done so well, we will be on a roll!”

While setting up his own banner, Salman was very clear. The only thing that matters is the ‘script’. That’s the ‘only pre-requisite’, he reveals. “If you feel the script is like (makes a face), you don’t do it. If you think it’s sweet, don’t do it! But if it’s like (surprised expression) great, then you do it! It may turn out right, it may turn out wrong.”

“The only reason for you to produce a movie or be a part of a movie can’t be to have fun on the sets or because the maker is a friend of mine or ‘Oh, I have dates, yaar’. If you calculate your per day to do the film — these are all wrong reasons to do a film. You should do it because you should believe that it’s the best film ever.”

Bajrangi Bhaijaan clicked with the masses, whereas Hero didn’t. But that has never bothered Salman. “Success isn’t the only reason why I am making these films. You can never preempt success. It’s only till the Friday comes and the film releases that you think of the results,” he explains his point clearly with a few examples. “Like for Sholay, when they were making the film, they knew that their film was one of the biggest films ever. It would be a blockbuster ,they thought. But it was a disaster for two weeks!Andaz Apna Apna and Hello Brother, we thought would break boundaries. Both of them didn’t do well. Andaz Apna Apna was out of theatres in three days and look at it now. It’s a cult film. Today, Hello Brother is a film which people watch on TV and keep saying what a funny film! You can’t tell what will work, what won’t,”.

Courtesy DNA

13 comments on “The only thing that matters is the script: Salman Khan”

  1. Nicely said Salman Bhai...Keep doing good work Bhai....

    Salman + Content = All Time Blockbuster

    1. @Gagan Deep, there are many more but at least you think that he has 2 movies in his career, you know what people think about Srk, I tell you Srk entire career is full of crap movies not even single movie a content based movie. So keep your mouth shut..

      If you don't like Salman Khan then no need to come here and bark against him. Visit your Srk article and see dream and predict unrealistic figures because only in Srk fans dream he can give good movies and beat Salman and Amir movies....so keep dreaming...

  2. Bhai pehle without script movie banatr the,bit an after BB he wants script in his movies!!?

  3. Arey Salman Fan U said that Salman Had Many Content Oriented Movies....then y r U unable to Tell that this movie that movie....U said that Salman hv many Movies...OK then Plz As a Salman Fan...Us Baat Ki to Laaz rkhlo...kuch Films k naam to batado....Arey Kaha se bataoge??? Yaad he kya??? Google maarle Wikipedia PE check krle...Naiyo Milega Content wala Salman.... Hahahahahahaah....Omg U made my day....

  4. Salman Fan...Who told U that I don't like Salman Khan....Hehehe...U stupid Fellow...I just don't like His Stupid Illiterate Fans Like U....who Knows Nothing and Bark here n Thr without any Reason....Arey Tum jaiso Ki wajah se Bollywood Fans ka standard Low rhjata he...
    one more thing U stupid ....This is not ur Site so don't ever Say That Don't come here...This is Not ur place...and U r nothing in front of me....Don't dare to Be serious with me othws....Leave it....

  5. @gagan deep, MPK, HAHK, Saajan, Khamoshi- The Musical, HDDCS, Dabaang and again I repeat these are just few names which are either ATBB or get Cult status, and if you want more than go and search in internet if you know how to use it…..
    And one more thing, you don’t know me so it’s better to not comment on me, go and read my comment again I didn’t say anything against you, so you stay in your limit. And your comment clearly shows who is illiterate. I don’t care you like Salman or not, my comment is for Srk fans who every time talk rubbishes about Salman. And don’t you dare to comment on me like this again and do a favor to yourself and get a life you LOOSER…..
    I always take this Fan war as a FUN War but some stupid fan like you make me comment like this. I also bash Srk but as a Fun way (I also respect Srk). And what I comment about “not to visit Salman article” I never thought anyone would take it seriously that was also fun part, we Salman and Srk Fans talk like this. But I guess some stupid fans like you don’t understand humor and take it seriously....

    Advice: Don’t take this Fan war seriously…….

  6. omg Salman Fan U r Just Toooooooo Stupid........If U want to Say anything go ahead Take my nmbr and Whatever U want to say....ur frustration etc etc....Do Thr ha....Jab pata chlga k Main Kaun hu Tab apne aap Hi bhaagoge Beta....Salman Fan Bolke Kitne Rang khilarhe ho Wo Pata he kya ?
    U didn't said anything against me??? wow....Fekuchand.....If U want to say anything....See u thr.....By the way I'm Great King Khan's Fan(SRK) But I nvr insult other actors...Like U and some others stupid People....n one more thing ha Mind ur language...Stay in ur limits....Looser....yeah I know U r a looser and U will remain Looser in ur life...Sad Na...But that's true......

  7. @Salman Fan- One more thing ha...U said that SRK Career is Full of Crap movies....O.....M....G....Tum Sch me bhadke hue Fan ho re....Kasam Se Samjh aagyi k Main kisse Muhh lgrha tha...Chheeeee...Guilty guilty guilty....Go ahead U fake fan and Do whatever U want to do.......Tumse Na Ho paega....

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