The magic of JHMS will take time to latch onto people: SRK

Imtiaz Ali and Shahrukh Khan's Jab Harry Met Sejal has received a poor response from the critics and the audience. The trend at the box office is also not encouraging. However, the director and the actor feels that it will take some time to grow.

Talking about the film Imtiaz says that he never intended to make it a masterpiece. “I am sure that a lot of people do not think that Harry Met Sejal is an intellectual masterpiece, but I did not intend it to be one,” Imtiaz Ali told reporters at the film promotion on Saturday night.

“Some said you really need to be intelligent to understand an Imtiaz Ali film. For me that was a blow. I feel that I have never been part of any intelligent club. I wanted to make a very simple film with all my heart. I have not made this film for praise. You know I would like to be the director who can make different kinds of films. This one is made to reach the maximum number of people. Not to just get praise for myself. I have been a veteran at this. When Tamasha released, lot of people praised the film but the film was not reaching the audience,”

Shah Rukh, who worked with Imtiaz for the first time says that the magic of Jab Harry Met Sejal will take time to latch onto people. “I have not seen Imtiaz Ali’s previous work. I have always believed the film should go beyond the subject and create some magic. I also believe people come with preconceived notion that they have seen already,” the actor said.

“I am speaking on his (Imtiaz Ali’s) behalf. I think sometimes the bigger feeling is to try something new. I have been in the business long enough to try a formula film and to try a film with no formula. Succeeded and failed at both. So, I understood that I can’t even try to recreate the magic. Take Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge, for example. I have worked with Adi (director Aditya Chopra) again. Me and Anushka have (in Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi). But there will never be another DDLJ,” Shah Rukh explained. “So every writer or director does not want to go back to the same magic because he/she does not know how it was created.”

“Some critics have talked about the magic being missing. I think he would not like to recreate that magic that he has done in the past. This one has a new magic. It’s a new trick. Maybe just the newness of it is going to take some time for people to understand the magic of the film. Working with Imtiaz was quite magical,” he added.

The romantic-comedy film has grossed 30.25 crore at the box office in the first two days.

46 comments on “The magic of JHMS will take time to latch onto people: SRK”

    1. heavily promotion....corporate booking....international Dj...top music pritam....comfort zone type romantic movie........top actress.......but one thing missing soul(that was script)...........

      1. He should make films like CE,hny,raees and then mix them up with films like Don 2,CDI.
        Films like CE and Hny aren't stupid, films like Jhms are stupid.

    2. Dangal 3rd sat=106cr in China>>>>>>>>>>>>LT Gross(not nett) of JHMS in India.

      Small budget niche Hindi medium>JHMS.

      Laanat hai.

  1. Srk is the next Rajesh khanna of bollywood....his downfall has started#JabHarrryMetSejal

    1. bhai ya srk ki galti nahi hai log SRK aur Anushka ka world tour ka video ko movie samajh betha.......

  2. Im a big fan of srk.. i watched fan.. hny.. But this movies was better than JHMS.. yes the movie is Little be better than tubelight.. But salman is coming after Sultan and BB so 1 flop for him is nothing. .
    In The other Hand SRK: Dilwale Average Fan Flop Raees Semi HIT. . No Clean hits.. if fails with his next one is almost all over.. why he is not trying director like Anees Bazmee or new debutant..
    Srk is saying that the movie will grow because he did corporate booking for 2nd week thanks to his patnership with JIO & CO..
    He will do everything to get a 120-130 and that same average status..
    From here the movie will collect 17.5on sunday and 1st weekend arround 47. Than Tomorrow the movie need a 10 crore But its difficoult.. the 1st week need to be arround 75-80.. i dont know what can happen in next week. . If the movie can do a 3+ on friday than will Take benefit on 15 august.
    But without corporate booking the real lifetime will be arround 80.

  3. Here's the mind game of SRK and Imtiaz Ali and if SRK hasn't work for Ali why would he work now he should have checked his background History as director. And if u guys keep creating same concept no one will opt for you... bring new concept or take retirement every f****** time SRK show as romantic he has potential but he's using it somewhere. Not an SRK fan on worst movie he could have end up.

  4. Suprised Srk is supporting that Crap thug!!
    Nop Sir you dont have to be intelligent to understand Imitiaz movie but you have to smoke 3 pots of Skunk and then take 4 shots(they call it peg in India) of English or a strong desi Drink and then swallow 5 sleeping pills .....then you can watch his movie!

  5. Buddha Satiya gaya hai, he is treating is as a Cult classic after few years.
    This really shows he won't learn from mistakes rather he defend his mistakes. This will further drag him to not just bite but eat the DUST.

  6. i don't understand why pakistan love movies and india not where is srk fans why don't watching this movies is fantastic i am sorry but srk fans is liars he don't love srk shit i hate liars all world love movies and me i love this movies blockbuster look sk fans he doesn't love movies but he go to watch and he give him 100CR fans love sk and srk fans not

  7. Simple movie banao kis nai mana kia hai. Aisi bhi kia simple movie banadi ke koi story hi nahin thi us mai. Aisi bekaar movies nahin chalni wali ab kissi bhi actor ki ho. Audience buhat smart hogayi hai. Ye baat ab sab actors ko samajh agai hai siwaye srk kai. Srk ko bhi jaldi samajh ajaye to acha hai us kai liay.

  8. Lol they are still giving excuses
    While watching movie, I did not want movie to end. Before ending, I was expecting, now srk will rock, now and now but he did superb over acting

    (he is coming near by theatres to construct Toilet and flush the wastes like JHMS, dilwale, fan, into it)

  10. I haven't watched the film to actually talk about how the film is. I did read a lot of negativity and that's not new for a SRK film. The concern remains the same that SRK isn't doing Cinema that's universally or cinematically appealing. I always say that the audience has become way more intelligent about their choice of what they want to watch and they have all the right to. Downfall or not time will tell but SRK really needs to decide which route He wants to take, either make commercial entertainers, but ENTERTAINERS or critically acclaimed once. The road He's on is like planning by himself with his own money that I wanna fail.

  11. SRK is a fool fooling himself. Akki se kuch siko yaar, kaise achhi scripts select karna hai.

    And 2 of the most irritating SRKians-Prashant Abhisekh and Vishal. Yaha pe 90% log SRK ko inki bajah se hate karte hai

  12. ab time aa gaya hai ki srk audience ke dimag ka magic samje ....
    aur thoda seriously soche ki konsi movie banani hai varna srk is global superstar tha aisa log kahenge ...

  13. We are all fans But please do not use budha and all others words. . srk movie is not working But he is a legend, he was the first to open hindi movies is overseas market. .
    Yes now Aamir is leading.
    2000-2002 Sunny Deol
    2002-2010 SRK TIME
    2010-2016 SALMAN KHAN
    2013-2017 AAMIR (after talash)
    And after this stars who will come? I cant Image bollywood without 3 khans, Akshay & Hritik

    1. From 2008 Aamir khan leading

      Ghajini (2008) first 100 crore.
      3 idiots 2009 in first 200 crore (and at that time no other actor even crossed 100 crore.)
      Dhoom 3 crossed 250 crore
      First 300 crore PK in 2014
      Dangal 387 cr... Next is thugs of hindostan...

      Proud to be an Aamir fan.

  14. budde log satiya gaya hai.. the movie is good for peopl who never experienced a headache.
    I hope salman gets back to track with TZH.. much needed for bollywood.

  15. SRK, have you completely lost ? When it will work , in 2019 ? Till then JHMS will not remain in theaters.how you approved this nonsense script film ? Please choose good story and script.don't look the director's name .look on the good story and script.

  16. 1 thing is amazing

    Akki is always ahead of 1 khan in fan following
    1992-2005: Akki ahead of both Salman and Aamir
    1992-2010-Akki ahead of Salman
    2016-beyond: Akki ahead of SRK

  17. I absolutely agree with this. Someone said in twitter also
    1992-2010: Akki ahead of salman
    2010 and after that-Akki ahead of SRK

    1. whn u r saying or debating, it should carry min 2% sense... that bichaara akki is struggling to cross 125cr..and u r comparing him to someone who crosses 200-300crs?
      pls bring in some logic.. dont simply blabber

  18. koi nhi srk ki next movies chal jayegi . 1 ya do movie dene se koi flop nhi hota .I agree with all of you jhms is not good epsicialy in 2nd half but don't demotivate srk fans . 2 days 30 crore kar liye ye bohot acchi baati hain
    agar ye movie akshay Kumar ya hirithik ya ajay ki hoti except amir and salman to 2 days 15 crore kamati .
    akshay ki hit 100 crore pe hoti ain
    srk ki flop 100 crore pa hoti hain .

  19. sorry srk this is not good at all ,u should make movie what people wants ,i know jhms plot is good ,bt execution n screenplay are worst ,story also not a universal appeal ,jab butterfly song aata h too smjha yehan too feeling aaya bt kya bakwas bna diya h imtiyaz ali ne wohi end tha , n mai hamesa hope rehta hu ki ye movie accha hoga hoga lekin 4 saal se hope toot gai ,ab too 1.5 years next movie ko directors k piche movies dekhke kucj hope lekin pata nahin is baar hope nahin rakhunga movie aane de next year ,srk ab akki se niche gaya sach h , lekin mere liye hmesa no.1 hi rahega beacuase im ur jabra fan

  20. Sher ke per mai kaate chubjae to iska ye matlab nahi ki kutte vi raaj karenge
    Salman fans ko uchalne do bandaro ki tarah

  21. I see everybody complaining why SRK did a film like JHMS. Fair enough its a poor film. Everyone's complaining why cant he pick good scripts.

    One must remember that with FAN and RAEES , SRK did try his hand outside romantic genre and was not successful.

    These are testing times for SRK, he is beginning to lose his super stardom. He will be the first Khan to move to character roles I feel . Ofcourse see a bright future for Red Chillies, it will be come a big production house producing 2-3 films every year I feel.

  22. Koi bat my dear fans....life me kbhi kbhi hota h...
    Main SRK likh de rha hu....|
    Aunga or vapas chaaunga....|

  23. I have seen this movie yesterday night in Lahore, I like SRK much but I must say that this film JHMS has no story at all, further the Punjabi accent of SRK was not suiting him, his voice was feeling like as if it is voice and speaking style of actor Irfan Khan from Hindi medium film. Over all magic was missing clearly. Disappointed.

  24. agar ye film chal jati to srk k fan bolte k srk is superstar... ab nhi chali to script director ko dosh de rahe h... but everyone know that the reason for flop is srk..... usne imtiaz ki lutiya bhi dubo di.... agla no. anand l rai ka h.....

  25. yaar mujha lagta hain srk jhms movie ko chod kar dekho to saari movie acchi thi . BAS ek baar purana wala srk wapas a jaye 2000 wala srk
    sab ki bolts band ho jayegi.
    amir khan ka stardom khata ho aap log phala kaha tha amir khan between 1993 till 2013 tak
    sab srk ko badshaah kyu khata hain

  26. yaar mujha lagta hain srk jhms movie ko chod kar dekho to saari movie acchi thi . BAS ek baar purana wala srk wapas a jaye 2000 wala srk
    sab ki bolts band ho jayegi.
    amir khan ka stardom khata ho aap log phala kaha tha amir khan between 1993 till 2013 tak
    sab srk ko badshaah kyu khata hain .

  27. #JabHarryMetSejal srk ka film weekend-1 India net biz set for 43-44Cr & Overseas biz falls drastically in weekend except UK. Disaster.

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