The House Next Door Trailer

Viacom18 Motion Pictures Presents An Etaki Entertainment Production. The film stars Siddharth and Andrea Jeremiah and will release on 3 November 2017.

The #HouseNextDoor seems strange to us. It seems to be taking an mysterious turn. Let the mystery unfold.

13 comments on “The House Next Door Trailer”

  1. Ajay fans are the most stupid, Idiot n Lunatic fans I have ever come across in Bollyarena
    Such a shame that they r insulting n degrading Legendary Actors of Indian cinema to make false claims to make Ajay Great Actor stooping so low!!!! okay I did wrong in commenting on dead mans article n I appologised for it….
    They say Ajay a great Actor in serious n intense roles n he can’t he even make a single success ending up all flops. is that a great actor u claim such a shame…pathetic…You morons
    Some claim Ajay a versatile Actor…
    Do u even understand what versatile means?????
    One who can perform every role n become successful in it whether Action, comedy, serious, Romance ,drama etc
    Has Ajay done all become successful???? When he does n become successful then claim him
    Only Superstar Akshay Kumar is versatile in Bollywood who did every genre n succeeded in it.
    I say this not as a fan but as a viewer…

  2. Love reading the comments of ceiling fan.He's balanced and puts across his point in the most polite manner unlike other users.Karan Singh too is good.
    Hameed now appears like a 2.0 version of Devgun insulting Akki in every article.

    1. Where did i insult Akshay? Theres a difference between Insult and Giving out points that can be defended anywhere okay!

      Worst is "every article"? Listen Dude Know the meaning of Insult first okay. Insult means Abusing using vulgar words on someone. I have never ever Insulted him, please read my comments on him and point out where i insulted him. Paste it!!

  3. So what do you call Kalwa,Shameless Vimal actor, Worst human being, Shit actor??
    I wont call Srk names cos you already know what they call him.

    1. Hameed just chill !!!!! I talked about devgun guy who insulted Mohan lal, Mammooty n Kamal hassan n other legendary actors of bollywood. He said Mohan lal 1/ 10 of Ajay....
      We Akkians never make such claims ...

      1. Am talking about this @Challa, why is he saying am Insulting Akshay in every article??? If he has a problem with me defending Ajay sir let him just say it period but saying am insulting Akshay???

  4. Aamir Srk Fan Shivang

    10/08/2017 at 2:44 PM

    Ak6666ay Se To Aage Nikal Hi Gaya #Varun ??

    ab Akchhay Fan Ye Na Bolna K Robot 2.0 Arahi Hai Lol Rajni Sir K Dum Pe Bhi 200Cr Ni Depaega

    Law Budger Movie Ko Hit Karne Wala Canadian ?

    Only #Aamir_Srk Rules ?

    7 12

    10/08/2017 at 4:26 PM
    Bro it will be more proper if you call the actor by his proper name pls. I find it very disrespectful be it any Actor.


    This is the kind of person i am so next time dont use words you dont understand their meaning okay!!

  5. Maine sahi likha tha ...fools are discussing on bollyarena ...stick to the article yaar instead talking nonsense about different actors superiority and seniority

  6. Well I love reading your comments because it's neutral on most occasions but when it comes to Akshay you seem to have a certain kind of hatred towards him.
    Comparing Akki with Vivek and giving giving credit of his successful films to his co stars who maybe great actors but can't bring in audience on their own..but as long as you don't use foul language like some others there's no problem.
    Insulting also involves disrespecting someone which you do more often when it comes to Akki.

    1. Go and tell BOI too they are disrespecting your favourite Star Akki when the were clearly speaking about 2.0 Villain role. Same twats insult Srk and you are advocating on their behalf?
      So if I say Akki is playing the role of a Villain like how Vivek played for K3 is that disrespect? Who told you Vivek had a small role in Krissh3? He had almost equal role especially from the middle of the movie to the end with Hrithik. Did you even read my comment on that? Or because i replied to one @Ceiling Khan .. "Yup i did" because he was asking me such a silly question if i compared Akki with Vivek i just had to say yes!

      1. Okay I didn't know the context behind you comparing Akki and Vivek.
        Yes I agree 2.0 is a Rajini film and without his presence no producer would invest 400 crores on Akki.
        But from the way the movie is being promoted it shows Akki has a far bigger role than Vivek.He wasn't even in the trailer.Vivek also starred in vivegam but I'm sure people aren't even aware about it.
        And I'm an Srk fan but I like Akshay.Simple humble person doing good movies off late.But you have been too harsh on him.Just check your replies to jehangir and devgun and your reply to 2.0 because all three of them say unrealistic things

  7. If you have a problem of me disrespecting Akki why dont you tell the same people they are seriously abusing(not disrespecting) Ajay Sir and SrK. You never said so for them why? Listen if you want to be neutral be neutral to all Heroes not only Akshay okay? Now let it be...support your Akshay, i defend Srk and Ajay anyday as long as i have points to back them with which i hardly lack.

    1. Well I don't expect anything from those who indulge in abuses so I just ignore their comments but in your case you write sensible comments backing Ajay and srk but change tracks to bash Akki

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