Sultan Trailer Review

Sultan Trailer Review

The makers of Sultan have released the trailer of the film yesterday. The film features Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The trailer has crossed 2 million views on Youtube and has also earned 67k likes.

The story is weaved around the rise, fall and rise of Sultan. Sultan (Salman Khan) starts off with a smashing career in wrestling and even wins at the Olympics, until he has to suffer an emotional crisis. Soon, the story shifts into him leaving the sport and then his resurrection to the top. There are also Randeep Hooda and Amit Sadh and the later is seen as a coach who trains Sultan.

As we predicted Sultan looks like a complete Bollywood entertainer which will have something for each section of the audience. There is humour, drama, fun, action, romance, emotions and music. The makers are not claiming that the film has a pitch perfect story.

It is one of Salman Khan's most challenging roles and has nailed it. Salman's most impressive scene is racing along with a steam engine and will ensure many whistles in the cinema. Anushka also shines in the role of wrestler and her pair with Salman looks fresh. A song in the background Upar Allah, neeche dharti, beech mein tera junoon, re Sultan, can become a rage in the coming days.

There is a buzz that film's story looks familiar to Rocky series. Also there are not any major twists in the trailer though we hope there will be some in the film. Haryanvi accent of both the actors looks okay and could have been better. There is also nothing new in the wrestling sequences which we have already witnessed in the teaser.

What’s Good:

♦ A complete entertainer
♦ Salman as a wrestler
♦ Akhada sequences look real
♦ Music looks fresh


What’s Bad:

♦ Ordinary story
♦ Accent


Sultan Trailer Review: Verdict

The film has received positive response from people and trade pundits. The biggest USP of the trailer is that it has universal appeal. Salman's heroism in wrestling sequence and music will appeal to masses big time. While the emotional story and his journey will be liked by classes.

But above everything, film has Salman Khan and if the music clicks then on Eid, all opening records will be in danger.



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27 comments on “Sultan Trailer Review”

  1. Sultan Trailor is excellent. Sultan will going to be another ALL TIME BLOCKBUSTERS for sure. Salman with Anuska looks fresh and good. Salman in wrestling sequences looks excellent. It seems, this will be salmans best performances. All in All Salman trailor is excellent.
    Ratings:- 5/5.

  2. I think rating should be 5/5 because sultan trailer is best bollywood trailer ever

  3. Comment:
    People have lots of expectation from sultan. Aamir khan also excited to watch the film. Salman works very hard for sultan. He gain wait and then lose wait for it. It is not an easy job for any other actor

  4. everyone z saying its superb or bst trailar but i thnk 3.5 z lyk it z avarge ? I watch trailar ...thz z fab i thnk thz 4 ya 4.5

  5. Salman carier's best trailer,real tyep of akhada,salman never seen this tyep,olampic stages,fresh love intrest anushka also wrasler
    importent is salman vioce so khadak/pailwan music is traffic,salman body is the best,international MMA & never forget race betwen
    overall all is best 4.5/5

  6. I believe the Songs are going to be Chartbusters as well if you hear the beats of "Baby ko Base/Bass pasand he" or the Title track!..Just for the sake of making things interesting, hope Sultan breaks Pk's record!

  7. Team Sultan has given thier best n it shows in the teasers n trailer...Won,t say it's n ordinary story...The rating should be 4/5....Teaser,Buzz,Appeal,Trailer,Music n hopefully story will be in favour of Sultan...There is no force on this planet that can stop Sultan to be n ATMB...It will happen this Eid...Salman bhai will weave his magic once again...# 400 crore this Eid for Sultan ?

  8. I think sultan will be all time blockbuster and again 300 crore for box office king salman khan

  9. @bollyarena 1st answer my question"do u think it is an easy job to impress both masses and classes at the same time especially for a not so experienced director like ali?"if not then applaud ali for his work at least.
    Overall my opinion is bit different,I think most of the filmmakers r struggling in department of churning out universally appealing muvi thats why Bollywood is only managing 2 give 1 or 2 blockbuster every year but in case of Sultan it looks like that it has every thing for every one and as far as accent of stars r concerned I think it is gud that they hv nt acquired proper haryanvi accent otherwise it will be difficult for northeast ppl to understand.Performance wise Salman has put his soul in this movie n it is visible where as anushka is gud,refreshing.Randeep n amit sadh also looks to hv important roles.My rating 4.5/5

    1. Prashant why your showing frustrations to Bolly whats wrong they have said??? if i would be in Bolly team i would have rate this crap 2 stars.....nothing special in it...the theme lift from Our king Khan movie CDI....but look at the diff or acting....non actor is non actor....max 90cr... rehene de tu nahi samjhega....

  10. i think ye movie ali ki best direction hogi... kyunki ye movie grand scale me bani hai.... to direction bhi usi leval ka chahiye ...
    for example kabir khan ki ett se pahle sirf new york acchi directorial thi ... but after ett kabir khan ... ki sab movie direction k hisab se best hai...

  11. i dont know for which movie trailer u will give 4.5 or 5. Your review is crap, each n every frame is crafted to perfection. i m not a big fan of salman but watches his movies. this is d best trailer of salman n looks like best film till date. haryani accent will b craze in coming months.. make a note of it..n u mentioned..ordinary story? what u want in this story, should he fight aliens or should there b no emotional side or no romance.

  12. My raing on Trailer & Movie 1.5 stars.... BIG FLOP... Ordinary story.... 130C, if any hollywood movie is not released :P

  13. I think the accent is such so that the whole India should understand what the hero is saying

  14. Sultan box office collection will be more than shahrukh last 2 flim collection mark my word

  15. believe me its crap crap....its nothing in front of FAN trailer or KICK trailer...

  16. Disaster written all over....mark my words it will not touch 100cr....max 99cr....

  17. Bollywood Arena don't know on what basis you are saying this....on one side you are clamming that it has universal appeal and on other side saying that it has ordinary story...say one thing...

    It's a brilliant Trailer best of 2016 it has everything for everyone from Masses to Classes and the story is also unique never seen before in Bollywood and if music is also liked by audience then no one stop SULTAN to become ATBB...
    Bollywood Arena I think you have to think again on your article...after a long time movie is coming with Universal Appeal..

    SULTAN Trailer 4.5/5

  18. Sultan rickshawala your name itself is showing your state of mind also your upbringing so don't behave like illiterate.

  19. Sultan trailer ko 36 hours me 5000000 lakh baar dekha gaya h.aur 90000 logo ne like kiya h only 4000 logo ne hi dislike kiya h
    ismatlab srk fan ko bhi sultan trailer pasand aya raha h.

  20. bollywood arena ka farji review....yaar movue dekhi nahi aur inko story pata chal gayi ...hadd hai ??guys its a trailer not a whole movie , so revuew it accordingly once u watch the full.movie then only talk abt its story...

  21. sultan's trailer more entertaining then FAN movie and
    sultan's 1st weekend>>>FAN life time collection

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