The Jungle Book 1st Week Box Office Collection

The Jungle Book 1st Week Box Office Collection

One of the most awaited Hollywood movie The Jungle Book has a record breaking first week. As per the official figures The Jungle Book box office collection in the first week in India will be over 74 crores. It has a huge Thursday and crossed 10 crore which is the highest weekday (except holiday) for any film released in 2016.

The film had a great start as it collected a huge amount on Friday. Later on it showed big growth over the weekend as there was not much of a competition. It was rock solid on weekdays and even witnessed growth on Wednesday and Thursday. The film has set the record for the highest 1st week for any Hollywood film.

The Jungle Book received extremely positive reviews and the word of mouth was also super positive. In the second week, the film will be competing with Fan in multiplexes. But The Jungle Book is expected to maintain a solid pace and will cross 100 crore in its lifetime run.

Day 110.09
Day 213.51
Day 316.87
Day 47.60
Day 57.07
Day 67.97
Day 710.97
Day 88.02
Day 98.51
Day 1010.67
Day 115.09
Day 126.37
Day 135.02
Day 144.01
Day 153.58
Day 166.65
Day 178.69
Day 183.02
Day 193.01
Day 202.94
Day 212.75
Day 221.78
Day 233.53
Day 245.16
Day 251.76
Day 261.87
Day 271.71
Day 281.53
Day 290.75
Day 301.34
Day 311.52
Day 320.60
Day 330.60
Day 340.56
Day 350.65
Day 360.59
Day 370.90
Day 381.11
Day 390.49
Day 400.42
Day 410.53
Day 420.45
Day 430.34
Day 440.56
Day 450.67
Day 460.28
Day 470.25
Day 480.24
Day 490.23
Total183.94 Cr


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