Tamasha Word of Mouth

Update Tamasha Word of Mouth:

The word of mouth is our new feature.  It will be updated for all big films. Upon this factor we will also predict lifetime collection. PRDP was the first film for which we successfully updated word of mouth & lifetime collection.

The feedback will be taken from the audience who have actually watched the film in theaters. The general perception in the media and social networks will also be considered. And lastly the box office numbers will also play a minor role. Let's take a look.

Tamasha Word of Mouth: 6.7/10 (Positive)

Box Office Collection: 75-80 Crore


The final word of mouth has been updated. The response is largely divided among different sections of audience. The feedback from metros is excellent. In cities it is mixed while negative in small centers. The youth has given a rather mixed response. Do note that Tamasha was largely released in multiplexes so more samples were taken from plexes.

Previous WOM Meter

PRDP: 6.3/10
BOC: 220 Crore


Also tell us what you think about Tamasha word of mouth in the comments section.

3 comments on “Tamasha Word of Mouth”

  1. Word of mouth of Tamasha is very bad. People leaving from interval, because the film is boring. In plexus it is mixed response. Mark my word after the weekend, it will drops and will not cross more than 85 crores maximum. Another floppy to below average film.

    1. yes you are right Ranbir is a flopped Hero in Indian Cinema last 4 films biggest flops, Shakel dakho Bander ke aur Hero Bannay chala" TAMASHA is flop film. i give him 1/5 *

  2. yes you are right JOSEPH the TAMASHA is TAMASHA biggest floped film, Ranbir ke shakel dakho BANDER ke aur action kernay chala, i think Ranbir Bander ko action chood ke shadi karlana chaheya aur baccha paida karna chaheya,

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