Old Article: The Jungle Book to storm the Indian box office

It was an old article which was published on 5th April. In the article, we predicted that The Jungle Book is a potential blockbuster in India. Well, the film has surpassed all expectations. Enjoy this old piece.

Walt Disney’s classic fantasy adventure film The Jungle Book, is going to hit the big screens this Friday. The film will be releasing in India a week ahead of US release. This is probably due to avoid the clash with Shahrukh Khan's Fan and also take the advantage of Summer holidays.

The film will be distributed by Disney and UTV Motion Pictures. In the case of Jon Favreau-directed Jungle Book, Disney not only focused on the summer vacation at schools and colleges but built on the nostalgia the story could evoke in the country.


“For most of us, Jungle Book is a part of our childhood. While the kids today might not have seen it, there is an entire generation that grew up watching Mowgli as a cartoon. In India, the film has a great potential and we see a wider net to cast in terms of audiences. This film will appeal to people from four years and 80 years,” says Amrita Pandey, vice-president (studios) at Disney India.

Besides, even the famous Jungle jungle baat chali hai song from the1990s Doordarshan version of The Jungle Book, written and composed by Gulzar and Vishal Bharadwaj. "The title song from the DD show is iconic and we used it not only in the Hindi version of the film, but also as a marketing tool. The song was re-created and released a while ago, and it has got very good response. For the Hindi (dubbed) version of the film, we have managed to rope in some of the most recognized voices — Priyanka Chopra (Ka), Om Puri (Bagheera), Irrfan Khan (Baloo), and Shefali Shah (as Raksha),” says Pandey.

Disney has also collaborated with brand partners across categories like apparel, stationary, accessories and publishing. The first week of April is when most schools start going into summer vacation and also it is a holiday for some parts of Maharashtra because of Gudi Padwa. The film will release on April 8 in English, Hindi, Tamil and Telugu across three formats — 2D, 3D and Imax — in around 1,600 screens.

So far The Jungle Book has received excellent reviews and the audeicne response is also extremely positive. It currently holds a rating of 100% at Rotten Tomatoes. For all the factors mentioned, The Jungle Book is a potential blockbuster in India.

Stay tuned with us for more updates regarding The Jungle Book.

12 comments on “Old Article: The Jungle Book to storm the Indian box office”

  1. Is there any chance for the movie to collect more than 8cr???? Really interested in this one

  2. luking at the buzz for the movie in Kerala the movie can record the best opening for a hollywood movie and it can become one of the highest grossing hollywood films in kerala like Furious 7(8.5cr) nd Jungle book(7.5cr).The problem will be the outstanding run of two films Kali, King liar nd another big movies (Jacobinte swargarajyam, Theri, FAN)is also going to release in the same period.

  3. I dont know about the Jungle book show in Dhooradarshan. In kerala the craze for the movie is altoghether in another level nd i was addicted to jungle book stories in "Balarama" (a weekly that is must for every child in kerala just like how a newspaper is important to people)I used to buy the weekly till my Sslc exam. The important thing is that every one is aware of the release of the film nd most of them is interested to watch the film in theatre despite the back to back release of big movies(bcz its a festive season called "vishu" just like how much Eid xmas diwali is important for bollywood films)

  4. You missed Nana patekar given voice to 'Share khan' Real 'Genghis Khan'. Anyway mark my words this movie collects more than Bbudhde SrGay's next week release Hollywood rip-off ''The Fan''.


    1. ha ha ha .................. thankq bollyarena... read it again wt i predicted on April 6 is 200% true!! this movie collected 160C Vs Fan 80C..... shame shame shame duniya ka subse ... :P

  5. @bollyarena, just want to let you know thet your site is not working without www, means, if we try only bollyarena.net then the page loads posts from 2nd april and that also without css. Please look into this as most of the peoples will not use www extension

  6. On Feb 22 I predicted the movie will earn more than 80 cr but then so many people disagreed with me look... now look. How much they r going to earn... nd by the way I also predicted it will earn 830 mln world wide,when a time where every big major hollywood trade analysts was predicting around 400mln to 600mln..You can check it in Google. (now its looks like it targeting around 1billion dollar),... Here is the link of my Bollywood nd Hollywood Boxoffice prediction Page...... https://bollyarena.net/salman-khan-working-out-for-sultan/#comment-12937?_e_pi_=7%2CPAGE_ID10%2C6693202004

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