Sultan Movie Review - Salman Khan

Sultan Movie Review

Sultan is a sports drama film directed by Ali Abbas Zafar. The film stars Salman Khan, Anushka Sharma in the lead roles. The film produced by Yash Raj Films is releasing on 6th July. Let's move on to Sultan movie review .


Only sky is the limit as far as box office potential is concerned. Coming to film's content, we are expecting an entertaining film and some solid punches from Salman Khan. This review is completely spoiler free.


The film tells the story of a local wrestler Sultan Ali Khan (Salman Khan) who dreams of winning Gold Medal for India at Olympics. Then there is a young girl Aarfa (Anushka Sharma) from the same village of Sultan who also wishes to represent India in wrestling. As luck would have been, they both fell in love. However, something drastic happens in Sultan's life which broke him completely. Later on, Sultan once again dreams to come back but this time in UFC. He has now nothing to lose but will he be able to achieve what he dreamt? Watch the film to find out.

Sultan Movie Review: Analysis

Sultan is all about Salman Khan and it will not be wrong to say that it is one man show. However Salman does not disappoint at all and it is his charisma which sticks the audience till the end. There is a detailed carving out of its characters. Sultan’s character is developed amazingly in the first half and also maintains the grip in the second. It takes some time to introduce him as Sultan Ali Khan but the build up is worth.

Sultan's story may have been tried earlier but it still had all the ingredients for a clever film. Sultan goes wrong thanks to its attempt to make it emotionally challenging and life changing. The first half focuses on developing the characters and their emotional connection, the main action is saved for the second half. But here the director goes wrong. The pace is slow and the film gets stretched. You don't feel for emotional sequences however Salman's training sequences will definitely give goosebumps to you.

The story’s melodrama is restricted, keeping the dramatic bits plain. The film has its high and lows but overall it is a decent watch.

Sultan Review: Direction, Editing, Screenplay

After Gunday, one was not expecting much from Ali Abbas Zafar. However, this time, the director has done a lot of research on the script and has also focused on the character building. He managed to bring Salman out of his comfort zone and does some action in the wring. But he loses the plot when he tries to portray it as a life changing journey.

The fight sequences are pretty good, especially in the Akhada. The UFC portion seems to be shot in a hurry and there are some clearly visible mistakes. Visual effects are not up to the mark which is a bad aspect considering it is not a regular masala film. Editing should have been better as the film can be shortened around 15-20 mins.

Except these, everything goes well for Sultan. The music is another plus point which has been cleverly put in the film. The background score is top notch.

Sultan Movie Review: Star Performances

Salman Khan has immersed in himself the soul of Sultan. It is definitely one of his career best performances. His transformation into Sultan is going to shock you big time. He brings out Sultan's vulnerability with charm and his passion with force. The actor will impress you with the work he has done on his physique. The dialogue delivery is okay however accent should have been more authentic.

Anushka Sharma has comparatively little but very important role to play. She looks pretty sans make-up and taking the role of a wrestler is a good plunge for her. She is specifically praiseworthy in a scene where she broke down emotionally.

What's Good:

♦ Salman delivers one of his best performances
♦ The wrestling scenes are pretty well executed
♦ Salman-Anushka story has its moments
♦ Well researched script


What's Bad:

♦ Film has slow pace at time
♦ Editing should have been better.
♦ Screenplay let down the film in 2nd half


Sultan Review: Last Word

Sultan is very much different from what Salman has done earlier. His stellar and never seen before performance makes it a good watch. It also has decent entertainment value. On this Eid, go for Sultan and you will not be disappointed.

Rating: 3/5

The film is going to open huge in all over India but the duration can be the problem for the audience on weekdays. It would have better if they chopped off 15-20 minutes to make it fast paced.

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40 comments on “Sultan Movie Review - Salman Khan”

  1. Wow. I think bollyarena is strict in their reviews
    Airlift 3.5
    Fan 3
    Kapoor and Sons 4
    Housefull3 1.5

    It means Sultan is a good film. going to watch it tomorrow. Sorry Salman

  2. Only 3 star despite so many positive thing and and of course as u said salman has delivered one of his career best performance so i will give it 5*****

  3. @Bollyarena :
    Your website has a reputation , so there shouldn't be any grammatical mistakes while reviewing any film.
    What's good category first point:
    Salman delivers one of his best performance'S' (Plural)
    rest everything is good .Thanks for the review.

    P.S - although i am pretty excited for the movie.

    1. LOL... Grammarian, it's not a mistake.
      Plural is correct grammatically there. "Salman delivers one of his best performances." is a correct sentence.

  4. Je Baat Re Sultan. 3 stars from bllyarena means a good film. super excited now thanks bollyarena

  5. salute to you Bolly Arena for always giving us quick and fast reviews
    reviews does not matter for salman but still 3 is very good

  6. The comments section will be closely monitored and no irrelevant or abuses/harsh words will be allowed against any actor. In such case, the user will be blocked. Do not ask questions here but instead, send it to [email protected].

    1. @bollyarena , akshay confirmed jollyllb2 in interview with rajiv masand and sad its releasing in end of this year only. so r we going to see another clash of akshays movie with someone , plz reply

  7. Bad review.....3 star only for salman khan......because movie kesi bhi ho
    " Super hit " to honi hi h

  8. At last the review is here!!! Thanks a lot Bolly arena.

    So 3/5 rating by Bolly arena means the response will be mixed / mixed to positive .

  9. That usually happens with intense films like sultan I am also saying running time is long but movie is superb particular 2nd half which is for multiplex people movie can reach 280cr

  10. Current Life time Prediction of Sulthan by,

    Indicine- 253cr
    Bolly arena- 250cr
    My self- 265cr

  11. Any big movie gets 3 or 3+ star is very good reviews. In BB case every one say salman khan career best performance and now i read thease again am so exited . Now i hope these movie challange Pk or BB record

  12. I read each and every critic who watched sultan today in UK and UAE they all tweet that movie is superb and very good story everyone agree with you in that this is salman's best performance ever So salmanias go for it no worry

  13. 3 star is good for me, I have seen where movie get 4-4.5 star but fall flat at box office....Important thing is it should have good story with entertainment which it has, so I am happy...

    Meanwhile Bollyarena you said that you will watch every comment closely and abusive comment is not allow, then how can you allow comment of "Komal Nahi Nahata" at 11:07pm; he used criminal word for Salman, is it ok with you then please don't stop me when I say abusive word for Srk or Akki...

  14. all time blockbuster sultan and review 4.5/5 I think..u will believe me when flim will enter 300 crore in india

    1. then you must leave bollywood arena, if you think so. waise galti teri bhi nahi hai, salman fans are everywhere. ab tu bhi jaaye bhi to jaaye kaha. tere ghar mein bhi mil jayenge Salman fans, ab tu ghar jaana band thode kar dega.

  15. 390 cr. India and 125 abroad . Sultan will became blockbuster and Salman broke the record of Rjesh Khanna of most consecutive hits during 1969-1972

  16. It's this a joke? Did u freaky give this film a 3?
    Not because i am Salman fan.. But this is probably the best film made in a really long time!!! OUTSTANDINGGGG guys...
    I am just spellbound!!

  17. I think the movie is good but yes it is too long....weekend will be full but I think there will be problem in weekdays to watch the movie as it is very long....

  18. Salman has delivered a very believable performance in Sultan, ofcourse Salman is getting better with age, surely this movie gonna reach a top box office collection in 2016..

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