The alternative ending of Fan

Guest Article by Zohaib:

Most of you guys have definitely seen Shahrukh Khan's Fan. The psychological thriller received positive reviews from critics but the film failed to perform at the box office. I am not much of SRK's fan and did not watch Fan in the theatre. But recently I witnessed Fan and was quite impressed.

Well, then what went wrong with Fan? I personally enjoyed the film and was much better than some of SRK's last films. But I did not like the ending at all and I missed Jabra Fan song. If this song was in the movie, there would have been dances in the theaters.

The first half of the film was superb. The second half was good too but in last 30 minutes, the film lost its plot. The chase sequences were pretty long and made the film slow paced. There could have been more twists and thrills. In the climax, Fan made no sense.

In the film, Gaurav is portrayed as a bad guy and Aryan is seen beating and showing his hatred towards Gaurav which did not go well with the fans. In one of the scenes, Gaurav shoots Aryan. We all know fans will be fans but they will definitely not hurt their superstar in a physical way. Here are few changes that should have been made.

Gaurav also has some kind of emotional connection with Aryan. Like in one of the scenes, Gaurav helps Aryan when the later is about to fall from the roof. After helping he ran away and their chase continues. Through this, we would know that Gaurav has a love-hate relationship with Aryan.

There should also have been a happy ending. Like Gaurav's death made no sense at all and made the audience indifferent. Instead in the climax, Gaurav and Aryan sort out their differences when Gaurav broke out and confessed that his whole life revolves around Aryan and he has nothing to do instead. Aryan also realized his mistake and advised Gaurav to do hard work in his life to have a better career just like he did to become a superstar. And in the end, Aryan dances to Jabra Fan song in Gaurav wedding ceremony (for free of cost :-P)

With these few changes, Fan would have been much better and no one could stop it from emerging blockbuster.

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15 comments on “The alternative ending of Fan”

    1. it doesnt did well , because no holiday during release no festival --
      and got very tough competition with jungle book ---
      if dangal - doom 3- p.k could relese on that date - they even not scrored more than 80 crores -
      now a days -- film should get atleast 1 holiday --
      to score more than 100 crores with solo release -
      and 2 or 3 holidays to score above 200 crores with solo releases --
      and Christmas is best time to score above 300 crores with solo releases -

  1. ya, but they want to end the climax with sad note to take the sympathy of audience, which did not work. but personally i like the movie and srk s brilliant performance........

  2. this didn't work bcz general audience have gone mad...i have watched this movie twice and enjoyed both the times honestly in recent past i have never repeat a watching movie twice due to low entertainment .except BB. All CE,DHOOM3,KICK all are shits...even Pk is not that standard of BB OR FAN...

    FAN OR BB kind of movie we all should watch and encourage this makers and directors to make more movies instead bashing them or blame Hollywood ticket price etc etc...we should proud Maneesh sharma or yash raj and SRK sir...

  3. I will say the director and the film script was a big let down,coz acting wise it was the best.
    People have forgotten why audience go to watch films in theatres,to be intertained and not get bored.

  4. Yaar aab bas Karo! FAN related article should be stopped.. The film justify doomed.. That's all.. It was a huge flop..

  5. Fan is the real ending of SrGay career :P he may try his luck in dad's character as 52 yr old bbudhe

    1. buddha hoga tu ....when open scene start with deewana everyone goes on their toes to see earlier days of SRK that never ending charm still on and on and on ....but rehene de tu nahi samjhega...

  6. Bhai tumne jaisa bola agar besa hota toh film kharab ho jata so fan ki joh story hai bohi sabse best hai

  7. Ha ab to alternative endings zarur batawoge tum log kyuki movie chali nhi na agar chalti to bolte wow kya ending hai...crap people

  8. Problem in second half, the movie itself flawed from the scene when Aryan sent police to arrest Gaurav. Srk performance in first half is outstanding but he was hamming a lot as Gaurav in some scenes. I have seen the movie and personally speaking the whole idea to make a movie like Fan is stupid. A relationship of fan with his Idol can't be shown in this way. The Aryan khanna character as a superstar is written poorly. That's why the movie failed to impress viewers.

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