Sultan gave a huge boost to my social media life: Amit Sadh

Amit Sadh says that his career got a huge boost after starring alongside Salman Khan in last year’s blockbuster Sultan and he was amused to see how the film also gave a major boost to his social media profile.

“Sultan was a huge film with Salman. I had a great part. I got so much love and attention. My Facebook followers have increased. I was never the digital guy, I used to feel ‘why should I post pictures when I only manage to get 20 likes where as some actor who has done lesser work than me gets 1000 likes’.

“After Sultan, someone asked me to put a photograph and I got 1600 likes within minutes. Now I try to be active on social media,” Amit told PTI during a recent visit here.

Meanwhile, Amit Sadh’s Running Shaadi released this weekend. “As an actor, I want to do great roles. I need to be challenged. I am lucky that I am getting great parts. These are great times. I am very grateful to everyone who has helped me to reach here. This is just the start.”

3 comments on “Sultan gave a huge boost to my social media life: Amit Sadh”

  1. yeahh.. he was vrry good in sultan!
    These r the characters which makes a film a huge success!

  2. great talent at a great platform always works. Amit Sadh, you are a great actor and Sultan was a right platform for you to show your talent.

  3. Saw running shaadi film didn't have anything new to offer amit and tapsee lacked chemistry as a comedy drama the film was quite drab. Amit sadh should stick to doing character roles he's no leading actor.

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