The Jungle Book 2nd Monday Box Office Collection

Hollywood release The Jungle Book is proving to be a major winner at the box office. While new releases have slowed down, but The Jungle Book is still maintaining a great pace. As per official figures The Jungle Book box office collection on second Monday is 5.09 crores.

The Jungle Book has also crossed 100 crores yesterday. As Fan is not performing up to the expectations, so we can hope that TGB will cross Airlift lifetime collection and will also cross 150 crores.

Day 110.09
Day 213.51
Day 316.87
Day 47.60
Day 57.07
Day 67.97
Day 710.97
Day 88.02
Day 98.51
Day 1010.67
Day 115.09
Day 126.37
Day 135.02
Day 144.01
Day 153.58
Day 166.65
Day 178.69
Day 183.02
Day 193.01
Day 202.94
Day 212.75
Day 221.78
Day 233.53
Day 245.16
Day 251.76
Day 261.87
Day 271.71
Day 281.53
Day 290.75
Day 301.34
Day 311.52
Day 320.60
Day 330.60
Day 340.56
Day 350.65
Day 360.59
Day 370.90
Day 381.11
Day 390.49
Day 400.42
Day 410.53
Day 420.45
Day 430.34
Day 440.56
Day 450.67
Day 460.28
Day 470.25
Day 480.24
Day 490.23
Total183.94 Cr

6 comments on “The Jungle Book 2nd Monday Box Office Collection”

  1. Great movies jungle book and fan both but interns of more entertaining it is jungle book ahead of fan and that's why fan has not collected good numbers..... Hatts of to both movies fan and jungle book...

  2. Hello vivek bro I think you people have habits of judging the movies on the basis of its collections only..... Lol then you will say the revenant, drishyam were also worst movies as they were flop in indiaIndia but the revenant won the Oscar for best movie of 2015

    1. Revenant didn't win Oscar for best movie. Leo win best actor.. Spotlight win oscar for best movie.

      Btw, that just a info. I also believe that a good film is beyond numbers. Revenant, FAN both r good movies.

  3. 8yr old Mowgli thrashed 51yr old self proclaimed world's biggest superstar (in India itself) :v

    1. Fan is good movie. it's a niche film, it's never meant to b blockbuster. and SRK is not self proclaimed World biggest superstar. people made him. Rahne de, Tu nahi samjhega.

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