Tamasha Saturday Box Office Collection Update


Tamasha Saturday Box Office Collection Update:

The early trends suggest that Tamasha has an excellent hold in North circuits and Mumbai.

Tamasha Saturday Morning Shows Report:

The morning shows were very good at most of places. It was even better than yesterday in some ares. The film has the best hold in Delhi/NCR and Mumbai which has around 40% occupancy. Rajasthan and Gujarat remained low while Bengal was decent. The multiplexes were rock solid in morning shows. While single screens were dull though more reports are still awaited from SS. The overall occupancy in the morning shows is the same as yesterday.

The film has to show around 30% growth today as the opening day was not that strong. The first weekend should have been 40 crore otherwise it will be tough to recover the heavy investments.

Noon Shows Report:

Ranbir Kapoor starrer has shown considerable growth in the noon shows. The overall occupancy was 60% which is higher than yesterday. Delhi is showing very good trend as the film has found appreciation here. This is some good news for the makers of Tamasha.

Update 5 PM:

The film continues its good run on Saturday. The afternoon shows were solid and had the same occupancy. Now it should have big growth in the evening as tomorrow is a holiday.

Evening Shows Update:

As per the coming reports, evening shows went very well today. The high end multiplexes has a terrific run with the occupancy of 75-80%. But the single screens could not have any growth. Nevertheless the film is all set for a healthy second day.

Update 9:30 PM:

The early night shows have been slightly low than expected. The reason could be that film had a good run throughout the day.

End of Updates

Tamasha 2nd Day Collection has been updated on the homepage. You can check in the following link.

Tamasha 2nd Day Box Office Collection


Tamasha has collected 10.87 crore on its opening day. It is the 3rd biggest opening for Ranbir Kapoor. The film has also done good business in overseas, especially in USA and UAE.

The early reports are decent. The film has found appreciation among youth and class audience while the response among general aduience is mixed. Normall these type of movies show huge growth over the weekend, if they are accepted.

We will continue to update this page throughout the day with latest reports. So bookmark it and keep visiting. Also tell us what are your views about Tamasha Saturday box office collection update in the comments section.

23 comments on “Tamasha Saturday Box Office Collection Update”

  1. Flop tamasha. It will drop and collapse. Ranbir is mc flop actor.

    Rom-coms,lobbying and affair rumour is his main job.

  2. bollyarena i think tamasha movie after wknd washout No long raning wknd-35cr lifetime-60cr avarege

  3. depika ka sahara lay kar bhi kuch nahi kar saka laanat hai aisay actor per or wahan shahrukh khan kajol ka sahara lay kar bhi kuch nahi kar paye ga. srif aik actor hai salman khan jo akayla box office power rakhta hai

    1. Comment:salman is the most worst actor Bollywood could have been........I just don't understand how can people love the person who has think himself something big....is there any scary

  4. Akela film to sirf srk ka hi chlta hai. Qki slman to sequel ka Sahara lets hai. Aur kisi ke saath nai realese krta hai. Kisi bde movie ke saath to realese krke dekhe. Prdp q nai chli. Wo to hny se v bakwaas nikli

  5. This movie has story has a soul has a message has prformence nd has chemistry.... Which is must watchable...
    If u have brain nd heart than u will definitely luv tamasha...
    Luv the music of the movie... I want 2 give it 4\5
    1 marks just deduted for deepika's less screen space..
    I luv to watch Deepika...

    1. Some bloody ppl want to educate us by saying to watch soulful movie like bombay valbet besaram roy sorts of movies to enrich our brain and hearth bloody hipocrate ppl we r enough educated ppl more than 95% people go to watch movie to be entertained to have some fun enjoy some moment with beloved one not to learn something from movie thats why it is called entertaining medium so stop giving stupid lectures and start watching mind blowing performances of great salman khan

      1. how long vl u guys can stop an brilliant actor like ranbir from becomeing a star? till ur 50 yr old salman keep doing those shitty brainless movies?? in 5 yrs he vl b out, then wht???? ranbir dnt need stardom he vl survive vth his acting skills.

  6. I think all of u are insecure or just u luv to watch only brain less crap masala movies..... Guys grow up nd use cinema as insipiration...

    1. Cinema will be inspiration for u who does nt learn anything from family going to watch cinemas to learn something how to smooch how to sleep with strangers flirting with other ppl having extra marital which are missing from d great salman khans movie who has good family and committed to family and audience as well go and watch cinema to learn how to smooch what I said avobe to learn bloody crap ppl

  7. I do not why salman fans come her to comper him with rk who better in acting million time , what do you want to prove PRDP is better that silly film for silly people go to the hell

  8. The insecured ,frustrated fans of ranbir are jealous if d khans.ranbir is a good actor no doubt,but as a human being a coward ,selfish,characterless,snobbish,arrogant womanizer who doesn't help anybody.if his close ones are in trouble,dis chuha will wag his muddy tail n leave him.lyk he left his parents for dat dumb lady kat n when kat career will be down,he will ditch her.on d others hand d khans r good,helpful human beings who will help anybody by going out of their way.they r also very down to earth.so if Idiot,shitty fans if rk.get in straight into ur mind dat rk cannot reach d khans standard because he is a blackspot in d name of humanity.

  9. Guys y R u comparing Ranbir with Salman I mean can u compare a cheetal with a tiger and yes these hypocrite audience for whom entertainers are crap and these full of lip locks and shitty piece is mindful shows they don't have and family values by the way PRDP earned 203* crores at box office and how much this flop Ranbir will earn wil get to see Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are total flop SID Varun Ranveer and Even Arjun are far better than these two craps

  10. What the f*** you people think acting is ??? You people are completely tasteless ... liking Prem Ratan Dhan Payo just bcz there is Salman and disliking Tamasha bcz Salman is not there ... grow up man ... rate acting not actor !! bajrangi Bhaijan of Salman is best nd Tamasha of Ranbir is the best ...similarly prem ratan dhan payo of salman is the worst nd besharam of ranbir is the worst ... Ra One of SRK is the worst one as well....you people are just as****...bloody extremists !!

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