Sultan Initial Response

Sultan seems to get a positive response from the critics and also from the audience.


"Performances are top notch with both Anushka and Salman complimenting each other and the jugalbandi that leads up to their romance is highly endearing. Ali has made sure the wrestling looks real and it doesn't feel too choreographed."

Hindustan Times:

"The director's eye for detail has gone in favour of the film, but Salman's accent might not hit the bull's eye with some. The melodious tunes and fast pace make Sultan an engaging watch, but the film has overlooked some crucial angles."

News 18:

"So far the Haryanvi dialect is being used perfectly in the film by all the actors. #Sultan"

Zee News:

"Journey of #Sultan begins. Salman Khan at his best. Godly physique, firm determination and killer training: thats how champions are made. Salman #Sultan Khan enters with a bang. On-screen or off-screen, crowds go crazy. Whistles, cheers everywhere."


"I really can't understand, why did makers promoted Sultan as a biography when it's a fiction n has nothing to do with reality?

It's interval n what a beautiful and brilliant love story Sultan! It's going to be sure shot super hit."


The story and dialogues of Sultan are good. Both Salman and Anushka have given best performances. Salman’s role as a wrestler is commendable and he definitely has put his best foot forward.

7 comments on “Sultan Initial Response”

  1. Now even 40 cr is looking possible on D1.(my prdcn 37.50cr)

    If WOM is,
    Extremely Positive 360cr
    Positive then 320cr-360
    Mixed to Positive 270- 320
    Mixed 240- 270
    Mixed to Negative 220- 240
    Negative 200-220

    1. Yaar craze na tune dekha nahi warna mix to negative/negative daltha hi nahi all are positive with him so sultan going only over 300-350+cr thats it!

  2. 75-80% occupancy in morning from now on it will only increase and in evening and night shows occupancy will be 100%....

    40cr+ is possible now that too on Non Holyday...

  3. bollyarena please mention karna johar labor Khan reviews and all other critics who gave sultan thumb s up 4 out of 5

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