Swag Se Swagat Song Teaser - Tiger Zinda Hai

Ready to get slayed with swag? Here's the teaser of the much-awaited song 'Swag Se Swagat' from the film 'Tiger Zinda Hai'. The full song will be released tomorrow.

57 comments on “Swag Se Swagat Song Teaser - Tiger Zinda Hai”

  1. Wow fantastic song after lot of research i can easily say that this song will the 1st bollywood song to get 1billion views in youtube

  2. Agar Padmavati tiger Zinda hai clash hua to
    Tzh 3400 screens
    Padmavati 2800

    1st day tzh 22-23cr
    Padmavati - 14-16cr

    1st Weeknd tzh - 70cr
    Padmavati - 55cr

    1st week. Tzh 115cr
    Padmavati 100cr

    Lifetimes tzh 160cr average
    Padmavati 200cr hit

        1. @Aamir The Megastar
          Arey sir maine sirf kaha tha Apka cameo hai fir bhi kar sakti hai 100cr
          maine aisa nahi kaha tha jaroor karegi

          dimag ka dahi mat banao sir.
          Apke jaisa Megastar koi nahi sallu chhillar hai apke samne

          oh sorry chhilar to miss world 2017 hai sallu bihar ka star hai.

          compare karna hai toh PK,Dangal se karo jisme full fledge role me the aap

          1. Lol @Parshya ???...Vallah your comments ?..."Arey sir maine sirf"
            "Jisme full fledge role me the aap"?

            1. Will say my mind out...during Ga vs SS clash you and I know how it really got so so ugly between Aamir and Ajay fans,they kept on attacking each other must say was very embarrassing considering both of them being Great actors...But @Sky and @Parshya for once never spread any negativity for Ga and both kept wishing Ajay sir best of luck continuously... That's why amongst the Aamirian fans you and Sky stand out from the rest!

              As for Salman... I know very well that Parshya has great respect for Salman sir, so I don't take his comments that negative... Might be wrong but truth be told no matter fan war reaches to another peak...both Salman Aamir fans deep inside them will always have a mutual respect for each other idols.

              For Srk his current form will always be used as a yardstick from most of their fans but I vividly remembered a comment I posted on top stars with 1st 100cr n 200 cr founders...I mistakenly put Salman sir name instead of Srk name for 1st 200 cr End founder...without a blink of an eye a Salman fan(I think Tzh) corrected me and said it's SRK slot...That's all am talking about... Some unconsciously made very positive remarks of a top household superstars that comes out immediately forgetting you troll him alot...

              Fans war will keep going on...But respect can never be wiped off that easily regarding to the 3 Khans Trio.

          2. @Parshya... ? film line mein pehli baar aya hai kya... ? Cameo and Supporting Act mein fark hota hai... ?
            SS mein Aamir Khan main act mein nahi tha but Cameo mein bhi nahi tha. 50 min ka role cameo nahi hota hai.... Film Aamir k character pe centered nahi tha but Supporting act mein tha uska Character.... To ab ye cameo wala rona dhona chhoro aur point ki baat kiya karo.... Waise pehle ye sab jaan lo phirr baad mein Salman Khan se apni jalwate rehna... ? ? ? ? ?

      1. Aur Aamir khan k fans apne aap ko literate and genius kehte hain....? ? ? ? ? @mahaveer, tumhara comment batata hai k tum kitne literate and genius ho....? ? ? ? ? tum log to thele wale se bhi bad tar ho... ?

  3. Salman upcoming results :
    Tzh - 230cr if solo (superhit ) and 165cr (if clash ) (average /semi hit )

    Race 3 - 125cr flop
    Bharat 110cr flop
    Dabang 3 175cr semi hit
    Salman finish ho Gaya ab fir se 2010 se pehle vala haal ho jaega

    1. Upcoming Akshay movie result

      Padman 110cr superhit
      2.0 - 250-300cr blockbuster
      Gold 200cr blockbuster
      Kesari 250cr blockbuster
      Housefull 4 - 200cr superhit

      Ab Akshay top pe aa jaega

  4. Before 5 days swag still now teaser
    Tomorrow morning part1 after that part2

    What is this?
    ? ?

    Its better to play counter strike instead of watching this crap song and TZH.

        1. Koi aisa star hoga jis ka naam disclose kartay huai sharm aati hogi. Probable candidates are Uday Chopra, Chunkey Pandey and Shakti Kapoor. If not these then definitely would be KRK.

        2. Atleast uday chopra ka fan hote hue bhi logical comment karta hai tere jaisa Illogical nahi...? ? ? ? bada aya TZH hai ko 200 crs k andar predict karne wala jo khud SS ka 200 domestic and 1000 crs China mein predict karne wala... ? ? ? ? ?

  5. Which is better TZH or counter strike?
    Hit like for counter strike and dislike
    For TZH

    Personally i feel counter strike is much better dan this wahyat TZH

    #Padmavati vs TZH

    Jai ho KRK..

      1. So you chameleon are KRK fan. Thanks for letting us know that at least even a krk has a fan in you. :D :D calling deshdrohi bigger than dangal proves how low your iq is. God bless your fucking mind.

  6. now again this song give salman phobia to haters.
    again haters suffer from TZH phobia.
    again haters start to buy burnol.
    again haters start jealous and reduce their blood so the purchase of blood tonic will increase.
    again haters will find the whole day to search negative part of this song.

    God save HAters.......

    1. No need to buy burnol for us because we know very well that this crap will turn out another fuselight/ jai ho. Audience ne Salman ki aukaat dikha di hai. Once again the Same will happen.

  7. Akshay ki aukhad nahi hai...
    dream of akshay fan ..
    tepk 150 fail
    again dream padman 150 fail
    again dream 2.0 150cr fail
    again dream gold 150cr fail...
    ye akksgay kab to b karega 150cr...\
    fir dream dekhna band hojaega//////////
    sharuk ek clean hit kab dega...
    kya halat ho gae sharuk k koe b film hit nahio hori..........

  8. Once krk prepared poll in his twitter amount before suspended.
    Which is most awaited film and ppl will watch.
    So TZH got 64% vote and TOH got less than TZH immediately he deleted his tweet ....
    Same krk mentality ppl commenting here.
    So haters just buy burnol to recover from heat of this song.

    1. Then don't watch their movies lol, @Mink you make me laugh, you made these people stars!

      And let's see who can replace the Khans, no one at the moment!

      When Khans came they easily tool over Bollywood from the rest of the actors, next gen needs to do the same!

      NO one can make a better movie than Aamir Khan from the younger gen!

      Their is no better actor then Shah Rukh Khan from the younger gen, can you imagine putting someone from the younger gen to talk about Indian films to the world! Lol NO!!

      which actor from the younger gen give competition to Salman Khan at the box office or compete the stardom in India!

      Who should replace them?! Theirs no one!


      Top stars of their gen! All 3 together are not even 10% of the Khans

  9. Ab toh Swagat Swag se hi hoga... No competition for Tiger on this Christmas... Lets how far Tiger's Roar goes...
    my prediction 325-350 crore...

  10. Aamirians ka Salman ko troll karna aur challenge karna jaayaz hai lekin ye Akkians apni aukat kyu dikhaate hain... Salman and his fans always support Akshay lekin Akki fans Salman ki movie ke time apna asli rang dikhana shuru kar dete hai... thats the reason why Akki is just a 100 crore star aur Varun, Ranbir aur Ranveer jaise young launde bhi Akki ki baja jaate hain...
    TZH pe comment karne waale Akkians, pehle Varun Dhawan ki Judwa 2 ka record break karo phir baat karna...jao jaake Rajpal Yadav ke fans se fight karo...
    PS- Akkians! burnol ka stock karlo kyunki 22nd December ko burnol kam pad jayegi. Kahin ye na ho ki burnol Canada se mangwaani pad jaaye....

    1. Abe tum Salman fans Ko jaise bhut Shareef ho ..jab Salman ka flop Hoga na lagatar to 2019 me tum Salman fans Akshay ka negativity Kroge kyuki us vaqt to Akshay bhut aaage Nikal Chuka Hoga Bandar khan se

  11. Sallu fans:Aamir fans, hai dum toh TZH ko rok ke dikhao

    Aamir fans:Sallu fans agar aap logo me thodi si bhi sharam bachi hai 4 chance lene
    ke baad toh Dangal ka record todke dikha do.

    Sallu fans:Oh such me Aamir fans sahi bol rahe hai BB,PRDP,SULTAN,TUBELIGHT sabhi holiday
    release thi fir bhi Aamir ka record tod nahi payi toh TZH kya ghanta todega.

    Aamir fans:Hahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Sallu fans chasing story after 2009

    1.Gajini-117cr.....break by 3Idiots
    4 times failed to break Gajinis record

    2.3 Idiots-202cr...break by Dhoom3
    7 times failed to break 3 Idiots record
    (Veer,Dabang,Ready,bodygaurd,ETT,Dabng2,jai ho)

    3.Dhoom3-286cr...break by PK
    1 time failed to break D3's record

    4.PK-340cr......break by Dangal
    4 times failed to break PK'S record

    5.Dangal-387cr...still on
    1 time failed to break Dangals record

    Sallu fans kuch toh bolo?
    kab todoge Aamir ka record?


    1. Dear Parshya

      According to you if any one made a movie and invite 6 rich man in the world (Bill gates,Bezos,Jukar,Ambani,Ratan,Carlos Slim) and each of them pay 100 crore as ticket price then the movie is ALL TIME BLOCK BUSTER. No Dear it's all about footfall while Bajrangi beats PK in terms of footfall.

      But I think you won't realize it because I know it's a fake account made by this site as they need Fan Fight to increase site viewer.

      So Fake account holder please be aware before comment anything against THE BIGGEST SUPER STAR.

        1. Dear DJ

          In 2014 :
          Jai Ho FF = 14398000
          kICK FF = 24192000

          In 2015
          BB Foot Fall = 35417000
          PRDP FF = 22763000

          In 2016
          Sultan FF = 32343000

          Almost 13 cr Ticket Sales with in only 3 years.Please give me 1 example like this one for other STAR.
          You can check BOI data.
          Then please call Parshya.

  13. Yar Mk [email protected] Ultimate song b sayad ho jaye,,,,but both r looking hot ??????
    Katrina always hot ye b shi lekin Dadaji yani lallu kaha se hot lg RHA,,,,,Katrina k samne uska Dada lg RHA,,,

    1. I respect every actor/person hard work and I do not bash their fans for nonsense reasons.....All people are not like you.....I like Aamir-Salman-Shahrukh trio movies and also others if movie is good enough for me.....

      Aamir-Salman-Shahrukh are 50 plus in age but all look handsome to me.....What is your problem????

      Apne Pitaji ko kya bulate ho?????

      Think before commenting ........

  14. Padmavati and tiger zinda hai are clashing and everyone is comparing these 2 movies
    Padmavati can easily crush tzh and here is proof
    Bajirao mastani - 367 crore
    Fuselight - 223 crore
    Ek tha tiger was blockbuster on box office and i has heard many people saying ek tha tiger was crap movie and i has'nt seen a single person who like that movie it was blockbuster just on box office but nobody liked that movie and tiger zinda hai is sequel of that crap movie so people did not like ek tha tiger so why will they watch tiger zinda hai
    Salman fans are saying tiger zinda hai will be blockbuster because ek tha tiger was blockbuster
    But ett was bb just on box office and nobody liked that movie
    Bajirao mastani was blockbuster on box office as well as everyone liked that movie so padmavati will also be blockbuster
    Trailer ke achche response se kya hota hai fuselight ke teaser ke bhi 500k+ likes thee
    Salman fans are saying tzh will break bahubali 2 record
    If tiger zinda hai break bahubali 2 domestic box office collection by its worldwide collection then i will give Rs 10000000000000 to each and every salman fan
    Its a challenge

  15. @aamir Khan shuruvat Sallu fans hi karte Hain like tiger you and many more isliye ye bat badhti hai jab tum Sally fans akki ko troll karoge to ham Kya talk bajaenge ham bhi troll karenge to agar yahi chahte ho ki akki ans kuch n.a. bole to pehle bhaitards ko samjhao

  16. 2mrw burnol selling day .....all haters buy burnol...to recover heat of swag se swagat.......
    like big billion day of Amazon and fliokart..
    Same big burnol day from Amazon and flipkart...so start to buy burnol....

    1. true.. isise hi patha chalta hai how big TZH is going to be..
      youtube record is the talk point everywhr

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