Taare Zameen Par is my biggest film: Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is gearing up for his next production Secret Superstar. The actor who is also known as Mr. Perfectionist has given many classic movies in his career. But Aamir thinks that Taare Zameen Par is his best fi;,

Aamir was asked about his career best at the promotions of Secret Superstar in Delhi. He said, "In my head, budget or potential box office success doesn’t make a film big or small. A film is big when it tries to say something big. It’s the intention with which the film is made. According to

According to me Taare Zameen Par is my biggest film I have made because it gives an important message about our children. So, it is a much bigger film than Dhoom 3 for me. While Dhoom 3 had exotic locations and was shot lavishly, but TZP is a bigger film for me for the message it gives to my audience."

Aamir feels that Secret Superstar will also have a similar kind of impact. The actor said, "Even Secret Superstar is a big film for me as it is a voice of 14 year old girl from small town India. Which is about lakhs of girls in India and their dreams, fears and challenges. So it is a big thought. What is being attempted it is a big thought. I believe in it. It is a very important film for me."

"I believe who people who loved Dangal would probably love Secret Superstar. I am hoping it would connect with the youth of our country. I am hoping to connect with parents and it has a deep impact of everyone who watches the film."

20 comments on “Taare Zameen Par is my biggest film: Aamir Khan”

  1. Sure it will touches our heart ?
    Plz release it in China

    I m sure Chinese will love dis movie more than indians same like Dangal ?

  2. I have a bad feeling that this Aamir movie will not meeting audience expectations. Just a gut feeling.

    1. The biggest Blockbusters ever in Bollywood r Toonpur, rascals,rvg ki aag, tezz ?????

  3. Surely TZP is a landmark film... Such a heart-touching movie was it! Anyway, my fav AAMIR movie is Rang De Basanti.. Next 4 are: Dangal, TZP, PK & Lagaan

  4. Aamir have more classics than SRK and Salman combined. Yes apart from HAHK and BB Salman does not have any classic. And with SRK DDLJ,Swades and Chak De India. Where as Aamir has Jo Jeeta wohi Sikandar, Raja Hindustani, Rang De Basanti, TZP, 3 Idiots, Dangal. Business will come and go classics will remain in heart.

    1. And who decides which is a classic? The television watching audience or u alone? If the answer is u, then maybe he has more classics than Salman and srk combined but if it's television audience then u are wrong my friend! He doesn't even have 1/3rd of classics as compared to Salman or srk :)

    2. Well you live in India that's why your saying that! Overseas the most classic movie would be K3G, no hate for anyone! But that movie is on another level classic for overseas, more than DDLJ or any other classic, we not even really bothered about Swades or CDI!

      Your being partial towards Aamir Khan.

      Tere Naam, Karan Arjun Dabbang, MPK, Saajan, HAHK, BB and maybe more.

      Baazigar, Darr, KHKN, DDLJ, Karan Arjun, DTPH, KKHH, VZ, MHN, Swades, CDI and maybe more!

      This list is for India, for overseas Shah Rukh Khan would have at least about 20-25 classics with K3G at the top of the list!

      Good luck for SS!

      1. Bro again I have not commented about business. Go to IMDB and you will get what I am talking about. Yes this partiality came from par excellence movies from Aamir Khan.

        1. I haven't said anything about business, but I'm telling you seriously I know how it was when K3G released, for overseas no movie matches the classic and after 3 idiots!

          3 idiots is much bigger classic than Dangal!

          Business fades away, it's what is remembered after like the dialogues!

  5. Agree. TZP is my favorite movie of Aamir khan. Before TZP aamir was one of my fav actors after Big B & Sunny deol but TZP made me him my second fav after Big B. Then came 3I which simply was out of world experience for me. TZP is special because Aamir produced,acted,directed that masterpiece and it was his debut as director. What a brilliance it was.

  6. 3i

    These are my fave Aamir movies...3i is first but the rest are awesome too...from the 90's generation, Aamir has the most cult/evergreen movies

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