Swag Se Swagat Song | Tiger Zinda Hai

No one can beat Tiger & Zoya’s smouldering Swag! Here’s the song Swag Se Swagat from the film ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’.

Song: Swag Se Swagat
Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Neha Bhasin
Music: Vishal and Shekhar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

95 comments on “Swag Se Swagat Song | Tiger Zinda Hai”

  1. The best part of the song is background music and the dance steps of katrina kaif

    Overall average.

        1. Any Salman fan here from Indicine who recoginizes me? I used @javed user name at indicine also

            1. Don’t break my heart bro ?

              I am a changed man now. Lekin tu waisa ka wais (.......) hai.

              We have formed an Indicine Unity group who watch all top stars movies together in cinema FDFS.

              Next we have planned TZH for the Indicine gang.

    1. Salman ne tiger Zinda hai ke shooting ke vaqt Katrina Ko kitna thapppar maara koi bata skta hai ?

      1. Salman sir is Amazing.. Katrina is looking boring...overall song didn't attract me

      2. @bhai

        Etna kachra song???

        Esse to Radio song achcha tha .

        Paglal bandar ki tarah kud rhe the....

        Es movie me Dam....kuch nhi...kuch nhi....kuch nhi?????????????????????????

        Kuch nhi ....kuch nhi...dam nhi

  2. This location was also used in Vijay Aacharya first film Tashan. This song plus the trailer have ensure a ramp @ d box office on 22 december. Entertaining! Cool

  3. Wow wat a music awsum ??
    Song make movie one more step up ?????kat&sallu
    Surely 40CR+ on cards

    1. worst song of the year...
      best part of song is location,
      the lyrics of the song is worst...

    1. Aaj kuch nahin bolenge Salman fans kissi ko.

      Chalo @parshya shuroo ho jayo. Take full advantage of this offer today.

  4. anthem of the year...Swag se karege haters ka swagat....1000cr...Domestic...likh ke le lo...

    1. abe tune likh toh diya ....aur tera likna baki h kya..
      ab kispe likhga...
      ab dekte h 1000 cr kab kamati h

  5. lashe bichegi lashe ticket ke liye.....Amir ke ekka dukka fan kaha moo chupayege...

    Tiger will tore Amir recrod in his best slot...means ghar me ghuss kar mare ga Amir ke slot me Xmas...HAHHAAHA maza aayega...

    1. Congrats salman for a sure shot bb
      Aur @jahangir Keya karu bhai aamir ki to 2,3 fans bhi nahi hai..uski toh koi fan hi nahi hai..leken prblem yeh hai ki srk,salman,akki,ajay,hritik,,ranbir,william chan,stephen chow,arnold,stallone..sabki fans uski movie dekhti hai..
      Leken aamir is a puny chinese actor..who has given 3 domestic athg in 2013,14,16..and gave 30,30,30 million $ overseas grossers in his lst 3 years(excluding china as it is his own country)..
      which also couldn't be broken by any bollywood movie..so he has no fans and he will never ever have any. unlike salman,akki,srk.

  6. yaar ye Amir ke Fans kaha hai...Dangal pandey Dangal pandey LOL....kaha hai dangal pandey after 15 Dec...udan chu...history...LOL...

    1. Compunder Jahangir khan Aamir fans have life which you don't. They are not jobless like you piece of a shit. So they will not waste their time on these kind of crap c grade movie articles. They will visit only when they will have time and dangal is biggest ATBB you nut. Wait for TOH as aamir is coming to kick your ass. In commercial movies aamir is baap of whole Bollywood. Tiny stars like srk and Salman don't stand anywhere near aamir's superstardom.

      1. Yup u are not wasting your time on such crap c grade articles right? Fir bhi Tera comment dikh raha hai mujhe Mr intellectual Amir fan! ?
        U are so like others out here, proving ur dumbness by blabbering about some1's invisible stardom!


    Salman's Unmatchable Swag and Kat's Mesmerizing Dance and Superb Music.....Its a Deadly Mixture...

    Undoubtedly Song Of The Year....

  8. Highly attractive

    Dum hai toh rokk ke dikha

    This is blockbstr N9 of this decade

  9. That Tiger Theme in the starting and between the Song....Yaar just killed it, got Goosebumps.....

  10. Tiger zinda hai is a must watch movie for all
    For neutrals-inspird by true events
    for salman,AJ and aamir fans-SALMAN KHAN

    for masses-big action film
    for toilet fans-boring katrina
    for rukh rukh fans-producd by their dad aditya chopra

  11. Youtube got hang....Again...
    1st Trailer and now 1st Song......TZH is Roaring on Youtube.....

    100K Likes in less than 1 hrs.....

    Tiger....Tiger...Tiger....Ye Tiger Kar Kya Raha Hai....

  12. This song will give huge boost to film .
    trailer already blockbuster with more than 900k likes is a record and with this song this film will going to rock box-office.
    All over swag se swagat ......rocks........

  13. Very bad song, Salman sir, you stop making such a movie, do movies like Sultan,BB,dangal,pk,teere nam

  14. No one can do swag like Salman... and Katrina ke toh kya hi kehne... jitni tareef utni kam Katrina ke dance ke liye....
    yesterday, some Chhakkians and Tingutards were trolling Salman for his age. Today Salman is trolling them back with his dashing looks and swag...
    Tiger's roar will hit 400 crore domestic...

  15. Great Song ........????........Both are looking dashing.........International Background Music........

  16. Honestly
    Salman cant dance..
    Katrina is looking vey hot
    I dont like lyrics

    My rating 2.5/5
    Average song

    1. Song konsa bhi ho salman ka dance dekhkar muze jalwa song ki yad ati hai

      See his moves, same moves in his all song.

      ? ?

      Yaha bhi hoga waha bhi hoga abto sare jaha me hoga kya?

      TZH Flop ? ?

    2. Btw parshya dhoom3 kaa song suna thaa naa nd aamir kaa usme dance dekha thaa...aagey mujhe kuch kehne ki zaroorat hi nahi hai..

      1. Ok even if aamir is not great dancer at least his dance move are still fat better than salman's hilarious dance moves. And yeah who can forget those epic dance moves in bodyguard? Huh. I don't need to speak further.

  17. Very honest ..
    lyrics is worst...
    even rajkumar movie song is best...
    location & katrina dono mast h.....

  18. Koi baat Nhi parshya..... Pasand Nhi h phir Hum Sab tera karege swag se swagat... Because this is culture to India... Hum Dusman ka bhi mehmaan ki tarh swagat karte h...

  19. Sach batao parshya tujse bada Salman Khan ka koi fan Nhi...
    Din me to Jitni baar tu amir Khan ki tareef karta h. Usse Kahi jada tu Salman ke baare me baat karte h...
    Har waqt bs Salman ke baare me baat karta h

  20. Burnol day for u only single amir fan.
    Get some burnol to recover from heat of this song...

  21. Salman, Srk and Aamir all have one Foot-tapping song this year.....

    Aamir: Dhaakad Song (Dangal): Lifetime
    Likes: 129K
    Dislikes: 11.7K

    Srk: Phurr Song (JHMS): Lifetime
    Likes: 105K
    Dislikes: 14K

    Salman: Swag Song (TZH): 2-3 hrs
    Likes: 138K
    Dislikes: 11.5K

    I am comparing these 3 songs because in these songs all the actors are at the same age, all the songs release in the same year (within 1 year) and all are Foot Tapping numbers......But still Salman's song beat the other 2 in just few Hrs.....Still few Idiot think that it is an Average Song.....Idiots ki kami nahi hai....

    Power Of Megastar Salman Khan....

  22. Average song.... I think 2.5/5 is good for this song... Hope next song will be better... Till then swag se krenge sabka swagat....

  23. Pahele radio song Ab swag se swagat Masterpieces for rickshaw association.Another Worst Song Of Non Actor

  24. Maha wahiyat song of the the year
    I was about to vomit but seeing Katrina's hotness I somehow managed to complete this song

  25. Masala Hai To Bhojpuri Bhaijan Hai
    Masala Nahi To Laashen Bichane Wla Bhaijan Hai

  26. Don't know how many times I have watched this song (who the hell is counting), but everytime I just can't take off my eyes from Salman Sir, he is looking Dashing, Mindblowing, Superb and so Young......

  27. Salllu is a local star depending heavily on Masala, he's nothing outside Masala, eid pe ye yeh baat Autowalon Ko Be Samjh Me Agai thi jb bhai ne masala k bina LAASHEN BICHA DI THI.

  28. Congrats Salman fans Tubelight has crossed 2000 cr in China
    Next Target TZH 3000 cr in jhoparpatti, rickshaw stand.

    1. Troll Karna is different, and disrespectful and insulting hona is different!
      Dude u don't even deserve to live in a jhopadpatti, humans there are better than u Mr chatterbox!
      Amir fans ka class? Tere comments se dikh rha! People who use their mouths to shit!
      Hence proved, I guess those rickshawvalas and jhopadpatti mein rehne vale log are way better than u! Isliye shayad u don't put your real name, or else duniya ko bhi pata chalega kaun hai ye itna ghatiya insaan! And Amir k fans classy hote hai ????

    2. Bhai tujhe god ko thankyou bolna chahiye ki tujhe acchi family mein paida kiya but ek baat bata bada jhopadpatti kr raha hai tb se..jhopadpatti wale insaan nahi hote?btw tujh jaise tucche se toh better hi hote hai jhoppadpatti wale..tu toh aise baat kr raha hai jaise tera baap bil gates hai ?? @legend my foot

      1. @Arjun and @Mynk;
        Very Well said brothers, people like these Idiots (@Legend Aamir Khan) never know what is the meaning humanity....Inko hum kahte hai "Padhe Likhe Gawar".....

        These Idiots think that those who lives in Jhopadpatti and those who drive Auto are not human and they are low class people, but these Idiots don't know that they work very hard to run their families.....

        Ise Ghatiya logo ko kuch bhi bolna bekar hai.....So leave these Idiots in their F**King world.....

  29. TOH weekend collection in China > Local Star Salman's TZH Overseas Lifetime

    Aamir = content
    Bhai = condom

  30. it's a chartbuster from the word go. it's better than all the songs of salman released in the last three years. it's on par with yaar na miley of kick. bahut time baad koi bollywood gaana sunkar maaza aa gaya.

  31. The only problem I have with Salman is why is he doing the sequel to one of his crap movies? Why can’t he do movies like bajrangi bhaijaan or even sultan which didn’t have just masala craps but some message as well. I don’t like him tomanxinh heroines who are much younger than him. And seriously why is he working with boring non actresses like Katrina and Jacky? It’s so disgusting to see him pair with those non actresses who don’t even know proper hindi.

  32. Background music is very very good,,,,
    Katrina looking gorgeous,,,,,
    Location is stunning,,,,,
    But lyrics is not good,,,,
    And lallu yani Dadaji looking very old,,,
    And his dance worst of the year,,,,,,
    2*/5 this song,,,,,Worst song of the year like always lallu songs,,,,,,

  33. My honest review
    When I played first time this song
    *in starting " vow " Gonna crazy
    *after finished the song hmm it's awesome but Lyrics could be more batter
    (2nd Time )
    *Loved the song and Lyrics too
    (3rd Time)
    *its not a song of 2017 it's a song of all time
    And Now playing in Loop
    Song is wonderful but Bhai and Kat makes it more and more wonderful
    Matlab Chand par b Char Chand laga diye yr
    #Ab swag se krege Records ka Swagat

  34. Another world record for Tiger!!!
    The Salman and Katrina Kaif starrer song has become the most viewed video in 24 hours on YouTube.The song managed to garner over 12 million views within a day beating Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee’s Despacito, Camila Cabello’s Havana and Ed Sheeran’s Perfect.

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