Swag Se Swagat Arabic Song

Infectious energy & music that will leave you hooked. The Arabic rendition of ‘Swag Se Swagat’ is all that & more. Play it loud & on loop. Song was recorded in conjunction with master gate music services by Ziad Karimeh in Lebanon.

Singers: Vishal Dadlani, Neha Bhasin, Rabih Baroud, Brigitte Yaghi
Music: Vishal and Shekhar, Julius Packiam (Tiger Theme)
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Arabic Lyrics Translator: Mohammed Jad Malak

43 comments on “Swag Se Swagat Arabic Song”

  1. BTW TZH will not release in Pakistan!!
    means that oversease collection will get affected.

    1. nobody wants it to release in pak and china.. release it anywhr else we indians wont care..

  2. lag gayi...Dangal ki tu...

    Breaking news....TIger ne kiya Dangal ka shikar Geeta Babita zakhmi or Bapu PVR me akhri saase le rahe hai TOCHina ko positive script ki jaroorat.LOL

  3. @utsav..akki is in incredible form now..he has been consistent only in lst few years..bt before that he would give 1 hit followed by 4 5 flops..yes he did a lot of movies..and akki gave record openings in lst decade..
    Bt wht matters most is present..most of akki's big films failed to deliver- blue,ouatim dobara,brothers..
    And talking about srk..he is in bad form..salman gave tubelight..bt any day anytime srk is bigger than him..1 or 2 films doesn't change it..and salman gave 800 crores combined in 1 year with bb, prdp,sultan..and being a fan of an actor doesn't mean to support him blindly..except some stupids..liking an actor does not mean i have to hate every other actor

    1. Comment:tell me who has not seen baad phase in his career salman,srk ,Ajay ,ammir all have seen bad phase in his career akshay has always given 2 success in a year even in his bad phase ask your favorite actor to do 4 films or more than 4 films in a year then and see how many films become successful akshay has highest no of hits on nonholiday highest no of superhit on nonfestival highest no of 100 cr on nonfestival highest no 200 cr ww on nonfestival and in in last two decades akshay has never given back to back 5 ,6 flop films he has made 102 films according to boi in just 24 years of time still success ratio is 46 % just 5 percent less than salman who has made just 60 films in 24 years more movies more risk he is the only actor who has given 5 hits and 6 success in a single year morons like you doesn't make any sense akki is always in level of Khan's and according to boi he is 4th most successful actor of all time and 3 biggest superstar this decade ???

      1. Comment:and all the movie you have mentioned above like ountmd ,blue are bumper opener even in clash in fact blue is bumper opener of 2009 in 3 way clash a superstar can only delivers excellent opening with big budget movie rest depends on script and screenplay you always taking about opening akshays flops movies of 90 s and 20s has recorded more opening than atbb movie if you don't like akshay it doesn't mean he is not in level of Khan's ???

        1. tmk is first movie and last movie of this decade which has recorded 100% occupancy in morning shows even on worst review on nonholiday just akshay kumar things

          1. and one more things akshay has won highest no of clash 21 clash not your favorite actor???

      2. Srk ke so-called bad phase me bhi itna kama rha .
        Srk ka so called bad phase 2015-2017 tk rha .bas 3 saal ..or usme bhi Raees kaabil Ko clash haaraya or 139cr kamaya

        Salman 2000-2010 tk bad phase tha Rakhi Sawant se clash haara

      3. Hahahaha abe Salman ne 74 movies Dia hi ..boi 1994 se batata hai
        Or khans Ko Thora bhut Takkar hritik ne Dia hai or 90s ne Thora dA sunny deol ..Akshay to khans ke dhool keBarabar nahi hai

    2. @Ceiling khan;
      Akki is only consistent from 2016, before that he was giving 1 or 2 hits after 3-4 Flops......Before 2016 he was consistent in 2007-08......So after every 8 years he gets good phase for 2 years.....

      @Utsav Rajput;
      Bro stop giving excuse of 4 films every time.....Yes he do more films, but still the collections are not the level of stardom which he carries....You have to understand he is not 5 or 10 year old in industry....He completed 25 years here, its a big thing to achieve, but still collection of his movies including opening day are very low......And talking about releases, then this year Akki has only 2 release, still he fail to cross 140cr mark....WHY????
      If number of release affect the collection then why this year also he fail to cross 150cr mark even with Positive WOM......And Don't give excuse of non commercial, because both are commercial movies, but have Romance, Comedy, Emotion, Songs etc.....Also TEPK has big plus point of Social Message, which is Huge Topic now a days, which attract people more......
      Also don't forget that Salman has given 800+cr in 1 year with 3 movies.....So Number of movies should not be the excuse.....

      And also don't talk about non-festival release, because we have seen his movies fail every time when he comes on festival.....And Khans are much bigger then Akki, so definitely they will get the festival release (don't take me wrong, I am not trolling Akki here, but you also know that not everyone gets the festival date).......Even with Big Rajni Sir movie 2.0, he is not targeting festival date.....So think about this....

      1. social message se movie ka collection hota hua wah kya logic hai Hindi medium social mssg still collect just 65 cr secret superstar social mssg still not collected 65 cr ,sui aur dhaga bhi social mssg movie aaraha hai I am 100 % confident ye movie bhi 100 cr nahi karega Indian audience doesn't want class movie they only want mass movie non of the Khan's movie has crossed 130 cr on nonfestival rares bhi nonfestival pe aaya tha 3400 screens huge massy universal appeal movie still not crossed 130 cr aur clash mat bolne airlift just 1950 screens me 124 cr Kia tha tab kaha chala jata hai Khan's star power nonfestival me fab nonfestival flop dear zindagi semi hit jhms flop taalash semi hit ,jai ho semi hit non of the Khan's movie this decade become hit on nonfestival except ready so ab tum excuse do

  4. Swag se swagat has become a chartbuster songs and arabic version is awesome the buzz is increasing day by day 8 days to go for TZH

  5. Who is the Megastar of Bollywood Domestically?
    Aamir or Salman
    Hit like for Aamir n Dislike for Salman
    Every vote counts Hurry....

  6. Who is OVERSEAS king ?
    Aamir or srk
    Hit like for Aamir n Dislike for SRK
    Voting starts now Hurry…

    39 39

    Who is the Global Megastar ?
    Aamir or Salman
    Hit like for Aamir n Dislike for Salman
    Start now Hurry….

    33 34

    ☝Earlier 2 polls results r out....For Global Megastar n OVERSEAS king

    3 Khans competition was neck to neck n nobody was a clear winner.....

    We have to wait till the end of 2018 to get clear winner....

    1. Bhai global megastar me Salman ka naam soch bhi kaise Lia tune ..Salman India ke y bahar kuch aukaat nahi
      Hritik bhi Salman se aage tha overseas me 2014tk .

  7. We all will get the results on 22Dec.....

    Why always criticize a product if it is good......???......Always creating negativity during any event is being judged as an act of cowardness.....

    An advice to all....Spread positiveness not negativity everytime.......

  8. hope it will become blockbuster best of luck salman sir I never troll any actor unless his fans trolls akshay I respect all actor all are great in their parameters???

  9. aamir's dangal last year took 29 crore opening on a similar date like tzh. if i add gst then the opening of dangal would be around 31crore plus net. so if dangal would have released this year with similar ticket rates of last year it will open around 31 crore plus. tzh is a huge commercial action film while dangal was a lesser commercial appealing film with the hero playing 55 year old role. dangal did not have romance or action while tzh both have over the top action with romance.
    looking at this tzh has atleast a 5 crore advantage over dangal on opening day because it should open far better than dangal in single screens and in multiplexes it should be atleast equal if not more. actually the advantage is more than 5 crore but dangal has huge growth from evening onwards because of word of mouth which may not happen with tzh. but still the advantage is atleast 5 crore . so tzh should take atleast a 35 crore plus opening.

    so this is my final take on tzh's opening

    1. if tzh opens lower than 35 crore net then aamir is clearly ahead of salman in starpower.

    2. if tzh opens around 35-39 crore net then aamir and salman is equal. if the opening is between 35-37 crore then aamir will have a slight edge over salman and if the film opens around 38-39 crore net then salman will have a slight edge over aamir.

    3. but the moment the film touches the 40 crore net on a working day which is simply phenomenal then we will have to say that salman khan is the biggest star of bollywood and there will be no excuse.

    so the point is very simple if tzh opens below 35 crore net the every salman fan has to agree that aamir is far bigger than salman in starpower, noone will give any excuse. but if tzh touches 40 crore net on opening day then every aamir fan has to agree that salman is bigger. if the opening is in the 35-39 crore range then it can be still debatable.

    i think every salman and aamir fan in bollywood arena will agree with me.

      1. And also the comparison should be about weekend not the first day because both scores over 3cr footfalls so fan base is really big and really diverse. Megastaro ka first day nahi weekend hota hay

  10. @honest man
    i wont agree with it. because in TZH there will be "franchise factor" also. sequel movies of blockbuster films always open well.and dangal had no big heroine or masala like sultan
    ideal comparison should be between thugs of hindustan and (that will release in 2019) terms of occupancy

    1. so u r saying aamir needs a good heroine, romance to open big? thn u cant call him a big star..
      A mega star is the one who can open big just by he being in the movie..
      What tubelight had? nothing.. still had a 22cr opening on a normal day without muslim audiences.. that is a megastar..
      hope it clears everybody's doubts..

  11. Comment:you are comparing Khan's bigbudjet festival release with akshay lowbudget nonfestival release why don't you compare Khan's nonfestival release like jai ho ,fan ,jhms with airlift,tepk and Rustom
    tepk and Rustom has collected more than these movies in less no of screens with clash

  12. @aamir fan if toh comes on diwali day then collections will be down in evening shows so it won't beat tzh opening day. and if toh comes on diwali next day then it becomes a national holiday. then it would be unfare to compare it with tzh which is a working day release.
    yes i know dangal has those disadvantages and that's why i am saying tzh has to go over 38 crore net on day 1 for salman to be considered ahead over aamir. and if tzh goes over 40 crore then salman will be clearly ahead. i am giving dangal almost 10 crore advantage.
    and salman's highest opening on a working day is only 27 crore. so it won't be easy for him to go close to 40 crore net on a working day. and as far as blockbuster franchise is concerned dabangg2 was also a franchise film released on same time like tzh, still it was nowhere close to opening record.
    mark my words tzh will open below 35 crore net. it will cross 30 crore but will remain lower than 35 crore and aamir will remain number 1.

    @ abhijeet i support salman and i always wish the best for him but i always give honest opinion. the moment tubelight opened only 20 crore i accepted that aamir is far bigger than salman. and now tzh is the last hope for salman to beat aamir.

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