Sultan Vs Kabali Box Office Collection Comparison

Sultan Vs Kabali Box Office Collection Comparison: Last yearIt was the same time when Baahubali and Bajrangi Bhaijaan released and we were comparing both these films. This time, another Salman Khan starrer is competing with a South Indian film. Rajinikanth starrer Kabali has shattered all kind of opening records and have become no 1 at the worldwide box office. Let's take a look at Kabali Vs Sultan collection comparison.

Sultan Vs Kabali Box Office Collection Comparison

Before looking into the recent comparison, let's us remind you of Bajrangi Bhaijaan Vs Baahubali. The Telugu film was released one week before BB. It had a much better opening and was ahead in the first week. However, Bajrangi Bhaijaan has a better hold in 3rd and 4th week and overseas performance was also better. Thus it beat Baahubali.

Now coming back to Kabali vs Sultan the scenario is little different. Kabali was released one week later after Salman Khan starrer. Sultan has an extended 5 day Eid weekend and had a historic opening. It went on to collect 181 cr in the span of just five days and still is the highest 5 day grosser. It could not beat any major opening day or weekend record but is the only film to cross 30 cr on five consecutive days.

On the other hand, Kabali upon its release shattered all opening day and weekend records in India, overseas and worldwide. The records include those of Happy New Year, Baahubali, Sultan and Dhoom 3. Let's take a close look at Sultan Vs Kabali collection comparison.

Sultan Vs Kabali Collection Comparison:


The film released on a partial holiday. The next day was Eid which is a national holiday in India and many other countries. Eid effect continued for the three days in Muslim dominated circuits. Word of mouth was positive. But the duration was slightly longer.


Kabali is regional language film and cannot be compared with Bollywood as these films have appeal in just 3-4 circuits. On the other hand, Bollywood films are watched pan-India. Kabali was also released on a non-holiday and has a decent to mixed word of mouth.

Update 31 July:

After seven days Sultan is leading by a good margin not only in India but also in overseas. Kabali had a record-breaking opening weekend in India, overseas and worldwide. However it had big falls on weekdays but Sultan has two extra days in the weekend which gave a huge boost to its collection.

Final Update 19 August:

Both the films have almost ended their box office run. At the end Sultan has beaten Kabali by a big margin. The film is not only ahead in India but also in overseas.

To keep things fair we are comparing net collections of both films. Gross collections are not considered as such advantage should be given to regional films. Take a look at Sultan vs Kabali collection comparison.

Day 136.5447.2
Day 237.3030.20
Day 331.5032.15
Day 437.1013.60
Day 538.2110.25
Day 615.548.6
Day 712.927.0
1st Week208.82149.15
2nd Week48.832.0
Remaining Weeks42.73-

Kabali Vs Sultan Collection Comparison Analysis:

Despite heavy initial, Kabali will fall short of Sultan at the Indian box office. Sultan is already leading with the four days collection. As far overseas collection is concerned, Sultan has gone ahead of Kabali. We will update this article if requited.

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48 comments on “Sultan Vs Kabali Box Office Collection Comparison”

    1. 1sunday m b kya krli kabali ne....
      N kabali ka sunday ka collctn b staurday se kam h.... Isse he pata lggya k movie 3rd day he reject hogyi.....
      N sultan 5din uskh collctcn ek jaisa he th isse pata lgata h power smjha....
      N waise b zyda screen thi kabali ko fr b uskhaa collctn sultan se km..
      Sultan 6th day 15..cr... N kabali 4din he 13cr...
      Kabali is rejected by audience.... Lolll
      Salman se compare krrh h...

      1. Sry 1sunday ka collctn b
        1st day se km h
        Pta h usne extraordinary strt lii thi but kmse km 40 rhna th
        Isse pata lggya movie reject hogyi h...

      2. arey cartoon not kabali sulthan decreased after eid,even this much collections r only because there is no film on eid n also for 2 weeks it had zero competition.immediately after kabali n other films were relesed sulthan graph fallen down.this shows sulthan was rejected on 1st day itself but it was saved only because of no competition,festive season where people had no movie except sulthan to c on theaters r else life time collections of sulthan will not even b 175 cr if kabali b released 2 weeks before

    1. pk was released with no competition but baahubali along with jackie chan n still collecting more
      thats power of prabhas n moreover pk was released in china in same year of india but baahubali one year late

  1. See the power of Amir khan 2014 ka bhi record tod nahi pa rahe megastar and content rich films....
    Aamir se panga mat lo....he is trend setter........makes and breaks the records........others are following him...........too much fun..............

  2. Agar bahubali ka ye hal hein to dusri filmon ka kya hal hoga china mein.........sochlo....
    only Aamir khan rules in china and worldwide............

    1. Prabhas baahubali was first film in China collected 50 cr though it was on internet with Jackie chan movie aamir khan 5th movie in China collected 100 cr with no competition,no internet leak so to b par with aamir 20 cr for baahubali is gud but it did 50 cr which means even in China prabhas is rocking n however in India baahubali ahead pk so India r worldwide prabhas is ahead

  3. This is not a fair comparison. If you guys have real knowledge about Indian cinema then use it. Kabali is a Tamil film which is tax free in tamilnadu (almost 80% of its Indian business is from this state only) while Sultan was not tax free anywhere I guess. So a real comparison could only be in domestic gross collections of both movies. So if you guys really want to compare both of these movies, do it in gross collections.

    1. Well Said Salim Bhai... If you want to compare then compare with Gross Collections and also tax in south indian states are less for regional movies when compared with Bollywood movies. Really 99% of them doesnt know the knowledge of Gross and Nett. Boxoffice india has compared the gross collections of both the films. check the link below.

    2. Do u have any shame

      Comparing 8Cr population each telugu&tamil movies with 80Cr populated Hindi movies.... in collection they r just short of Hindi movies... btw by nett collections Bahubali is TOPPER in India

      1. Who said 80 crore population will see the bollywood movie.... if u think so then you have to get ur facts right... Hope u know what is footfall. This decade BB has 3.6 crores footfalls, Last Decade 3Idiots had 3.25 Crores and 1990 to 2000 it was HAHK with 7.5 crores foot falls... where is 80 crore and 3.5 or 7.5 crores... and Most of the Cinegoers are in south India...

    3. in such case tamilnadu multiplex rates r 120 n cant b raised n in ordinary prices r 80,50,10 its only one state.now in north mumbai,delhi,kolkatta had prices as high as 1500,3000 in maharastra though tax is 50% still its 750,1500 net in almost mumbai,delhi ,25 north states where as kabali 120 even with exemption of only one state so kabali is 10 times superior than sulthan if prices r considered

  4. Salman Khan is real box office king. Rajni is nowhere near what people tend to estimate.

  5. movie flap see how much kabali collected, just imagine if the movie get block buster talk then how much it will collects...... super Star rocks

  6. Sultan aur Kabali donoko bhi public ne accept kiya hain.Dukh is baat ka hai ki Kabali boss ki vajahase Sultan bhai ka PK ki record ki barabari karne ka sapana adhura rah gaya............No problem Salman will do it at the next time.....see u to the next time.

  7. kabali worst movie is se achi shivraj kumar ki movie om achi hai dont compare sultan is a legend and wrestling movie rajnikanth cant do such movie

  8. Kabali first day total collection is 105 Crores. First week end it crossed 250 Crores. Now it has crossed 389 Crores....
    Sultan is a good movie for sure. But Rajinikanth has a great fan following who created the record opening for any cinema in India so far.
    First day - In TN alone - 800*7*250*750 =105 Cr ..( 800 screens, seven shows -starts from 4 am , 250 seats average per screen , 750 rupees per ticket average - tickets sold from minimum 500 to maximum 2500). Add US , Malaysia, Singapore and all other countries where it is screened along with other states in India. I am sure the numbers would make us awestruck.
    I guess Rajinikanth is a phenomenon . No actor before and after Rajinikanth can make this. He is the real Super star...with a super start :)

  9. are rajni Kant ka bohot fan followings is liye uska mahenga film robot or baki flim kab realise hua or kab khatam pata hi nehi chala.jis din TV pe diya tab pata chala.

  10. Bollyarena Team, this is not right, why media always pull down Salman and try to take away credit from him, In it's first 5 day weekend, 1st and 2nd day was Partial Holiday (7th was not a National Holiday because so many places offices were open, since 6th was a holiday there) and......3rd and 4th day was working day, not Holiday....5th was Sunday....
    Proof me wrong or....So stop calling it 5 day Holiday weekend...

  11. Thanks Bollyarena to correct your mistake, in Overseas part....But why you delete my comment.....this is not 1st time you did mistake, you are running a big site, it happens no big deal....

  12. if Sultan 3 open week Like PK
    Sultan lifetime 400 cr Domesti
    if Bajrangi Bhaijaan ticket price like PK
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan lifetime 365cr(footfall 3.55cr)
    if Bajrangi Bhaijaan 3 open week like PK
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan lifetime 500 cr Domestic

  13. 1980 Decade Biggest Blockbuster
    Maine Pyar Kiya
    1990 Decade Biggest Blockbuster
    Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun
    2000 Decade Biggest Blockbuster
    Gader-Ek Prem Katha
    2010 Decade Biggest Blockbuster
    Bajrangi Bhaijaan

  14. Comment:And that moron producer of kabali was talking trash that kabali will beat Sultan all over,will earn this much and all that bullshit,yeah lol in your dreams man #Badibadi_baatein SALMAN ko khud SALMAN hara sakta hai <3

  15. U ppl released the movie SULTAN on a partial holiday. But KABALI was released on weekdays and so it became holiday for all. Prove it small boys....

  16. Just amazed by the mindset of some so-called salman fans....They are comparing salman with the legend Rajnikant......At the age of 65 Rajni Sir is destroying the box-office with his power but trust me at the same age Salman will be long gone in nowhere.......Dont compare Rajni Sir with anyone...at least not with this little pony.....go get a life....!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Comment:salman khan kill people on roads, kill bucks, while rajni is humble and never do make up in real life or do advertisements even then people watch salman khan movies more than rajni. That shows the power of our sallu bhai.

  18. Itna hi bda superstar h to fir kabaali ki release date postponed kyu ki....phle eid pe release krne wale the kabali ko....ye bhai ka khof h....ise bolte h stardom..

  19. Bollywood ka baap only salman khan i mean sultan please dont compare any actor with salman

  20. One of the biggest flop i ever seen in my life fllllooopp
    Don,t compare with SULTAN even in dreamzz....atall....

  21. sallu bhai to sallubhai hai wo khud itna bada star he ye kisiko batane ki bhi jarrurat nahi he fim industry me flop picture ki line chal rahi tabhi bhai ki wanted film ke baad sab film hit hone lage that s bhai ka jalwa

  22. Salman woh hai Jo sab log ki juban par sultan,bhaijaan or prem ki naam par liya jata maloom hai kyun ki uska har film humko uska naam se yaad kiya or har film salman bhai ka acting se dil su leta hai rajnikant ka film bhi hit hai lekin Salman bhai ki saat compare mat kejiye uski saamne toh kushbhi nahin coz Salman khan is the name of legend the Sultan

  23. rajini is the only actor who have more followings in japan

    kabali is the first Indian movie to dub in malay language of Malaysia

  24. No one can break the record of Salman.....Salman ko sirf eik hi insaan hara sakta hai who h woh h Salman khud......!!
    If u are now thinking about P.K. then I would like to tell u that I agree with the record of amir khan`s collection of each and every movie.....
    But Bollywood me jo rutba hai woh sabse zyada salman khan ka hi hai.....
    Waise 3on khano ka jawab nhi....unki takkar ka aaj bhi Bollywood me koi n hai ....except Amitabh Ji
    see the collections below---

    1. PK (2014) -792.00 crore
    2. Sultan (2016) - 637.29 crore (Ongoing)
    3. Bajrangi Bhaijaan (2015) - 626.00 crore
    4. Dhoom3 (2013) 542.00
    5. Chennai Express (2013) 422.00
    6. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (2015) - 399.81 crore
    7. 3 Idiots (2009) 395.00
    8. Dilwale (2015) 394.00
    9. Happy New Year (2014) 85.00
    10. Kick (2014) 377.00
    11. Krrish 3 (2013) 374.00
    12. Bajirao Mastani (2015) 367.00
    13. Bang Bang (2014) 340.00
    14. Ek Tha Tiger (2012) 320.00
    15. Yeh Jawaani Hain Deewaani (2013) 318.21
    16. Dabangg 2 (2012) 265.00
    17. Tanu Weds Manu Returns (2015) 258.00
    18. Jab Tak Hai Jaan (2012) 241.00
    19. Airlift (2016) 231.60

    See the collection Each and every movie is of Bollywood Khan`s in Top 10

    top 10
    salman - 4 movies
    amir khan - 3 movies
    Shahrukh khan - 3 moives

    Top 20
    Salman - 6
    Shahrukh - 4
    Amir - 4
    Hrithik - 2

    Now u will came to know Why amir is not said Bollywood king....
    Salman has the highest number of movies in top 20....
    If u r thinking about the Best movie - Then through my personal experience I will suggest u 3 idiots....
    It is the best blockbuster of all the time....
    Just think when There was highest collection of 98.92 crore of salman khans movie Wanted ......
    then it had broken the record by swapping it down with 392 crores....292 crore rs. more.....
    and also think It had earned 392 cores in 2009
    if it would have been released in 2015 or 2014 then think how much it would have earned.....
    It would have been crossed 1000 crores....

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