Super 30 is a very inspiring film: Hrithik Roshan

Superstar Hrithik Roshan kept a low profile in last few months. But now the actor is all set to work on new exciting projects.

Hrithik who will be seen as mathematician Anand Kumar in a biopic titled Super 30, feels that it will be a very inspiring film. The biopic, which is being helmed by Vikas Bahl, will showcase the life of the mathematician, who trains 30 deserving, economically backward students for the entrance exams of IIT each year.

“I am very excited because I am on the heels of doing a very inspiring film called Super 30. I feel one of the most glamorous thing and the biggest stars we have in our life are our teachers because they educate and help in progress of human species,” Hrithik said here on the sideline of the Filmfare Glamour & Style Awards 2017 on Friday.

Hrithik was asked about his personal style statement. He said: “It’s a difficult question because I feel I don’t have a personal style statement. I look up to people for other things and not necessarily for style. I think what inspires me and what I find very stylish is confidence. I feel confidence is one thing that comes from your accomplishments and accomplishments come from hard work. So in short, if you work hard, you will eventually look stylish,” said Hrithik.

Super 30 will hit the screens on 23 November 2018.

18 comments on “Super 30 is a very inspiring film: Hrithik Roshan”

      1. And 24 days left for tiger murda hai because 25 DEC k bad flop declare ho jayegi,,,,,

        1. You are not a real SRK fan. You are a nonsense SRK fan. Stop creating negativity for TZH. All Indicine SRKians & Salmaniacs are planning to watch this movie together.

          Invitation to you too for coming along with us. Watching the movie and then partying all night ??

          Formal invitation to you from myself as General Secretary, Indicine Unity Group

            1. Dunno what's wrong happened with this guy??
              At times I mean in 2000s he was a major threat n gave stiff competition to Khans n was considered a legitimate replacement of Khans but now His career is on a Downhill path.......

              I hope this one Super 30 will bring him back in reckoning.......

  1. Best wishes for Super 30 & the YRF movie with Tiger.

    Waiting for your Krrish 4 official announcement too. That one should be huge.

    1. Hritik is still kne of the most popular stars of bollywood..bt the release period and the director can be a prblem if toh turns out too good and vikash makes same mistakes like shandaar
      Those who doubt hritik's acting talent pls watch kaabil,agneepath,koi mil gaya,lakshya,jodha,zindagi,dhoom and even kite and guzarish..oh wait i named almost all of them..its true except a few times he always gave incredible performance

    2. Super 30 - 35cr
      Yrf next -80cr kyuki clash hoga
      Krrish 4 175cr

      Summary of hritik movies
      Bang bang semi hit
      Mohenjodaro disaster
      Kaabil average
      Super 30 flop
      Yrf next flop
      Krrish 4 semi hit

      Akshay is 1000 miles ahead of hritik

    3. Superstar Hrithik!!!

      Not interested with this, bring on Krissh4 some box office records will certainly be broken. Just try and do more massy bollywood movies like Agneepath....!!

  2. Do some more movies Hritthik.. U are beating Aamir also in the matter of taking time for a single project.. That's not bad actually but taking two-year gap & then delivering Kites or Mohenjodaro is not that cool at all!

  3. Vivek

    Hrithik is way ahead of akki...
    He is the only actor who compete with khans and some of 3 times he got hgoty but poor akki never

    So plz dont compare hrithik with akki

    If u guy want to compare akki then u can do it with varun but after 2018 akki varun se bbi compare krne layuk nhi rahega

    1. Comment: hritik last three movies collection
      kabbil 87 cr boi
      mohenjodaro 53 cr
      bang bang 141 cr
      total 281 cr
      on 3 years gap
      akshay last 3 movies collection
      tepk 132 cr boi
      jolly 108 cr
      rustom 125 cr
      total 365 cr only in 1 year gap
      hgoty doesn't makes you big star
      back to back superhits makes you big star
      hritik total no of movies 22
      akshay total no of hits 27
      but but hritik is bigger than akshay
      and one thing is clear Varun is way bigger star than hritik currently
      mohenjodaro universal appeal 53 cr
      bkd collects 115 cr which is more than two times collection of mohenjodaro ????

  4. To be honest I am worried. Because hrithik is miscast in this biopic. He is too glamorous and stylish to play the role of a rustic simple looking common man Anand Kumar. If you have seen Anand kumar then you know what I mean. It's all about looking Desi when you portray someone like mahavir singh phogat or Anand kumar. I think ajay or akshay would have been better choice because they have desi looks and they can portrsy a common simple looking man convincingly but hrithik has Greek God looks and hollywood kind of personality so i think he is not a right choice. That's just my opinion though. He might surprise who knows.

  5. This movie is not excited me at all as I have doubts that this kind of biopic can create interest among large audience. Also the release date is not good, we have past history that releases on last week or 10 days in November aren't big grosser as well. Also I think HR vs Tiger should release it earlier than this movie because that movie can bring HR back in real term than this movie buzz wise. Not a hrithik fan or hater but strictly my thought.

  6. Comment: release date of the movie is not good even on nonholiday movie should be released on April aur June
    if content clicks then movie can do 80+ cr which is good for niche genre movie on nonholiday

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