Sultan Brand New Still

Sultan is one of the most exciting films of the year and fans will get to see Salman Khan in an action avatar. The superstar plays the role of a Haryanvi wrestler Sultan Ali Khan in the film.

Salman Khan shared a brand new still from Sultan on Twitter.


Touted as a sports-drama, the film revolves around the life of a Haryana-based wrestler. Besides Salman, it also features Anushka Sharma in the lead.

13 comments on “Sultan Brand New Still”

  1. Seems it will be under-performer like Jai Ho, PRDP, Talaash, Dilwale & FAN... Looks bad but "unfortunately" will still do 3 digit Number...

    1. Bro,I would like to tell u 1 thing is that Fan is a critically acclaimed movie...This movie is not a blockbuster by any stretch of imagination...Despite being a Salman Khan fan,after watching SRK,s latest sensation is one gets the feeling that this man still got it...The screenplay was not upto the mark...This movie is still not a typical Bollywood movie...But SRK has done his job magnificently...Salman Khan is in the form of his life...Whatever he touches,turns into platinum,forget gold...This year Bollywood will get 2 blockbusters in the form of Raess n Sultan...No 2 ways about it...All the best for Raess n Sultan in thier upcoming releases ? Hope u got my point bro ?

  2. Sultan will be a blockbuster. Only a teaser create havoc the final outcome must be a hurricane...!!
    Best wishes for Sultan success.

  3. This year blockbuster movies in Bollywood r Raess n Sultan...No 2 words about it...Teaser,appeal,buzz,content n hopefully word of mouth will ensure blockbuster status of Raess n Sultan...Despite being a Salman Khan fan,I watched SRK,s fan...Must appreciate SRK,s acting skills in Fan ? This man still got it...The 2nd half of Fan was not upto the mark,the 1st half was simply rollicking from the king of hearts...Still Fan will do good bussiness...150 crore to say the least...Wishing Salman Khan,s Sultan n SRK,s Raess all the best for thier upcoming releases ?

  4. only Bhai this eid ....
    according to talking movies sultan ki teaser ko hole pe fan movie se Jada taliya mil rahe log dil khol ke teaser ko enjoy karrahe aur fan movie suru hote hi log so jarahe khi khi khi ..
    jai ho weekend------ 60cr
    fan--------55cr .
    lollllll hike ticket price, 3600 srn, holiday , best review phir vi haklu ka pankha kharab ho giya... khi khi khi khi bahut hansi aarahi

  5. If clash then Blockbuster its not then alltime blockbuster 2016 highest grosser again salman-sultan

  6. Salman Bhai totally nailed it with this Wrestler Physique. This is called dedication and getting into the character. This is till what we have seen only 3 Actors did lot of hard work to get into there character form
    1) Salman Khan for SULTAN
    2) Amir Khan for DANGAL
    3) Randeep Hooda for SARABJIT

    Hats Off to all these 3 Actor for there dedication and efforts.....

  7. ORMAX Star India Love : Top 10 Male stars for March 2016 list is out:-
    1) Salman Khan
    2) Akshay Kumar
    3) Srk
    4) Hrithik Roshan
    5) Ranbir Kapoor
    6) Aamir Khan
    7) Ranveer Singh
    8) Amitabh Bachchan
    9) Ajay Devgan
    10) Sunny Deol

    Megastar Salman Khan again in No1 spot….

  8. Khan Bhai Ka Baapu Shayad Hall me Beth k Dekhrha he Jo bata rha he k Sultan k Trailer ko taliya kr fan dekh k log Sorhe he....Wo Tu hoga Jo Fan dekh k Majburi me Sorha hoga ..Tu Waise b Lakdi k Stall me bethta he..20-30-40 ki ticket leke....Tujhe kya Pata Film ki value ka Masti ka Enjoy ka Meaning ka...yu fool h....Hall ko hole bolta he sala Unpadh...

  9. 52 yr old's 5.5 ft lillyfoot fake Photoshop pictures are ok in internet but won't work in theatre.... another BIG FLOP

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