Sultan fails to live up to trade expectations on 1st day

Sultan did not quite live up to the trade expectations on its opening day. Yesterday, most of the trade experts were expecting a 40 crore+ opening day however the actual came out to be 36.54 crores.

The film was weak in masses and Muslim dominated circuits. The multiplexes were extraordinary throughout the day and if single screens were in the same range, it could have crossed 40 crore mark. It is not possible to track the film in the interiors and if they are not up the mark, actuals can vary. Our own estimates in the night were 39.5 crore.

Earlier this morning the film critics took to Twitter and posted their expected collections of Sultan.

Taran Adarsh:

#Sultan [Wed biz / pre-Eid]: ₹ 40 cr+ definitely... 41... 42... 43... It can touch these figures... Final numbers coming up... FANTABULOUS!

The Eid festivities commence from today in India... A HISTORIC 5-day opening weekend is on the cards... #Sultan = HURRICANE at the BO.

Komal Nahta:

All records set 2 be broken today by #Sultan. Spoken to all-India trade people. 1st day definitely more than 40 crore!! In spite of pre-Eid!

My estimate of #Sultan day 1: Rs. 43 crore!

22 comments on “Sultan fails to live up to trade expectations on 1st day”

  1. yaar sb log khud hi overhype krte ho phir hum fans ko b dissappoint krte ho...40+ tommorow was lyk impossible

  2. This article title should " Trade Persons failed Predict Sulthan Opening day "

    Its not Sulthan mistake , Its traders fault.

    Massive opening by Salman's Sulthan.

  3. A day before Sulthan release every trade persons (after knowing its releasing on Pre eid) predicted around 37cr.

    But their tracking was not good in Sulthan Opening day....

    Actually Sulthan performed very well

  4. Hahaha...If it was released on non holiday , then after mixed response it would have been a flop..wait for Rustom.....classic is coming....

  5. Hahahahahahaha Ist day only 36 crore I am sure ya movie to 140 crore kamaya gi another flop

    1. Wht do u mean by another flop buddy...u rtalking abt salman not shahrukh...which movue of salman flopped since dabbang release?? Haan jabra Fan zarur muh ke bal gura tha ???

  6. Please dont spread negativity around sultan. It has performed extraordinarily. Bajrangi Bhaijaan last year collected 27 crores on 1st day despite pre eid. Sultan has raised the bars quite significantly for pre eid by grossing around 37 crores. It a huge leap. 40 crore was not possible because muslim audience didnt turn up in huge numbers. I hope sultan turns out to be one of the biggest blockbusters. You cant say it failed to perform because of few people expecting something impossible.

  7. Thats were most of us went wrong many time. While predicting something we always assume things. All these predictions were based on EId factor star value of salman. When they (critics) got to know that EId is falling on 7 and not 6 july, we should have altered their predictions. Instead they assumes salman fans will rush to cinema halls despite of anything. A fan is always aware that the film will run atleast for a week and not only that day.
    On top of it, weather conditions also need to consider, Wednesday it was raining is most of areas, which affects the business. This is something we have already experienced during Dabang 2 when evening shows got affected by cold weather in northern side of India.
    Rightly said sometimes its not product but over estimations fails.

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