Sultan Vs PK Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Dhoom 3

Sultan Vs PK Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Dhoom 3 Box Office Collection Comparison

Salman Khan’s latest release Sultan has taken a historic opening at the box office. The film has shattered many records during its journey so far. It is now all set to emerge a big grosser.

All eyes are now on the Top 3 highest grossers of Indian Cinema. These are Dhoom 3 and PK starring Aamir Khan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan featuring Sultan.

Sultan Vs Dhoom 3 Collection Comparisons:

Dhoom is inarguably the biggest franchise in the industry. The word-of-mouth of Sultan is on the positive side as compared to Dhoom 3, which will result in better trends in the next few days. Dhoom 3 had tremendous buzz and was extraordinary in the first three days despite having no holidays. As of now Dhoom 3 has a better opening weekend that Sultan. But in the next couple of days Sultan is expected to take over it.

Sultan Vs PK Collection Comparison:

PK had no holidays in its first 4 days (except Sunday), but Sultan had the advantage of Eid holiday on Thursday and Wednesday too was a holiday in some parts of the country. PK, on the other hand, had plenty of holidays starting with Christmas (7th day of release) and New Year. The days in between were holidays for many schools and offices. PK also had the advantage of 3 open weeks at the box office, before the release of Tevar in Week 4.

PK also had excellent word of mouth which is not the case with Sultan. This record looks tough to beat. Though Sultan collections will be pretty much higher than PK in the first week.

Sultan Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Collection Comparison:

Salman Khan's own release Bajrangi Bhaijaan currently holds the record of second highest grosser of all time. Sultan can challenge that figure as the initial is too damn high but for thus it will need a solid second weekend and excellent hold on weekdays. Now it is almost certain that Sultan will beat Dhoom 3 and can cross 300 crore. But to beat Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK, it should an extraordinary third week.

Update 13 July:

After the first week, Sultan collection is higher than all films. While the other three top grossers were almost in the same range, Sultan stands way higher. However, the trend on weekdays is not that strong like Bajrangi Bhaijaan or PK. It is more like Dhoom 3.

Update 15 July:

Sultan which stands way higher than other films after first seven days has started to show a considerable drop. PK, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Dhoom 3 have 10 cr+ collections on second Friday and Sultan is unlikely to match that figure today. The gap between all these fourth films is shortened now.

Update 17 July:

Once again Sultan has started to dominate after a big 11th day. The film is once again ahead of Dhoom 3, PK and is only behind Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Another huge Sunday can put Sultan ahead even after 2 weeks.

Update 20 July:

Sultan has beaten Dhoom 3 Hindi net collection. After two weeks, the gap between Sultan and Bajrangi Bhaijaan, PK has started to widen once again. PK had new year holidays advantage which was the major difference between PK & Bajrangi Bhaijaan. Both these films had excellent third weekend which may not be the case with Sultan. It is likely to finish at in the range of 300 cr.

Update 25 July:

Sultan has finally crossed Dhoom 3 lifetime collection. But it is now an open secret that Sultan will fall short of both Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK. Sultan is targeting 300 crore and will be a big achievement if it gets there. Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK had free weeks run and plenty of holidays. Sultan, on the other hand have to face competition from the next week itself. Otherwise, it could have challenged BB at least.

Update 28 July:

Both Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK has an excellent third week and fourth weekend. But that is not the case with Sultan. After 22 days Bajrangi Bhaijaan had also crossed 300 crore. It is looking tough for Sultan to go post 300 cr. Currently, it is expected to finish its lifetime run at 298-300 crore.

Update 2 August:

This is our second last update in this article. Sultan has somehow maintained its low pace in the fourth week which means that it can remain in theaters for one more open week. Sultan will finish at 299-300 crore which will be lower than Bajrangi Bhaijaan and PK by a good margin. But we can say if there was no competition in the second week, it could have gone post 310 crore easily.

Let's check out Sultan Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs PK and Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Dhoom 3 box office comparison day wise.

NoBajrangi BhaijaanDhoom 3SultanPK
Day 127.2536.2236.5426.63
Day 236.6033.3637.3030.34
Day 338.7538.0331.5038.24
Day 427.0521.7137.1021.22
Day 521.420.1438.2119.36
Day 618.0525.5215.5419.55
Day 715.5514.0112.9227.55
1st Week184.65188.99208.82182.89
Day 812.810.110.8214.55
Day 919.2512.049.5217.12
Day 1024.0516.717.4322.55
Day 119.306.8311.4610.08
Day 129.107.2615.189.11
Day 137.1010.784.089.05
Day 146.034.613.7213.48
2 Weeks272.28257.32271.03278.53
Day 166.804.023.518.32
Day 179.075.752.1411.58
Day 182.752.03.814.42
Day 192.632.045.144.02
Day 202.451.731.303.46
Day 212.251.451.252.96
Day 221.450.801.151.82
Day 232.730.901.052.82
Day 243.511.060.574.01
Remaining Weeks115.825.9811.81
Grand Total321Cr286 Cr300.35340 Cr

Tell us what you think about Sultan Vs Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Dhoom 3 and Sultan Vs PK box office collection comparison in the comments section.

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  1. I think Sultan will challenge Dhoom3 collections. I dont think it can break pk or BB as it doesnt have extra-ordinary WOM like these movies had. Sultan will be 3rd or 4th highest bollywood grosser! Thanks for making the article!

  2. Lol only one question on behalf of srk fans...wher is heppy new years collection..? ? ? ?

    1. Happy New Year's Colloection is in the garbage. How can u compare Happy New Year with these type of great films.

  3. No open weeks for Sultan, the movie will lose screens next week to GGM and then more screens the week later. This will not help the movie to break records sadly.
    On the other hand, the first week is for now looking terrific! 200+ crores ?

    1. aur kitna open weeks chahiye.....pahale to 5 days ka holiday weekend hain na wo kam hai to aur ek chutti declare kar do bro ....craze to pahale kuch dino mein hi hoti hai

      1. Pk had also a lot of holidays but more than that the movie had the advantage of 3 open weeks, which helped to sustain the collections, Sultan will sadly not have that, it's just a fact.
        Most of Sultan collections will have to come for the first week itself, a week which I think can collect more than 200 crores.

      2. akshays jolly llb2 may clash with amir khan dungal in this Christmas , as akshay said he might release his forth movie jolly llb2 in this year itself , akshay is going to start shooting for jolly llb2 by 25th august. if it happens it will be another big clash of this year and akshay may make a record of 4 , 100cr. movies in a year

    2. Pk is not a holiday release! And olso releases on less screens dan sultan..! Open weeks??!!! Woww..! Screens doesnt mattr if film is gud...! U can opn at high evrytym..! Bt if script is not gud.. U cant hlp... Sorry salman ..! Pk is still too far to reach..! Try next eid wid more screens!! 2014 ka normal day release ka record 2016 ki eid per b nhi toot raha..! Still dey are blaming open weeks..!? agr opn weeeks honge b toh bande b toh cahhie dekhne vale?

      1. @ Sameer

        PK was not a holiday release , but its a vaccation release lol... though it might have released on non holiday but it had a advantage of Cristmas , Cristmas holidays and New year holiday ... that means on an average 8 days Partial hoildays and 2 sundays 1 cristmas and 1 new year holiday with in 15 days of its release. More over three open weeks ( means no decrease in screen counts). By the way if Bajrangi Bhaijaan would have released instead of PK.. then it would have crossed atleast 375 crores. Apply some logic dude before commenting... You know till now PK has Highest Average Ticketing Price and BB had less ticketing price than PK though it might have released few screens more then PK..BB had only Eid holiday and it was released on Pre Eid( occupancy will be less ) and it had a clash with big Movie called Baahubali . and it had 2 open weeks ...

        Note: BB has more footfalls than PK . Not only BB , Sultan would have crossed PK it would have release like PK ..Hope u understood ...LOL

      2. Sahi bola bhai par isi bahane salman ki kayi filme 200-250-300 and above 300 pahunch jayegi ye bahot ndi baat hai... Aur purey hindustan me pichhle dino huyi terrific barish k bawajud film bahot chali, aur film ka chalna mayne rakhta hai sabse main to wahi hai mere bhai....

      3. Pk have 7 holidays my dear and no 23 open days. What else you want? If sultan have 2 open weeks than you will see 360+ crore on the card

  4. sultan ka worldwide collection dekh ...... 206cr in 3days ( overseas - 58cr in 3 days)according 2 boxofficeindia ... ha ha ha ha tsunami....
    lifetime India - 300 plus
    overseas -------- 200plus ( first psh)

    1. Hello brother taran adarsh has not declared overseas collections after first day so these are only rumours not real collections in overseas.....
      By the way I want sultan to collect more in overseas than what the jungle book collected in India.....
      Best of luck for this salman

          1. Check it out the box office collection in overseas....

            #Sultan - OVERSEAS: Wed $ 3.04 million, Thu $ 2.80 million, Fri $ 2.63 million. Total: $ 8.47 million [₹ 56.87 cr]. SUPERBBBB!

            Oho tartan adrash has given 56cr and trade figures are,58 cr in 3 days in overseas.....all were barking believe in trade figure now tell me you will believe in which of the following figures...lolls(again they will say trade figures for hny....shit loll)

          2. You are asking your father I'd.....oh yaar beta kitna bhi bada ho jaaye baap se a age nhi nikal paayega...lad*h*t.......

  5. bro boxofficeindia pe Jake dekh joki tread fgr Hai ..... taran adarsh usse Jada hi batayega kam nahi ok

  6. I don't wanna troll SRK fans but I wanna show them two things.....

    HNY 3rd day Sunday collection - 30 crs
    Sultan 3rd day Friday (non holiday) - 31 crs... now then it's a proof that who is bigger star.... I used this logic bcz every srk fans r using 1st day collection with Sultan's 1st n 2nd day...

    HNY's 1st day >>> Sultan's 1st day
    HNY's 2nd day <<< Sultan's 2nd day
    HNY's 3rd day <<< Sultan's 3rd day. clearly winner is Salman Khan...

    then how srk is king of opener ? r srk fans born to use only HNY's opening day ? is that film ran only one day ? were there not 2nd day of HNY ? if there was why they don't compare 2nd day of HNY with Sultan ?...

  7. Sultan ain't made for to compare with teesra khan... it's in different league of BB, PK n D3... SRK fans have only one film in their mind HNY and that too of only 1st day and 1st wknd... lol, rofl, lmao...

  8. sultan Brock all record because there are many chance 5 days weekend and i saw 4th day collection were steady 34cr-36cr and definitely sun day film collect much more around 38 cr so I say film cross 200cr in 8th days and film will still in theatre art least 4weeks so film Brock all record becoz salman name hi kaafi hai

  9. Comment:im sure sultan will be 4th all time grossing of bollywood ...it cant even break the record of dhoom 3 .........lets see ...

  10. I think sultan will collect 400cr in Indian market news break all khan's record for sure my best wishes with this film

  11. I think sultan will b the highest grosser bollywood movie will broke all previous records love u salman bhai keep it up

  12. HNY was released on Diwali where everyone has 4-5 holidays, dats the major advantage, lets see how Raees performs when released on single holiday i.e. 26 Jan 2017

    1. And your srk films can challage baby,holiday and gabbar is back it's never to reach krrish 3 so sad

        1. Tere se kabhi likhne main mistake Nahi hoti Kya.sultan 1st week collection wale article main tune bhi to mistake ki hai. Par tu chutiya ka chutiya hi rahega

    1. salaam karo hamare salman ko bina acting ke itne record banata hai agar acting aati hoti to tumhare srk aamir beh jate phir itne record bante sirf hakla ke bolne ko acting nhi bolte aur mere hisaab se salman bahot achche actor hai ab tumhe jaisa sochna hai socho ek baar jaroor sochna bina acting ke to acting aati hoti to kya hota jaroor sochna phir pata chal jata kaun real king khan hai bollywood ka

      1. Sahi he bhai agar apne Salman sir real acting karte to amir or Shahrukh darwaja band karke gharme so rhe hote....????
        Socho srk or ak fans Salman sir agar acting karte to tum sab confuse ho jate ki....?
        Only Salman sir ????

  13. @Bollyarena team
    Dhoom 3 collection till day 24 is 261 cr 6 cr remaining Then how LT 280 cr

    1. D 3 : Rs 261 crore for hindi version and 19 crore for tamil, telugu versions. ... now understand Bro.

  14. akshays jolly llb2 may clash with amir khan dungal in this Christmas , as akshay said he might release his forth movie jolly llb2 in this year itself , akshay is going to start shooting for jolly llb2 by 25th august. if it happens it will be another big clash of this year and akshay may make a record of 4 , 100cr. movies in a year

  15. SULTAN Collection:
    1st Weekend: 181cr
    1st Weekdays: 209cr (7 Days)
    1st Extended Weekdays: 12 + 11.5 = 23.5cr
    Total after 1st Extend Week: 209 + 23.5 = 232.5cr

    2nd Weekend: 10 + 14 + 18 = 42cr (In a worst case)
    2nd Weekdays: 9 + 8 + 7 + 6 = 30cr
    Total after 2 Weeks: 232.5 + 42 + 30 = 304.5cr

    3rd Weekend: 4 + 7 + 10 = 21cr
    3rd Weekdays: 3 + 2.5 + 2 + 2 = 9.5cr
    Total after 3 Weeks: 304.5 + 21 + 9.5 = 335cr

    Then Dishoom will come
    So Remaining Weeks: 8cr

    Total Lifetime Collection: 335 + 8 = 342cr

    *Sultan don’t get holidays like PK (Christmas + New Year)
    *Also Sultan get clash with GGM from its 2nd week itself which result in low Screen + low Ticket price, compare to PK which face no clash and gets 3 open weeks…
    *Also the Tickect Price of PK is same and high throughout the whole week while Sultan ticket price reduce after the 1st Weekend….

    Still Sultan will cross 300cr and beat the collection BB (Hopefully)….Which is a Remarkable Achievement…

    1. hud ho gai yar 5 days ko itna lamba weekend mila fir bhi ro rahe ho , ek kam karo govt. se request karo ki salman ki film release ho rahi hai 1 mahine ka national holiday dene ki kripa kare PK ka record todna hai. hahahahahahahah

      1. @classymovielover according to you which is classy movie I just asking you I am not making your fun

        1. @kk , watch , PK , BB, AIRLIFT , HOLIDAY , 3 IDIOTS , SPECIAL 26, SWEDESH , CHUCK DE INDIA , GABBER IS BACK , OMG , TARE JAMEEN PER , RANG DE BASANTI and few more which deserves to be 100, 200, 300 cr. , not like movies HNY , DILWALE , FAN , SULTAN , KICK , PRDP and some more crap

          1. OMG equal to PK other wise I like your list but I like oh my god more than PK and I don't even like prdp and kick but sultan is good by the way I am salman fan but I always prefer to watch quality movies at that time I am not looking any actor.i didn't like airlift much it can be better but still it's a good movie.

        2. thanks @ kk,@Dashing RJ , that u agree quality movies should be appreciated , dosent matter whom u follow as fan. i am big fan of akshay , hrithik and amir but i watch srk and salman movies also however if that movie is a crap i would say crap i will not defend my favorite actor doing shit. All i say is good movies should be appreciated.

    2. i want rajkumar santoshi film with salman on christmas 2017 then we will see Salmans stardom...............
      why r u giving so many execuses........and one thing if Salman breaks Pk collection then there will be no wonder because DANGAL creats huge record may be 380 cr...
      and what about DABANG 2? CHRISTMAS release,megastar,hier ticket price,more screen still failed to break 3yr old record of 3idiot .....
      ab tu bolega DABANG2 ACCHI script nahi thi.......are yar to Dhoom3 konsi acchi thi par buisness dekh..........wo bhi 2013...bhai ki power hai to aaj ke time DHOOM3 ka record todna chahiye with higer prices,more screen,good WOM,5days weekend aur kya chajiye bro........ha mana ki Salman MEGASTAR hai per AMIR ko vaisa weekend mila kya jaisa
      Sultan ko Mila.......bat karta hai.............kabhi to dusro ko credit de ....hamesha Salman Salman..............since 1994 se ek bhi HGOAT nahi diya....whenever Amir Comes U all r criying.....

    3. next time Salman ko eid or christmas chang karne ke liye bol....Amir on eid and Salman on christmas....tab dekhte hein.....salman megastar hein to ab kya hua log kyu nahi ja rahe picture dekhne.....are 5 day ki eid nahi hoti to salmn mushkil se 180 cr kama pata..........sab khan ek jaise hain koi megastar ya kam nahi khali inki movie holiday pe ati hai to hi 200cr kama sakti hein nahi to muskil se 150cr kama legi.....

    4. jada ticket prices hokar bhi kyu dekhte hei Amir ki movie logonko to Salman ki movie dekhani chahiye........
      aur ek bat i request all the fans except Salman fans goverment ko request karo ki Salman ki movies ane par TAX FREE kardo taki pura India dekh Sake AUR RECORD BANA SAKE quinky Salman Is Megastar.........Tab Inko shanti milegi tab tak ye excusess dete rahenge.........aur ek bat Amir ka record chod pahle Salman ko khud Ka record todne de .....abhi to man ja BB bhi EID pe hi aya tha .....abhi to koi excuses nahi chahiye.....i guranty Salman BB KA RECORD agale 2 sal tak chase karta rahega......

  16. Look at the haters they again start spreading negativity….and they are also most stupid person…SULTAN collected 209cr in just 7 days which is a record, it beats the biggies like BB, and PK with a big margin..
    1st week collection comparison:
    BB: 184cr
    Difference: 25cr

    PK: 182cr
    Difference: 27cr

    And still they are saying that SULTAN is an average movie….Yes there is drop on weekdays but that is bound to happen, because the weekend of SULTAN is way too big compare to the other big movies (BB &PK)….It also get the spot of 8th position in top 10 highest gross movie in just 7 days…it’s a remarkable achievement…..

    And don’t forget haters, after the 1st day collection you bash Sultan same way like you are doing now, but what happen from 2nd day onwards, hope I don’t have to remind you…..just wait for 2nd weekend it will again generate huge collection…

    It will easily cross 300cr and then overtake BB….

  17. sultan 1th week for 208+crore
    sultan 2th week for 110+crore
    sultan 3th week for 50+crore
    sultan 4th week for 20+crore
    sultan 5th week for 8+ crore
    sultan 6th week for 4+ crore
    life time collection for 400+
    all time blockbastar

    1. Sultan breakz I'll Records of BB n PK......
      BoxOffice n WorldWide Just Wait n Watch Guyzzz.....
      Cozz Sabar ka Fal meetha hota haiiii,......

  18. Records by Sultan
    Biggest Eid opener

    Salman Khan’s film has now become the biggest Eid opener. According to early estimates, the film has collected about Rs 36.54 crore which is way more than the first day collection of his last release on Eid – Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs 27.25 crore). It also surpassed the record of Chennai Express, which had collected Rs 33.10 crore on day one.

    # Highest Pre-Eid Opening Day Collections

    This record was held by Bajrangi Bhaijaan after it collected Rs 27.25 crore on the day before Eid. Sultan was supposed to release on the day of festival, but with the Eid day moving at the last minute, the film released a day before. It collected Rs 36.54 crore and claimed this record.

    # Biggest opener of 2016

    The film is now also the biggest opener of 2016 as it collects around Rs 36.54 crore on day one. In fact, it is nearly double of what Shah Rukh Khan‘s Fan that collected Rs 19.20 crore.

    # Anushka Sharma’s highest opener

    Sultan became the highest opener for Anushka Sharma as it collected Rs 36.54 on day one, which was way higher than PK (Rs 26.63 crore)

    # Highest collection in advance bookings

    The film had broken a record even before it released. Sultan had started its advance booking three days before its release. And as the film released, we came to know that it had collected more than Rs 18 crore (approx Rs 20 crore) which is more than what the advance booking collection of Kick or Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which held the highest collections till now.

    # Highest opening day collection for a sports based films

    Sultan’s Rs 36.54 crore collection on day one will also be the highest opening day collection for a sports based film. It has easily surpassed the likes of Chak De! India, Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Rs 9 crore approx) and Mary Kom (Rs 8.4 crore)

    # Highest collection on a Wednesday

    Salman Khan has two films now – Ek Tha Tiger and Sultan that have released on Wednesday. We haven’t seen many films releasing mid week but both these films were big ones thanks to Eid. While Ek Tha Tiger had managed to open very well at the box office, collecting Rs 32.92 crore on day one, Sultan has managed to easily cross it as it collected Rs 36.54 crore yesterday.

    # Highest opening day occupancy of 2016

    As we mentioned the film opened to an occupancy of 80-90 per cent, which sustained throughout the day. This is now the highest occupancy of 2016, after it beat Shah Rukh Khan’s Fan occupancy (75-80 per cent) and Akshay Kumar’s Airlift occupancy (above 50-60 per cent).

    # Highest day 2 collection ever

    Sultan earned Rs 37.32 crore on day two, which is the highest day two collection ever. The previous records were held by Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs 36.50 crore) and Happy New Year (Rs 31.60 crore)

    # Highest day 4 collection ever

    Sultan also now has the highest day 4 collection ever as it collected Rs 37.10 crore as compared to Krrish 3‘s Rs 35.91 crore (the last record holder)

    # Highest 4-day collection

    Sultan has the highest 4-day collection ever. It had collected Rs 142.62 crore in four days, which was higher than Dhoom 3‘s collection of Rs 128 crore.

    # Highest day 5 collection ever

    Sultan (Rs 38.21 crore) beat the 5th day collection of Happy New Year (Rs 29 crore) to claim this record.

    # Highest 5-day collection

    Sultan now has the highest 5-day collection after netting a massive figure of Rs 180.36 crore. This record was last held by Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs 150.95 crore).

    # Fastest film to earn Rs 150 crore

    Salman Khan’s Eid release has now become the fastest film to touch the Rs 150 crore mark after crossing it at the beginning of day 5. This record was earlier held by Salman’s last Eid release – Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which has crossed the mark at the end of day 5. However, now Sultan has taken over.

    # Fastest film to earn Rs 175 crore

    Sultan crossed the Rs 175 crore before the end of day 5, making it the fastest film to touch this mark. The earlier record was held by Bajrangi Bhaijaan, which crossed this figure in 7 days.

    # Highest opening weekend grosser of 2016

    The Eid release is now the highest weekend grosser of 2016. Housefull 3 (Rs 53.31 crore) held this record earlier, however Sultan crossed it on day 2 itself. It has now set the record at Rs 180.36 crore, which no one will probably manage to beat this year.

    # Highest opening weekend grosser ever

    Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Rs 129.77 crore) held this record since last Diwali. However, Sultan crossed this record in 4 days of its 5-day weekend. Salman’s film extended the margin between itself and PRDP on day 5. It has now set Rs 180.36 crore as the record to beat.

    # Salman Khan’s highest opening weekend grosser

    Sultan (Rs 180.36 crore) also became Salman Khan‘s highest opening weekend grosser as it crossed the weekend collection of Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (Rs 129.77 crore)

    # Anushka Sharma’s highest opening weekend grosser

    The latest release has also become Anushka Sharma’s highest opening weekend grosser as it collected Rs 180.36 crore as compared to PK‘s collection of Rs 95.21 crore (her last highest weekend grosser).

    # Highest opening weekend collection For Yash Raj Films

    Sultan (Rs 180.36 crore) became the highest opening weekend grosser for Yash Raj Films too. The earlier record was held by Aamir Khan’s Dhoom 3 (Rs 107.61 crore).

    # Highest Eid weekend grosser crore

    Sultan is also the highest Eid weekend grosser, after it crossed the record of Bajrangi Bhaijaan (Rs 102.5 crore).

    # Highest opening weekend for a sports based film

    Sultan is also the highest weekend for a sports based film. It crossed the opening weekend of Bhaag Milkha Bhaag (Rs 32 crore) and Mary Kom (Rs 28.32 crore) on day one itself.

    # Highest overseas grosser for 2016 (lifetime)

    Sultan also has the highest opening weekend grosser of 2016 at the overseas market. It has collected in excess of Rs 91 crore (gross overseas figures), which is higher than Airlift‘s collection of Rs 47.60 crore (gross overseas figures).

    # Highest opening weekend worldwide grosser ever

    The film is also now the highest opening weekend grosser at the worldwide market. Sultan has collected in excess of Rs 345 crore (gross worldwide collection), which is way higher than the last record holder – Dhoom 3 (Rs 198 crore gross worldwide collections).

    # Highest opening day collection in Pakistan

    # Highest opening weekend grosser in Pakistan

    Sultan has also become the highest opening weekend grosser in Pakistan after collecting Rs 15 crore over the 5-day weekend. The last record was held by Pakistani film – Jawani Phir Nahi Ani.

    # Most consecutive number of days with collection above Rs 30.00 crore NBOC (Five days)

    # Most number of days with collections above Rs 35.00 crore NBOC (Four days)

    # Highest opening day collection IN UAE-GCC

    # Highest opening weekend grosser in UAE-GCC

    # Highest non-holiday opening day collection in USA and Canada

    # Highest opening day collection in UK & Ireland

    # Highest opening weekend grosser in UK & Ireland

    # Highest opening weekend grosser in Australia

    # Highest opening weekend grosser in New Zealand

  19. @Faisal Shaikh , ohhh my god kitna research kiya itna lamba essay likhne ke liye , itna research study me kiya hota to SCIENTIST BAN GAYA HOTA BHAI TU .aur kuan sa salman 300 cr. me se 100 cr tereko dene wala hai , just take it easy man.

    1. @classymovieslover; then tell me bro how much Aamir, Akshay, Srk are paying you to say negative for Salman's Sultan....Definitely we are not getting anything from Sultan collection but we do this because it's a great movie....but some stupid like you spreading negativity about it....may be your star cannot create so many record that's why.....and if it is crap movie like you predict than it will not collect above 200cr in just 7 days even with the holiday.....And those who say it's a crap movie only work because of Holidays are stupid and jealous nothing more....And how many holiday it gets just 2 Partial Holiday nothing more (Fri & Sat are Working Day)...

      1. @salman fan, bro u really make me laugh on u, just think if u have brain , whom i am , n why amir, akshay ,srk like big celebrities will pay me to spread negativity n just even think this negativity will work for them. i just like classy movies dosent matter who is the actor whether salman, akshay , srk, amir ,ajay or hrithik. see the list of movies which i liked most.watch
        PK , BB, AIRLIFT , HOLIDAY , 3 IDIOTS , SPECIAL 26, SWEDESH , CHUCK DE INDIA , GABBER IS BACK , OMG , TARE JAMEEN PER , RANG DE BASANTI, DRISYAM and few more which deserves to be 100, 200, 300 cr. , not like movies HNY , DILWALE , FAN , SULTAN , DHOOM3, KICK , PRDP and some more crap.

        now u will say why i listed only one movie of salman , i think i no need to answer cause he has only one classy movie that is BB

  20. @clasdymovieslover Idc what is classic for u n what not evy1 have a different taste so u may or may not enjoy its upto u. But no one over here askd u for ur opinion.
    N in terms of classic i dont take the movies what u mentioned as classic.
    BB is a classic n it will always be like ddlj, mpk, hahk, saajan, andaz apna apna, taare zameen par, lagaan, Roti etc, holiday is no where classic nor drishyam is both r the remake of south movie n remake cannot be a classic many more r there which can be said n obvio they r classic but u wont understand coz u dont have that much of sense

    1. @ faisal shaikh , i know everyone has different taste but still majority of us like to see quality movie , now u see most of people liked BB but same people dint like PRDP , 90% people liked PK but same people dint like DHOOM3, most of people liked chuk de india , swedesh but same time people dint like HNY,DILWALE,FAN. i never said sultan is completely crap like PRDP, KICK,DUBANG2, but its not classy movie too. its just an average movie.which got holiday benefit and collected 200cr , just like HNY collected on weekend and droped over weekdays same think happening with sultan see from monday its droping hugly that shows the quality. and if u just want entertainment then go n watch mastizade, kyakoolhai hum3 , leela and entertain yourself why u need quality movies. one more thing can u compare OMG 85cr. and PRDP 200cr. people will remember OMG all time n will watch again and again who will watch crap PRDP again thats differnce of classy movie. hope u got it.

      1. Thanks from my side bro for letting them what is difference between good movies and paisa vasool movies.

  21. Films are made only to entertain ppl but some ppl here thinks they had been send by god to be critics. Stop criticising and simply enjoy it. By spreading negativity or telling something bad for any film would not stop any moviegoer to go an watch a film. He just go to entertain himself and he will go anywaez so y u not stop barking. Give ur opinion when it is asked simply just dont waste ur time as well as others.
    If they liked it they will go again n again if don't they will not.

    1. @ faisal shaikh , i know everyone has different taste but still majority of us like to see quality movie , now u see most of people liked BB but same people dint like PRDP , 90% people liked PK but same people dint like DHOOM3, most of people liked chuk de india , swedesh but same time people dint like HNY,DILWALE,FAN. i never said sultan is completely crap like PRDP, KICK,DUBANG2, but its not classy movie too. its just an average movie.which got holiday benefit and collected 200cr , just like HNY collected on weekend and droped over weekdays same think happening with sultan see from monday its droping hugly that shows the quality. and if u just want entertainment then go n watch mastizade, kyakoolhai hum3 , leela and entertain yourself why u need quality movies. one more thing can u compare OMG 85cr. and PRDP 200cr. people will remember OMG all time n will watch again and again who will watch crap PRDP again thats differnce of classy movie. hope u got it.

      1. @classymovielover tujhe sultan achhi Nahi lagi that's up to you par movie actually main achhi hai. Tu book my show main check Kar sakta hai 78000 people ko 85% achhi lagi hai aur movie Itni bhi bakwas hoti to imdb main bahut hi jyada down rated hoti may be under 6 hoti par aisa Nahi hai. Aur imdb se jyada bookmyshow ka results accurate hote for Bollywood movies only.

        1. Bhai sultan achchi movie nahi hai yesa Maine kabhi nahi kaha ,it's average movie which everyone can watch .i have watched all of salman movies per Maine BB Ko chodker baki ki movies Ko kabhi second time nahi dekha n don't even I remember those movies.kahne Ka matlab hai salman ne BB Ko chodker apne pure career ek bhi yesi movie nahi banai jise dobara dekne Ka man Kare.now honestly tell me will u remember SULTAN after 6 months as BB, PK,OMG,lage rahe mannabhai ,piku,paa , that's a difference Bhai sultan ek normal love story hai yesi movies pahle Kai bar aa chuki hai nothing new in it .aur at50 age don't u think now it's time to experiment with his character ,bring something new to shut everyone's mouth who says him non actor .like amitab did piku, paa see his acting level , pk aamir khan , koi mil Gaya hrithik, my name is khan, fan srk, baby ,airlift,holiday for akshay. But salman is doing same kind of movies again again . That's my problem

  22. Bhailog srk grt ho ya amir bt hm salmaan k fans ki ek hi problem h hm bare jiddi hote h like salmaan nd kuch v ho hm salmaan k baare me kuch bura nhi sun sakte thats why we react like dis......
    No 1 cahe jo v ho bhaijaan to humesha humare apne bhaijaan rahenge.....
    Dosen't matter film acchi ho ya buri......
    Bhaijaan is best.....
    Nd if srk is king of bollywood then bhaijjan is sultaan of bollywood nd also of our hearts...

  23. @classymovielover entertainment doesn't means b grade hindi movies adukt comedy or sex, entertaining means in all perspective like it should have drama, a good story, good songs and actors
    Salman is a complete family entertainer ik Sultan is not a classy movie but its way ahead of d3, hny, prdp n in terms of quality movie its also better than pk...coz as per my perception omg is much better and way ahead of pk.

    1. bhai ek bat bata jab tu class me first aata hai tere papa bahut khush hote hai teri tarif karte hai , per jab tu third aata hai kya tere papa fir bhi teri tarif karte hai aur ager third aane per bhi teri tarif karen to kya tu first aane ki kosis karega.same thing bhai ager movie achchi ho to use bahut appreciate karna chahiye taki mavie makers and actors encourage ho aur achchi movie banaye per ager HNY, PRDP,kick , dubang2, dilwale , dhoom3 jaisy crap movies 200,300cr. karenge to kya directors ,actors dobara achchi movie banayenge , kya hame achchi movie dekhne ko milegi. same thing happening with salman he is constantly making same kind of shit , and people going to watch that shit just because of his starpower, and he thinks he is making good movies and not even trying to give any quality movie.now see SRk first shit movie HNY 200cr , second shit movie DILWALE 148cr ,third shit movie FAN 85 cr. ,now just think if he give one more shit movie he will loose all his stardom, same thing can happen to salman if he continue this

  24. In terms of collection sultan has already collected so much in the initial period like the first five day and when camr to normal weekdays it has to get that much of drop coz of 2 rsn 1st working days that much of ppl will not come to theatre for sure secondly ticket price.

  25. But you cant say that it has underperformed coz it has acheived so much which has not beeen done by any other film or any other actor in the past recent times..
    Hope u [email protected]

    1. do u think if it comes on non holiday it will even cross 80 cr. mark, come on man its just a strategy to save satrdom to release movies on holiday n doing 1 movie 1 year , if akshay will do 1 movie for 1 year n release it on big holidays all of his movies will cross 300cr. mark, he release all of his movies on non holiday with mostly clashes but still he makes 90 to 100 cr. ,

  26. Idk how ppl are telling that Sultan is an average film.
    If average film ofSalman like Sultan does this much breaks all the records than y didn't any other good movies in the past acheived this feat.
    The thing is u r not able to digest the fact just look for some more records .

    Sultan has smashed many circuit records in India and Overseas but the main records till date are as follows.

    First Weekend India
    The film grossed 105.50 crore nett beating the record of Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was 101.42 crore nett. Second film to cross 100 crore nett in three days.

    First Weekend Worldwide
    The film grossed 211 crore beating the record of Dhoom which was 194.29 crore. First film to cross 200 crore Worldwide in three days.

    First Week India
    The film grossed 208.50 crore nett apprx in its first week beating the record of Bajrangi Bhaijaan which was 183.52 crore. It is the first film to cross 200 crore nett in seven days. This is probably the biggest record for the film and could hang around for some time.

    First Week Worldwide
    The film has grossed 390-395 crore Worlwide in the first week beating the record of Dhoom 3 which was 337 crore. This like the India first week record is a huge one but it is mainly due to the huge seven day business in India as Overseas Dhoom 3 has better seven day figures.

    The opening day record in India was sure to go if Eid did not fall a day late. The business of Sultan on Saturday and Sunday basically confirm this. It is looking the Prem Ratan Dhan Payo opening day record is going to hold for some time as there does not seem to any film to challenge this record on the horizon.

    The last time an opening day record held for more than two years was Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in 2001. The record held for 28 months andyou can't rule out this Prem Ratan Dhan Payo opening day record holding out for that long as well.

  27. Bollyarena, you should block abusive people and abusive language (e.g.dashing RJ) or keep this site open for only uneducated people living life in a fools paradise.

    1. @sunny I don't know you and I hope you also don't know me then why are here to start fight with me....if you don't like this site then go out of this site...
      And yes this site is not open for fools and uneducated people like you.....

  28. Don't fight yr..let's see what happened in 2014 when salman released his movie on non-holiday period. And when it comes to Fan srk has guts to release his movie whenever he wants even akki though he releases 3-4 movie in a year but he doesn't opt for holidays..even amir had also released his talash on non-holiday tym it was hit but didn't cross 100cr lol...
    Aamir has pk,3 idiots,tare zameen par,rang de basanti. Srk has My name is Khan , chake De India. Akki has airlift,baby,holiday,special 26 and what about salman kick??,dabang series lol

    1. amitab has, piku, paa, at the age of 72 +
      amir has pk , 3 idiots, rang de basanti, tare jameen per
      akshay has airlift, gabber is back, baby, holiday , special26,OMG
      hrithik has koi mil gaya, guzarish
      srk has my name is khan, chuk de india, swedesh
      why salman has only one BB that even in just last year before that there was kick,ek tha tiger, dabang2, PRDP all crap
      he is now 50 he should do challenging roles , should experiment with his character. rather doing shit movies chain

      1. Piku is one of the over rated movie and nawaz deserve more than amitabh for national award for manjhi the mountain salman also have a very good films like Garv,tere naam,mujhse shaddi karogi there lots of more

        1. come on kk, garv, tere naam , mujse shadi karogi, your previous replys convey me, u have good sense of humor, but this one u really disappointed me. and mujse shadi karogi was not exited until the entry of akshay lol then movie got masaala and tadka not before.

  29. are yaar mujhe ye samajh nhi aata tum log in pagalon ko salman ki kamai ke bare me kyon bata rahe ho agar najar lag gai to hum aisa kabhi nhi chahenge right hume isse fark nhi padta ki salman ki film ne kitni kamai ki aur kiska record toda hame to vo sirf dikne chahiye chahe vo flop film bhi ho.vo kaun si film ayi thi joker wali ji ke kaan khade the haan mr.india amir khan aur jo hamesha apny body pe ghanto nhi sara din mehnat karte hai lekin aaj tak samaj hi nhi aaya ki unke si paks hai bhi ya nhi aur vo koi aur nhi shahrukh khan hai aur er taraf hamare salman ko dekh lo sultan me mehnat ki to lagte bhi hai aur hame in logon se darne ki jarorat nhi le aao apni dangal or raees kama lo jitna kamana hai tod dena mere salman ka record koi fark nhi padta sabse jo ki in sab se jyada hamare salman me hai aur vo koi nhi badal sakta sabse pehle so so so so so handsome goodlooking dashing tumhare hero jitna bhi makeup karle ki achche dikhe par afsos sirf makeup bhi laga ke screen pe achche nhi.lagte hamare salman in sab ki koi jarorat vo kehte hain na natural khubsurti vohi hai salman ke pass so salman fans don't worry record tod bhi de salman ka lekin uska charm nhi khatm kar sakte uski jaisa koi aur ye log kuch bhi kahen hame fark hi nhi padna chahiye hame sirf aur sirf apne salman ko screen par dekhna bhad me jaye records kama lene do inke heroes ko 100 cr iske ilava bicharon ke pass aur kuch nhi hai sultan sultan sultan rocks salman is the best and handsome man in this world tareefe to itni hai salman ki bata nhi payenge abhi bas itna hi

    1. dikta hai bhai mehnat , anushka ka baap lag raha hai movie me, mehnat aur fitness dekh hrithik ki, akshay ki, aamir ki. salman aur srk buddhe dikhte hai ab isiliye unhe romance shobha nahi deta , kuch alag hat kar karne ko bol something challanging ,logon ka muh band karva de jo use non actor bolte hai . tab kuch bat bane , box office ke record to bante rahenge tutte rahenge ,per achchi movies hamesha yad rahti hai , crap movies koi yad nahi rakta 500cr. kama le tab bhi.pk sabko yad hai , dhoom3 koi yad nahi karta. logic bro.

  30. its not topic here but just came in my mind that who will be next superstar of bollywood after 5 to 6 years. i think
    Tiger shroff will be like salman
    ranbeer kapoor will be like shahrukh
    shahid kapoor will be like ajay devgun
    ranveer singh will be like amir khan
    varun dhawan will be like akshay
    and hrithik will be at the top of all of them. just my point of view what u guys think,,,,,

  31. @classicmovies lover i think u hav not watched hahk mpk tere naam saajan andaz apna apna dts y u dont know salman hav much more claasic filmz which has alwaez been record breaking in their times as well

    1. @Faisal Shaikh ,leave all that man tell me who will be next superstar.what u think

  32. I know sultan will beat dhoom 3 for sure and enter 300 crore club..but can't beat bajrangi bhaijaan and pk..who care because is an all time blockbuster

  33. Sat and sun will crucial for sultan, if it earns more than 25cr( sat n sun) then it will be a great chance for sultan to break atleast BB's collection.

  34. @bollyarena which is the most difficult task u think giving 3, 100cr. Movies in a year or 1 200cr. Movie in a year. N what is time for today's q&a session.

  35. classymovielover miss parshya chahte hai guys hum governmert se chutti le ki sultan pk ka record tod sake wow bahut achchi advice di thanku but it's a big problem ki hum goverment se baat nhi kr sakte agar aise kar sakte to jaroor chutti lete hai na salman fans salman ke liye kuch bhi but nhi bhi tota pk ka record to koi baat nhi kyonki mujhe nhi lagta ki aamir ko salman ke sath compare karna chahiye aamir is like you all know salman fans hahahaha

  36. @ss , yar sultan already hit ho chuki hai , doesn't matter record tode ya na tode, but I m happy now salman , srk dono sal me at least 2 movies dene wale hai Aur hrithik bhi , but pata nahi aamir kab sal me 2 movies dena start karega , as all of them getting older n hardly 5to 6 years they have as lead actor fir o bhi Sanjay , Anil Ki tarah character role me aa jayenge isiliye in sabi Ko jitni jyada ho sake utni movies karni chahiye . I think @ss u agree with me.

  37. @classymovieslover I think ranveer singh or varun dhawan are going good and ranveer singh is going with a very good pace latter one is also have strong fan base so it can be any one of them.

  38. Boxoffice India publish article on Bajrangi bhaijaan's 1 year completion and I shocked because number getting much higher then I expected according to box office india BB at 328.03cr and PK is 338cr and they believe that in this year BB will edge over in domestic collection

  39. @kk , yar Kk ho Gaya na Bhai sultan vaise hi 320 nahi pahunch raha tu usko Aur 328 kar raha hai ,vaise ab salman Ko box office ke sath sath challenging roles Pe jyada concentrate karna chahiye . Kab tak shirt pant utarta rahega. Now he should concentrate on class movies, I hope u agree if u real salman fan and yes @Faisal true varun , ranveer ,Sidharth and ranbeer looks next superstar

    1. He already doing classymovie aur Rahi baat shirt pent utarne ki wo to Tera Aamir bhi Karne laga hai usme koi badi baat Nahi hai agar body banayi hai to dikhane main koi problem Nahi hai BB main kaha shirt utari thi. Aur is saal k end main BB will overtake to PK aur BB k footfalls to jyada hi hai but ticket price less thi iske wajah se collection kam hua you can check Boxofficeindia

      1. @kk, bhai salman sirf classy movie banata hi hai ki release bhi karta hai BB ko chodkar uske pure career me ek bhi classy movie nahi dikti hai ha shirt , pant utarte utarte budha ho gaya per ab bhi baaj nahi aa raha , abhi bhi utar hi raha hai.

        vaise honestly tell me one think,,, be honest.
        ek sal me 3 , 100cr. dena o bhi non holiday , jyada taff hai ya

        sal me ek movie karna holiday pe release karna aur 250 kamana.

  40. sultan is a much better one in comparison with Dhoom 3 . In case of comparing sultan with Bajrangi Bhaijaan and P.K , we can say it's a neck to neck competition . I am hoping a new record to be set in indian history . Sultan can easily defeat Dhoom 3 and Sultan can overcome bth P.K and Bajrangi Bhaijaan but both the movies are a constant threat

  41. apne kam dhandhe karo, salman ya amir aap logko koi pase nahi dene wala hai.jao apne bal bacho ko dhekho. yaha kio time pass karrare hu

  42. My Bhaijan Sultan Movice All Time Blockbuster ....
    I prey to god ..
    Pk Record Brocken The Sultan Movice
    ....Majarul Yousuf Khan...M.S

  43. It was all about how many holidays you get after movie gets release. If you get many like Sultan (4) it can do business in initial days and later it will fade out. It doesn't matter about open weeks and especially movies like GGM will not spoil any good movie's run. Just remove first 5days collections and see, how much Sallu bhai can attract the audience after first week. It is all about his mass charishma and he can do films which cross 300+ crores but he cannot be the best because to be the best, it requires script and acting also. I don't blame Salman acting infact Aamir also an average actor but if we see the Sultan movie, Salman acting is not at all convincing as usual. The only thing attracts good script and direction. He cannot improve his acting because the days are already passed to learn acting skills.

      1. First check your testcls and see whether you have it or not like your sallu bhai :D. Dumb ass no body gonna speak about his movies after 3 weeks and its all about mass following. Don't compare his movies with Shahruk and Aamir. Just take out your hands from your asshole and count how many movies Salman had to remember with good script and good acting.haha.. I think you don't need one hand also. You fool..shut your mouth and go watch your Salman ka chaddie..

  44. ab salman ki acting mein nikhar ata ja raha hai,chahe bajrangi bhai jaan ho ,ya sultan,kya acting ki en dono movie mein,,sultan mein toh salman khan bilkul natural lage hai...bilkul b overacting nahin ki,aur sultan movie dekhkar ye mehsoos hota hai,ki acting mein woh aamir aur shahrukh se bahut age nikal chuke hai,,,mughe nahih lagta ki,isse pehale salman ko itna damdaar role kisi movie mein mila ho,jo unhye sultan mein mila hai...waah salmaan 22 ab tum acting mein b sabke baap ho....

  45. ab sultan k baad salman khan acting k mamle mein shahrukh aur aamir se age nikal chuke hai,kya zabardast acting ki sultan mein ,,,,aur apni acting ka loha pure world mein manvaya hai,wah salu 22 kya kehne tumhari acting k...


    1. tuta na phir chahe 2 saal lage ya 50 saal tota na pk ka nhi bhi tote to koi baat nhi but tumhare bare me hamne sahi socha tumhari soch bhi tumhare hero ki film ki tarah hai vo aayi thi na 3 idiot vaise hi idiot wali aur haan hum nhi sudhrenge samjhe aur sahi kaha bilkul salman megastar hi hain thanku bolne ke liye actually salman fans achche se jante honge rickshaw wali soch kiski hai right salman fans

  47. More than 1500cr in a span of 1 year and 5 days till now in 3 movies with a budget of mere 270cr.... Salman rocks........

  48. @bollyarena, when you do collection comparison post like this, it would be really interesting if you could add the screen numbers by week for each movies.
    Just an idea

  49. I already said this that if Sultan gets 2 week free run like BB (leave PK which got 3 week free run with high ticket price for 1st 10 days) it can challenge BB lifetime....GGM did not dent Sultan collection directly (means by movie performance) but since it took huge amount of screen from Sultan (2000 screen) just after 1st week is the main reason for the low collection in weekdays.....Otherwise Sultan maintain it's pace and Weekend collection is a perfect example for this...Now I just hope that it will cross 300cr mark because this movie deserve this landmark....

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