Star Power of Young Actors: Analysis

2016 was not great when it comes to the initial at the box office. Only a few films were able to live up to the expectations while most of them relied on word mouth.

It was not good either for the younger generation of actors. Today we will be looking at the comparison of the opening days. From the list, only Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Baaghi had an excellent opening. While the later were good to average.

Note: It does not include Sushant Singh Rajput as MS Dhoni The Untold Story opened huge due to brand Dhoni.







Ae Dil Hai Mushkil
Clash, pre-Diwali
2nd film of Tiger
Average trailer, Two hero
Poor trailer, demonetization
Udta Punjab
Controversy, multistarrer, film leaked
Ki & Ka
A Flying Jatt
Poor trailer
Kapoor & Sons
Super Hit
Baar Baar Dekho
Super Hit
Small clash

*Baaghi music became a huge hit after the release

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil and Befikre were directed by big names like Karan Johar and Aditya Chopra. But the former was released pre-Diwali and had a big clash so the director's factor has been compensated. It was Tiger Shroff's Baaghi which surprised the trade by taking an excellent opening. Baaghi was only the second film of Tiger who was last seen in Hero Panti. Though his next release A Flying Jatt bite the dust due to the poor trailer.

Dishoom took the opening only riding on the star power of Varun as there was not much going in its favour. Though there was also John Abraham in the lead but that did not contribute much. Shahid Kapoor's Udta Punjab was helped by Censor Board controversy and there was Punjabi superstar Diljit Dosanjh. But it was leaked two days before release.

Sidharth Malhotra had two releases this year. Fawad Khan and Alia Bhatt got all the praises for Kapoor & Sons. His next release Baar Baar Dekho was expected to open very good but it turned out to be disappointment

If we compare the star power of all these actors, Ranbir Kapoor will come out at the top. Ranveer Singh, Varun Dhawan and Tiger Shroff will fight for the second spot. The rest will be Arjun Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Sidharth Malhotra.

17 comments on “Star Power of Young Actors: Analysis”

  1. ADHM - 13.30= 2459screen ( Ranbir , Anushka , Aish , Fawad , cameos :SRK , Lisa Hayden , Imraan , Alia ,
    Befikre -10.36= 2100 screen ( RANVEER only !! Bcz Vaani's has zero power )
    Dishoom-11.05=3000screen ( Varun , Jonh Abraham , Jakline , cameo parinetti ) ;)
    That means . Ranveer>>>>>>>> all young actors ! Post

    1. #tamasha
      first day 11 cr from 2050 screens [after bombay velvel :-( {disaster}]
      first day 10.5 cr from 2100 screens [after bajirao mastani :-D {superhit} ]

    2. ab bata tamasha main kon tha ranbir k alawa deepika ka excuse mat diyo cuz wo film main bohot kaam thi its just ranbir film release in his worst phase opened with 11cr non holiday
      befikre release in ranveer best phase and after bajirao mastani also aditya chopra factor was there film promoted in a huge way music bb tha keu kam opening li batayega

  2. How can say John's presence did not help Dishoom . John is more popular Than Varun in Mass areas . His solo movies clts 6-7 cr without hit music . i totaly disagree with u. without jhon Disoom could open in range of 8-9cr .

  3. Ranbir after YJHD took an opening of 21 for Besharam without any big banner like YRF, Ranbir at his worst phase withh 1500 screens took an opening of 9.5 for arty film Tamasha, Now Ranveer coming after the super success of Bajirao probably at his best phase took an opening of 10.

  4. Ranbir iz way ahead of his contemporaries, in terms of acting as well as star power. Ranveer iz second. Varun iz third, Tiger comes to fourth.

  5. U r under estimating John Abraham in Dishoom..... more than Varun most of the audience liked John from the trailer and also in movie....

  6. Ranbir at his best phase
    Besharam coming after YJHD 4 years back without any big banner took an opening of 21.

    Ranveer at his best phase
    Befikre coming after Bajirao with YRF and Aditya Chopra brand name took an opening of 10.36.

  7. roy opened with 10.3cr during wc 2015 with no big director or no big starcast and ranbir too have just an extended cameo and evan ranbir didnt promoted roy where so called ranveer singh next after super successfull film bm released in best phase of him hit music aditya chopra factor huge promotions and full fledge role of ranveer still opened with 10cr lol
    that meanz ranbir is the biggest superstar among all the youngsters

  8. Why the u didn't include sushant for ms dhoni the movie was hit due to his performance and also superhit songs and flying baat is not avg it is biggest flop and also how can u say bar bar dekho is superhit it tops in disaster of2016
    Very poor article this time @bollyarena

  9. Ranbir,Ranveer and Varun are will be stars

    Shahid,Tiger and Sushant 2nd stars

    Sidd and Arjun are 3rd grade

  10. Real Practical Result should Be -
    1) Salman - Opened 28 crores for Sultan - Non holiday
    2) Aamir - Opened 26 crores for PK Non Holiday
    3) SRK -Opened 18.50 crores for fan (Non holiday without songs movie , Happy new year 40 crores (holidat)
    4) Rithik - bang bang -23 crores (Holiday) but last movie opened 8 crores and kabil likely to open at 9 crores
    5) Akshay - Opened 14 crores Sing is Bling (non Holiday)
    6) Ranveer - Opened 13.50 crores for
    7) Tiger - Opened 11 crores baghi
    8) Varun - opened 11 crore
    9) Ranveer - Opened 10.50- Befikre
    10) Ajay Devgan - Opened 9.5 crores - (Sigham 2 opened 30 crores holiday &
    11) Bal - Shahid / Arjun almost in same boat.
    12) Saif - John - Sidhart - in same boat

    By above figures - we cant just say because of 1 or 2 movie opening as opening also depends on contend , music , timing etc. But overall above ranking is perfect...

    Still youngstars r far away from seniors - all 5 seniors r rulling at almost double power in market control.

    Its now sure - This starts r going to rule for next 4-5 years withour any disturbance as all young boys have showed what best they can do - Ranveer in befikre showed he cant be SRK , Tiger showed in Super hero movie he cant be rithik...& Ranbeer showed he is talneted but cant be aamir in his all last moviews .they will survive , they r talented but cant replace 5 seniors.

    To replace this 5 seniors new fresh lot have to come - which can be
    1) Saif son
    2) Akshay son
    3) SRK son
    4) Any unknow common new star
    5) Arhaan - Arbaaz Son
    6) Amirs Azad
    7) SRK's - Abram

    I strongly Feel Abram & Azad will be next super star to replace 5 stars - which can be possible after 15 to 17 years from now & this 5 starts r going to rule till next 10 years like razni , chiranjeev etc * for 5-7 years their will be gap of any super star.

    Reason Abram & azad will rule --
    1) They have a beatifull face
    2) They r charm in their face
    3) This 2 kids r most famous kids from now itself - So when they grow can capture this attraction from 1st movie --- if all gives well in next few years till they grow.

    Likh loo-- this is going to happen

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