Taanaji will be bigger than Bahubali franchise: Ajay Devgn

Ajay Devgn is gearing up for his recent release Baadshao. The film which also stars Emraan Hashmi in the lead will release this Friday. In a recent interview with DC, Ajay Devgn talked about his upcoming projects.

He said, "I am producing Taanaji, Capsule Gill and a film with Sanjay Dutt and Farhan Akhtar in the near future. I can claim that the visual effects which people have seen it in Shivaay, they will witness 10 times of it in Taanaji. It is a period film and I feel that it will be mother of all, even bigger than Baahubali franchise. We are currently busy with the pre-production of the film and will go on floors in March 2018. I had even announced Battle of Sargarhi long back, but it will take another two years to make it."

When asked about working with Milan Luthria and Emraan Hashmi he said, "I have a comfort zone with Milan Luthria and Emraan Hashmi as we have worked together before. Whenever I hear stories, I try not to repeat them. I played the role of an underworld don twice, once in Company and other one in OUATIM but there was no similarity in both the characters. When we work with same people, we try and do different things. I don’t like to repeat genres. After Baadshaho, I am doing a full-fledged comedy Golmaal Again."

Talking about Golmaal Again he said, "Golmaal Again will be madder and bigger than the previous ones. It was great working with Parineeti Chopra and Tabu. They both are very talented. Golmaal is like a family to me."

Directed by Milan Luthria, Baadshaho releases on September 1st, 2017.

18 comments on “Taanaji will be bigger than Bahubali franchise: Ajay Devgn”

  1. Shivaay k time bhi Ajay ne kaafi kuch kaha tha . Par shivaay crap nikli. Ajay my one of the best actor . But he tries to overhype his movies alot.

    1. Lmaooo! Taanaji looks great but don't Call it bigger than Bahubali franchise both Bahubali movies budget combined was 430cr!

      Hope it's good though looks great!

    2. Shivaay is the only master piece of Bollywood. It is awesome work of Ajay Sir, public loved it.

  2. wow cant wait ajay is my favourite star all time i have watched his all movies intensy actor

  3. Will Ajay ever learn that this is the same pride and self centered spirit that made a flop out of Shivaay ?? He announced as something that was going to be historic but in the end it qas nothing more than a thriller with good vfx but a cliché story.
    If Baahubali was so big it was not only for the visual effects but also for the gripping story.

    1. Very well said...why unnecessary over committing and then falling flat on face....let audience decide if it is actually bigger than Bahubali franchise. Once a mistake and twice is a crime. Learn from Shivaay's failure.

    2. Story of Tanaji the warrior is epic though if the visual effects are even half of bahubali then it can collect 200cr easily if the story is presented well.

  4. Wow great news
    These two films will definitely give new heights to ajay sir career and even it will bring huge change in Bollywood. Now, Action star is back on track.
    Going to watch badshaho this weekend.

  5. SRK should book Diwali 2019 for Don 3 before Ajay or anyone books that slot.

  6. I am a salman fan but I request every one to not bash unnecessarily.despite facing flop result of shivaay he is trying to up the scale,and we are trolling him,we always blabber that we don't want routine movie,we want grand movie when someone is making that we are trolling him just because he is not our favourite star,thats why Bollywood will never make a bahubali! Star wars happen in south also even people murder in madness, but they all supported bahubali because they love their cinema, just recently released vivegam is going to be a huge flop, but you will not find a single negative comment against it,can you imagine what would have been happened if that was a khan's movie.try to think about it.
    P•S-iam a south Indian but also loves khans.
    P•S-iam a Hindu,i said this because akkians on Twitter think down south only Muslims are khans fan,thats why I hate akkians though I love akki

  7. This is his ambition/target. Nothing wrong in setting an aggressive target. It is good to see that he has an ambition big enough to target a monster like Bahubali.

    He can fail obviously also but until one doesn't dream big how will one achieve big.

  8. Sorry mr Devgn but that BS talk ryt there. Talking visual effects then you endup forgetting screenplay. Story and entertainment. Btw you are not that big of a boxoffice draw

  9. Great... finally, someone from Mumbai film industry gearing up to take the challenge and live up to the expectations of current times... Gone are the days of low budget films... Mumbai film industry needs to learn lessons from Bahubali and needs to make big grand films with big budgets and risks... Only then public will come back to watch Bollywood movies...

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