The list of cuts in Udta Punjab by CBFC

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) informed the Bombay High Court on Wednesday, that they had granted A certificate to Udta Punjab after ordering some cuts.

Here’s a complete list of all the cuts demanded by Censor Board for Udta Punjab.

1. First disclaimer should be audio/video and to be changed as - 'The film focusses on the rising menace of drugs  and war against drugs and is an attempt to show ill-effects of drugs on today's youth and the social fabric. We  acknowledge the battle against drugs being fought by the government and the police. But this battle cannot be won unless the people of India unite against the menace.

2. Delete sign of Board of Punjab in the beginning.

3. Delete Punjab, Jalandhar, Chandigarh, Amritsar, Tarantaran, Jashanpura, Ambesar, Ludhiana and Molga to be delted from backbackground and dialogue wherever it occurs.

4. Delete two words from song 1- ‘Chiitave and H*r*mi

5. Delete ‘tom di c*ck jevhe chitti chitti c*ck’ and ‘c*ock’ in the entire song.

6. Remove all all cuss words from the movie - b****c**d, c**d, t*tt*, chusa hua aam to name a few

7. Delete the word 'election', 'MP', 'party', 'MLA', 'Punjab', 'Parliament'

8. From song no 3, delete the visuals of scratching/itching side portion of Sardar.

9. Delete the close-up shots of injecting the drugs wherever it appears.

10. Delete the shot of urinating by Tommy in front of the crowd.

11. Delete the line 'Jamin Banzar te Aulad Kanjar'.

12. Delete the name of the dog as 'Jackie Chan'.

13. Second disclaimer of fiction to be increased according to audio/video.

Anurag, then told the court that they will check the suggestions (cuts) given by CBFC and will respond with an amended plea by Thursday.

6 comments on “The list of cuts in Udta Punjab by CBFC”

  1. Sorry to say arena is these a realistic film or nonsense .. I am ok with abuse but this is just shere nonsense, are they trying to make a film on drug or comedy ......rascals... god bless ..though really thanx for sharing.. hope it reaches to my friends

  2. I wish UDTA PUNJAB to be SUPER HIT...
    Come On Guys lets walk to theatre and enjoy the film. And accept the hardest realities of our country.

  3. Instead of all these delete the whole movie loll......
    I think gangs of wasseypur series was a family entertainer that's why all the abuse words such as(m*dh*r ch**) were allowed in that movie but not in udta Punjab.....
    Instead there was a lot of abuse words in wasseypur as compared to udta Punjab but censor board are not passing this movie......
    Shame on you censor board.....

  4. Change no. 1 seems ok.. as it is disclaimer and no body pays attention to it.
    Change no 2 - delete punjab and other cities:- why? Many movies shown mumbai underworld which a fincancial capital of india. Censor board where were you that time? Mumbai or other cities dont have sentiments or what?

    Change no. 4 - what's wrong in words like harami? Then why u approved words like rascals, badtamiz, baburao, pyar ki ma ki, etc?

    Change 6:- remove abuse words? Whay did u approve omkara, satya, kamine, gangs of wasepur, delhi belli etc

    Change 7:- these words have been used in many and many movies

    Change 8:- understood

    Change 9:- why u allowed ganja in gangs of wasepur? Why u allow smoke and drink then?

    Change 10:- in rockstar also had same kind of things

    Change 11:- whats wrong in that line?????

    Change 12:- why? Dog's name can't be that??

    Change 13:- hmmm

    Overall it seems consor bord change their rules film after film based on their comfort.

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