Sultan emerges All Time Blockbuster

Sultan has emerged all time blockbuster at the box office. The film needed to cross 295 cr to reach that mark. The overseas performance is excellent as it has collected 154 cr. The footfalls have also crossed 3 cr mark.

Sultan is the 21st blockbuster in Bollywood. The first ATBB was Kismet which was released way back in 1943.

Salman Khan has now 5 all time blockbuster films in the list. The same is the case with Aamir Khan who have 5 films. But the interesting point is his last four films out of five were ATBB. On the other hand, Salman had the biggest blockbuster of 80's and 90's too.

Let’s take a look at the list of all time blockbuster movies in Bollywood.

Mother India19574
Jai Santoshi Maa19755
Ram Teri Ganga Maili19859.5
Maine Pyar Kiya198914
Hum Apke Hain Kaun199469.75
Dilwale Dhulhania Le Jayenge199561
Raja Hindustani199648
Kuch Kuch Hota Hai199845.25
3 Idiots2009202.5
Dhoom 32013285
Bajrangi Bhaijaan2015321
  • Aamir Khan – 5 Films
  • Salman Khan – 5 Films
  • Shahrukh Khan – 2 Films
  • Sunny Deol - 1 Film
  • Govinda - 1 Film

60 comments on “Sultan emerges All Time Blockbuster”

  1. Top 5 Highest Bollywood Movie Grossers in India 2016:
    1. Dangal
    2. Sultan
    3. Mohenjo Daro
    4. Shivaay
    5. Airlift/ADHM

  2. Comment:Trade bta rhe dangal ka 150 corore touch krna muskil he hehe insider report he

  3. List is incomplete
    Awara 1950 atbb
    Sri 420 1955 atbb
    Haathi mete saathi atbb many circuit records
    Dhoom 2 atbb broke circuit records og gadar
    Hell even ek tha toget atbb
    Pls chck facts bollyarena

  4. @bollyarena
    Sir sholay was dharmendra movie how can u add amitabh in your list? Plz expain

  5. List sahi he karib karib isme ett ko shamil kr de yaa d3 ko bahar kr de sirf collection hi ek parameter ni ho sakta distribution share jo ki kafi kam he sultan bb se foot fall jo 3 corore bi ni he nd jo collection he wo joined effort he all language ka nd d3 record kimto me bechi gyi ti jisse kuch distributer ko loss bi hua ta

  6. Comment:bollywood arena ya mene kucch wrong kaha he to pls mujhe sahi kre otherwise d3 ko list se out kre or yaa ett ko shamil kre thanx

  7. @bollyarena
    Plz correct it sholay was dharmendra movie.
    He was lead actor. How can u forget that.
    AB sir was 2nd lead...
    Add dharmendra in ur list

  8. Comment:chal bhai dhamendre bda star he amitabh se khush dekh sbki aukat bas salman ,salman ek hi super star india me hua he aj tak wo he salman khan nd kucch had tak rajnikant aur aamir ne chase krne ki koshish ki amitabh vagerah media ke bnaye super star he bas salman ,salman

    1. abbe 22 sal ho chuke kuch to sharm kar....abhi tak tera bha ATHG ke liya taras raha hein aur Amir ka picha kar raha hein..

  9. @Team Bollyarena,
    Also add Kuch Kuch Hota Hai to ATBB list of Salman Khan and make it 6 ATBB to Salman Khan.Don't be biased to Aamir Khan.

    1. ha haaa....KKHH was salmans movie...........what ajoke bro....hats to yourr logic kuch to sharm kar bhik mang raha hein.....IT WAS TOTALY SRKS MOVIE....

  10. Comment:koi need he kucch kucch hota he ki ap sirf hmara haq ek tha tiger to atbb me jod de yarr ok thanx pls reply me bollywood arena why u add dhoom3 or ignore ETT

    1. Marigold ko bhi ATBB karne ke liye bol... Megastar 10 ATBB HO jayenge.. Jara 2000-2009 ki flop list nikalo bollyarena tab megastar flopstar ban jayega ha ha ha

  11. @Bolly Arena Chennai Express is ATBB if not then Ghajni n Dabangg are no loger ATBB according to #BOI as CE is bigger blockbuster than both Ghajni n Dabangg, CE footfalls as well ROI more than both also record grosser.

  12. Salman has 7 Atbb. He is the biggest star ever in India. ETT is attb and if u add sholay as AB film then add kkhh to sallubhai list.

  13. Bollyarena Team, again you are doing same thing, again you are trying to pull down Salman Khan...Salman have 6 ATBB....ETT was a ATBB according to every sites including you, and now you are not giving it the same verdict....why are you changing it please explain because in you site right now it is showing ATBB for ETT...
    Here is the link:-

    So please correct your mistake and give the credit to Salman which is deserve...Or please explain why you do this...

  14. Bollyarena Team, either you explain what I am asking (about ETT ATBB verdict) or I will keep asking you again-again in every article, then don't say I am repeating my comments...

    And also I request to all Salman Fans please you also do the same and ask Bollyarena why they change the verdict of ETT until they reply...Below is the link where you can see that ETT is an ATBB given by Bollyarena..

    And Bollyarena please don't change the verdict now....1st explain us

  15. List I wrong. Salman has 8 ATBB. They are --
    1. Maine Pyar Kiya - 15 crore
    2. HAHK - 70 crore
    3. KKHH ( was second lead male actor )

  16. Where r shahid kapoor and ranvir singh the great actors of 2014 and 2015 for haider n bm in this list...

  17. I m waiting for all time blockbuster from these actors too they r now very seniors now shahid came in 2008 may be n ranvir came little later . N amir salman n shahrukh has given classics in his very early career. Amir 1988 to 1994. Salman 1989 to 1994 . Shahrukh 1992 to 1998 .

  18. Why u not reponse us hum log aap ki website ko har din.kyun bohut fast Bollywood dedo hoo abhi wrong info salman ki atbb Aur no reponse.u r not able to give us no need uses ziyada users hogaye kya

  19. Dear fans, this list is calculated on the basis of many sources. We have told you earlier that we cannot argue regarding film released earlier 2015 as we were not tracking the collections then. Off course you guys can have a difference of opinion but it will make no sense if we start giving explanation to each film that why it was ATBB or why it was not. Hope you will understand.

    Team Bollywood Arena

    1. Bollyarena Team, thanks for your reply and sorry for the inconvenience…..we understand what you said, but still you are running a big site here, at least you should try to find out the reason from your reliable sources…Because from the last 1 year (means from when your site is created) we are seeing the ATBB verdict for ETT….but now you are not considering the same verdict, that too after 3-4 years, which is bothering us…..If it is goes like the same way, then maybe after another 2-3 years you guys will change the verdict of Dabaang, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Sultan, that too without giving any reason….This is not right…..We are not claiming anything wrong here, we just want which is rightfully ours, since the sites like you have given the verdict ATBB long time back, but you change it now…Not arguing with you just requesting……If you fail to explain then we consider it as ATBB as a Fan until you explain..Think about this as a FAN and not as a Bollywood Site…..Hope You Will Understand.

      Salman Fan

      1. I agree that after 3-4 years Sultan might not be ATBB or Bajrangi bhaijaan. But I think it was a printing mistake from @team Bollyarena.

  20. Bollyarena Team see now I am commenting in related article, at least now reply, everyone is asking you the same thing, but you are not even bother to reply.....WHY???...Why it is so hard for you to reply, tell us the reason why ETT is not ATBB, because in your site you give it ATBB verdict and still it is showing the same...if you won't reply it means something is wrong and you are just trying to save yourself by avoiding our request...

    Hope you reply now...

  21. where is CE..bollywood arena this is cheating.....and where is.... OSO and CE even Veer Zara also showing some sites all time block buster.

  22. @Team Bollyarena,
    I'm sensing something is wrong here as u r considering Kuch Kuch Hota Hai is Shahrukh Khan's movie only but Salman Khan was also second major actor in that movie and u r counting its ATBB verdict to Shahrukh Khan only. WHY SO?!
    Is it because u want Aamir Khan above ??
    Also first u give ATBB verdict to ETT in other article and here u r not counting it.
    Why there is always conspiracy with Salman Khan only?
    No site is neutral.Everyone has money on someone.

  23. Undoubtly #dangal gonna b highest grosser of the year with 2_3 free weeks n aamir in lead its very much possible if sultan which is a avg film can do 300 then dangal aamir can film with strong multiplex audience can do 350+ biz for sure as my estimation opening of dangal will b 30_32 as normal friday than 34_35 sat n 38_39 sun so wekend 104_105 n mon 20_22 tue 20_21 thus week gonna b 180_190 then it gonna hav atleast 80_90 2nd week n so on can make it to 300 for just avg talk like sultan anything like pk type wom it gonna make 350 + even may do 400 n its aamir khan film never underestimate if salman hav given back to back bb aamir hav given back back atbb n industrial hit n talaash was offbeat film bt dangal is pure masala film with classy touch which is undoubtly midas touch so it gonna b 350 crore film

    1. Ek or bewakuf aagya ab..
      Sultan ko average movie bolrh h. Wah beta.. Aby life m kc krna h toh aisi he movie dkho smjha.
      Or dangal ka pata nh but wo movie isly kama skti h q kuki us k sth koi movie nh rhngi smjha 2-3 weak tk magr koi movie rhi toh dkh lena kya hall honga uskh.... Sultan ko agle he weak se screen count km or movie aane lggyi thi wrna abh tk ka collctn tu soch b nh skta th...
      Sultan movie se sikhne mila h bht kc smjha kya....
      Average movie bolrh.. Aby agr dangal k next weak m b ek b movie aagyi na toh bhol jana 300cr smjha....
      Pagl smnn bate krte h koi koi m.

    2. SULTAN is an average movie....LOL

      If you think Sultan is an average movie, then I can say confidently that you have no idea what is Good movie...Idiot 1st go and ask your elders about good movie then comment here...I am sure Dangle will be a good movie too, but just because of jealousy you cannot say like this...Hope you grow up soon....

    3. @Shiv gautam right bro...jane do ye salman fans nahi samjenge Aamir Power Christmas ke bad inhe pata chal jayega...tab ye rote rahenge Tublight ane do...PK ka record todega....aur kuch bhi nahi hoga ...tab tak Dangal ne 400cr bana liye honge....aur ye 345cr pe fuss light hogi.....fir bakwas chalu karenge inko pata hein Aamir ek aisa megastar hein jo bhai ki movies ki band baja sakta hein

      1. Amir ek aisa tera megastar h jo ajtk non holdiay p 100cr nh diya h...h kya dum xmas k dum p uchal rh h... Aby eid p b release krle wo toh bhuul jana 250tk b jynga...
        Aby dam h toh record tod 10tym 100cr.... Most blockbuster... Or ek bat amitabh n rajesh khanna nr b htbr highest grossing movie all time nh diya h.... Toh kya amir unse bada hogya kya...
        Isly bewauf samnn bat nh krna.... 2-3saal m ek movie krta xmas m schl n clg bnd open weak etc etc sala fattu star k mujor fans.... Lolll hassi ati ab toh.. Hahahahah

    1. Ek or aagya..
      Shi h box office matter nh krta isly
      Fan ko audience ne igNor krdiya.
      Dilwale ko ignor
      Hny ko ignor shi h bhai
      Box office matter nh krta h
      Toh jake audience poll krr k audience kss k movie zyda psnd krti h....
      Kc b bolte yr hahahsh lol

    2. Yey lo ji ek aur self certified critic like KRK aa gaya. Box office does not matter than what matters

  24. @bollyeood arena CE was also atbb
    Declare by indicine also but not by you....can you give me the appropriate reason for this???

  25. Bollyarena team u mentioned that data before 2015 u r not sure. Then pls check from other sites. Awara and shri 420 were atbbs. Even haathi mere saathi .it was 1st film to collect more than 50 lacs per circuits. Its record was broken by sholay which did more than 1 crore per circuit. Im not trying to taunt u but if u want to be known as a reliable site these things should not be overlooked. Dont forget some trade expert mught also be checking out ur site. Pls reply.

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